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A few months ago, I was convinced that I was losing my interest in blogging. I had been unusually inactive for a long period of time. I’m not sure what changed in the interim. I started posting again on almost a daily basis and the old habit quickly returned.

The results have been impressive. This blog is suddenly generating a lot more comments. The groundswell in activity seems to indicate a vacuum that is now being filled.

I have spent most of my time lately discussing the “moderate” tendency which is gaining traction amongst racialists. A number of “moderate” race realist blogs have sprouted up: Lawrence Auster’s View From the Right, Ian Jobling’s White America, Guy White, Mangan’s, Half Sigma, Accidental Dissent, Robert Lindsay. There are also paleocon websites like Taki’s Magazine and Chronicles which give lip service to our issues. VDARE and Amren have been around for a long time. All of these sites are critical of White Nationalism or would qualify it in some essential way.

In Europe, the “moderates” have made impressive gains. Geert Wilder’s PPV is the most popular political party in the Netherlands. Vlaams Belang is popular in Belgium. The BNP has gained more support in recent elections. Their recent success has inspired imitators on this side of the Atlantic. Friedrich Braun’s conversion to the “moderate” position is the most recent example of this trend.

The “radicals” are defined by their insistence on 1.) the ethnostate solution and 2.) the elimination of Jewish influence. I’m more inclined towards the “radical camp” these days. I don’t see much to be gained by self censorship.

In any case, we have spent a lot of energy on this issue. It is time to move on. What other topics would you like to see discussed at Occidental Dissent? I’m open to suggestions.

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  1. R. Lindsay,
    Your approach is laudable but is predicated on the supposition that America should be and always will be multiracial in character. In effect, you’re saying jettison the anti-white racial spoils and preference system which I agree with. This is also a message that resonates with many honest white liberals.

    The problem is that it’s only a short term solution and would only buy whites another 15-20 years at the most. With the rapid demographic decline of whites, the radical non-white emerging majorities will simply wrest political control via legal and illegal means and commence with discrimination and ethnic cleansing against white enclaves within their living space. Fairness and tolerance towards other ethnic and racial groups are qualities not found in the DNA of blacks, latinos, Jews and others, so I’m not willing to take my chance like you are.

    The status quo, even without the anti-white system bias, is not workable or acceptable. Complete and total racial separation is the only solution to interracial strife.

  2. “I disagree. If they pretend to co-op our message, we win. If they actually co-op our message, we win.

    So a bunch of Jews get mainstream penetration for AR-style racialism. How is this a bad thing?”

    Because they will “forget” to actually do anything about the problem and will direct resources towards Jewish concerns like supporting Israeli expansion. Look at the conservative movement. They got in power and somehow never did the main thing they promised, which was to reduce the size and power of the federal government.

  3. I reside in the United States, and I am Asian, so no, I cannot say I sympathize with the WN cause. I don’t hate whites, I have a problem with what I see now as organized discrimination against them via affirmative action, multiculturalism and making whites feel guilty, etc. but I fail to see how it is in my self-interest to have the US as an ethnostate. And I may have been overly pessimistic but from what I can see on the west coast, the multiculturalism taught in schools to the youngest generation mean that while I can support and see the Robert Lindsay/moderate solution working, anything explicitly pro-white may not even get a majority of whites. I wasn’t talking about “Hispandering” as much as the fact that if nothing happens now to stop the demographic momentum and (mostly anti-white) indoctrination in the youngest generation, even a stableish state with controlled identity politics might be impossible through democratic means unless states begin seceding.

    “The problem is that it’s only a short term solution and would only buy whites another 15-20 years at the most. With the rapid demographic decline of whites, the radical non-white emerging majorities will simply wrest political control via legal and illegal means and commence with discrimination and ethnic cleansing against white enclaves within their living space.”
    I see this as the most likely outcome in say California, but I’m interested in seeing what others have to say about its future and feasible solutions.

  4. Anyway, my biggest question now is, is there a democratic method for WN, if not, what would a WN US look like? What will the US look like politically in 2050 and 2100 assuming no change in illegal and legal immigration?

  5. Last Man,
    The America political system is very hostile to WN and is, for all intents and purposes, closed to people professing WN principles. This means that it’s almost impossible for an avowed WN to get elected to state and federal office. Black supremacists like Barack Obama, Bobby Rush, and Maxine Waters have no such troubles getting elected and this is because the media is very partial to non-whites who hate white people. Furthermore, non-whites, but especially blacks, openly embrace their race baiters and racial supremacists, so it’s not a political liability in the same way as it is for conformist whites.

    WN’s can use the tools of democracy such as an unregulated internet to proselytize, but I fear that the looming imposition of speech codes under Obama will place us at a disadvantage. The anti-white left fears nothing more than debating us in an honest forum, because truth and righteousness doesn’t favor their worldview. Hence, their attempts to characterize anyone who stands athwart their insidious agenda as a “hater” subject to penalties.

    America wasn’t founded as a universal nation or a haven for third world refugees. Much of America exists in a state of de facto racial and ethic segregation so ethnostates aren’t so radical when you think about it. Multiracialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried and equality exists only in the overactive imaginations of dreamers and charlatans. California is the first state domino to fall and represents a microcosm of what will eventually happen throughout America unless pluralism is killed in its crib.

    Put yourself in our shoes. If your native Asian nation was being flooded by millions of people radically different from you I don’t think you would like it too much and would take steps to protect your ethnic kin. How are we any different?

    If whites aren’t granted or willing to fight for their own living space they will be subjected to discrimination and violence by non-whites that makes 2009 look like the golden age of interracial amity. WN’s simply want what almost every other racial group has and that is a land to call their own.

  6. Last man, we don’t know how whites would react to an intelligent racialist. The last time it was tried, Duke got a majority. As the racial breakdown accelerates we can safely say that whites will be more receptive to the message of separatism – despite decades of multiculti indoctrination and increasing judicial persecution. Any dominant ideology criminalizes its opponents. Currently, liberalism’s greatest foe is White racial consciousness. Hence, the mass hysteria and heavy penalties whenever whites raise their heads.

  7. A solution I propose is that, after coming to power, the pro-White movement should halt ALL non-White immigration and then encourage huge birthrates among the native White population (NOT INCLUDING JEWS, ARABS, TURKS, WHITISH INDIANS, ETC) until Whites on the North American continent (USA + Canada) total some 500-700 million…at which point, after about 1-2-3 generations, we will easily ‘swamp’ all other competing ethnic/racial groups through sheer demographics/numbers and it would be utterly impossible for them to ever gain a decent racial-foothold on our territory again as they now have.

    This massive birthrate increase would have to be managed well of course, especially to prevent too much environmental degradation from occurring as a result of an extra 200 million people inhabiting the North American continent.

    At that point, assuming birthrates for other groups leveled off at the same time White birthrates are rapidly increasing, non-Whites would be no more than 10% of North America’s total population (with Whites around 90% of the total) and thus would be easily manageable by the overwhelming White majority.

    This would also of course necessitate completely sealing the U.S./Mexican border…in addition to militarizing that border as we should do, I call for the building of a ‘Great White Wall’ along that border made of white or very light-colored granite or some other very durable stone that will be permanent as well as visible from space (like the Great Wall of China), thus serving both a symbolic (The Great WHITE Wall) as well as practical purpose of keeping out the semi-Asiatic Mestizos.

  8. We don’t need a majority, all we want is freedom of association. Once whites can compare their multiculti society with a homogeneous one, I’m confident they’ll choose to be among their own.

  9. Mr. Braun – Of course we want a White majority on the North American continent – otherwise, what’s the point of the pro-White/White preservation movement? My courageous White ancestors didn’t immigrate here from Europe to conquer and build up the North American continent just so we can slowly hand it over to a bunch of sub-par non-Whites who will in all likelihood end up wrecking it and thus making it ripe for further Asiatic territorial expansion. Also, if Whites are the overwhelming demographic majority on the North American continent the whole area will be one massive and mostly homogeneous ethnostate aside from a few manageable pockets of non-Whiteness.

    American Whites already choose to be among their own (de facto residential, educational, and occupational segregation by race/ethnicity is still very high in the USA), and we already have “freedom of association” except in a socioeconomic sense – this is due to the fact that urban, plutocratic, and internationalist Jewish interests have largely hijacked the American economy, and thus American Whites have become too dependent on the Jewish money-masters for their economic survival. Plutocratic Jews also unfairly control the very basis of organized/public ‘wealth creation’ in the USA; see: http://majorityrights.com/index.php/weblog/comments/best_defense_of_the_federal_reserve_not_out_of_thin_air/#c77934 – this clearly has to change.

    As much as I often decry the moronic masses of all races, religions, and political orientations, I still realize that the only way for the pro-White movement to succeed is to appeal to the broad White masses, to capture the hearts and minds of as many working-class/middle-class Whites as possible, to build up revolutionary sentiment among those groups, to push them to work together to right the horrible wrongs which have been done to our people. This will actually become easier as the USA continues to decline…this is because the White American working/middle classes are becoming increasingly indebted, pauperized, dependent, and ‘neo-serfed’ under the current Judeoplutocratic race-replacement regime — and most of them cannot stand this at all because Northern European-derived Whites are naturally more independent, individualistic, self-reliant, and intelligent than average, and as a result they truly hate being under the oppressive heel of tyranny (does not seem to apply to Slavs as much – they are apparently more comfortable under despotism due to the fact that they are semi-Asiatic). For the pro-White movement to succeed in the USA, we need good SPEAKERS and ORATORS, dynamic personalities who can sway the White masses with their powerful and passionate rhetoric. Writers are great in terms of exploring ideas and/or fleshing out theories (I fancy myself something of a writer, but only one of middling talent), but the masses will never be swayed by mere ink or arguments on a page no matter how true and powerful those words or arguments may be. Ditto with pro-White websites, books, and so on. The White masses will only be swayed to our side via powerful speeches and passionately dynamic rhetoric that moves people to TAKE ACTION, and never by writing; how many leaders throughout history have gained leadership position(s) through their above-average writing skills alone?

    Thus I encourage all pro-White activists to learn how to speak/orate/debate as much as possible. Do whatever you can in this regard – practice, practice, practice. Join local Toastmaster Clubs, or start one in your area. Take public speaking classes, or study public speaking texts. Go to comedy clubs and do some stand up, but instead of comedic rants delve in to some socio-political stuff. Just do whatever it takes to speak better in a public forum…learn how to speak powerfully, to debate convincingly, and persuade others that our pro-White/race-realist ideas are indeed correct – we have science, history, and common sense on our side. Rant and rave that Whites worldwide are in danger of becoming near-extinct or demographically submerged in the next century or so unless steps are taken to prevent it (this is not hyperbole, it’s reality), and don’t be afraid to let your passion shine through about your pro-White views. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, yet I still don’t consider myself a great public speaker yet – I’ve still got a lot to learn, but since I’m still in my 20s I still have plenty of time to practice. Also learn how to socially-organize people and host (mass)meetings, cookouts, gatherings, parties, etc…we’ll need to make the pro-White movement culturally acceptable in a mass or semi-mass way if it is to ever become any kind of true movement in the USA. We could even aim to make the pro-White movement cool or hip in this regard, a White countercultural movement heartily opposing the sickening Judeo-PCness, hollowness, and uninspirational-ness which so pervades American sociopolitical discourse these days.

    A major problem in this regard is that the USA, aside from churches or various local clubs, almost totally lack decent public spaces where free speechmaking and the open sharing of ideas/rhetoric even have the chance to occur, especially ideas or rhetoric of a non-PC nature. As opposed to much of the world, many areas of the USA have no discernible town squares or commons area(s) where open/free public discourse is allowed – and if you do get up and start making speeches in many public places, the local cops often will attempt to silence or arrest you citing “incitement” (that’s happened to me a couple times…so much for freedom of speech in the once great JEW.S.A). This might also be related to the fact that Jews own so many of the places in the USA where Americans frequently congregate and have a chance to socialize – malls, shopping areas, cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc, all are very Jewish dominated in the USA. Thus the nation-wrecking Jews clearly do not want people on their property espousing pro-White (and thus anti-Jewish) views.

    So maybe we pro-White activists ought to start buying and/or renting some of these empty big-box stores and/or big former factory/commercial buildings found all over the Jew-wrecked USA and then converting them in to large pubs, beer halls, and/or smoking lounges which also contain ample spaces and time for people to come and make fiery speeches and have lively debates. These should occur in a relatively centralized area after the masses who are present have already imbibed a few drinks or taken a few tokes and thus are thus more open to being influenced by the speaker(s) in a favorable way. In these non-White and Jew-free spaces we could also have different related events like pro-White music groups, pro-White book discussion groups/poetry readings, pro-White dating groups, pro-White sports clubs, and so on. It’s especially important to get White youth involved in these events so as to mold their minds in directions favorable to the pro-White cause, and also to gain the youthful idealism which all movements need to stay fresh. White youths need MANY better places beside their pseudo-Marxist/Judeofeminist-dominated schools and Judeo-Christian politically correct churches (YAWN) to socialize with their fellow Whites, places where White identity is fully free to express itself in its many glorious and unabashed forms without having to self/group censor because of fears related to “racism” or “intolerance.” Whites, as former nature-loving pagans before the anti-world religion of Judeo-Christianity was forced upon us, would also naturally gravitate toward pro-White events that are located in areas which are in close contact with nature – nice natural areas like unblemished forests, lakefronts/riverfronts, preserved mountains and valleys, good fields/meadows, well-kept natural campgrounds, and so on. This ties in with one of my major goals in the pro-White movement, which is to bring very strong pro-environmental views in to the pro-White sphere. Because we’re Whites, we love nature (as stated, we used to literally worship it), and our race has done more to preserve and protect the environment than all of the other races combined – oppose that to the Jews and other greedy Asiatics who would likely pave over and urbanize it all in the name of economic ‘progress’ if they were given the chance.

    And to take a few tips from Silver, Mr. Braun, and others…we’ve got to completely drop much of the blatant over-the-top hateful racist rhetoric, as well as the Nazi worship junk. The last thing the masses want to hear in speeches or read in mainstream pro-Whites essays is “Nigger this,” “Kike that,” Wetback scum,” “Heil Hitler!,” etc….we’ll definitely have to tone down the rhetoric to levels that normal/everyday people find more comfortable. Sure, we’ll talk about Black violence/crime, Jewish domination of key White socio-cultural sectors, and the Hispanic mass-invasion/colonization, but we’ve got to do in politically palpable as well as publicly savvy ways. Save the discussion of the most intricate and complicated issues (issues the thick-headed masses will never understand) for pro-White websites like this one, or in private/personal discussions with other confirmed and fully ‘awake’ pro-White activists – instead of just letting it all hang-out as we could in an ideal world, save the most fanatical speeches or essays for other fanatical pro-White activists or theorists who will understand where you are coming from instead of inadvertently scaring away dozens of new and potential pro-White activists with hatefully crazed rhetoric.

    This comment got completely out of hand length-wise…my apologies for half-hijacking this thread, Prozium

  10. Dang that was a good post and yes oratory is very important .

    Notice how the Jewish media will pounce on any White Person who gets a little too emotional. Look at what happened to Howard Dean when he got fired up that one time and he went ‘Yeah!’ at a speech. The Jewish Media lambasted him for a good while. (note Dean had also said that media ownership needed to be ‘diversified’ in the Country, with more Blacks and Hispanics owning Media, and that was the death knell of his campaign and when His Jewish Masters turned on him because they don’t want to let go of their microphones.) THE JEWS WANT TO KEEP THINGS VERY BORING AND STERILE, so that the masses can not be awakened and aroused by great oratory.

  11. Kunthjol: “Notice how the Jewish media will pounce on any White Person who gets a little too emotional. Look at what happened to Howard Dean when he got fired up that one time and he went ‘Yeah!’ at a speech. The Jewish Media lambasted him for a good while. (note Dean had also said that media ownership needed to be ‘diversified’ in the Country, with more Blacks and Hispanics owning Media, and that was the death knell of his campaign and when His Jewish Masters turned on him because they don’t want to let go of their microphones.) THE JEWS WANT TO KEEP THINGS VERY BORING AND STERILE, so that the masses can not be awakened and aroused by great oratory.”

    For sure Kunthjol: especially the sentence “THE JEWS WANT TO KEEP THINGS VERY BORING AND STERILE, so that the masses can not be awakened and aroused by great oratory” – the Jews love when the masses remain placid and in a hazy routine stupor because in that way they are more easily exploited by the Judeoplutocracy, and it makes anyone who seeks to rock the boat and build a better world seem like a “crazed extremist.”

    However, even though Jews are great suppressors and antagonists of positive socio-political developments, they are also major fomenters of negative social unrest – kind of like how Jews are major international plutocratic capitalists but also the most fanatical communists, too…to make things safe for various Jewish interests, they seek to corner both sides of any and all debates and issues.

    Anyhow, when the time best suits them, Jewry will foment social unrest, wars, economic decline/collapse, tensions between nations or ethnic/racial groups, and so forth. Their primary goal in doing this is to distract attention away from themselves and the Jewish problem and focus it on more immediate/pressing issues and concerns that are suddenly on the scene (because of direct Jewish activism or ‘conspiracy’). For instance, in the future USA I have no doubt that in order to take the heat off of the major Jewish role in the slow-motion American collapse that is occurring, mass-media Jewry and various other Jewish subversives will attempt to stir up all kinds of tensions between the many different ethnic/racial groups which inhabit the USA, tensions that are already rising because of economic competition between all of the various ethnic/racial groups. Again, this is a tactic they’ll use in order to take the heat off of themselves. They’ll seek to pit Whites against Blacks, Blacks against Hispanics, Hispanics against Asians, etc etc…in very multiracial nations, the potential for Jew-inspired mischief is very great indeed because there is no clear solidarity amongst groups to collectively oppose the Jewish rot which lies behind many of the problems. As Fred Scrooby has pointed out here and elswhere, the 1960s in the USA was a major time of ‘Jewish revolt’ and subversive Jewish activism, likely engaged in because Whites that that time were becoming more hostile to the Jews in their midst who they saw as usurping native White American interests and influence. Also notice how in the 1960s organized Jewry worked very closely together with Blacks in the ‘Civil Rights Movement,’ thus pitting Black against White and taking the intense magnifying glass off of Jewry that was rather prevalent in 1950s-60s America.

    However, I’m not sure if Howard Dean is the greatest example to use since he’s a major player in the Jewish power-complex in the USA – he is a huge figure in the Democratic Party (which is utterly dominated by Jewry), and he is also married to a Jewish woman last I checked (which is a very good example of ‘Jewish gene-theft’ – Jews seeking to breed with high achieving non-Jews in order to soak up their good non-Jewish genes for the degenerately inbred Jewish gene-pool). I know exactly what you mean though about the Jewish mass-media strongly censuring strong displays of powerfully passionate public emotions that can inspire people and rally them to action – in that sense you are exactly right.

    However, if Jewry cannot manage to use their rotten mass-media to stifle a major socio-political personality or leader who uses great oratory and political skills to wake up the masses and get them working toward higher and better things, THEY WILL TRY TO ASSASSINATE, POISON, OR OTHERWISE MURDER THAT LEADER OR GREAT FIGURE – they’ll try to kill them because they pose a threat to international Jewish interests, basically. Very bleak, yes…but true nonetheless. For instance, JFK was murdered when he and his administration were in the process of trying to research and figure out some of the very shady details behind the Jewish-dominated Federal Reserve…was that just a mere coincidence, or was it something more?

  12. I second White Preservationist’s endorsement of Toastmasters. With experience, I can affirm it’s a great organization to enhance speaking/communication skills and meet new people.

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