Sotomayor Confirmed

In the New York Times, Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation to the Supreme Court as the “first Hispanic” justice is being discussed here, here, and here. Far from being irrelevant, Sotomayor’s race, ethnicity and gender are everything that matters in Barack Obama’s “postracial” America. It is celebrated as a source of pride for the Puerto Rican and Latino communities. The other major angle of the story is whether or not Republican opposition to her nomination will manifest in a backlash by Hispanics against the GOP.

This is pure identity politics. It is a reminder of the anti-White multiculturalist hypocrisy at the heart of American culture: only White racial pride, only White racial consciousness is pathological and illegitimate; in stark contrast, non-White racial pride, non-White racial consciousness is lauded and celebrated. In the name of “diversity,” non-Whites are promoted over Whites on purely racial grounds, even though non-discrimination is supposed to be our highest moral principle.

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  1. I just finished Steve Sailer’s very good biography of Obama. The biggest con job of the last presidential elections was Obama campaign as a post-racial, transracial healer when he’s never been anything of the sort. Instead, he’s a man who’s been obsessed with race all his life and with whether he was Black enough. His first autobiography is openly hostile to Whites. Did he change since 1995 when he wrote it? No, in 2007 he stood by his autobiography by saying that he wouldn’t change much in it today. What a con job! The problem is that nobody reads lengthy books anymore in the U.S. Here’s a man who has achieved exactly NOTHING in his life besides writing two books about himself; and the second one was substantially ghostwritten and market-tested. Had he been White, he wouldn’t have been elected to anything more substantial than a school board.

  2. “This is pure identity politics. It is a reminder of the anti-White multiculturalist hypocrisy at the heart of American culture: only White racial pride, only White racial consciousness is pathological and illegitimate…”

    This statement always unsettles me because, while those are the multicultural rules, we need to hear hopeful statements and ideas for ending this strange situation. To some extent, I believe we have to bob & weave around & through the wilderness of contemporary media, and develop new ways to speaking out in the voice of a defensive white political identity. The identity craze has gone too far without us — we have to join in and make our sentences & comments begin with phrases like, “As a white American man, I feel that….”

    But some phrases have been spun negatively so well that for us to use them is a ticket to irrelevance. Thus, instead of “white pride,” say “a decent sense of self-respect.” Instead of “white racial consciousness,” say “As a white American man, I need to understand my demographic first and to explore my own authenticity before sitting down at the multicultural table.” Or something like that, new vocabulary, new catch phrases…don’t lose your audience over an insistence on using old vocabulary & old catch phrases. We’re as smart as they are.

    It’s a start.

  3. On the other hand, there really aren’t more than 4 out of 10 White men in this country who don’t see this for what it is. They simply need a push and, believe me, the La Raza crowd will provide it.
    Just as the Muslims can’t help making enemies (in uber-tolerant, peaceful and open-minded Holland no less!), the Latinos can’t help it either.
    Sotomayor and her ilk are good news for our team, once one makes the leap and realizes that the USA is dead to us.

  4. only White racial pride, only White racial consciousness is pathological and illegitimate; in stark contrast, non-White racial pride, non-White racial consciousness is lauded and celebrated

    A contrast “race realists” who assert jews are “white” assiduously avoid discussing.

  5. Its the us vs. them mantra that is the problem.

    Not matter what the colour, issue or mantra, you people will always find a way to hate each other and bring each other down. American global dominance is on the decline and unless you learn to work together you might as well start learning Chinese.

    Sunday, August 02, 2009
    Democratic Bloodbaths

    … But let me come back to the link between the American Civil War and World War I. Both wars were fought in defense of egalitarian democracy, and in both wars white European males were killed in larger percentages and numbers than in any previous war between Europeans. Did this end the European American’s and the European’s love affair with egalitarian democracy? No, it did not. The carnage of those two wars, fought in the name of democracy, only intensified the Europeans’ love for democracy. Why? Because having lost his faith in Christianity, the European had to cling to his new-found faith no matter what the cost in human lives. “Better that millions perish than I should give up my faith in egalitarian democracy,” became the implicit credo of the post-Christian European.

    It was inevitable that the black man would become the god of the democracy-loving Europeans, because the satanic logic of the democratic heresy says that if a black man can attain equality with the European, the new faith works. We can all dance around the bonfire of Western culture and sing praises to the new faith. The Obama coronation in this country was a religious ceremony in which liberals throughout America and Europe saw their god in the flesh.

    Of course, it could have been any black man who was crowned, because the liberals’ faith celebrates the generic over the individual. Remember when Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, said that the next pope should be a black man? He did not mention a particular black man, he just wanted a black man, any black man.

    Egalitarian democracy, like communism, is an impossibility. A hierarchal structure exists in every society, even if that society denies its existence. And post-Christian Europeans have retained the elements of a Christian society in a bastardized, demonic form. For instance, original sin still exists, but it resides only in white males. And their original sin was that they did not admit blacks into full equality with whites. Hence, it is necessary that white males perform their mea culpas on a daily basis and take their punishment in a humble and contrite manner. Likewise, the liberals still believe in saints. However, sainthood does not come as a result of an individual person cooperating with God’s grace; sainthood is conferred on every member of the black race and by proxy to those members of the white race who support the sainted black race.

    The halfway-house Christians tell us that egalitarian, black-worshipping democracy stems from the Christian belief that all men are created and loved by God. But why, if egalitarian democracy follows from Christianity, didn’t the Europeans, when they were Christian, practice egalitarian democracy? No unbiased, sane human being could claim our current aborting, porno-crazed society is superior to the older European societies. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that a Christian people segregates in order to protect their own from contamination, and they make distinctions between peoples in order to ensure that truth has a protected hearth in which to dwell? When the white race ceased to segregate and when they allowed truth to be trampled by barbarian hordes, they ceased to be Christian.

    The “Lost Battalion” is the European people who have forsaken Christian Europe for egalitarian, black-worshipping democracy. And every single European who adheres to the egalitarian creed will suffer the same fate as Major Charles Whittlesey. When the battle is not fought in the name of the God who’s love passeth all understanding, the battle and life itself seem futile. Does the struggle availeth, is the race worth running? It is, but only if He awards the laurel wreath.
    Labels: black faith, churches as halfway houses, democracy

  7. Truth asks: “Can someone please translate what “Outsider” (post #5) is really trying to say??”

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” — Abraham Lincoln

  8. C’mon, ‘Q’, you know what I meant. The liberal, race-denying subtext of his comment was a bit hard to understand, particularly in the context of what most of US believe on this blog.

    As for ‘American global dominance’ U can keep it.

    This is what got US, and is still getting US, in more trouble (such as with wars, debt, international entanglements and other sovereignty-destroying organizations and treaties) than WE ever need or could genuinely benefit from!!

    All, to add insult to injury, in the service of a foreign power, Israel. 🙁

    “Obviously, the U.S. government can’t afford all its overseas commitments. So, which should we cut back and how much would we save by leaving Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Germany, Kenya, and the like?

    “For example, almost 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have 56,200 military personnel based in Germany. Doing what, exactly? Protecting Germany from whom? France? Poland?” 08/05/2009 – Trimming the Cost of Empire

    & 08/05/09 – The Expiring Economy

  9. Mexico is about 60% Mestizo, 30% Indigenous and 9% White (give or take the odd Marano) so I wonder how many Mestizo Sotomayor type females sit on that “beggar thy neighbour” country’s Supreme Court?

    Friedrich, I enjoyed your comment. Could I please ask you to peruse the majorityrights thread : ‘Sowing the Seeds – Powder Keg on the Baltic’ and add your comments. Your authoritative voice on German history would be most welcome.
    An email address update would also be welcome.

  10. I can’t be bothered, Ross. How many times can one write the same thing? If both G.W. and Dan Dare don’t see that Britain’s biggest mistake in its history was declaring war on Germany twice in the 20th century, what can I say? Both individuals lose their power of clear thinking and insight insofar as Germany goes. One cannot convince people who are motivated by envy and hate and resentment. Let them stew in that concotion. The choices Britain made during the last century are directly responsible for the death of the White man everywhere one looks.

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