Just Another Day (Part 7)

As I do from time to time, this afternoon I felt the strange urge to drop in and see what’s going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have been studying the country and its history ever since I was a freshman in college. The latest headline:

Rioting Congo prisoners rape 20 women

KINSHASA (Reuters) – Rioting inmates raped around 20 female prisoners during a failed prison break in Democratic Republic of Congo’s violence-ravaged east, the country’s U.N. peacekeeping mission said. . .

The rape of women is going on in the Congo at such an unimaginable scale that HBO has filmed a recent documentary about the subject. The DRC is one of those places that runs so contrary to the progressive theory of history that it is almost never seen in the news.

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  1. The rape of women is going on in the Congo at such an unimaginable scale […]. [It] runs so contrary to the progressive theory of history […]. ( — from the log entry)

    No, it doesn’t: the degenerates who style themselves “The Progressives” do not distinguish Negro-on-Negro rape as a race problem (which of course it is — and would indeed run contrary to so-called “progressive” theory if they admitted it) but view it as an “oppression of women by the Patriarchy” problem, vindicating their theories in their eyes. Furthermore, as they see things, Negro men have had white male Patriarchy imposed on them via colonialism so are victims of evil white males, even as they rape Negro women: it’s not their fault, not the fault of Negro Patriarchy, but the white Patriarchy’s fault: ergo, Negro rapists innocent victims of white males. So much for Negro-on-Negro rape. As for Negro-on-white rape, they see that as both 1) the result of the imposition of white men’s Patriarchy on Negroes, absolving Negroes of all guilt (white males guilty, Negroes innocent), and 2) the oppressed’s justified pay-back to whitey for slavery, colonialism, Jim Crow, and ongoing institutional racism. So, nothing about what’s going on in the Congo is contrary to their theory of history. Everything going on there vindicates their theory.

  2. Re:“Rioting Congo prisoners rape 20 women”

    Speaking of Negroids and rape, I just found out a few days ago through the grapevine that a female classmate/acquaintance of mine from college a few years back recently went to Africa (Nigeria) on your typical liberal do-gooder mission with some ‘Save Africa’ left-wing political association or organization. Well, all was apparently OK for a couple weeks until one day she was robbed and then brutally raped at gunpoint by a four Nigerian Negroids. Apparently the FBI, US consulate, Nigerian government, and Nigerian police are all on the case, but of course they’ll never be able to track those savages down. Ah, why do so many of our pretty and smart liberal White women love ‘Mother Africa’ and her precious Negroids so much? Must be that strong feminine sense of pity I guess. Ever hear about Haley Koch? —> http://haleykochgoestoafrica.blogspot.com/

    Meanwhile, the USA is beyond flat-broke and despite that “Obama Pledges $73 Million to Zimbabwe” – http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2009/06/12/obama_pledges_73_million_to_zi.html?wprss=44

  3. Also, since this post is about the Congo and you’re interested in the history of that region…just wondering if you or anyone else here has ever read Joseph Conrad’s famous novella Heart of Darkness? If not, I heartily recommend it – it’s a truly brilliant book, and a pretty quick read too.

  4. Contrast the utter savagery of modern Africa with the civilization of Europe tens of thousands of years ago:

    – ‘Prehistoric flute in Germany is oldest known’: “A bird-bone flute unearthed in a German cave was carved some 35,000 years ago and is the oldest handcrafted musical instrument yet discovered.” – http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090624/ap_on_re_eu/eu_germany_prehistoric_flute

    – Also, ‘Carved figurine dating back 35,000 years oldest-known sculpture’: “Scientists have discovered [in Germany] the oldest piece of sculpture ever created…” – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1181357/Carved-figurine-dating-35-000-years-mans-oldest-known-sculpture—yes-naked-woman.html

  5. The part of North Eastern Congo where all these horror stories come from truly is the heart of darkness. It makes the rest of Africa look like Switzerland. My understanding is that this has been going on there for at least the last 500 years without stop. In contrast, places like Sierra Leone or Rwanda will have spasmodic outbursts of mass cannibalism or genocide during war time but are relatively peaceful more often than not.

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  7. Meanwhile, the USA is beyond flat-broke and despite that “Obama Pledges $73 Million to Zimbabwe”

    Every dollar of that is going to a good cause: indelibly highlighting the absolute corruption, degeneracy, and hypocrisy of the “American” regime.

  8. Could explain why there us so much more genetic diversity amongst equatorial Africans as opposed to the White Europeans and Asians who live in colder northern climates.

    Fourth site I’ve found your spam. But who’s counting?

    Selection pressure is much greater in cold climes; lower selection pressure and you get more diversity.

  9. Further to my earlier comment (comment #1 in this thread), a thread comment I just saw over at Jobling’s:

    I’ve always found it amazing that white women have such a high tolerance for self-hatred. I think that in many cases, though, they’re just “passing it on” to white men.
    For example, a woman might be mad at herself for thinking black men are dangerous, but she can then blame white men for making her think that way. Note the use of the word “paternalistic” – that certainly implies that white men are the root of these attitudes. So a lot of this expressed self-loathing may actually just be anti-white-male hatred of the variety seen in Womyn’s Studies or Queer Studies programs.

    ( — first comment in comments thread underneath this article:
    http://whiteamerica.us/index.php/articles/articles/whiteness_studies_filling_the_void/ )

  10. Psychopathy is much higher in Africans, as well as low IQ, and there is a genetic component. Unfortunately I don’t see much hope for Africa.

    The best thing that could have happened to Africa is what happened in North America, colonization by whites and displacement of the natives into reservations.

  11. New plan to end race-replacement: I’m going to buy a bunch of lube, fly to the Congo, sodomize a shitload of pygmies, fly back to the United States, and use the resulting supernatural powers to turn back the rising tide of color. Don’t wish me luck, I won’t need it.

  12. Phillip Rushton’s article about race and psycopathy was one of the best things AR ever published. It’s available on the internet if you search for it. IMO, the collection of traits that are described by psychopathy are just as important to understanding black failure in white society and the state of Africa as the IQ gap.

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