Inglourious Basterds

I saw the preview to this last night while watching the new Star Trek movie. I expect your reaction will be the same as mine.

In Nazi-occupied France during World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as “The Basterds” are chosen specifically to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds soon cross paths with a French-Jewish teenage girl who runs a movie theater in Paris which is targeted by the soldiers.

What is this? The second “it’s cool to kill Nazis” movie (see Defiance) this year? Maybe this is some kind of joke about Jews controlling Hollywood. I don’t think this is a serious movie.

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  1. Brad Pitt is a terrible actor. And this movie has made me lose a lot of respect for Tarantino since he is now pandering to the White-hating Jews who run and control Hollywood by allowing them to vicariously live out their fantasies of scalping Nazis over 60 years after the fact.

    Jews also make pathetic/cowardly soldiers as evidenced generally by history and during WWII when they depended on the Russians, Americans, or British to do all of their fighting for them.

  2. At least at the end of Valkyrie Tom Cruise’s character shouted “Forever live the sacred Germany!” before he was executed.

  3. 3 WW2 movies?!?!?

    Where are the comparable movies about the Korean War, Vietnam War, or even Gulf War 1?!?!?!

    Clearly Jews control Hollywood and are trying to paint the Late Great National Socialists in a bad light.

    The more harping on ‘Nazism’ there is, the more tiring it will become and the chances there will be a backlash (that will be fueled by the economic process, a poll out says 1/3 of Americans blame Jews for what is happening)

    Jews to blame for US recession: Poll

  4. DEFIANCE Trailer

    Tuvia Bielski And His Partisans. Heroes Or Common Bandits?
    Peter Duffy’s humbug story of Tuvia Bielski.

    By Marissa Brostoff
    Thu. Aug 07, 2008
    As Paramount Pictures gears up its ad campaign for a new movie about a band of Jewish partisans who fought the Nazis, some in Poland are suggesting that the partisans in question may also have been murderers.
    In anticipation of the December release of “Defiance,” – starring Daniel Craig, the actor best-known as the latest incarnation of James Bond – the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza ran an article headlined, “A Hollywood Movie About Heroes or Murderers?” The article contrasts the film’s portrayal of Tuvia Bielski as a Moses figure leading frightened women and children through the forest with a recently released report from a Polish government investigative body. The government report suggests that Bielski and his followers may have participated in a massacre of civilians in the eastern Polish town of Naliboki.
    Continued here:

    Last update – 04:02 24/11/2007
    Holocaust hero Bielski accused of stealing $250,000 from elderly neighbor
    By The Associated Press
    In Eastern Europe during World War II, young Aron Bielski and
    his three older brothers mounted what was, by most accounts, the biggest armed rescue of Jews by Jews during the Holocaust.

    The Bielski brothers were acclaimed as heroes, and their exploits were chronicled in books, a documentary and a Hollywood movie coming out next year. Now 80 and known as Aron Bell, he has been arrested on charges of swindling a 93-year-old woman, a Catholic survivor of the Holocaust who was once imprisoned by the Nazis alongside Jews in Poland. Bell and his wife, Henryka, 58, are accused of tricking the old woman into giving them control of more than $250,000 in various bank accounts.
    Continued here:

    Kidnapping charge dropped against Aron, Henryka Bell
    Court allows couple to return to Palm Beach Towers condo
    Last update – 19:27 07/02/2008

    Man credited with saving Jews in WWII to repay survivor he allegedly swindled

    By The Associated Press
    A man credited with helping save hundreds of Jews during World War II has agreed to repay a fellow Holocaust survivor that he and his wife were accused of swindling out of about $260,000.

    Aron Bell, 80, and his wife, Henryka, 58, were charged last year with scheming to defraud 90-year-old Janina Zaniewska, exploitation of the elderly and theft.

  5. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and starring Mike Meyers. This will no doubt be another masterpiece from the talentless Tarantino.

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