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  1. Many people are mourning their memories of the past rather than the man Jackson, who was not a personal friend but rather an iconic figure.

    I find it sad but not surprising that a 50-year-old man with a history of excessive elective surgery is dead. In all probability his bad judgement caused him to choose quack doctors over sound medical advisors.

  2. “Many people are mourning their memories of the past rather than the man Jackson, who was not a personal friend but rather an iconic figure.”

    There is certainly something to that. Plus people are probably also thinking about the entirety of Jacksons career, instead of focusing on his later weirdness, and for a time he was undeniably a Talent.

    For example Captain eo was the only 3d flick I have ever liked. (helps that it was sci-fi too, as lots of White guys like Sci-fi!)

    50 seems too early, but it seems to me also that it was time for Jackson to go, I had heard about his upcoming 50 concert tour and one doubts if he could have pulled it off so it was better to go out now as it were.

    PS I am not really that much of a negro-hater but more of an Anti-semite in my Racialism so that is why I am sort of a softie towards some negros and coloreds.

  3. “PS I am not really that much of a negro-hater but more of an Anti-semite in my Racialism”

    To put it simply and crudely, one is the symptom and the other is the disease. A healthy, disease free society is not constantly nagged and afflicted with symptoms that drain its vitality, sap its willpower, and confuse its focus. A healthy, disease free society does not waste its limited resources merely coping with the wounds of its symptoms incessantly. A healthy, disease free society responds immediately to suppress any nefarious outbreak of symptoms.

    A healthy, disease free society will immediately recognize invasive diseases within itself. And it will deal directly with the disease, not endlessly waste its precious time, energy, and resources nursing its symptoms.

    Recognition is paramount. The most virulent diseases faced by the individual human body are so deadly precisely because the body’s immune system fails to recognize the diseases. Without recognition, the immune system fails to deal with the disease. At this point, it struggles to live with its symptoms and must expend its strength and resources ameliorating the symptoms until it is finally sapped of energy and life, and dies.

  4. It is indeed hard to believe. As a member of Generation X, I got hit with the full dose of Michael Jackson when I was growing up. He’s always been there, sort of like a bizarre version of Carson. Iconic. Always there. And now he’s gone.

    It really goes to show the power of media. The popular culture quite literally forced you to know who Michael Jackson was and what he was up to – good or bad. You couldn’t escape the guy. Never, not once, did I ever intentionally turn the radio dial to a station that would play his songs. Never did I purchase one of his albums. Never did I make any effort whatsoever to watch one of his performances, much less to learn about his personal life. And yet, pathetically, I know all about it. Again, the culture forces it upon you.

    Right now, off the top of my head, I couldn’t name a single Celtic band. Not one, even though I enjoy the genre. The culture doesn’t insist that you know about Celtic music. It does insist that you know about Michael Jackson. It is indeed a perverse and dying culture that would require such a thing. Why should I have even heard of Michael Jackson, or 50 Cent, or Snoop Dogg, or Britany Spears? Yet I can tell you way too much about them. Again, the power of culture in general and mass media in particular is tremendous. It is worth taking a moment to consider all the things that we *know* which are pure garbage, and then wonder about all of the things that are truly wonderful of which we know little or nothing about. This will tell you a lot about the culture in which we live.

    As to Jackson in particular, I see him as a tragic figure. He clearly wanted to be white, and seems to have rather detested blacks and perhaps Jews. And yet, his real legacy is that of paving the way for the general Negrification of popular music and culture. He paved the way, he was the camel’s nose that got under the tent, the Trojan Horse.

    I remember the “Thriller” days well, and I remember the screaming white girls and groupies. Of course, this was back in the 80’s, and most white girls – probably including most of Jackson’s fans, would not have dated a black at that time. But Jackson helped change that. I could see even then that Jackson was having the effect of softening up white racial identity, and gently weakening resistance to miscegenation. I don’t think that it is any coincidence that race mixing became a big thing in the 90’s, just as the young white girls who would have been children or tweens during the Thriller era had finally come of age. I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all.

    Again, it’s ironic that a guy who so desperately wanted to be white should have inflicted such enormous damage on the white race. Or, perhaps on second thought, maybe it’s not so ironic after all?

    His dance moves were certainly not white. This wasn’t Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. This was something very different. His way of singing was not white. Really, nothing about him was white. A truly bizarre individual, and a truly bizarre impact on the broader culture.

    In short, his legacy has been nothing short of appalling. And yet, despite all of the damage that he has done, I never could quite bring myself to detest Michael himself. Another irony, I guess.

    Even though he was black, Jackson seems to fit well within the stereotype of the “Tragic Mulatto.” Of course, the real tragedy is all of the REAL mulattos that we have running around at least in part as the result of Jackson and his handlers. Show me a black guy that wants to be white, and I’ll show you a guy that is going to cause enormous harm to the white race. Give me a black power advocate any day.

    In any event, this only reinforces my belief in the necessity of white nationalism. We need our own nations, and we need to control our own media and cultural institutions. A healthy culture could have resisted a Jackson. The Kwa couldn’t. The Kwa just rolled over and spread its legs. Just like our enemies used the image of the little, innocent and demure black girl to integrate our schools (failing to mention that Letalvis, DeMarcus, and Lebron were coming in right behind her), Michael Jackson was the Trojan Horse of pop cultural genocide. Sweet, unthreatening Michael! How could he be any harm?

    Well, just look around.

  5. “Great comment Trainspotter. Especially the part about the media’s power to force poison down our throats.”

    Double Ditto!

    Everything you say TrainSpotter made me remember back to my youth, and really just how subtle–and slick–it all really was.

  6. #Remember the Child Victims of this Freak#

    *An Alchemical Minstrel Show*
    “If Jackson is the face of America, then America no longer exists, except in places like Idaho and Montana –while New York and Hollywood bear the same relation to America that Michael Jackson’s collapsing nose and bleached skin do to the proud Black men and women he insulted with his mission of becoming the leopard that can change his spots and the Ethiopian who can change his skin.

    “But let us not feel smug or superior. We live in a scientific era where cloned meat and genetically-altered corn are fed to our children; where “pro-life” Republicans massacre Muslim and Arab civilians; where the worst ideas are touted as the best ideas; where heads is tails. In such a mixmaster milieu, why wouldn’t Black be White, and male be a simulacra of female, and Michael Jackson the king of American culture and the star of the alchemical minstrel show that has become a religion for the masses?”


  7. Some have claimed Jackson will be remembered as fondly as Elvis. I strongly disagree.

    First of all, Elvis was not an alleged pedophile like Jackson.

    Secondly, Jackson was disconnected from reality and had many psychological issues. At least some of it was caused by his father’s abuse.

    While they were both talented, Elvis was much more likable as a person.

  8. Peter Frost wonders if chronic overdosing on vitamin-D aged Michael Jackson prematurely:

    http://evoandproud.blogspot.com/2009/07/african-americans-and-vitamin-d.html .

    In this log entry Frost also seems to accept the claim that the skin bleaching procedures were for hiding white patches caused by vitiligo. That was what Jackson always claimed; I always took it for an invention meant to hide his real motivation, a desire to change from Negro to white or as close to it as possible.

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