Running commentary.

11:25 AM CST

I’m trying to watch Obama’s inauguration, but my attention continues to wander. It is nothing but soaring rhetoric (let us brave the icy currents!) that has zero relation to reality. We must really be a nation of suckers to swallow this bilge.

11:30 AM CST

An obese negro woman is on now talking about picking cotton.

11:35 AM CST

A negro preacher is on complaining about hate, intolerance, and exclusion – obviously his interpretation of American history. He goes on to explain that blacks, browns, yellows, and reds should be able to get ahead, and that “whites should do what is right.”

Note: I’m sorry. That was actually the benediction.

11:41 AM CST

According to CNN, we just heard the “Negro National Anthem.” We’re now supposed to have moved “beyond” race. In fact, we haven’t gone two minutes without hearing something about the subject.

12:11 PM CST

The inauguration is over. I missed virtually all of it. Such is my interest in mainstream politics.

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  1. I haven’t paid any attention to it whatsoever, but apparently the Jews and their fellow travelers are trying to market him as a combination of Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, both idols of Jews and Negroes. (I wonder why they’ve left out FDR?)

  2. You can’t say that we aren’t living in historic times though.

    Certainly our generation won’t have to speculate on the matters of decline and collapse as earlier generations did, seeing as how we’re likely to experience such things first hand. Surely, the tragedy of human existence should never be more evident than to those born into a great civilization’s twilight.

  3. Our decline is certainly happening faster than I would ever thought possible.

    However, history has given us a bittersweet surprise; just as the Left is now poised to cement its hold over the U.S., a project decades in the making, we are literally falling apart economically and politically. Surely, the same can’t be said for the various European nations. America, a tragicomedy right down to the last.

  4. Alec Cockbelly:
    Chill out and stop caring about race. It’s not that important.

    To a nihilist, nothing is “that important”. Non-nihilists, OTOH, actually do care about things.

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