Hypocrite – A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

Zmirak at Takimag:

“One tries to wash away the taint that your opponents have attached to you by finding someone within your own movement who is more distasteful, more extreme, more socially maladroit, then denouncing him. Best of all if you can lead the chorus of ostracism. That renders you yourself ritually pure, at least for a while – and joins you securely to the community that has now been purged.”

Update: A good description of Ian Jobling too.

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  1. Takimag seems to have run its course. Raimondo posted an essay the other day in which he was chiding no account, unkown weirdos like Rocky Suhayda and Eric Gleibe for their errant racialism. Its hard to take Paleos seriously when they divide their time between praising front office eye-candy like Palin and tipping their sabers towards internet WNs.

  2. You should elaborate on why Jobbling is a hypocrite.

    I don’t agree with his pro-Iraq stance, but other than that, I don’t think there is anything hypocritical about him. It’s not as if he’s secretly preaching antisemitism.

  3. Although I think Jobbling tries to hard to be mainstream and popular, and to an extent is motivated by that.

  4. I agree, it’s hard to find a place that is unorthodox and authoritarian, and yet simultaneously shares my views on Jews. I’m kindov on my own, lol.

  5. Jobling believes whites are worth preserving only insofar as they are an instrument for the promotion of “liberal values” around the world.

    I disagree. But even if that’s true, I don’t see how it makes him a hypocrite.

    The funny thing is that Blacks are “liberal” because they want handouts. But as soon as it comes to gay marriage, they turn on their white liberals and take it down.

    You’re conflating socialism with liberalism. Not that blacks make much of an effort to be ideologically coherent; blacks simply want what’s good for blacks.

  6. As much as I am tempted to embrace Jobling for his somewhat similar (but not really similar when you think about it) and somewhat but not totally similar views on race, I really can’t. I mean he thinks there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans, and is basically a mainstream figure. He comes off more like a Republicans who is slightly racist than an authoritarian collectivist like me.

  7. His views on Jews, which I meant to say on the first line, aren’t really so much for converting Jews into collectivist authoritarianism. He seems to be more about apologizing for Jews.

    I am all for recruiting Jews, but not for apologizing for legitimately bad Jews.

  8. “I am all for recruiting Jews, but not for apologizing for legitimately bad Jews.”

    If you are a gentile “authoritarian collectivist” who believes Jews are white then why not just convert to Judiasm? It offers everything you’re after in spades. It’s as old as Methuselah, more respectable than ever and the opportunities for advancement are practically limitless. It’s there to teach intelligent fellows like you how to think collectively and correctly. So why not step up and be a manager.

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