Political Equality

Following up on the previous post.

The United States was founded as a “white man’s country.” Outside of New England, Americans didn’t believe in the political equality of the negro. Here are the dates that individual states took legislative action to disenfranchise negroes:

Virginia (1723, 1762, 1830, 1850)
Georgia (1777)
South Carolina (1716, 1790, 1810)
Delaware (1792)
Kentucky (1799)
Maryland (1801, 1810)
Ohio (1802)
New Jersey (1807, 1844)
Louisiana (1812)
Indiana (1816)
Mississippi (1817)
Connecticut (1818)
Illinois (1818)
Alabama (1819)
Missouri (1821)
New York (1821)
Rhode Island (1822)
Tennessee (1834)
North Carolina (1715-1734, 1835)
Arkansas (1836)
Michigan (1837)
Pennsylvania (1838)
Florida (1845)
Texas (1845)
Iowa (1846)
Wisconsin (1848)
California (1850)

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  1. [Jews are now paying Jews in order to repopulate Alabama with Jews?]

    “Jewish group offering cash to relocate”

    Published: 09/09/2008

    A Jewish group in Alabama is offering as much as $50,000 to Jewish families willing to relocate to its town.

    Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services is offering the incentive to help repopulate the Jewish community of Dothan, a largely Christian town of 58,000. Participating families that stay in Dothan for five years and become active in the local synagogue, Temple Emanu-El, do not have to repay the grant…


  2. Nothing against Prozium, but he really used to have a spark that he lost some time turning odessa syndicate. The same thing when he was active on the original occidental dissent blog and intermediate websites. It’s like he decided one day the internet isn’t important anymore.

  3. Prozium,

    I first discovered your blog in March of this year. Your writings in March and early April were some of the best on the internet. Your message kind of resonated with me because I was thinking about things along the same lines as you.

    I guess you are concentrating on your real life at this time, but eventually I hope you go back to writing like you did before that whole situation in April happened. There are lots of people who write about white nationalism, consumerism, the existential crisis of the West, etc., but you are the only writer I know of who puts it all together.

    I’m also focusing on my real life right now. I’ve spent too much time online and too much time thinking about these issues the past couple of years. I’m just going to worry about my job and family and friends for awhile. Eventually, I will get more active in these issues again. Eventually, I really want to do something to try to effect change in the society. I just don’t know how to go about it at this time. Maybe, when the shit hits the fan, we could try to start a movement or something. We don’t live that far apart, you know.

    Anyway, I’ll check back here every week or two to see what you are up to. Like I said, I really think this could be a great website if you would go back to writing how you did when I first discovered you, but you can do that when you are ready and when you have time. Take care.

    nero (aka the realist)

  4. Something I like about Brad, despite his eccentricities, is that he clearly saw the connection between physical and cultural survival. Most people typically talk about one to the exclusion of the other. I just hope he gets his brain screwed on straight. Maybe he can learn that you can be White and nationalist without being a White Nationalist.

  5. “Maybe he can learn that you can be White and nationalist without being a White Nationalist.”
    My position exactly. I support ethnic nationalism as a philosophy. I am not a “white nationalist” even though mainstream Americans consider me white.

  6. #20 (March 26, 1942) U.S.(B23)

    It is a privilege to fight against gentlemen. And the European radio station seems to me to have been as ready to show respect to General McArthur, as they are, and RIGHTLY are, to show absolute and utter contempt and loathing for the war profiteers, and the gang of unmitigated newts, and vermin who have thrown the world into war in the hope of establishing a gold and money lending monopoly, and blotting out the good life in five continents. They have done this from their lust for secret and irresponsible power.

    And the place to fight these syphilis bugs is NOT on the frontiers, but in the centre of your own nations.

    This more than bubonic plague passes over all frontiers as Dante already perceived. It rots the heart, and the soul of the nations. It is silent, ceaseless in its action. And the PLACE to resist it is for every man LOCALLY—the means to resist it are LOCAL.

    And by that fact they are hard to bring into coherence. The embezzler, working behind false laws, can mobilize quickly; the farmer, worker and peasant can not.

    The embezzler sets up his papers, dailies and weeklies. That curse of God Willkie was puffed up by the Weeklies. The plague does not stop with the dailies. It sets up publishing houses, it grinds down all private liberty—economic—I mean, fewer and fewer men or groups have the MONEY to run a paper. Every cranny is infested. Every college campus has a book store. LOOK to these bookstores. Look to the LAST vestiges of approximate freedom of the press, even the scholastic press, that gets out small editions. Communicate, Communicate, and CO MUN ICATE.

    A plot was outlined years ago to blot out classical scholarship, to blot out the historic sense. It went about on soft paws, making no noise, it was DEADLY.

    It worked while the nations slept. A contempt for the Latin authors. The idea Greek was useless. The concentration on innocuous authors. Erotic poems and NOT the state of life as shown in the Athenian law courts.

    The aesthetic angle, that the whole of my generation grew up in, all LOOKING harmless, so HARMLESS.

    America was killed by the kid-glove generation, looked simple. Henry James describes these innocuous flops: on the beach at Newport, none of ’em meant any harm, after the Civil War the American people was tired. I’ll say they were tired.

    With reason. Killed each other off to make room for the vermin.

    After Cato’s death there was no Republic, says some old Roman historian. Perhaps after Lincoln’s death there was no United States Republic. Bowers, the TRAGIC ERA, go read it. Johnson couldn’t hold out against the infection. Civil War dragged on. WITH INTENTION. Halleck, why was he general ? Or at least why in command ? Waaal, that is old scandal. Can’t fight Antietam now. Can’t go back before Gettysburg, the very names are forgotten now. Names we, the men of my time, grew up on, but we WERE being taught to forget. Or rather the WHOLE of the history was aimed at FORGETTING. It was top dressing, a monotony of military encounters, done with music and banners, to KEEP the nation’s mind OFF the causes—off the REAL causes. Debts of the Southern states, to the bankers of New York City.

    My ole great uncle had a wooden leg,
    went stumpin’ ’round after Gettysburg.
    Ole uncle dot and carry one,
    and every gun was a golden egg, for the Bankers in New York.
    For the bankers in New York, OHoooooo.

    No wonder old uncle Hiram wrote poems about P [J. Pierpont] Morgan, that as a kid of nine I didn’t understand. NO wonder the profit of 15 thousand on a lot of condemned rifles, looked like pretty poor stuff to men who had lost legs and eyes for the union.

    After them came the kid glovers. Too refined to touch politics. THAT was an error. But you can’t very much blame ’em. Tired of five years war, of bad food, and army blankets. Also the weak’uns left, Henry James, Henry Adams, John, John Quincy, then Charles Francis in London. That part of Henry Adams “Education” is still EDUCATORY. Read it. Charles Francis Adams workin’ against Lord Russell, as cold a son of a fish as ever got into Parliament.

    Then he came home, Charles Francis, and didn’t make a fight for the presidency. Possibly it would have been useless and then Brooks Adams trying to set down the real reasons.

    Where is BOSTON ? Damn it, is the Kike and Kahal radio station all that is left of Boston?

    Is New England a midden ? The war you ought to be fightin’ is NOT five thousand miles OUTSIDE Boston. Or five thousand miles outside New York, or even outside San Francisco. It is INTERNAL.

    And if you let ’em bilk you with the idea. that they will PROGRESS AFTER the war is over, and a few million of you under the daisies, you will be being worse FOOLS than the Hindoos.

    This war, internal war, can go on QUITE as well, SIMULTANEOUS with General McArthur gettin’ killed in a hopeless fight against Aguinaldo’s successors, as it can after the war is over: if it ever is over.

    BEING at peace for twenty years AFTER Versailles did NOT conduce to a victory of the American people over the shysters. WHY should the twenty years after THIS war be any more favorable to setting up an honest government and killing off the Morgenthau and Warburg Satrapy: and having a United States of America State or REPUBLIC ? What earthly argument is there against cleaning up and cleaning out the embezzlers DURING the present conflict ? How can you DO it ? Damn it, you can start by cleaning up your own minds. You can clear out the crap that you JOURNAL ISTS KNOW is crap: when they write it.

    You can then clear out the crap that journalists BELIEVE along with their fake news, along what the advertisers LET the OWNERS (so called), let the editors PUBLISH. There is a second layer of crap that newspapermen believe to be real. BUT it is not grounded on a real knowledge of ANYTHING.

    They have NOT gone into the documents. They have not read the real history. They chase one butterfly after another.

    NOW the facts are NOT wholly hidden. There are fifty authors whom you could read, Brooks Adams, among ’em. You could read the works of the men who fought for the making of the Republic, John Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren, hidden or kept in shadow by punk propaganda.

    You could get down to the usury swindles, lit up by Demosthenes. Will you wake up to the fact that the gradual elimination of the classics had a purpose, a damn dirty purpose ? Get boiled down to a few harmless authors, say to Tibullus and Virgil, taste for the unreal in poetry, and the student’s eye got off the reality.

    Look at John Adams’ paideuma. Look at what a man in those days, with no million dollar library, could learn while living on American farm land. Boston having about 15 thousand inhabitants.

    No, it is the habit of “not being interested in takin’ things as seriously as”— —That refers to a young American college graduate tellin’ me his friends and acquaintances weren’t interested in taking things as seriously as I do.

    Waal, it would have been just a bit better for ’em and, as Mr. Patchen remarks in the headin’ of one of his poems “I don’t want to alarm you, but we are most of us going to be shot.” Also a fellow named Caidwell, I think it was, went to the Spanish red war. These fellows got around to taking it serious.

    What are you fighting for ? Fighting for the starvation of Europe ? Fighting to spread famine in Asia ? Fighting for vain boast proved false ? Fighting for the Sassoonery ? Are you fighting for the National Heritage ? For the heritage of wisdom, the heritage of Washington, and of Monroe, of John Adams and Lincoln?

    I’ll say you are not.

    You are fighting AGAINST what all these men stood for. And it will take more brains than I got, to get you out of it prettily.

    Ezra Pound speakin’ from Europe for the American heritage.


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