Jews and Immigration

An excerpt from Henry L. Feingold’s Jewish Power in America (2008) :

Since the turn of the twentieth century, the Jewish agenda has grown more complex and larger than when Jacob Schiff and Louis Marshall spoke from the community. In those years, Jews pushed for liberal immigration laws, expressions of diplomatic concern for their brethren in Eastern Europe, and strict interpretation of the wall separating church from state.

This fact is already well known to White Nationalists, but worth repeating in light of all the philo-Semitic nonsense we have been hearing as of late. I’m working on a more comprehensive post on Jewish influence that should be up in a few days.

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  1. Speaking of Jews and immigration:

    The announcement this morning by [Israeli] Interior Minister Eli Yishai of Shas that the foreign [non-Jewish] workers will undergo a “massive expulsion” is surprising not because of Yishai’s undaunted ability to withstand public pressure. We’ve seen that before. What shocked me was his rationale: “Whoever is found will not receive refuge — just like every ‘civilized’ country in the world,” he said. Actually, the word he used, “metukenet” is difficult to translate. Based on the root “teken”, which means either “correct” or “standard”, it seems to mean that in a medina metukenet all norms are in order, that rules and regulations are in place to ensure a perceived decorum. Well, chasing out refugees may make us like other nations, but it will hardly make us civilized.” –,7340,L-3755542,00.html

  2. “The announcement this morning by [Israeli] Interior Minister Eli Yishai of Shas that the foreign [non-Jewish] workers will undergo a “massive expulsion” is surprising not because of Yishai’s undaunted ability to withstand public pressure.”

    Juxtapose this with the quote provided by Prozium!

    I have heard there is no word in Hebrew for ‘hypocrite’ and judging by Jewish behavior there must not be!!

  3. Concerning Jewish support for mass open immigration, your earlier comments on GW are apropos. This isn’t a case of positing some grand Elders of Zion-type Jewish conspiracy. That’s the straw man liberals, etc., like to adduce as the white nationalist argument (and, to be fair, some whites do profess it).

    Rather, Jews self-identify as pro-immigrationists and vote accordingly (and openly). It’s more of a silent, groupthink phenomenon than back-room conspiracy. Blacks practice the same exact “conspiracy” behavior, as do Hispanics. It’s called identity politics, and it’s destroying America.

    Look at the voting record of Jews in Congress concerning immigration. They voted UNANIMOUSLY for the last immigration/amnesty bill. I doubt they even discussed it among themselves. Didn’t need to.

    One of the great lies and obfuscations of American culture for much of the post-war period was that Jews were assimilated Americans who, like whites, had no real group identity other than some harmless religious peculiarities. The truth was otherwise as we now know.

  4. In an article on birth restriction over on “The Wall Street Journal” website (hat-tip Dennis Mangan), a commenter named ‘Jonathan Katz’ (Katz is a very common Jewish surname) wrote: “Most of the developed world is undergoing rapid population collapse. The only thing that makes the US an apparent exception is immigration. Our birth rate is far below replacement. The US needs a hundred million Latin American immigrants and a hundred million Asian immigrants. They are the only thing keeping us from Roman Empire-like decline.” –

    Despite a few moronic and suicidal comments like Katz’s above, there are many good common-sense comments in that article which seek the preservation of White nations/territories for White peoples; read them @

  5. Whoa, Guy Wanker will accuse you of using anecdotal evidence to impugn the character of the Jewish people, so you’ve been warned. If he could figure out a way to ban you from your own blog he would.

    Jewish malfeasance in America is readily admitted and documented by the Jews themselves, so one could make a strong case against them by citing only Jewish sources since any gentile who makes the same observations is tainted by the “anti-semite” epithet. Two books that come to mind are “Jewish Power” by J.J. Goldberg and “An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews invented Hollywood” by Neil Gabler although there are many others.

    Guy can bloviate to the contrary and quibble all he wishes but the evidence is in and the Jews are not the allies of white Americans that some wish and hope them to be. They will oppose us and hate us regardless of the extremes some RR’s resort to to muzzle and criticize those dissenters within their own ranks or to force followers to pay obeisance to the Holocaust and state of Israel (Jobling).

  6. Mr. Dithers, you can also just read The Forward on a regular basis. They’re constantly saying in there what they’re doing.

  7. …one could make a strong case against them by citing only Jewish sources…

    Tried that, but Guy insisted that they were simply “self-loathing Jews”.

  8. Jewish malfeasance in America…

    There seems to be some controversy re how Jewish the Old Bolsheviks were and the later extent of Jewish leadership in the various Party and State organs of the USSR.

    But I don’t think anyone has been so mendacious as to describe the role of Jews in the CPUSA as anything other than remarkably and highly disproportionate.

    Some examples of CPUSA mob violence:
    The Ukrainian American community in November and December 1933 organized marches in a number of U.S. cities to protest against American recognition of a government which was starving millions of Ukrainians.[41][42] American Communists resorted to violence in an attempt to silence the Ukrainians.[41][42][43] On November 18, 1933, in New York City, 8,000 Ukrainians marched from Washington Square Park to 67th Street, while 500 Communists ran beside the parade and snatched the Ukrainians’ handbills, spat on the marchers and tried to hit them.[41][42] Five persons were injured.[41] Only the presence of 300 policemen on foot and a score on horseback leading the parade and riding along its flanks prevented serious trouble.[41][42]

    In Chicago, on December 17, 1933, several hundred Communists mounted a massed attack on the vanguard of 5,000 Ukrainian American marchers, leaving over 100 injured in what The New York Times called “the worst riot in years”:

    “Brick, clubs, rotten eggs and other missiles rained on the marchers from the Hermitage Avenue elevated station bridging Madison Street. The street fight which followed saw brass knuckles, blackjacks, fists and rifle butts used until a dozen squads of police restored order.”[18]
    More “civil rights” supporters “protest” a rally of genuine anti-Semites (followers of Gerald L.K. Smith) in Chicago in 1946:
    …the crowd reached an estimated number of 1,500. Picket lines obstructed and interfered with access to the building. The crowd constituted “a surging, howling mob hurling epithets” at those who would enter and “tried to tear their clothes off.” One young woman’s coat was torn off and she had to be assisted into the meeting by policemen. Those inside the hall could hear the loud noises and hear those on the outside yell, “Fascists,” “Hitlers” and curse words like “damn Fascists.” Bricks were thrown through the windowpanes before and during the speaking. About 28 windows were broken. The street was black with people on both sides for at least a block either way; bottles, stink bombs and brickbats were thrown. Police were unable to control the mob, which kept breaking the windows at the meeting hall, drowning out the speaker’s voice at times and breaking in through the back door of the auditorium. About 17 of the group outside were arrested by the police.

    MacDonald in CofC (online PDF p.72) on Jews in the CPUSA:
    Klehr (1978, 40) estimates that from 1921 to 1961, Jews constituted 33.5 percent of the Central Committee members, and the representation of Jews was often above 40 percent (Klehr 1978, 46). Jews were the only native-born ethnic
    group from which the party was able to recruit. Glazer (1969, 129) states that at least half of the CPUSA membership of around 50,000 were Jews into the 1950s and that the rate of turnover was very high; thus perhaps ten times that number of
    individuals were involved in the party and there were “an equal or larger number who were Socialists of one kind or another.” Writing of the 1920s, Buhle (1980,89) notes that “most of those favorable to the party and the Freiheit simply did not join—no more than a few thousand out of a following of a hundred times that


  9. Excellent article by Elizabeth Whitcombe on the Jew-led ‘dekulakization’ of White-Western nations:

    “The Frankfurters attacked middle class values from every angle. They attacked the foundations of the Western educational system: reason became a symptom of “oppression,” what was “logical” was whatever supported the Frankfurter’s politics. Science was only useful if it could be twisted into propaganda. The Classics became unfashionable.

    In reality, the Frankfurters were agitating for an education system that would dumb down the populace and make them less able to identify their own interests.

    The Frankfurters adopted de Sade’s social destabilization techniques. Sexual perversion became “freedom”. Loving your race, family and culture became “authoritarian”— unless of course you were non-white. Mentally healthy people were those who rejected their family and looked with eager eyes toward the “return of the repressed.”

    In reality, the Frankfurters were promoting diversity because it disrupts community — just as Le Bon had observed. Diversity is strength for oligarchical elites, it is not strength for subjugated people. Cultural and ethnic diversity undermine community and open societies up for tyranny.” –

  10. That quote from Feingold is important. We have to emphasize to the naive philosemites that the modern left/liberal attack on Western society largely comes out of traditional Jewish attitudes towards their host populations. It’s didn’t start in the 60’s and it’s not a continuation of indigenous liberal traditions.

    Jews were the vanguard of the attack on whites. They did the same thing in Germany, Russia, Poland, medieval Spain, Persia and Egypt. Jews attack their hosts. It’s what they do. That’s why MacDonald’s work is so essential. He gives the long view of this phenomenon going back to the ancient world.

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