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School of Athens is back. The bright green links are now dark blue. The ugly default avatar image is finally gone. The page widget is no longer screwing up the header. The last 15 comments are now displayed on the sidebar. Clear out your cache or use Anonymouse to see the new style set. Guy White can keep MistyLook.

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  1. Oh oh looks like deja vu all over again. Why not go all the way and change the name to The Civic Platform?

  2. It is a still from Equilibrium. The film is about a fictional totalitarian society in which a drug called “Prozium” is used to repress all human emotion. An elite task force is charged with the responsibility of destroying all works of art and culture. This is mandated by law in order to fight “hate” which is said to lead to violence and war.

    The man on the television screen is “Father” who is a local version of “Big Brother” from Orwell’s 1984. He is constantly on television brainwashing the population with propaganda. The flag of Libria uses the Hebrew Tetragrammaton in place of the Nazi swastika.

    In many ways, I saw it as a clever take on my own society: how television is used as mind control; how cheap consumer goods are the modern equivilant of “bread and circuses”; the Jewish obsession with “fighting hate.”

    That’s why I adopted the username and the avatar.

  3. Thanks for the background, it sounds like a great film. The blog isn’t too shabby either 🙂

  4. Were the Greeks really all that gay, or is that just more Jewish propaganda to keep us moving along in an orderly fashion on the road to Jerusalem?

  5. Copycat!

    I deleted TCP because it became a part time job and I wasn’t reading enough books. I wasn’t happy with its overall direction. I want to get away from sideshows like the Third Reich, Revisionism, and the J.Q. I’ve also met some right-wing Jews in real life and I like them. Not all Jews are Leftist, anti-White scumbags. The only concern should be the safeguarding and promotion of one’s ethnic genetic interests. All else is a sideshow at best. Additionally, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that liberalism is the ultimate source of our misfortune and decay.

  6. Prozium,

    Love the new theme, but the links are of such a dark blue color that they might as well be black.

    Perhaps you could make it a lighter shade, say, a light to medium blue, so it has a better contrast to other links?


  7. the Jewish obsession with “fighting hate.”

    It’s only an obsession in the West. I don’t see ADL, SPLC, B’nai Brith, etc., etc., etc., fighting hate in Israel. And God only knows there’s a lot of hate in that nation.

  8. The expression on the guy’s face in Prozium’s avatar pic looks as though his daughter has just informed him she’s going out with a Negro.

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