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  1. One of the points made in the report is that the biggest donors are careful to conceal their tracks.

    Therefore it is unrealistic to hope for a breakdown of donations into Jewish and non-Jewish donors…

  2. By pinning the blame for white racial replacement on capitalism, what is your motive?

    It seems like you are trying to two simultaneous things on this blog:

    1.) Moderate the “antisemites” [by criticising the so-called “single Jewish cause” hypothesis]
    2.) Refute the philosemites.

    Is that not so?

  3. The Main Foe of Nationalism: Capitalism

    “Many American right wingers are deeply concerned about out-of-control non-European immigration while at the same time having a quasi-religious veneration of the free market. As I wrote a long time ago in a well annotated piece, the free market, or capitalism, is by definition “raceless.” It is bound to destroy America’s White racial stock faster than all illegals from all parts of the world combined. Capitalism rejects the race factor and despises any form or ethnocentrism. A merchant does not like borders and could not care less whether his customer is black, brown, or yellow. All European nationalists, despite being virulent anti-Marxists, and in contrast to American nationalists, are without exception highly critical of the free market and capitalism.”

    – continued @ http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/authors/Sunic-Nationalism.html

  4. There are some racialists who believe that everything would be fine if the Jews were excised from America. I don’t agree with that perspective. I think the rot runs much deeper.

  5. Prozium,

    Perhaps the greatest temptation of SJC (Single Jewish Cause) theory is that it allows White Nationalists to talk about our ethnic decay without also having to take responsibility for our civilization’s many problems, as articulated in your critiques of the LCD system. SJC theory tells us not to bother with the hard work of re-envisioning the modern world when all we really have to do is get rid of Jewish virulence!

  6. Proze cited a poll that 59% of the pressure for open borders with the Turd World is coming from big corporations. What percentage of big CEOs are Jews?

    According to FAIR, the primary culprits are the technology, hospitality, construction, and agriculture sectors. I find this easy to believe. I see Mexicans all the time working in hotels and on construction crews. The profit motive is driving this. It is all about cheap labor.

  7. Looks like I should’ve checked this morning’s edition of Vdare.com before asking my question:

    In February, the Federation for American Immigration Reform [FAIR] produced an important study analyzing immigration lobbyists. [Who’s Lobbying on Immigration? by Eric Ruark, pdf.] In addition to the Amnesty Bills of 2006 and 2007, it also looked at bills dealing with E-Verify and enforcement. A whopping 98% of 521 businesses and organizations who lobbied on immigration opposed enforcement and supported amnesty. The pro-amnesty groups spent a grand total of 345 million dollars on lobbying (though in fairness, not all of that money went to promoting amnesty directly.) Only ten lobbyists opposed amnesty and they were not corporate lobbyists but member-funded patriotic immigration reform advocacy groups like FAIR, US Border Patrol, Numbers USA, and the American Legion.
    The closer the conservative movement’s ties to lobbyists, the less we can expect from them on immigration. […]

    […T]he FedEx fiasco confirms Peter Brimelow’s speculation, in his article on the ACU’s 2009 CPAC mentioned in my first sentence, about why the Conservative Establishment as presently constituted can never deal with America’s mounting immigration disaster: as he put it bluntly, “pressure from funders”.

    ( http://www.vdare.com/misc/090719_lodge.htm )

  8. I like a more complete analysis of our situation.

    I don’t agree with people like Jobling who censor any discussion of Jews, but I also don’t agree with people who only talk about Jews. It’s more interesting to discuss many subjects instead of just beating a dead hook-nosed horse and preaching to the choir.

  9. Our race problem from Day One has been economic. First it was cheap (slave) Negro labor, then it was cheap Chinese labor, now it’s cheap Mexican and South Asian labor. When the bastards couldn’t get Cheap non-white labor, they hired children or exploited White labor, many times violently.

    We could get rid of our jewish problem tomorrow and there would still be filthy capitalists clamoring for cheap labor.

  10. Obviously business interests play a hugely negative role in the immigration debate. But our immigration policy is more a particularly nasty symptom of our decline than the cause. Ultimately, we’re not being swamped by barely sentient third-worlders because of business interests. We’re being swamped by the third world because whites have largely suppressed their ethnic consciousness and therefore don’t support an immigration policy that’s in their best interest. Lack of ethnic consciousness is the root issue from which all of these symptoms of our decline flow.

    And I hate to say it, lest I be accused of being a “single Jewish causer”, but it’s difficult to think very long or hard about the “why” and the “how” of our lack of ethnic consciousness without running headlong into the Jewish Question.

    For the record, I don’t believe in a “single Jewish cause”. (Does anyone?) But for this debate to be helpful, I think you need to focus on ultimate causation instead of proximate.

  11. The rot of Western man’s soul does run deeper. Unbridled finance capitalism is indeed the enemy of the white working and middle class. The gentile elites are representative of Brooks Adams “economic man” whereas America’s founders were spiritual men. Economic men tend towards hyper individualism and are blinded by a lust for greater profits at any cost to their respective nations. Their motto may as well be “I got mine, so to hell with you”.

    Most white gentile elites are indifferent to the welfare of their less affluent kinsmen. They are guilty as charged, but never forget that wealthy Jews support free trade not only for economic gain but out of an implacable racial hatred of white gentiles. A contracting gentile economy means fewer marriages and a disinclination to have babies. Creating conditions that prevent births within a group constitutes genocide according to the U.N.

    The State of Israel doesn’t partake in free trade and is busily engaged in efforts to expand its industrial base by any means necessary including the acquisition of U.S. technology legally and illegally. Jews are free traders in the diaspora but economic nationalists in Israel. Jewish advocacy for free trade, erasure of national borders and regional government for gentile nations is just part of their group survival strategy.

    Why aren’t Jewish busybodies trying to erase borders and foster regional government in the Middle East? I think we know why.

  12. Mr. Dithers is, once again, correct.

    Capitalism can be bridled and, once bridled, will be our servant not our tyrant.

    Capitalists themselves can bridle it, if there’s something they care about. Their society/their country might be something they care about, and doubtless some of them slip the bridle on for their society/country. Most don’t, of course, but maybe the small fraction that do are enough to prevent periodic epochal cataclysms.

    Jewish capitalists don’t appear to be treating Israel the way Amazon pirhanas treat an animal that’s fallen into the river. The way they treat the U.S. in other words. Israel seems spared the pirhana treatment. I wonder why? The U.S. gets it full-bore. Again, I wonder why?

    It’s not capitalism per se, it’s capitalism’s practitioners, and it’s what the substrate is that those practitioners are practicing capitalism on.

    Capitalism can be compatible with national life or incompatible with it. It depends on 1) who’s doing the capitalism, and 2) what substrate he’s doing it on.

  13. ” Capitalism can be bridled “

    For example, an hotel or farm manager may think he needs to hire illegals in order to stay competitive, because rival businesses are doing it. But his incentive to hire illegals will be weaker if his competitors are prevented by government to do so. And if the practice of hiring illegals stops completely, businesses will simply pass on the cost of higher wages onto the customers, and they won’t lose much revenue. It all depends how government sets the rules.

  14. I can’t see eye to eye with you on the Jews but I completely feel your message on capitalism being responsible for globalism.

    BTW don’t allow my last comment. It was accidental.

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