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  1. It is really encouraging to watch you guys tear apart the Jew Auster. It’s about time! Aside from being a Jew, Auster is a mean-spirited pr*ck, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to hold a decent conversation or debate with him. The sycophants (Jews, semi-Jews, and philo-Semites) with which he surrounds himself are pathetic to behold. Keep up the good work.

  2. Neither side in that war were motivated by true concern for the white race in North America; the Southern elite wanted their slave system safeguarded, the federal elite didn’t want to lose half their domain and then be saddled with a major local competitor in North America from there on out. Both were greedy powerplayers.

    If anything the abolition of slavery is the most pro-white thing that could’ve happened; The bad part was what the victors did with the blacks afterward [giving them power at first, then using them as raciopolitical bludgeons against Southern whites and later against all whites].

  3. The troubling thing about Lincoln-worship is that it is basically an attack on secession per se.

    If there is any hope for the future of whites in North America, secession would seem to be a must.

  4. “Auster is a mean-spirited pr*ck, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to hold a decent conversation or debate with him.”
    Lawrence Auster is a Jew and, “the Jewish superiority complex,” notes Jewish author James Yaffe, “may have an element of belligerence in it. It isn’t enough for the Jew to feel superior to the gentile; he must let the gentile know it … For the Jew “the intellect can’t be just a tool for him; it has to be a weapon too. He doesn’t use it simply to discover what the world is like, or to create something beautiful, or to communicate his ideas. He must use it to beat down his competitors, to prove his superiority. For him controversy is inseparable from intellectual activity. Watch him at a party: note the vicious delight with which he backs lesser intellects into a corner.

    The most revealing thing about Lawrence Auster is that his blog does not take comments. He selects cheerleading emails and quotes extensively from them while suppressing all criticism.

    It’s ironic that Auster who demands answers from everyone he attacks, frequently refuses to answer his own critics.

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