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  1. Kunstler’s inner White Christian-hating Jewishness (a trait inherent in nearly all Jews?) peeks through a bit in his latest posting:

    “GWB won reelection in 2004 — running against the weak John Kerry, “a haircut in search of a brain,” as Kevin Phillips put it so memorably, who was not smart enough to pander successfully (though he tried) to the dominant, Jesus-soaked Nascar fans who inhabit the Moron Crescent that runs from West Virginia south through Dixie and then west into Idaho.”

    “If anything, he endorsed the popular idea that a suburban lifestyle and WalMart consumerism was a Jesus-driven entitlement…”

    “During his years in Washington, America became a nation of clowns posturing in cowboy hats, bethinking ourselves righteous agents of Jesus in a Las Vegas of the spirit…”


  2. Ecclecticism is darling, and sometimes of utility. Just so long as it is remembered that the Jews are our racial enemies.

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