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I logged on this morning to discover that Guy White had left us a present in the comments. He seems rather irate over the brief critique of one of his posts (the notion that Jews are inept at politics) that I blogged about the other day. For the record, we have a problem with trolls who post interracial pornography, so comments by new posters don’t appear automatically on this website. I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I practice the sort of censorship that goes on elsewhere.

Well, this will be the last I’ll read anything on this blog. Please don’t come to mine. Please don’t comment on it either. I don’t need your links and I don’t need your readers.

I don’t link to anyone out of charity. No one invited you here either. It looks like you just showed up. You happened to be spouting off nonsense the other day and I chose to respond. Aside from maybe Steve Sailer, Occidental Dissent generates more comments than any of the “race realist” blogs. I’m not interested in your readers.

You are either a lying piece of garbage or a complete moron.

// chuckles.

I never said that they are bad at getting elected, I said that they are bad at supporting proper policies.

You claimed they were “particularly bad” at politics. Certainly you know that “politics” is the acquisition and application of power. Jews are obviously a powerful minority in this country. Jewish concerns such as fighting anti-Semitism, supporting Israel, and attacking “white racism” are clearly reflected in American domestic and foreign policy.

Jews tend to get their way more often than not. Anyone with experience on Capitol Hill (or in state government) will tell you that much. How are Jews “particularly bad” at politics? You should have said “Jews are bad at perceiving their own interests.”

 I was criticizing their policy-making ability, rather than the ability to get elected.

I’m still not following you. Jews don’t seem to have any problem crafting public policies to advance their own interests. The federal civil rights laws have been undeniably effective. Israel doesn’t seem to have much difficulty spiriting away the largesse it sucks out of American taxpayers.

If you didn’t get that after reading what I wrote in that and other posts, you really are as dumb as I originally figured. That was just a spectacular inability to comprehend what you are reading!

It’s actually pretty dumb, or solipsistic really, to assume that Jews are “particularly bad” at politics because they don’t happen to agree with your own interpretation of their interests: Jews aren’t good ‘lil Pubbies, ergo, they aren’t good at acquiring and exercising political power.

Oh, and one last thing: there may actually be something to Jews not being good at getting elected. If you are 35-50% of the top lawyers and millionaires – the people among whom we choose politicians – then being 8-15% of the politicians isn’t really all that impressive.

Gosh, what an insight you have here! That’s exactly like saying Jews must be really bad at plumbing because they are underrepresented amongst plumbers; George Soros is bad at politics because he isn’t a politician. The obvious objection is that being an elite lawyer or a top Hollywood producer is much more lucrative than being a pitiful state representative from Ohio with little job security. It is much easier to simply outsource your interests to cat’s paws and lobbyists who will advance your agenda for a nominal fee. Come to think about it, isn’t that exactly  what the wealthy tend to do anyway, whether they are Jewish or not?

It doesn’t matter what your overall population numbers are. Truck drivers and plumbers won’t ever be Congressmen – star lawyers will be. So looking at the overall demographics rather than just the top lawyer and millionaires is a really bad way of predicting who’ll get elected to Congress.

1.) Jews are overrepresented in the House of Representatives, Senate, Supreme Court, the Cabinet, and the Civil Service.

2.) Jewish influence over our political system is understated by their actual numbers. As I mentioned earlier, Jews account for over 50% of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. If I recall correctly (don’t quote me on this), Jews account for about 30% of campaign contributions to the GOP.

But in any even, that wasn’t my point. My point, which you somehow missed, was that Jews support bad policies.

Translation: I believe that Jews support bad policies!

The fact that you and your imbecile readers can’t comprehend that leads me to conclude that I simply do not want you as readers, nor do I want to read anything you have to save.

Translation: I’m pissed off because you had the audacity to contradict me!

If you could so grotesquely misunderstood what I wrote, your ability to understand other material is suspect as well.

I don’t mean to brag, but I have a master’s degree in political science. Freshmen tend to learn in introductory classes the difference between the art of politics and their own political views, which are not necessarily the same thing.

Oh and I also noticed that you never posted a link to the article you were criticizing, which means that you knew that you were lying.

No, I simply screwed up the link, obviously. It was copy and pasted twice in my previous response.

One Nazi blogger whose full time job it seems is to attack me just wrote that in this post I claimed that Jews have no political power. Obviously that is not what I meant. He probably knew it too, which is why he never linked to this article.

I’m not a National Socialist. You pulled that one out of your own imagination. In fact, I have little interest in the Third Reich or European issues. You write about those topics far more than I do; every other day it seems.

This blog has always been focused on North America. Hence, you won’t find me discussing the racial type of the Ancient Jews, arguing with Afrocentrists about Egyptian civilization, drearily rambling on about the Holocaust, etc. None of that has any relevance to the racial situation we are facing in the United States.

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  1. No.

    Every time you deny it, I will counter your denial with the truth.

    I don’t care if it pisses off Prozium either.

  2. “Fred Scrobby, are you accusing me of lying about my ancestry. That is libel?

    “Or are you arguing that I’m technically a Gentile because of the paternal origins of it.”

    Lookie here, wannabee, you will NEVER be really accepted by the (self) Chosenites, so why do you choose to embaress yourself going through so many flaming hoops to show otherwise?

    Instead of pestering us you should do some research on the ‘country’ where the Khazars have open, unchallenged power — the world’s largest open-air prison — and see just how ‘Mischlinge’ are treated by the Orthodox Rabbinate who de facto run that schizophrenic ‘de-mock-racy’.

  3. As long as we’re talking percentages and the Jewish problem on this thread, I may as well throw in my 2 cents:

    Anyone who is 1/4 Jewish (1 full-blooded Jewish grandparent) or less like 1/8, 1/16, etc, should in most cases be accepted as White unless they act or look a whole lot like a Jew, i.e. they have your typical far-leftist/communistic/pro-mass immigration Jewish political views, they are obviously Jewish/Semitic looking, they are innately and irrationally hostile toward Whites and White culture like Jews so often are, etc. As I said, people who are 1/4 Jewish or less can generally be accepted as White by Whites because they have become assimilated enough – however, Whites should definitely regard those partial Jews as somewhat suspect, especially if they exhibit typical Jewish behaviors and have a very Jewish-looking personal appearance. Many partial Jews have a rather bad habit of regressing back toward their Jewish roots at various points in their lives, and thus they should be on guard against that tendency and should expect to be regarded as ‘Jewish hostiles’ by Whites when they engage in such ‘Jewey’ behavior.

    As a believer of the ancient art/science of physiognomy, I also think that a person’s facial appearance is extremely revealing about their character and background (racial/ethnic as well as personal and cultural), and thus if a person looks very Jewish (as well as acts very Jewish) they are, in all likelihood, a Jew even if they have very distant Jewish ancestry. Physiognomy can also reveal much about certain racial/ethnic tendencies and traits as well, because obviously each racial/ethnic group worldwide has evolved different/diverse/distinctive facial features which clearly set them apart from all others and as such reveal various group (racial/ethnic) tendencies.

    Anyone who is 1/2 Jewish (i.e., 2 full-blooded Jewish grandparents) or more should never be accepted by Whites, trusted by Whites, breed with Whites, or allowed to become too involved in the modern pro-White movement.

    Fred: Sarkozy is definitely a Jew. He’s got lots of recent Jewish ancestry, he looks very Jewish, acts very Jewish, etc. Thus, he is a Jew. His religion (Catholicism) doesn’t mean a damn thing, as well all know here Jewishness is much, much more about a person’s ancestral ethnic background than their current religion – Sarkozy’s ‘Jewey’ behavior/mindset, as well as his Jewish appearance, reveal him to be a Jew through and through.

  4. FS: “White Preservationist, thanks for the list but are you sure about these two? - -”

    Fred – I included those sites so that people in the pro-White movement can ‘keep tabs on the enemy’ by using them. especially has a good news feed where one can keep abreast on recent important news related to the global Jewish community; from, for example, I recently found out that the Israeli military is currently collaborating with the U.S. military to test long-range Israeli missile technology on the American Pacific Coast; that 3 out of Ukraine’s 4 billionaires are Jews even though Jews are less than 1% of that country’s population; that recently released records revealed most of the people who orchestrated the genocidal Holodomor against the native Ukrainians were Jews; and so on. Checking it right now, for instance, I just learned that “U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will visit Israel next week” – – that makes me think stuff like: is Gates going there in order to finalize plans for a joint Israeli-American missile attack against Iran that could spark WWIII?…etc.

    Regarding Dienekes, I know that he isn’t aren’t explicitly pro-White, but he is a strong race-realist and his site has lots of links to good scientific stuff related to race/ethnicity, and thus I think his website is at least tangentially useful to our cause.

    Iceman:”What Fred Scrobby is, is a 1/4 Jew who denies it because he wants to appeal to schizos with a Hitlerite fetish.”

    Iceman – no personal attacks, please. As I stated in a previous post on this thread, any person who is 1/4 Jewish or less can be accepted by Whites and in to the pro-White movement as long as they don’t act very Jewish (i.e., they have far-left/communistic political and economic views; they are pro-immigration globalists; they are irrationally hostile toward Whites/White culture; etc) or are very Jewish/Semitic looking. Did you know that many Germans with partial Jewish ancestry were loyal National Socialists, many of whom fought hard and died valiantly with the German Wehrmacht in order to save Europe from Judeo-Soviet Communism during the 1940s? See –

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