True Colors

At VDARE, Ilana Mercer, a Jew, appeals to paleocon readers to support Israel. At Takimag, Paul Gottfried, also a Jew, stands with Israel. Larry Auster, a Jewish convert to Christianity, is an even more rabid supporter of Israel. Lately, Larry has been claiming that Israel’s survival depends upon the transfer of Palestinians. Of course he denies that America’s racial survival depends upon the transfer of Jews and other nonwhite minorities. Even on the fringe right, Jews show their true colors from time to time.

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  1. Gottfried’s current infatuation is Nietzsche, is it not? The Straussian-Nietzschean camp has a propensity for Israel-worship.

  2. Tribal solidarity is the only reason why they support the Zionist entity.

    Kevin MacDonald noted who these moralistic universalists quickly metastasized into the most rabid ethnonationalists as soon as Israel was mentioned.

    With Jews things are never what they seem…

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