G.W., Liar

A few hours ago, I arrived home from Florida and fired up the computer. Over the past three days, nasal philo-Semitic race realists from the Northeast have been the last thing on my mind. I spent my vacation with friends getting plastered at tiki bars along the Gulf Coast. While I was away though, it seems that G.W. has crafted a response to a couple of recent threads.

It suffers from the same flaw as the last one: essentially, it is nothing more than a litany of poorly constructed straw man arguments that are non-responsive to any specific claim that I have posted. Observe:


Here’s a list of them in education, business, government and media. You see? They are over-represented! Case closed. Only racism/ethnocentricism can explain it.

I haven’t said anywhere that racism/ethnocentrism is exclusively to blame for Jewish overrepresentation in the mass media, business, government, etc. I’m more than willing to grant that Jews are smart, talented and hardworking … but that doesn’t mean they are on our side (the critical point).

I have only asked: is Jewish overrepresentation in elite institutions “good” for racially conscious Whites? Clearly, the answer is no. G.W. doesn’t respond to the actual argument I am making. Instead, he fabricates a weaker one and knocks over a straw man.

They must be discriminating against us because they are wealthier, better educated, less likely to be dysfunctional and are over-represented at the top. Inequality of outcome means inequality of opportunity!

I haven’t said anywhere that elite Jews are discriminating against Whites. It’s true that Jews are more ethnocentric than Whites and that they are far better at ethnic networking, but these qualities alone aren’t sufficient to explain their socioeconomic success. See the failure of blacks and Hispanics.

I have asked whether or not a hostile Jewish elite is “good” for pro-Whites. Once again, the answer is no. Yet again, G.W. doesn’t respond to the specific charge being made. He concocts another one out of his own imagination and demolishes a straw man.

IQ isn’t everything and it most certainly doesn’t explain their success across the board in intellectual fields. Their racism/ethnocentricism is to blame!

For the third time, G.W. doesn’t cite anything specific I have written, but chooses to put words in my mouth. Actually, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. High intelligence and ethnic networking have both played a role in Jewish academic success. For example, it was ethnic activism by Jewish organizations that eliminated the anti-Semitic quotas at Ivy League universities after the Second World War.

You can’t trust government sources or peer-reviewed publications because they control them. The only honest sources are blogs that agree with me.

For the fourth time, I haven’t said this anywhere.

I am right and my proof is this article written by David Duke/Leonard Jeffries/Kathy Ireland.

I have never linked to David Duke, Leonard Jeffries or Kathy Ireland to justify any argument ever made on this board. In the On Judeo-Americanism blog entry, I cited mostly Jewish authors or the relevant scholarship in the field.

All of them support each other so it’s ridiculous to suggest that they do anything except promote themselves at the expense of others. Only my people can be self-hating, never their people.

Where is the evidence that Jews are self-hating? I can think of maybe a dozen or so that would qualify.

They can’t be self-hating because they are the ones who invented self-hatred to keep my people down and help themselves.

For the fifth time, I haven’t said this anywhere. As to the charge, I haven’t seen any evidence that the Jews associated with the Frankfurt School were self-hating.

They control everything for their own benefit and to harm all others. It’s not individual success, it’s a global conspiracy that’s responsible for their education and wealth.

In G.W. Strikes Back, I said: “I haven’t written anything about Jewish conspiracies, period.” Any fair observer can see that there is no substance to the Jewish conspiracy charge. It is only a smear, a lie, a trope that G.W. uses to dishonestly attack his critics.

Everywhere they went, they were hated and locals fought to expel them.

In the case of Jews, this is broadly true.

They enslaved my people culturally, economically and politically!

I haven’t said this anywhere.

Even countries without any of them can’t follow proper policies or speak the truth because they control the whole world, even places where they are absent.

See above. I haven’t said this anywhere.

All the problems are in full or in part their fault.

I haven’t said this at all. On the contrary, I have spent a lot of time dismissing the Single Jewish Cause theory.

They are responsible for all the wars because of their greed.

Why can’t you stop lying? I have never said Jews are responsible for all wars.

We would do much better economically, militarily, diplomatically if we could take power away from them. But even in countries where 100% of politicians are NOT them, they still control the strings so they are the ones controlling all the governments.

Another completely fabricated charge.

They stole all their ideas from us.

See above.

Government helps them more than us. I laugh at the mere thought that they control the government and allow us to benefit more. Who cares if they pay more taxes and use fewer services than my group does. They take money through corporate welfare which was created solely for the benefit of their ethnic/racial group not for any economic reason.

Yet another straw man.

Never mind that countries where they are a majority are successful. They could never make it in the US without us.

Like I said, G.W. has no response to anything that has been written here. All he can do is concoct and knock over straw man arguments out of his own imagination.

Here’s a list of their bad guys. They made all their money through crime like casino gambling and robbing trains.

I don’t recall ever writing about Jewish casino owners or train robbers on this blog.

It’s ridiculous to suggest that they (whites, men, Israel) can ever be portrayed negatively in the media because they control the media.

Jews aren’t portrayed negatively in the American MSM. They are certainly overrepresented in the media, but they do not control every media outlet. Jewish orgs work mostly through pressure. Even in the media outlets Jews don’t control, the coverage is slanted at a pro-Jewish angle to avoid controversy stirred up by Jewish ethnic activists.

Only my group can engage in self-hatred, they never have any self-haters. All of them are racist/ethnocentric.

Generally speaking, Jews aren’t self-hating. They may harbor negative feelings about White America, Christian America, or Western civilization, but these sentiments are rarely extended to their own ethnic groups. Jews tend to feel quite good about themselves. That said, G.W. is knocking over another straw man. I haven’t said anywhere that all Jews are racist/ethnocentric.

They are taking over resources like precious stones and metals. They are greedy and we are being taken advantage of.

I haven’t made this argument. I would guess though that Jews really are probably overrepresented amongst commodity traders.

Here’s a list of 10 bad acts they committed 100 years ago. That proves that they are evil!

I haven’t made this argument anywhere either. In my view, Jews are self-interested, and their perceived interests tend to conflict with our own. That’s why I would exclude them.

People in my ethnic group/race who disagree with me are either stupid or afraid of them because they dominate this country.

The vast majority of White Americans are completely ignorant of the facts regarding Jewish power in the United States. So yes, they are uninformed about the matter.

Anyone who hates them evaluated them objectively. Anyone who knows them and came out being friends with some of them is just a brainwashed idiot whose opinion is too biased to be listened to. We must abuse the idiot by calling him names. Fucking piece of shit nobody! You must be gay or something for defending them.

Well, you really are biased in favor of the Jews. After all, you call yourself a philo-Semite; your words, not mine. You have proven your mendacity by constructing all these straw man arguments, too. Saying you argue in bad faith is not just an observation. It is a fact.

They are ultimately responsible for 9/11 because their policies caused it… or because they knew about it in advance… or because they themselves did it. In any event, they abuse the memory of 9/11 for their selfish, abusive goals.

I haven’t written anything on this blog about the 9/11 attacks.

They are violent. To argue that they were defending themselves in a war is illegitimate excuse-making by the evil or the brainwashed propagandists who must be stopped. They are never allowed to kill during war. But anyone who kills them has a good reason and must be sympathized with.

I haven’t written anything here about about Israel’s various wars. This blog is focused on North America.

They don’t want to marry us because of racism/ethnocentricism even though they are dying to be with us and recognize that we are superior.

Another straw man. In the U.S., Jews have a high intermarriage rate. I have never said otherwise.

Even though my group commits more crime than they do, an occasional high-profile crime by a member of their ethnic/racial group is proof that they are uniquely evil and criminal and can’t be trusted. We must remember it forever (but never remember the average crime statistics).

As the gallery can see, this is another straw man argument. I haven’t written anything about Jewish violent crime. I haven’t said anywhere that Jews are uniquely evil or criminal.

Never trust them on anything. They are pathological liars who are out to dominate us.

I haven’t said this anywhere either. I don’t have a problem citing Jews when verifiable facts are involved.

It is not healthy for a society to have them prosper disproportionately. There’s no such thing as meritocracy. They stole everything they have and all their claims of inventions are made up. We also invented lots of stuff!

More putting words in my mouth. I don’t write about Jewish inventions.

Anyone who defends them is obviously wrong without any need to even prove it. Everyone can see that they are dominating us for their own benefit.

I have already shown in multiple threads here why you are wrong on the Jewish Question.

So that’s my response to G.W.: like n/a said, you’re an irrational mendacious liar who argues in bad faith. You can’t respond to anything specific that has been said here. Instead, you create and attack a caricature that doesn’t resemble in the slightest way the arguments that are actually being made against you. It is incumbent upon you to show that Jewish inclusion is “good” from a pro-White perspective. You have singularly failed in that task.

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  1. C’mon, let’s face it, Goy White is OBSESSED with Jews, whether he is one or not.

    Seriously, as the Forest Gump movie so humorously demonstrated, ‘stupid is as stupid does’, and has anyone of us ran across ANY other RR activist or blogger who can’t even go more than 2-3 days, or postings, without going into hysterical polemics over the “JQ” as he does? Doesn’t this tell you all something?

    I think we should take ANYTHING he says — on whatever topic, jew or not — with a great deal of caution, even those (very) rare moments he (seemingly) ‘criticizes’ Jews or shows mild degrees of skepticism towards them.

    I am beginning to wonder if he is an out-and-out plant, working out of some office in Tel Aviv, just pretending to be an American ‘race realist’?? After all, don’t any of ya think it is a wee bit strange that the “Guy” categorically refuses to divulge his ethnic ancestry — not even a bit or even a hint? Hmmm.

  2. Prozium,

    It is incumbent upon you to show that Jewish inclusion is “good” from a pro-White perspective.

    From the perspective of establishing a “White Republic,” cooperation with Jews is warranted and, given that white and Jewish interests intersect, also conceivable. The blanket attacks against Jews that are so typical of movement WN militate against such cooperation and, from a pro-White perspective, are “bad.”

  3. This blog hasn’t made “blanket attacks against Jews,” Silver. Take your criticism to those that have.

  4. If Goy White opposes race-replacement, good. (Does he? I don’t even know — have never read his blog.) I’ll take that and go with it, while I completely ignore his total absence of knowledge of and understanding of Jews. On Jews he’s an asshole. He knows zip about them. On race he’s good (I think — please correct me). I’d just avoid the Jewish bit with him and praise him where he gets race right.

  5. Prozium,

    While you are obsessed to the point where you can’t go a day without posting something about me, my posts are general and have nothing to do with you except the sentences in which you are directly mentioned.

    I am sorry that I am not as fascinated with you as you are with me. My blog does not deal with any particular blogger, you or anyone else.

    I told you that before, but you just can’t comprehend that I don’t care about you as much as you care about me.

    Sometimes your personal assaults lead me to think about something in reference to the JQ, so your attacks on me certainly increased my writing on the JQ (compare how often I’ve written about them in the last couple of months to the previous year+).

    But I don’t write about you. Please try to understand that.

    I am very sorry, but I just don’t find you as important as you find me. I am not going to dedicate my blog to one particular blogger. Please try to understand this and stop assuming that everything I write is about you.

  6. Oh, and every single one of the AS statements I wrote is a quote or a near-quote. Most appeared on my blog. If not, on another. Granted, you didn’t say most of these things, but why would I write specifically about you?

    That said, I’d love to know the source of your obsession with me.

  7. I concur with Truth regard the JQ topic.

    Furthermore, I suggest you get a good 24 hr re-acclimation period in to thoroughly enjoy the vacation! Though you thoroughly have skewered him, I would rather you get rest for the long haul, to keep the insightful posts a’comin’.

    GW is stuck in a lesser feedback loop. With the shrillness of a “patriotic” FR’eeper (majority previous military/LE), it is easier to lash out than use analytical skill to face his own retardants (past or present).
    His prognosis is independent of outside reasoning, and so despite your valid points, it is wasted effort for him, you and us.

    Since I brought up the topic, I just “opened all tabs” on my bookmarked FR’eeper list of posters I considered worthwhile of following (I’ve been a member for many years, but have had a linear dissipating function of activity since the Bush second term). I haven’t done this for about three months. Encouragingly, there has been a dramatic tenor change since the health care debate has arisen. This appears to be the (albeit, keyboard warrior) “line in the sand” for many. The Tea Party phenom. has morphed into a learned impotence regarding the effect “Americans” have upon the ruling Boston-NY-DC axis. Ineffectuality has opened ears and eyes to alternatives that would’ve resulted in a beat down during the first two months of the Zero administration.

    Also, more bannings are occurring (again), but this group (about 20) on my list were race conscious “Americans” who could think their way out of a wet paper bag. Barry might go down as the most important catalyst in American history!

    WN’s should stop dickering over the Goy Whites, and start considering how to craft a message to these, the disenchanted, who ultimately will be bringing the guts, guns, and glory to what has heretofore been a cerebral enterprise.

    Regards, from the Deep South

  8. G.W. specifically said on his blog that the post above was a response directed at me. In his last response, which I replied to in G.W. Strikes Back, he directly quoted a previous blog entry at Occidental Dissent. Anyone can follow the links and see that he was writing about me. This is only more proof that he is a dishonest liar.

  9. Prozium,

    Obviously it’s very important to you that I respond to your position on the JQ. I am not sure what that is to be honest. I don’t really read your blog. I am sure others like it, which is clear from your participation level, but I never got into a habit of reading it, even before this blog turned into a daily personal rant against me.

    You are probably more sane than most people approaching the JQ based on the few responses I just read in this post. I didn’t read all of it, it’s late and I am tired.

    But if you are really dying for me to address you on the JQ, draft your position in one post. I might actually agree with you on a lot of stuff, like the fact that the Jewish influence has been widely negative. I am not going to agree with your position on the Third Reich, but I probably will agree on a lot of other things.

    But honestly, I don’t know what your JQ position is. It seems like my opinion on it is very important to you, so just post your position and I will respond directly to what you wrote, as opposed to responding to AS claims in general.

  10. No, I said that I was inspired to write about it because your daily rants against me. I never wrote that any of the claims were made by you. Honestly, I don’t know what your JQ position is, but if you draft it in one post, I will read it and respond to it. I am not sure why I am so important to you, but I will be glad to make your life better by addressing you directly.

  11. Next time try reading: “Here’s a list of all the claims against either the Jews by the AS” and “AS arguments that undermine race realism by suggesting that liberal attacks on whites are legitimate because identical AS attacks against the Jews are legitimate.”

    See. It doesn’t say here’s a list of claims by Prozium.

    Also, I didn’t call myself a philo-Semite. Here’s what I wrote: “In attacking myself, Gates of Vienna, etc. for alleged philo-Semitism…”

    As usual, you are having trouble with reading comprehension. Do you see the word “alleged”, as in you allege that I am philo-Semite, not that I called myself that?

  12. 1.) For someone who has so little interest in this blog, you always seem to be here. The post above was in response to “Undermining Race Realism from within” (Aug 7.) which was directed at me. “G.W. Strikes Back” was a response to your “Race Realism Guy White Style.” “Guy Whine” was a response to your “Why Its Impossible To Discuss Jews.”

    2.) Perhaps you should try reading. After your litany of straw man arguments, you specifically said, “So that’s the response to my favorite blogger.” You weren’t writing about anti-Semities in general. You were writing about me in particular.

    3.) In “Jared Taylor and His Useful Idiots,” you wrote: “I am certain he’s (Taylor) more philo-Semitic than I am.”

    4.) In “Medication to protect humans against nuclear radiation,” you wrote, “I will keep annoying the Nazis with philo-Semitic posts until they leave this blog.”

    5.) Get your facts straight. “Guy White, Moderate” was the first post that I made about you. It was mildly critical and only of passing interest. After that, you showed up ranting at us in the comments and spent all of July going off on Nazis and anti-Semites and this website in particular.

  13. “Oh, and every single one of the AS statements I wrote is a quote or a near-quote.”

    Than BE A MAN and GIVE PROPER CREDIT TO THE SOURCE of the quote, Guy!

  14. As you requested …

    1.) In the United States, Jewish influence has been a corrosive force on White racial consciousness and traditional mores: Boasian anthropology, the New York Intellectuals, Freudianism, the Frankfurt School, the New Left, Hollywood, the Civil Rights Movement, the Neocons, etc. Collectively, Jews have exacerbated the worst tendencies in American culture. Jewish influence played a decisive role in the modernist, anti-racist, cosmopolitan redefinition of Americanism.

    2.) Jews account for 60% of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party. It is fair to describe American Jewry as the spearhead of the Progressive Left. Jews always seem to be “leading the charge” against pro-White racialists. Jewish influence is like a huge anchor pulling the American political mainstream in a Far Left direction.

    3.) American Jewry is generally hostile to racially conscious White Americans. This is especially true of Jewish organizations like the ADL and SPLC. Jews tend to treat White Nationalists as their enemy. For over a century now, Jews have lobbied for liberal immigration laws. More recently, Jewish organizations have pushed for hate crime legislation and expansion of federal civil rights legislation. Anti-Semitism is a logical defensive reaction to Jewish influence.

    4.) From a pro-White perspective, America would have been much better off if millions of Jews had not immigrated to the U.S. from Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. If Jews had been excluded from the beginning, it is doubtful that America would be at the racial point that it is today.

    5.) Jews played a leading role in the Civil Rights Movement. They were prominent in organizing, leading and/or financing the NAACP, SNCC and SCLC. Most of the Freedom Riders were Jews. MLK was heavily dependent upon New York Jewry. Jews such as Jack Greenberg played a huge role in the NAACP’s legal crusade to cripple Jim Crow in the federal courts.

    6.) Jews are overrepresented in the news and entertainment media, the social sciences, government, banking and finance, and amongst the most influential public intellectuals in America. From a pro-White perspective, Jewish influence in America’s elite institutions has been disastrous.

    7.) I don’t have any interest in the Holocaust. I’m no expert on the subject. I don’t care how many Jews were killed in Europe during the Second World War. My time is limited and I prefer to focus on my own country and its racial problems.

    8.) Whether the cause of Jewish maliciousness is cultural/historical or biological (as Kevin MacDonald argues) doesn’t interest me.

    9.) I don’t believe in a global Jewish conspiracy along the lines of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Jewish influence is a combination of ethnic networking, organization, and activism and the efforts of individual fire starters with racial axes to grind. There is nothing secretive about this. By far most of it is done openly and in public.

    10.) I don’t subscribe to the Single Jewish Cause theory that all of America’s racial misfortunes are attributable to Jewish influence.

    11.) Jewish socioeconomic success can be attributed to high intelligence, education, ethnic networking and activism in a meritocratic system. The liberalism, high individualism and low ethnocentrism of Anglo-Protestant culture facilitated Jewish success. In a more inhospitable environment, Jews would not have gotten so far ahead as they have in America.

    12.) While anti-Semitic, Jewish exclusion is like “cutting off the head of the beast.” It is a practical solution to the Jewish Question. Admittedly, this solution alone will not suffice to solve all of America’s racial problems, but it would be a giant step in that direction. A handful of pro-White Jews (if this constituency even exists) might find themselves excluded from our borders. It is a miniscule price to pay for the racial benefit that would accrue to future generations of Whites.

  15. *Jews Have Always Exercised Great Power*

    “Even Jews have a self-image of a poor, beleaguered people. In fact, there has always been a powerful class of Jews who allied with aristocrats, and served as advisers, bankers, administrators, tax collectors, enforcers, doctors and tutors, becoming an elite caste of their own. They used their positions and worldwide contacts to dominate trade and become extremely rich. They rewarded their protectors handsomely.” […]
    ~ Henry Makow Ph.D.


  16. Funny how Guy claims to have no interest in Prozium and his blog but just posted three comments on this entry alone. If you peruse Guy’s site it’s obvious he’s reading Prozium then attempting to rebut and refute any claims he deems “anti-semitic”. As Prozium has stated he often does this with straw man arguments and by distorting people’s words beyond their original meaning and intent.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if he could argue like a rational person and attempt, in good faith, to disprove what we say and believe but all we get are foaming at the mouth rants and petty attacks directed at so called anti-semites. You’ll find that those web sites critical of Jewish influence in American society are much more tolerant of dissenting viewpoints than people like Guy and his entourage.

  17. Prozium’s comment #17 was a good statement. Everyone should copy that and save it for future use, reference, and trotting out in arguments as an excellent, succinct summary of the problem.

  18. “WN’s should stop dickering over the Goy Whites, and start considering how to craft a message to these, the disenchanted, who ultimately will be bringing the guts, guns, and glory to what has heretofore been a cerebral enterprise.”

    Yes, the focus on Goy White and Robert Flimsy is getting old.

    I would be more interested in discussing ways we can influence other Whites. The minds of our fellow Whites are ripe for the picking, now that the political/social/economic situation is escalating.

    I want to talk about methods to defy and subvert the regime, in ways small and large. I think we are entering a new stage where new tactics and strategies will become possible. The things Whites couldn’t (or woulsn’t) think about yesterday, Whites can start thinking about today. The Obongo regime is facilitating new ways of thinking.

  19. Prozium ~ By any chance did you hit Sanibel and Captiva? Family used to have a place there. I’ve heard it’s really built-up now.

  20. I agree with The Admiral. Prozium, given your solid background in American history, and assuming that the political struggle will enter a new stage in the coming years, why don’t you examine the history of the WN movement (Zeskind), looking for lessons that can be drawn.

  21. “Prozium’s comment #17 was a good statement. Everyone should copy that and save it for future use, reference, and trotting out in arguments as an excellent, succinct summary of the problem.”

    Excellent idea Fred, thanks, just did it!

    “…Robert Flimsy…” LOL

    You guys are just too much 🙂

  22. I think one of the first posts I read (at least that I remember) at this blog was ‘Fading Away’. In the comments thread, Prozium wrote:

    “When I could have busied myself with dating, hanging out with my friends, thoroughly enjoying college life, instead I was arguing with the likes of ridiculous internet characters with names like “il ragno” and “Sulla the Dictator” for years and years. There is no way in hell I am ever going to make that mistake again. As a friend of mine would say, you only live once.”

    Prozium, at the risk of sounding, well, Jewish, have you considered that maybe Guy White and Robert Lindsay have replaced il ragno and Sulla the Dictator? I don’t think these people merit much of your valuable time.

  23. I’ve gotten in the habit of making one post per day on this blog. That is a far cry from the amount of time I used to spend on online forums.

  24. Lindsay and Guy White are pond scum compared to il ragno, one of the finest racialist writers on the interwebs.


    But I think Dasein’s point is not that you’re spending too much time on the internet, but that the time you do spend could be better used writing about something other than the aforementioned pond scum.

  25. This blog hasn’t made “blanket attacks against Jews,” Silver. Take your criticism to those that have.

    “Movement WN” obviously refers to a great deal more than this blog. If it’s “bad” this blog should speak out against it; why doesn’t it? (Why don’t you?) You’d save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you’d just think a bit before going on the offensive, Scrooby — maybe not in front of this crowd, but before “the public” you’d be made mince meat of.

  26. You’d save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you’d just think a bit before going on the offensive

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  27. “You’d save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you’d just think a bit before going on the offensive, Scrooby” ( — Silver)

    I’m always on the defensive, Silver, never the offensive. Whatever I do is always in self-defense. My side didn’t start this. The Jews started it. My side didn’t ask the Jews to pry the borders open in 1965 and stand guard ever since to make sure no one closes them. We were just standing around minding our own business when the Jews pulled that stunt. No one was bothering the Jews. They bothered everyone. The Jews, completely unprovoked, are on the offensive. Everyone else is forced onto the defensive. By the Jews. All decent people are, at any rate — all the ones who care about anything that matters.

    ” ‘Movement WN’ obviously refers to a great deal more than this blog.” ( — Silver)

    Then stop making your blanket condemnations here and at MR.com please. Inappropriate blanket condemnations are sixty percent of all your output.

  28. Fred Scrooby’s comment #30:
    Correct; the Jews were not bothered. They actually had the best life possible, in White America. Yet, after all we did for them in World War 2 (and the Holocaust), they stabbed us in the back!

    They had nothing to complain about, as White Americans were-and probably still are-the least anti-Semitic of all peoples; yet they betrayed us, by siding with Tropical Races who already want to slit their throats!

  29. “…the Jews were not bothered. They actually had the best life possible, in White America. Yet, after all we did for them in World War 2 (and the Holocaust), they stabbed us in the back!”

    Right. Good point. After all we did for these Jews, pulling their arses out of the fire–the minute we turn around they slide a knife through our ribs! Ungrateful savages. If there’s any reason to indulge in Jew-criticism, it is this: Jewish betrayal-subversion-hatred of America and the West.

    Fortunately the Jewish agenda is well-documented, thanks to Professor Macdonald and others. Their work will come in handy for the show trials, I’m sure. 😉

  30. The link Weston provides to Fred Reed on Television, and a Selection from the Subsequent Debate was new to me. It’s well worth reading. Buried amongst the other insights is one I consider of great importance, though it is often overlooked, or at least under-utilized. This insight is contained within Richard Hartmann’s response to Paul Gottfried, but its importance is evident whenever pro- and faux-Whites clash over where to assign blame:

    This idea that there is something inherent in our European character that causes our people to act against their own interests or to hate themselves is a vicious lie. European societies have existed for thousands of years without any sort of leftist or self-destructive tendencies. The development of these tendencies go hand in hand with one thing: the emancipation of jews and their entry into European society during the past two centuries. Jewish interests and jewish influence are the basis of leftism, nothing else! To say otherwise is an insult and direct attack upon Europeans everywhere! It is a deliberate lie aimed to mislead and confuse us and exonerate our enemies, or else a ploy by hacks to protect their own asses. Anyone who protects our enemies must be treated like an enemy!

    Those who bend over backward to exonerate jews while they indict Whites are not in any way our allies. Their lip service for “the fact that the Jewish influence has been widely negative” amounts to nothing but empty dissembling if in the end what animates them and what they spend more of their time and energy fighting is “anti-semitism” and “Nazism”.

  31. This idea that there is something inherent in our European character that causes our people to act against their own interests or to hate themselves is a vicious lie. European societies have existed for thousands of years without any sort of leftist or self-destructive tendencies. The development of these tendencies go hand in hand with one thing: the emancipation of jews and their entry into European society during the past two centuries. Jewish interests and jewish influence are the basis of leftism ( — Tanstaafl)

    I agree with that. Someone like Prozium will come along and say no, not true, there were plenty of Euros with some of the same ideas, as witness the likes of Thomas Paine, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, Friedrich Engels, Bertrand Russell, and so on. But the claim isn’t that none such existed, it’s that their ideas wouldn’t have become mainstreamed but for the Jewish influence. The broad public, one way or another, would have rejected getting saddled with them.

    To see who’s right you can’t re-run the same last hundred years but “without Jews” to find out if outcomes would be different, but you can look at who’s most organized, methodical, aggressive, and ruthless in attacking those who buck the current race-replacement régime: it’s a good bet that they’re the chief culprits responsible for it in the first place, and they are of course the Jews. Don’t forget, setting the thing up was only part of what they’re responsible for. Maintaining it in existence, maintaining their own hegemony, is the other part, otherwise the thing would already long since have been overthrown. That last part can be observed closely, as Prof. MacDonald has done, and solid conclusions drawn … as Prof. MacDonald has done ….

  32. The best model for Jewish influence is a parasitic immune suppressant/destroyer. Rogue cells or foreign invaders would normally be killed by the host immune system. HIV, for example, kills host immune cells and can trick parts of the immune system into attacking each other. The White immune system collapsed in the 20th century with the triumph of Boasian anthropology and the patholigizing of White ethnocentrism. WW2 set off the mass transmission phase, with TV and film becoming the main transmission routes. Blogs like this one and MR are the AZTs, the 3TCs. In honour of the real GW, I also note that there is a protease inhibitor called GW433908.

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