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At VDARE, Pat Buchanan is pointing out an inconvenient truth, one which flew completely over the head of Rachel Maddow: in 45 years, the Democratic Party hasn’t nominated a single WASP to the Supreme Court. Instead, the Democrats have picked 4 Jews, 2 negroes, and 1 “wise Latina woman.” Although these people are masters at playing identity politics, they are aroused to righteous indignation by the faintest traces of reactive White racial consciousness, which they are constantly browbeating the clueless Republicans over. See the previous thread.

A quick blog search reveals dozens of leftist bloggers calling for Buchanan to be fired at MSNBC, accusing him of “living in the 1950s,” crowing over Rachel Maddow who is said to have “pwnd,” “slammed,” and “corrected” his terrible racism. Buchanan committed a thought crime when he highlighted the unparalled role played by Whites in the creation of America. He violated an unspoken taboo: only the trials and accomplishments of non-Whites are fit to be celebrated in our national memory. If there is one thing of which Buchanan cannot be accused, it is historical ignorance.

It was White men who fomented and won the American Revolution. It was White men who signed the Declaration of Independence and wrote the U.S. Constitution. The Founders established a White Republic for their posterity. It was their White descendants who crossed the Appalachians, cleared the land, and settled the West. The Civil War was a “cousin’s war” between White men. Every subsequent war until the Korean War was explicitly a “white man’s fight.” Negroes served in the armed forces, but almost entirely in menial support roles which unmistakably denoted their inferior social status.

The Kossacks have been reduced to desperately nitpicking around the facts: at least one black solider was killed at Gettysburg, so it wasn’t a 100% white battle; two or three negroes died at Normandy, so the American death toll wasn’t almost 100% White; slaves labored on Southern plantations, so America somehow wasn’t built by the White race. I can imagine further silly arguments along the same lines: while White men were crisscrossing North America with railroads, a negro was patenting a version of the ironing board, so it is not fair to say that White males are responsible for virtually all of America’s science and technology.

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  1. “he highlighted the unparalled role played by Whites in the creation of America”

    Not only did the Whites create America, they are also the ones keeping it together. America is not a multicolor nation, it is a white nation, with millions of foreigners embedded in it.

  2. “with millions of foreigners embedded in it.” ( — Armor)

    … which we need to dig out like so many splinters …

  3. And what is left of America, absent white men?

    A pigsty filled with all manner of degenerates and defectives, reveling in filth, decay and a way of life that would do Sodom or Carthage proud. That’s what. You want proof? Drive to any major urban center here in the US and there it will be. Homos, violence, corruption, etc. On display like a menagerie.

    The inherent cleanliness, orderliness and splendor of (most) whites is what our racial rivals really despise. They aren’t capable of such achievements and that knowledge leads them to petulantly desire our destruction and work tirelessly to corrupt us. They are inferior and would rather see us perish than accept inferiority.

    Hey Jews, leftists and non-whites: Stop lying about us, and we’ll stop telling the truth about you.

    The days of this Jewish Babel are numbered.

  4. Last month Ben Cohen condemned Buchanan for supposedly denying that America was built by Whites. MSNBC, Pull the Plug on Pat Buchanan:

    Every minority in America has suffered at the hands of white people. It is a country founded by white people, built by white people and controlled by white people. To pretend otherwise is akin to holocaust denial. It is a fact.

    For Pat Buchanan to suggest otherwise is disingenuous at best, and down right racist at worst. And the latter is probably the most likely.

    Now Cohen condemns him for asserting it. Rachel Maddow Finishes Pat Buchanan:

    In a brilliant segment, Rachel Maddow essentially destroys whatever credibility Pat Buchanan had left, running through a litany of falsehoods the Right Wing commentator had uttered in a previous debate on her show.

    Buchanan had asserted that affirmative action was immoral because white men built America, and white people were being screwed out of jobs they were qualified for to make way for illiterate and under qualified minorities.

    Cohen thinks Buchanan is bad for jews, thus he can say whatever he likes about him – it need not be principled or even consistent. The very next sentences in Cohen’s MSNBC screed provide a window into his febrile jewish mind:

    Buchanan is part of a vocal minority that prey on white people’s fear. In economically tumultuous times, people like him a particularly dangerous, as they lay the crimes of the wealthy on the backs of minorities. It’s a dangerous game, and history tells us the consequence are often none too pretty.

    When jews aren’t preying on fear by explicitly invoking Hitler, they do it coyly, like this.

  5. Rachel Maddow is a far left anti-White Jewish/part-Jewish lesbian elitist. And she wants to try to tell the American people how to think? HAHA.

  6. “When jews aren’t preying on fear by explicitly invoking Hitler, they do it coyly, like this.”

    Lets add in the ‘crazy islamist terrorist’ meme too! It is mostly Jewish Neo-cons who raise this boogey man to instill fear. Of course Muslims would not be around here at all to cause problems if Jews hadn’t pushed the Hart-Cellar act back in the 1960s which makes this doubly annoying!


    Have you noticed that paleos havent said a word about the campaign to purge Buchanan,or the Sotomayor fiasco?

  8. Well, if non-Whites have suffered so much under White rule (I thought solely Negroes were enslaved) it’s truly amazing that not only do they want to remain here but also come by the tens of millions. It boggles the mind, no? Why would they so desperately want to live in a racist country? At any rate, mass deportations or at least a White ethnostate seem in order as that will undoubtedly result in a lack of White oppression of the dark races. No minorities > no racism > no whining > no constant guilt-tripping and blaming Whitey for their failures. The situation reminds one of apartheid South Africa when that much maligned nation always witnessed African migrants moving legally or illegally to South Africa even though it was supposed to be racist against Negroes. Well, one is forced to believe that a racist South Africa was still better for Negroes than a typical African corrupt, mismanaged, violent, kleptocracy. I don’t know. It’s just amazes me how Whites continue to be demonized and vilified although they’ve done some incredible things for Negroes. Can one name a nation where Negroes are better off socially and economically? They even now have a race-obsessed African as president. Some racist country!

    On a side note, East Asians can also built fine cities. The city-state of Singapore is the best run place in the world. It probably has something to do with the inherent biological capacities of the Han people. Do you think?

  9. By the way,does anybody know anything about racial preferences (pro-Latin,of course) institutionalized in Puerto Rico?I have a strange feeling that “wise Latinos” practice something other than “diversity” in their own land.And I’ll bet the suckers (i.e. you and me) are fully complicit in assisting them in their noble endeavours.

  10. “Why would they so desperately want to live in a racist country?”

    One BIG reason is: they know all they have to do is play the race card. I.e., accuse whitey of being racist and whitey invariably rewards them with a whole host of goodies and special privileges. In other words: whites are constantly being played as fools, suckers, and chumps, but whites are too dense and paralyzed with fear to realize it. So why wouldn’t they want to come here? Especially since whites are such easy pickins.

  11. Just a nuance: Rachel Maddow has claimed to be Christian in the past, on her show roughly 1-2 months ago. I think she’s Anglo.

    Of course, who knows if it’s true. She could be a crypto and certainly has that look.

  12. If they think white supremacism is bad, wait until full-blown non-white/Jewish supremacism. We’re just getting a taste now.

  13. Looked up Maddow’s background. Her father is of Russian descent (maybe Jewish), and a lawyer. Her mother is Irish from Canada.

  14. Yes Mark, “Maddov” (which is very similar and related to the Jewish name “Madoff”!) is a Russian Jewish name – the Anglicized version of that name is “Maddow.”

    Rachel Maddow is at least partially Jewish in an ethnic sense, probably a mix between ethnic Jewish and ethnic White European; in spirit though she is clearly very, very Jewish – her radical feminism/lesbianism and far-left political views betray her Jewish mindset.

    If it walks like a duck…

  15. Buchanan is in a no man’s land of his own making. He has gone too far on race and the Jews for conservatives to support him, but has avoided and even denounced those who are openly pro-white.

  16. Wow, you all are insanely ignorant of American history, not to mentionblatant and disgusting racist motherfuckers. I hate that you are American, and you represent the most disgusting and embarrassing aspect of this country I call home.

    The United States was won and founded by a mix of white free men, white slaves, black slaves, free blacks, and Native Americans. Not all of them were Christian. Washington, DC was built predominantly by slave labor, as were many cities in the United States. The Constitution and Federal government were founded on a blend of Jewish, Christian, European, and Native American political ideas.

    Read a history book, you god-damned ignorant fucking rednecks. And stop watching Fox.

  17. 1.) The United States was founded exclusively by ‘free white men.’ The Declaration of Independence was written and signed exclusively by white men. The Constitution was written and ratified exclusively by white men.

    2.) Whites were never enslaved in America. Indentured servants weren’t slaves, you moron.

    3.) Slaves were not U.S. citizens.

    4.) The U.S. Constitution owes nothing to Jewish or ‘Native American’ political theory.

    5.) I have an advanced degree in history. What have you been reading? Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States?

  18. “Wow, you all are insanely ignorant of American history, not to mentionblatant and disgusting racist motherfuckers. I hate that you are American, and you represent the most disgusting and embarrassing aspect of this country I call home.

    Wow, what a calm and well-composed comment from ‘david’. Obviously a ‘scholar’ and a ‘gentleman’.

    “Read a history book, you god-damned ignorant fucking rednecks. And stop watching Fox.”

    And you should go back to your shrink, cause you need to up your dose.

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