On Judeo-Americanism

Is America better off on account of Jewish influence? Some facts and figures …

Jews are …

– … owners of America’s most influential newspaper, The New York Times.

– 40% of the wealthiest Americans.

– 40% of the partners at leading NYC and DC law firms.

– Over 50% of billionaires.

– More than 15% of top ranking civil servants.

– 17% of the leaders of important voluntary and public interest organiza­tions.

– 20% of professors at the leading universities.

– Jews are 22% of Supreme Court Justices, 15% of U.S. Senators, 7% of the House of Representatives.

– In 1969, Jews were 17% of the combined faculties of the 17 most highly ranked universities. In the same group of elite universities, Jews accounted for 36% of law professors; 34% of sociologists; 28% of economists; 26% of physicists; 22% of historians and 20% of philosophers. At the time, Jews were overrepresented by about 700% in the nation’s leading departments of history and philosophy. That was 40 years ago.

– In 1970, 22% of Yale University professors were Jewish, as were 18% in Yale College. Jews were deans in 7 out of 10 of Yale’s schools and colleges.

– In 1974, Charles Kadushin found that Jews were 50% of America’s intellectual elite. 15 of the Top 21 public intellectuals were Jews.

– Virtually all the senior executives of major Hollywood stuidos are Jews. According to J.J. Goldberg, Jews account for over 59% of the writers, producers, and directors of top grossing films from 1965 to 1982, and 58 percent of directors, writers, and producers in two or more primetime television series.

– Although Jews are 2.2% of the electorate, 60% of campaign contributions collected by the Democratic Party come from Jewish sources; 35% collected by the Republican Party.

– Of the four religious denominations whose congressional representation has risen between 1964 and 2006, the Jewish increase from 17 to 43 has been the steepest.

– Of the 50 preeminent sociologists discussed in Dirk Kaesler’s Klassiker der Soziologie, approximately 30% are Jews.

– Of the forty-two biographical entries contained in The Dictionary of Anthropology, approximately 30% of Jews. 40% of the major biographical articles in the Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology deal with the work of Jews.

– Jews constitute over 40% of the membership of the economic sciences division of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

– In One Hundred Twentieth-Century Philosophers, Jews account for around 25% of entries.

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  1. One thing’s for sure, they have worked diligently for their own interests, and continue to do so. It’s too bad those interests are so destructive to us.

    I’m somewhat skeptical about Jews only being around 2% of the population.

  2. States with the highest proportion of Jews
    Rank State Percent Jewish
    1 New York 9.1
    2 New Jersey 5.5
    3 Florida 4.6
    4 District of Columbia 4.5
    5 Massachusetts 4.4
    6 Maryland 4.2
    7 Connecticut 3.0
    8 California 2.9
    9 Pennsylvania 2.7
    10 Illinois 2.3

    Metropolitan areas with largest Jewish populations
    Rank Metro area Number of Jews
    1 New York City 1,750,000
    2 Miami 535,000
    3 Los Angeles 490,000
    4 Philadelphia 254,000
    5 Chicago 248,000
    6 San Francisco 210,000
    7 Boston 208,000
    8 Baltimore-Washington 165,000


    Interesting to note that until 1830, there weren’t that many Jews in America, and most of them were Sephardic. The large wave of Ashkenazi Jews that immigrated from Germany and Eastern Europe were the malevolent Marxists/communists, the counter-cultural force that has changed America and Europe so greatly.

  3. Obviously, or ominously (depending on your perspective), something must be done about the Jews.

  4. Kevin MacDonald shows how these numbers, i.e., a “mere” 20%, can control whatever entity it infects. Jews are ever organized, indefatigable and uncompromising.

  5. Remember too gang, that the ballyhooed number of Khazars being 2 (or 3) percent of the population is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

    Keep in mind that nowhere on the census does it ask for a person’s religion or ‘religious affiliation’ (this lagely thanks to chameleon-jewish desire to keep their REAL NUMBERS hidden and obscured.

    They are much more likely to be (at least) 8-10 % of the ‘US’ population.

  6. Look at what these Hostile Elite Jews have wrought!

    In the 1950s and 1960s a White Male could easily afford to have a house, wife, kids, and get a new car every few years… all without a college education.

    In todays world this not possible as the Wife has to work as well, seriously, the only way we are better off is technologically and that is it.

    In every other Realm we have declined precipitiously, waves of hostile swarthy brown skinned immigrant hordes fan out across the border, there are numerous ‘no-go zones’ for Whites in Urban areas thanks to negro criminality.. in a country that Whites created! The Jewish media pumps out almost every type of degeneracy: promotion of miscegenation, homo-sexuality, advocacy of extreme leftism and communism even!!!

    The land is dotted with throw-away suburban tracts, ‘Folkish-free’ zones of Whites who fled the Jewish created terror. These suburbs lack any type of community spirit and may, in the next few years, have to be abandoned in yet another wave of White Flight as Whites seek to remove themselves from MORE immigrants.

    These ‘Elite Jews’ listed above are the ones primarily responsible for bringing forth this unfolding dystopian anti-White nightmare World!!

    The ones in charge are responsible and it is the Jews.

  7. “They are much more likely to be (at least) 8-10 % of the ‘US’ population.”

    I remember reading about this somewhere in Revilo Oliver’s writings.Does anybody have any more information about this?

  8. These dolorous statistics have a Weimar Republic ring to them. Unlike the Germans of that crucial period, Aryan Americans have been nullified as regards the normal, healthy racial instincts which allowed Germany to delouse itself.

  9. As this list portrays, Jews are amazingly successful within safe, stable, open and prosperous European societies (which they neither understand nor admire). Paradoxically, as their influence grows they undermine and destroy those cultures. The same process occurs with all minorities and their host countries. The positive contributions of Africans in European cultures are minimal; the negatives are uncountable. Hispanic and Muslims will be the same.

    It is the role today of white nationalists, etc., to educate whites as to this natural process, to promote their own ethnic and racial interests and rights and to move toward deveoping a remedy that will allow whites to preserve and protect their culture.

    Exposing Jewish influence is important, but it has to be done objectively and without racial animus, it seems to me. I think MacDonald takes that road.

  10. “Exposing Jewish influence is important, but it has to be done objectively and without racial animus, it seems to me. I think MacDonald takes that road.”

    I think E. Michael Jones Ph.D has done a commensurate job of tracking the Jewish culture negatives on American gentile society in the 20th century. MacDonald and Jones should be read together by WNs who want a good grounding in the Jewish Question as it applies to what we’re faced with at this moment in the country’s history. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate Jones’ independent approach. He’s persona non gratis at most Catholic universities now. His book on sexual liberation and political control Libido Dominandi is excellent as is the new one on The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Those unfamiliar with his work can go here: http://www.culturewars.com/

  11. Jews are not 10% of the population. 2% is the accurate number. There is probably another 2% of the population that is part Jewish but who don’t identify as Jews. Many of those people are only 1/8 or 1/16 Jewish. People say stuff like “there must be more Jews than that” because they can’t accept how massively overrepresented Jews are among elites.

    If there are really 20 million Jews that aren’t being counted, where are they hiding? BTW, I have lived my whole life in the most heavily Jewish part of the country and Jews are not even the biggest white ethnic group here.

  12. “If there are really 20 million Jews that aren’t being counted, where are they hiding?”

    Many parts of California have a serious infestation of these beings. I was surprised at how many lived in North California. Here in the Pacific Northwest there are large groups of Jews in many of the more Urban dwellings.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Jews make up 6-7% of the population and that illegal alien brown-skins make up at least 35% of the population.

    The census has been lying for a long time. I sense Whites (descendents of European Christendom) are already a numerical minority in the USA. The time has come to heed calls for secession like those issued forth by O’meara or even (*gasp*) Harold A. Covington. These guys have been right all along.

  13. So you have no doubt about something for which there is no evidence and in fact there is massive evidence against? Oh dear.

    I read an article once in some Jewish publication about Jews in Seattle, the PNW’s largest city. It stated that there were about 50,000 Jews in greater Seattle area, many of them coming there to work for Microsoft. That’s probably the better part of all Jews in the PNW. There are not 15,000,000 uncounted Jews in America. It would actually be in Jews’ best interest to exaggerate their numbers as a way of justifying their massive power and over representation among elites.

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