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Normally, I would avoid a discussion of European history (this blog is focused on the United States), but it is almost impossible to have a discussion of American race relations these days without some idiot invoking the spectre of the Third Reich.

The real Adolf Hitler had little interest in North America. He had no intention of exporting National Socialism to United States. When the German-American Bund began to attract unwanted attention from the federal government, Hitler personally ordered German nationals to withdraw from the organization and advised them to return home to the New Germany. In spite of his best efforts, National Socialism took root here and casted a long shadow over the postwar American racial scene.

In the American mind, which has been conditioned by decades of anti-racist propaganda, any expression of White racial consciousness is tantamount to Nazism. Although Hitler was a European dictator, Hollywood has turned him into a wholly Americanized figure. His caricature stalks the popular imagination. The Nazis are supposed to be the epitome of evil; everything good patriotic liberal Americans are supposed to hate. This sheer amount of brainwashing that has gone on makes it impossible to avoid the topic.

On the racialist fringe, there is a reactionary tendency to adopt the mores and aesthetic trappings of Nazism as the ultimate act of rebellion against the liberal democratic capitalist status quo. For these people (who are trolling for attention), Halloween comes every day of the year. Dressing up in a costume and parading around in public as a Stormtrooper is one of many modern variations on the old avant garde tradition of shocking the bourgeoisie. It goes hand in glove with other staples of expressivist non-conformism such as tattoos, piercings, and rock music. Although the costume Nazis are almost always unaware of it, these people owe more to Elvis Presley than Adolf Hitler.

This is not genuine National Socialism which must be considered on its own merits. In hindsight, most contemporary historians and biographers have moved away from the old wartime legend that Hitler wanted to conquer the world, or that he wanted to invade and occupy the United States, which was amongst FDR’s more fabulous claims. He didn’t have the naval strength to cross the Channel, much less the Atlantic. FDR’s own biographers now admit that he set out to antagonize Hitler and skillfully maneuvered the United States into a war with Germany. The Holocaust is commonly invoked as a moral justification now that the other wartime legends haven’t stood up to historical scrutiny.

It is now clear that the “Good War” against the Third Reich, an unnecessary war of choice like Iraq, resulted in the demonization of nationalism, racialism, eugenics, and anti-Semitism in the United States. The wartime propaganda against National Socialist Germany had an extremely negative impact upon White racial attitudes. In 1946, a majority of White Americans (answering an NORC poll) believed in racial equality for the first time in American history. The quotas at Ivy League universities which had tenuously held Jewish influence in check fell in the wake of the Second World War. Popular laws which prohibited miscegenation or mandated eugenic sterilization for the unfit were repealed.

From a pro-White perspective, thoughtful racialists conclude that the Second World War can’t be considered anything but a disaster for American Whites. It induced a total collapse in our racial immune system; a malady that was exported by American power throughout the entire Western bloc, which now equally suffers from the same disease. The demonization of National Socialism established the foundation for the later attacks on the Jim Crow South and Apartheid South Africa.

Guy White has no response to this aside from mindless patriotic chest beating and bloodthirsty flag waving. In another example of his dimwitted Protestantism, he argues that Jewish socioeconomic success is worthy of pro-White adulation, as if having a really smart and successful enemy is in itself a good thing. This is the same attitude that leads to the worship of celebrities and the wealthy in American culture. As in many other areas, a healthy dose of National Socialism could have a fortuitous effect on this sort of cultural rot.

Whether National Socialism could be successfully grafted onto the American is another question. Americans are highly individualistic, egalitarian, and suspicious of government power. Unlike Germans, Americans do not have an instinctive reverence for authority and hierarchy. The ethnic heterogeneity of White Americans and their concentration in urban and suburban areas militates against blood and soil nationalism and a volkish way of life. In the United States, Whites have no pressing need for national expansion or conflict with neighboring states like Canada.

American National Socialism would have to be racial, not ethnic; isolationist, not expansionist; federalist, not consolidationist. Certain aspects of National Socialism would come more easily than others. For example, the U.S. already has a strong environmental movement, a fiat currency, social security, and legal abortion. There is a strong movement on the Left for a national healthcare system.

White Americans could benefit from a thorough Gleichschaltung of our national institutions. I’m very much supportive of ridding the mass media and our universities of Jewish influence. There are aspects of National Socialism that I like and dislike. I don’t see any need for jingoistic nationalism, foreign wars, euthanasia, esoteric paganism, etc.

While I don’t consider myself a National Socialist, I would much rather live under National Socialism than what we have today, and I don’t agree with the demonized caricature of the ideology presented in the media or on race realist websites. At least the Third Reich cared about the racial interests of future generations of Europeans. The same cannot be said for the system we now live under. That should be the final word on the matter.

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  1. Under Hitler, choosing abortion became sabotage; a crime punishable by hard labor for the woman and a possible death penalty for the abortionist.

    In fact, in their first year of power, in 1933, the Nazis outlawed abortion.

    As he wrote in Mein Kampf, “I’ll put an end to the idea that a woman’s body belongs to her. . . . Nazi ideals demand that the practice of abortion shall be exterminated with a strong hand.” (Hitler sentenced Aryan women who had abortions to hard labor after the first offense, to death after the second.)

  2. At the end of the nineteenth century, kosher butchering and vivisection were the main concerns regarding animal protection in Germany. These concerns continued among the Nazis.[7] According to Boria Sax, the Nazi view on animal protection rejected anthropocentric perspective — animals were not to be protected for human interests, but for themselves.[8] In 1927, a Nazi representative to the Reichstag called for actions against cruelty to animals and kosher butchering.[7]

    In 1932, the Nazi party proposed a ban on vivisection. In the early 1933, representatives of the Nazi party to the Prussian parliament held a meeting to enact this ban. On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament started to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter.[7] On April 21, a law was passed on the slaughter of animals. On April 24, Order of the Prussian Ministry of the Interior was enacted regarding the slaughter of poikilotherms.[9] Nazi Germany was the first nation to ban vivisection.[10] A law imposing total ban on vivisection was enacted in August 16, 1933, by Hermann Göring as the prime minister of Prussia.[11] He announced to end the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and told that those who “still think they can continue to treat animals as inanimate property” will be sent to concentration camps.[7] On August 28, 1933, Göring announced in a radio broadcast:[12]

    An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself…. I have therefore announced the immediate prohibition of vivisection and have made the practice a punishable offense in Prussia. Until such time as punishment is pronounced the culprit shall be lodged in a concentration camp.[12]

    Göring prohibited vivisection and said that those who “still think they can continue to treat animals as inanimate property” will be sent to concentration camps.[7]Goering also banned commercial animal trapping, imposed severe restrictions on hunting, and regulated the shoeing of horses. He imposed regulations even on the boiling of lobsters and crabs. In one incident, he sent a fisherman to concentration camp[12] for cutting up a bait frog.[10]

    In 24 November 1933, Nazi Germany enacted another law, Reichstierschutzgesetz (Reich Animal Protection Act), for protection of animals.[13][14] This law listed many prohibitions against the use of animals, including their use for filmmaking and other public events causing pain or damage to health,[15] feeding fowls forcefully and tearing out the thighs of living frogs.[16] The two principals (Ministerialräte) of the German Ministry of the Interior, Clemens Giese and Waldemar Kahler, who were responsible for drafting the legislative text,[14] wrote in their juridical comment from 1939, that by the law the animal was to be “protected for itself” (“um seiner selbst willen geschützt”) and made “an object of protection going far beyond the hitherto existing law” (“Objekt eines weit über die bisherigen Bestimmungen hinausgehenden Schutzes”).[17]

    P.S. keep up your fine work.

  3. “Guy White has no response to this aside from mindless patriotic chest beating and bloodthirsty flag waving.”

    Please don’t anything take “Gay Trite” says at all seriously.

    ‘He’ is just a narcissistic little boy who never grew up and matured since the days of hearing his granpappy’s (likely) inflated stories of ‘fighting evil Nazis’.

    To dissimulators like ‘him’, if you are on the ‘Right’, your either a ‘patriotic’ neoCON, or your a ‘Nazi exterminationist’.

    Don’t ya just love it how he uses essentially Liberal/Marxist strawmen arguments?

    What a moronic patriotard!

  4. I have it on good authority that Thomas Fleming was referring to Guy White when he lamented contemporary America’s social tragedy of “marginalized, emasculate young males who will never grow into manhood.”

  5. Great essay. I mostly share the same views, and particularly those in the last paragraph. National Socialism has its problems (e.g., most WNs and ‘Neo-Nazis’ these days dissent from Hitler’s anti-Slavism), but at least the National Socialists cared for their own. It is for this reason that I found the libertarian/liberal comparisons of “neoconservatism”/Bushism and fascism/National Socialism particularly appalling (arguably, though, the Jewish neocons do care for their own — I don’t know what the fuck Cheney and Bush were thinking).

  6. Wade,

    You are a truly gifted wordsmith!

    Nearly fell off my chair the other day with your characterizations of the ‘Beagles Lair’ and ‘broken weapons’ of ‘Monty Python’ vintage. Phew!

    I either hope you already have, or are going to get, a blog of your own.

  7. “I should have said eugenic abortion”

    What’s wrong with eugenic abortion or abortion, period? On balance, it’s a wonderfully eugenic tool. Now, I personally oppose the aborting of healthy Aryan fetuses but that’s a different matter. Richard Lynn in his excellent book on eugenics makes the best case for abortion that I’ve read thus far. It’s the only eugenic instrument that the West still has.

    I thought you were an eugenicist.

    Thermonuclear, Hitler wasn’t anti-Slav. He was very fond of certain Slavs like the Slovaks and Croats. He loathed Polacks (as all good people should), but Polacks aren’t the only Slavs around. Hitler was more “jingoistic” than the British Empire, France, or the United States. There was nothing jingoistic or unjust about reclaiming Danzig and other territoriesy lopped by the double-talking, lying Allies after W.W. I. Jesus Christ why must I repeat the obvious? You’re still accepting the official historiography on this matter.

  8. I don’t agree with every dotted i and crossed t in it, but that was a superb essay. Congratulations.

  9. Thanks for the kind words, Get Real. I may start a blog eventually, but for now I’m content to ride the coattails of Prozium and Majority Rights. Currently, my ‘shtick’ consists of lurking around HBD sites, scoring points for our side, and demoralizing the antis–all whilst racking up LOLz!

  10. ” The real Adolf Hitler had little interest in North America.”

    Certainly True and Germany only ever had ONE spy in the United States during the course of World War Two. (‘Agent 146: The True Story of a Nazi Spy in America’ by Erich Gimpel)

    ” It goes hand in glove with other staples of expressivist non-conformism such as tattoos, piercings, and rock music. ”

    Actually Rock Music is arguably mainstream now, as is Heavy Metal. Indeed Hard Rock and Metal are one of the few ‘White Genres’ of ANYTHING left anymore. Lets see: Rock, Metal, Fantasy (Lord of the Rings), Sci-fi, Country, that is about it for White folks. Most stuff now is Rap and Hip-hop. Yuck!

    Excuse me I need to go listen to Danzigs ‘White Devil Rise’!!

    ” The Holocaust is commonly invoked as a moral justification now that the other wartime legends haven’t stood up to historical scrutiny.”

    What a bunch of baloney, lets say for the sake of discussion the Holocaust did happen, it didn’t supposedly get started then until the alleged Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942… THREE YEARS INTO THE WAR?!?!? How could you start a war to stop something… THAT HAD NOT STARTED YET?!?!?

    ” Whether National Socialism could be successfully grafted onto the American is another question”

    People have been pushing National Socialism since the end of the war, from James Madole onward… if it was going to work in America… wouldn’t it have happened already?!??! No National Socialism has been tried, I give Commander Rockwell credit for having the best shot at it, but it is done. Believe me I am half-German and deeply admire National Socialism but it is time to stick a fork in it. IT IS TIME FOR WHITE NATIONALISM (as described by Swain and Zeskind) NOW. (Historical Revisionism is ok though, and in fact needed to banish the ‘Nazi Ghost’)

  11. Absolutely wonderful piece.

    Ultimately the white man’s altruism snuck in when every home had a television set during and after the war. It was the love of paper, radio and television that transformed this country. We went from book heavy and defiant to glittery eyed and weak-willed.

  12. National Socialism was a reaction against Jewish influence Judeo-Marxist agitation that engulfed Germany in the waning days of WWI. It was a world view or “weltanschauung” and political system that suited the German people during those dark times and led to Germany’s social, economic and military revival. And yes, even though I take issue with some aspects of it I would much prefer to live under NS than the kleptocracy/plutocracy/Judeo-aristocracy yoke that we currently languish under.

    Americans have been subjected to so much hysterical propaganda concerning National Socialism that most can’t separate fact from Jewish fiction. Most of what people think they know about German National Socialism comes from Hollywood propaganda mills and we all know what race of people controls them. This makes it most difficult for people to engage in rational discourse on the subject. And lest Guy Weirdo claim this is “insane” he should read “An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood”.

    If National Socialism were ever to gain traction in America it would have to include all white ethic groups (I think that’s what Prozium said) since most Americans are a mish mash of European nationalities. This means all whites are on equal footing and Russia is an ally. NS would have to change form to effectively combat the forces arrayed against white Americans.

    Something akin to NS without calling itself NS could have potential as things deteriorate in America like they did in Weimar Germany. NS or an American offshoot is the only ideology that deals honestly and uncompromisingly with the Jewish Question. The National Alliance came close under the stewardship of Dr. William Pierce and hasn’t recovered from his untimely death.

  13. “Guy White has no response to this aside from mindless patriotic chest beating and bloodthirsty flag waving.”

    Does ANYONE know “Guy Wimp’s” ethnic, or any other, BACKGROUND?????

  14. “The National Alliance came close under the stewardship of Dr. William Pierce and hasn’t recovered from his untimely death.”

    The National Alliance wasn’t a movement but a one-man think tank and Dr. Pierce’s fan club. God bless him.

  15. We once had a poster on Occidental Dissent (Illusions) who used to spam David Myatt articles. I’ve never followed the guy but he sounds like a squish in the links above.

  16. “He loathed Polacks (as all good people should)”

    And yet the Nazis recruited blond Polish children at one point shortly before the war ended.

    Could it be that blond Poles were more Nordic than some Germans?

    Could it be that blond Poles were more Nordic than Hitler himself?

  17. Prozium: “Whether National Socialism could be successfully grafted onto the American is another question. Americans are highly individualistic, egalitarian, and suspicious of government power.”


    Individualistic in what way? It seems to me that Americans are socialized in a way that makes them behave all the same. Eccentricity is not valued in America as it used to be in England a long time ago. Where I live, in a Western European country, I feel that traditional society has been destroyed, completely atomized, and replaced by nothing. But in the USA, I think people are still anchored in a common civilization.


    I would say that German national socialism was egalitarian, and the USA is not, since it is more tolerant of income inequality.

    “suspicious of government power”

    Then, how come Americans are unable to resist their own genocide at the hands of their own government?

    “Unlike Germans, Americans do not have an instinctive reverence for authority and hierarchy.”

    What was characteristic of German NS was not those values. Any anti-national communist dictatorship will also appeal to authority and violence to establish itself. I suspect the reason Americans (and white people in general) as unable to stop their own genocide is their reverence for official authorities.

    “The ethnic heterogeneity of White Americans and their concentration in urban and suburban areas militates against blood and soil nationalism and a volkish way of life.”

    Even in Europe, I wonder how people could return to a “volkish way of life”. You cannot recreate what used to exist 100 years ago. You have to create something new.

  18. Prozium: “Whether National Socialism could be successfully grafted onto the American is another question. Americans are highly individualistic, egalitarian, and suspicious of government power.”

    That suspicion is largely Anglo-Saxon in origin, and many Americans learn it only as “propositional” Americans. A non-Anglo Caucasoid who grows up in America may cling to the mythology of the American Founding Fathers because his racial reality is not Anglo-Saxon.

    Let us take myself for an example. I use the name “Martel” to evoke Charles Martel. It is not my name – it is an invocation to a higher principle. I am certainly not Anglo Saxon. And yet I hold the Constitution as the highest law of America’s land.

  19. “And yet I hold the Constitution as the highest law of America’s land.” ( — Hamdy Martel)

    OK but be careful, the Constitution is not the nation. The “Founders” didn’t found the nation. That was already in existence and thriving for several generations by the time they came along. They “founded,” or more simply “came up with,” or “wrote down and agreed on” a set of rules for that already-existing-and-thriving flesh-and-blood nation’s self-governance. The Jews are wedded to the notion that the Constitution “founded” the nation, so they can claim we are a proposition nation, and flesh, blood, biological inheritance, and race don’t enter into it. If I had a nickel for every time some dishonest Jewish academic came up with some self-serving wishful thinking crap I’d be a richer than fricking George Soros.

  20. If one is trying to better understand German National Socialism, it’s best to avoid the biased secondary sources (which are/were often written by Jews) and to stick to the primary sources (which were written by the German National Socialists themselves).

    A good primary source to start with is the 25 Point Program of the NSDAP (adopted in 1920) – check it out @

  21. A good collection of primary sources related to German National Socialism can be found @

    Also see – [created by the same guy who made the above website]

    Recently the American academic who runs those aforementioned websites also translated and put up a 1942 National Socialist pamphlet that, in his words, “lays out the fundamentals of Nazi ideology”; see – &

    Again, it is VERY IMPORTANT to always consult primary sources rather than the often severely biased secondary sources whenever possible, particularly in regards to highly controversial subjects like German National Socialism.

  22. Hey Prozium – because the previous comment I just made contains a lot of hyperlinks, it is likely stuck in the spam queue and must be cleared by you.

  23. Another very good primary source I forgot to mention regarding the tenets of German National Socialism are, of course, the speeches of Hitler and other top National Socialists.

    For some reason the main books which contain Hitler’s speeches (compiled by Max Domarus) are VERY expensive (almost 900 dollars) and thus far out of the reach of everyday people (was this done on purpose?) – however, some of Hitler’s speeches can be found on the internet, for instance at Stormfront and other websites –

    Nevertheless, here is a listing of the major books containing Hitler’s most important speeches – & &,_April_1922-August_1939

    Read “The Essential Hitler: Speeches and Commentary” by Domarus (cheaper version) but mostly ignore Domarus’ highly biased commentary: just read the speeches for the real info –

    Also read “Landmark Speeches Of National Socialism” by Bytwerk (the American academic I mentioned above) –

  24. Aesthetics Is Most Sublime Integration, Application Of Intellect
    (Apollonian, 26 Jul 09)

    Prozium comrade, u continue in ur typical hyper-intellectualist mode, and the problem is u get far too abstracted and rather fail to achieve realistic conclusions–even basic observations–we desperately need Jew-expulsion. Question then is HOW? Answer is in achieving an aestheticalist unity and kind of consensus–don’t doubt this is quite possible.

    “Guy Whine” is most probably a crypto-Jew, mere insignificant detail, which u’ve already conclusively dealt with, as in previous blog–forget him.

    For observe what absolutely rules presently, though evermore tenuously (due to more infomed citizenry because of blogs like Occidental Dissent), that COUNTERFEIT conspiracy of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)–see,, and for best expo/ref.

    And in the CYCLIC, ever-progressing “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, people are evermore willing to thinking seriously for purpose of saving their lives. Don’t doubt when US Dollar collapses–a real possibility within months now–we Americans, whites along w. everyone, will be immediately thrust into third-world status, with 20 dollars a gallon gasoline, etc.

    Nazis were great–BUT they were only able to consolidate ONE nation irrespective of others of the West, though many were extremely sympathetic (Austria, Hungary, Rumania–along w. significant factions in others, like Spain, Ukraine, etc.). Jews were extremely skillful and plain lucky they were able to co-opt the sentiment of people of USA, this due to many factors, but main one was surely that thematic counterfeiting fraud which Jews duly made use of, and esp. their mass-media instrumentalites, radio, entertainment, etc.

    We however, must rather emulate St. Constantine the Great who was able to unite the ENTIRE WESTERN CULTURE by means of anti-semitic aesthetic, known as Christianity–but which aesthetic has presently been entirely co-opted and traduced by Jews by means of that most sublime counterfeiting fraud, once again.

    So Prozium, good comrade, what I earnestly suggest is u and ur fellow intellectuals should apply urselves to this necessary aestheticalist project/imperative for the people’s understanding, info, and unity. Gosp. JOHN is genius work, theme being TRUTH against Jew lies and conspiracy, as I’ve noted. This Gosp. JOHN theme then unquestionably endorses and confirms thematic Western OBJECTIVITY of Aristotle.

    Observe how then this objectivity, necessary criterion of TRUTH, is conveyed in Christianity–NOT like college professorial dissertation–in rather anecdotal contra-distinction to those psychopathic monsters and masters of the lie, the Pharisees and Talmudists who later in hist., and presently, became known as “Jews.” Thus Jews endorse subjectivism by which they make themselves God, the ultimate anti-Christs.

    How then to actually express this aestheticalism?–by getting out and demonstrating in front of est. Christian places (like the good Pastor Carlson of, though he’s far too tame)–and by invoking that explicit Christian theme, (a) truth, and honesty, honesty the necessary ethic of such truth value. (b) St. Paul’s theme of “love” then is understandable in subordinate accord with these two prior values, truth and honesty. St. Paul’s theme is for the integration of the gentile host–but it doesn’t at all supercede necessary racialist imperative, this in accord w. 5th commandment (of original “Ten”), highly respected by St. Paul, “Honor thy race (parentage).”

    So again comrade “Prozium,” I want to emphasize how u’re merely “treading water,” so-to-speak, as long as u don’t apply ur intellectual talents to this aestheticalist imperative which I describe–leaving and forfeiting specific Christian aesthetics to those disgusting, deformed, and psychopathic liars, hook-nosed and rat-faced monstrosities, the Jews.

    Observe history: the only successful Jew-expulsions, essentially, were products of Christian inspiration. Don’t forget the Jew bankers were heavily involved in the financing of Hitler and the nazis for purposes of ginning-up WWII (see Antony C. Sutton’s “Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler”), deliberately setting-up confrontation w. bolshevik Russia, consolidating world gov. and empire.

    And don’t doubt the present putrid, general mystification of Christianity, so disgusting and off-putting to so many, is due to Jew influence and financing no less than the outright Israel support of “evangelical” hereticalists.

    CONCLUSION: So comrade Prozium, that’s how ur formidable intellect is best utilized and applied: to the rationalization and application of that magnificent and truly potent Christian aesthetic–still conceding nothing whatever to putrid mysticism (esp. subjectivism) which has so ruined and destroyed practical Christianity for its proper primary purpose, ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13). We should lose no more time–and note external conditions are favorable (perhaps ironically) as things economic deteriorate, the people evermore frightened for the future. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  25. Apollonian – why the hell do you have to be so goddamn cryptic, arcane, and repetitive in every single on of your posts? If only you’d start stating out exactly what you mean without the intentionally bizarre writing style more people might start taking you and your ideas more seriously (that includes scrapping stupid shit like the use of the letter “u” instead of the word “you,” or “ur” for “your”).

    I have nothing against you personally Apollonian, but you need to ‘clean up your act’ so to speak if you want to stop being generally despised and ignored by the pro-White blogosophere. You seem like an intelligent fellow who has some good ideas to contribute to the debate, but first you’ll need to start consciously being more intelligible.

    Just my two cents on ‘The Apollonian Question.’ 🙂

  26. Marius: “Could it be that blond Poles were more Nordic than Hitler himself?”

    It’s true that Hitler was mostly “Alpine” in terms of his specific White ethnicity (as are the majority of modern Southern Germans), but he did have significant Nordic ancestry as do most Germans. Claiming that Hitler was entirely non-Nordic is a common tactic of liars, Jews, and/or informed morons.

    Hitler had blue eyes, hair that was lighter brown (especially when he was younger: his hair remained light brown even in to his 40s/50s), and he was not short in terms of height but was in fact of medium/average height for Southern Germans at that time. All of this is of course difficult to see in the black-and-white photographs from the 1920s/30s/40s. A good objective physical description of Hitler can be found in a book about National Socialist Germany that was written by the American racialist Lothrop Stoddard – that book is entitled INTO THE DARKNESS; Stoddard’s objective description reads:

    At that moment I was bidden to the Presence. Turning left, I passed through double doors and entered another large room. To my right hand, near the doorway, was an upholstered sofa and several chairs. At the far end of the room was a flat-topped desk from behind which a figure rose as I entered and came towards me. I saw a man of medium height,
    clad in a plain officer’s tunic with no decorations save the Iron
    Cross, black trousers, and regulation military boots. Walking up to
    where I had halted near the doorway, he gave me a firm handshake and a pleasant smile. It was the Fuehrer.

    For an instant I was taken aback by the astounding contrast between this simple, natural greeting and the heavy magnificence through which I had just passed. Pulling myself together, I expressed in my best German my appreciation of the honor that was being shown me, calling him _Excellency_, as foreigners are supposed to do. Hitler smiled again at my little speech, motioned to the sofa, and said: “Won’t you sit down?”, himself taking the nearest chair about a yard away from me. My German evidently made a good impression, for he complimented me upon my accent, from which he inferred that I had been to Germany before. I assured him that he was correct, but went on to say that this was my first view of the Third Reich. To which he replied, with a slight shake of the head: “A pity you couldn’t have seen it in peacetime.”

    The conversation of about twenty minutes which followed these
    preliminaries naturally cannot be repeated, because I had given my word to that effect. Hitler, however, told me no deep, dark
    secrets–heads of States don’t do that sort of thing with foreign
    visitors. I think it is no breach of my agreement to say that much of
    his talk dealt neither with the war nor politics but with great
    rebuilding plans which the war had constrained him temporarily to lay aside. His regretful interest in those matters seemed to show that he still had them very much in mind.

    Even more interesting than what Hitler said was his whole manner and appearance. Here I was, in private audience with the Master of Greater Germany, and able to study him at close range. Needless to say, I watched intently his every move and listened with equal intent-ness to his voice. Let me try to depict as clearly as possible what I observed.

    There are certain details of Hitler’s appearance which one cannot surmise from photographs. His complexion is medium, with blond-brown hair of neutral shade which shows no signs of gray. His eyes are very dark-blue. Incidentally, he no longer wears a cartoonist’s mustache. It is now the usual “tooth-brush” type, in both size and length. As already remarked, his uniform is severely plain and seemingly of stock materials.

    In ordinary conversation, Hitler’s voice is clear and well-modulated. Throughout the audience he spoke somewhat rapidly, yet never hurriedly, and in an even tone. Only occasionally did I detect a trace of his native Austro-Bavarian accent. The audience was not a monologue. Although naturally he did most of the talking, Hitler gave me plenty of chances to ask questions and put in my say. He did not at any time sharply raise his voice. Only when discussing the war did it become vibrant with emotion; and then he dropped his voice almost to an intense whisper. He made practically no gestures, sitting for the most part quietly, with one hand resting on the arm of his chair and the other lying relaxed in his lap.

    Hitler’s whole appearance was that of a man in good health. He certainly did not look a day older than his fifty years. His color was good, his skin clear and un-wrinkled, his body fit and not
    over-weight. He showed no visible signs of nervous strain, such as
    pouched eyes, haggard lines, or twitching physical reactions. On the
    contrary, appearance, voice, and manner combined to give an impression of calmness and poise.
    I am well aware that this description tallies neither with current ideas nor with reports of other persons who have seen and talked with him. Very likely those reports are just as true as mine, since Hitler is said to be a man of many moods. Perhaps I saw him on one of his good days; perhaps, he intended to make a particular impression upon me. All I can do is to describe accurately what I myself saw and heard.

    – from

  27. TYPO in the sentence “Claiming that Hitler was entirely non-Nordic is a common tactic of liars, Jews, and/or informed morons.”

    The word “informed” from that sentence should of course be “UNinformed.”

    Also, when I copied/pasted Stoddard’s physical description of Hitler from the referenced webpage and then added the bold type in the most important sections, it evidently screwed up the formatting in some ways; I tried to fix it as best I could, but clearly some formatting errors remain. My apologies for that.

  28. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you Prozium – is there any way to add a ‘Preview’ button that we can utilize to glance over and correct our posts before we hit ‘Submit Comment’ and thus post the finalized version of our comment(s)?

    I have a feeling that my too-frequent typos are starting to make me sorta look like a bit of a dummkopf. 🙂

  29. Addressing Substance First Is Best Policy
    (Apollonian, 26 Jul 09)

    “White preservationist”: comrade, u only now need a “leg to stand on.” Don’t forget presumption is hallmark of Jew. Don’t doubt those who “despise or ignore” Apollonian dialectic are merely Jews or Jew-friendly who don’t have anything to say anyway. Note best policy is to address the substance for posting first–then u can pontificate upon style; otherwise it’s just a diversion. U need to get a clue, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  30. ” It was a disaster for whites (including Jews).

    Unfortunately it was Hitler’s fault.”

    What a load of dung!

    Half of Europe was submerged in Communism after National Socialisms defeat.

    The National Socialists were right about the Judeo-bolshevik threat, and the events after their defeat proved them right!

    Also there is a great chance that had National Socialist NOT attacked Communism to the East, Communism could have become strong enough to have taken control ALL OF EUROPE instead of just Eastern Europe.

  31. “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982

    Amnon Kapeliouk (hebrew: ????? ??????; born 1931 – 26 June 2009) was a French-Israeli journalist and author.

    Amnon Kapeliouk’s published works include a biography of Yasser Arafat, Arafat l’irréductible, as well as a detailed investigation into the Sabra and Shatila massacre.[1] He is a regular contributor to Le Monde Diplomatique as well as to other magazines and newspapers.[2]

    He was accused by CAMERA of misrepresenting a quote by Menachem Begin to suggest that the Israeli Prime Minister had described Palestinians in a speech to the Knesset as being “beasts walking on two legs”.[3][ CAMERA does not dispute the quote above. ]

    Kapeliouk died on 26 June 2009 at the age of 78.[4]

    At the time of his death Amnon Kapeliouk lived in Jerusalem, Israel.

  32. “Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982”

    And the Jews make sure we never stop hearing similar speeches made by the Nazi’s. If the media Jews find such language improper, than why don’t they mention this speech! It’s all a double-standard!

    Similarly, White Gentile males are not allowed to play with Israeli women; but the Israeli (even citizen) men can play with our women. And, they literally force us to allow the Tropical races to ravish our women, left and right!

  33. Hmm… What is taking captainchaos so long to leave a pro-National Socialist comment?? Half expected him to drop by for now.

    Anyhow I was just thinking earlier that there is in fact one Authentic National Socialist Party still around and yes they do have a role in a government: The Syrian Social Nationalist Party!

    The Social Nationalist Parties existence probably makes the strongest case for the re-emergence of National Socialism so in the interest of balance though I would mention them! (Plus they just have a really cool looking flag, it is better then the NSDAP one in my opinion!)

  34. Blogging, The Ultimate Dialectic Art And Technique, Definitive Downfall Of The Jew
    (Apollonian, 27 Jul 09)

    Thanks “ATBOTL.” U know, the guy at says he doesn’t want a blog because Jews would “take it over.” I somewhat understand what he means when I consider creatures like u who are incapable of addressing the substance, and like a Jew, make irrelevant assertions with no premises whatever. For Jews are consummate subjectivists, and it’s understandable they want to sidetrack and subvert any useful anti-semitic discussion.

    Note the problem for is the obsessionate babbling and idiotic fixation upon MORALISM and “good-evil” whence pretended “patriots” (or whatever) reduce to Jew-like protesting against one another for their “morality.” Problem is similar for any blog if it cannot produce conclusiveness for the discourse/dialectic–remaining stuck within abstractions.

    I pursue blogging for specific purpose of DIALECTIC, a lost art for Western civilization until recent invention of blogs on the internet. Creatures like “ATBOTL” are largely insignificant and irrelevant–they have nothing to say, and one of the fun things, I find, is to note, identify, and confronting Jews, making them finally admit they’re Jews, either directly or indirectly. And blogging is just the art which so exposes the Jew by means of dialectic technique.

    CONCLUSION: And the interesting and telling thing to observe nowadays, I submit, is Jews are such poor and miserable dialecticians and bloggers, despite their pretending to “intelligence”–it’s why they’re so desperate for all the hate-speech laws by which they hope to suppress and censor the internet. Internet and esp. the new arts of blogging and dialectic have been absolute disasters for Jews who have been utterly out-classed and exposed for the insane and sub-human monsters they really and truly are. And we see further how Jews have thrived among hubristic, over-populated gentiles–with allies and accomplices like “ATBOTL.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


    Amnon Kapeliouk (1931-2009) Est Mort
    An extraordinary Journalist
    Franklin Lamb

    July 1st, 2009

    …I knew Kapeliouk mainly through his writings and a dozen or so path crossings over the years following our first improbable encounter during the infamous Beirut summer 1982….

    It was Amnon Kapeliouk who courageously published in the New Statesmen of June 25 1982 the racist Zionist rant of Prime Minister Begin before the Knesset forty eight hours earlier. His report was to activate the Boston based McCarthyite Zionist hate group, CAMERA to hound him until his death.

    So spoke Begin to his colleagues:

    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

    (Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman, June 25, 1982)

    Director, Americans Concerned for
    Middle East Peace, Wash.DC-Beirut
    Acting Chair, the Sabra-Shatila Memorial Scholarship Program Laptop Initiative
    Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp
    Franklin Lamb is doing research in Beirut and is temperary Chair of the Sabra-Shatila Foundation. He is reachable at

  36. Okay, Hitler was an Alpine and his eyes were dark blue.


    “He loathed Polacks (as all good people should)”

    So are there specific reasons why all decent people should hate Poles?

    Are there any other blond subraces, such as Lithuanians, that should also be loathed by all good people?

  37. Hey, Marius, you aren’t going to get a reply to your question.

    The REAL prowhite ethnostate crusade is happening behind the scenes. No serious forum administrator would permit Braun’s post to stand. This is only a place to let frustrated folks blow off some steam.

    Elsewhere on this forum, “Greg Johnson” says he is in favour of mandatory abortion. Will wonders never cease. Sounds like German nazism to me: Hitler punished unncessary abortions but mandated eugenic abortion. Like it or not, none of the people that we would want to attract would go for that.

  38. Stronza,

    Why do you use scare quotes when referring to Greg Johnson? I assure you that Dr. Johnson is a real person, and a man who is constantly out there putting himself on the line. He gave up his career in order to work for our Cause full time. If only we had a thousand men like him…

    What is wrong with Eugenics? Why are you so concerned about what happens to “Lebensunwertes Leben” that you would resurrect a commentary thread that has been stagnant for nearly six months in order to attack a fine man like Greg?

    Germany’s eugenics laws were, to a great extent, modeled on those already existing here in the United States, and they were practiced with a great deal of restraint. Have you read Lothrop Stoddard’s account of his experience as a witness at the High Court of Eugenics in Berlin? He expresses the view that the NS officials charged with the task of making such assessments were too lenient, not overly harsh.

  39. Hi, Robert. Tks for replying to my post.

    First, I don’t even know what “scare quotes” are. They’s just quotes to me. I do not know if Greg Johnson is a person’s real & true name, or just a screen name, so that’s why I put the name in quotes. I do know that 99% of posters use an alias. ( As do I; Stronza means bitch in Italian, tho I am not either Italian or a bitch.)

    Next. I didn’t resurrect a comment in order to attack Greg Johnson or anyone. It was not a personal attack the way you make it sound: I am horrified by the idea of mandatory abortion, and that’s it. The devil’s in the details, as always, and if you want to debate abortion with me, of the mandatory variety, let ‘er rip (I used to be involved in the prolife/antiabortion crusade), but in truth I am not enthusiastic to engage in such a discussion, because we won’t change anyone’s mind.

    I don’t truly want to debate this because, In general, I don’t support verbal jousting for its own sake or to make myself feel smarter than you or anyone else, because I am sure that I am not. (My IQ is only in the 90s, but even moderately dumb people whose hearts are in the right place are entitled to their opinions where the extinction of our race appears to be around the corner.) You men with your big brains make some major errors in assuming that women could not possibly know anything unless they are aping your own views. Well, abortion is very much a woman’s – and therefore my – concern and you know a lot, sir, but you don’t know everything.

    I’ll stand by my statement that our crusade is dead in the water when (apparent) notables like Greg Johnson can publicly utter such things (re abortion) that he did. No wonder the dzhus have gotten to where they have: they are disarmingly polite in one-on-one conversation and know how to lie thru their teeth to get folks on board! It is unfortunate, but niceness produces followers.

    I’m very much in favour of eugenics but
    “Lebensunwertes leben” is an abstraction; the devil’s in the details, as I previously mentioned. Eugenics can take several forms, and if you want to talk about that, I’m prepared. But I’ve the sinking feeling you would reject my thoughts on this topic out of hand. There is not, nor will there ever be, anything “restrained” about forced abortion. Just for starters, go and do some research on forced abortions in China. It’s repulsive.

    I know it’s just a little detail, but this thread hasn’t been stagnant for nearly 6 months, as you said. It is more like 2-1/2.

  40. Elective abortion consciously applied for eugenic impact is commonly practiced already, it need not be done by force of law. Soft eugenics can be achieved by incentivisation for and propaganda directed at the highly intelligent to breed with like, thus staving off dysgenics. I find it ironic that Johnson implicitly criticizes if not barbarity, at least crudity, whilst exhorting barbarity, but not crudely. Which leads me to believe all the talk of avoiding “cranks” is little more than the status nervous, and the status eager, to protect and gain said respectively. Let us not fight mightily to escape one barbaric situation only to erect another.

  41. Stronza,

    If I misinterpreted your intent, I apologise. I concur that we should not belabour this issue.

    Just to clarify a few things:

    A) I have not read the comments you attribute to Greg, so I cannot comment on them, per se.

    B) I do not favour compulsory abortion

    C) The High Court of Eugenics in Berlin did not compel people to have abortions, and I would never characterise such a policy as “restrained.” They sterilised the worst elements of society in order to curb feeblemindedness and horrifyingly debilitating heritable maladies. The same thing was done in America, and in most countries before the rise of politically correct insanity. Far from being “cruel,” I think this is actually quite a kind and benevolent policy when practiced with the restrain I mentioned.

    D) I don’t dismiss anyone out of hand, and your sex has no bearing on the strength of your arguments as far as I am concerned.

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