Kaufmann and MacDonald

The latest exchange can be found at VDARE. As I stated in the previous thread, I incline towards the view that the Northern Anglo-Protestant elite committed suicide. They were enervated by their own liberalism and beaten at their own capitalist game.

1.) Who let Jews into the United States in the first place?

2.) Who extended to them all the rights and liberties of other citizens?

3.) Who let them into the universities?

4.) Who encouraged them to compete in our capitalist economy?

5.) Who sympathized with their ideas and popularized them?

6.) Who didn’t put up a fight?

In a parallel universe, the Jews might have encountered a very different elite in the driver’s seat with entirely different ideas about how to run the United States. They were only able to succeed because the indigenous elite had established the ground rules that facilitated their own downfall.

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  1. Me:”[Anglo-Jewish plutocracy] controls the opium and illegal drug trade”

    I’m now quite certain, after a few years of research, that the main reason the USA/Jewry/UK/Israel went in to Afghanistan was not to “fight terrorists” (yeah right!) but rather to capture and control the HUGE opium crop/industry of that nation which is by far the biggest in the world and largest supply of opium for the entire world market (analogous to how the Iraq War was started for Iraq’s huge oil reserves). Opium is worth untold billions per year on both the legal/medical market as well as the illegal/drug market. Thus the Anglo-Jewish-American international plutocracy started the Afghanistan War under the pretext of 9/11 (likely an Anglo-Jewish-Israeli ‘inside job’ of some kind) so they could invade the country and thus seize control of the opium crop and industry of Afghanistan. They mainly wanted to cut out the poor Afghan peasant opium farmer “middleman” and just reap all the profits for themselves. These people are the greediest warmongering criminal scum of the Earth – human lives mean nothing to them…they only care about worshiping their dark Jewish God of Mammon.

    Anglo-Jewish control of the opium trade goes back many centuries, with the Jewish-British Sassoon family [- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sassoon_family -] controlling the early trade of it and starting all kinds of pointless wars in Asia and elsewhere so that they could keep control of that very lucrative market. The Sassoons also intermarried with the Rothschilds and other big-time Jewish banking/business families.

    The Iraq War might’ve also had something to do with re-installing the Iraqi Sassoon dynasty to power there since that family lived in Iraq for a long time but were ousted when their protectors (the British) lost control there; various Jewish families/groups in Iraq were also targeted by Hussein’s Baath Party (which was an ethnic Arab National Socialist party) because they disproportionately controlled the economy and resources of Iraq.

    Thus as we can all plainly see in the aforementioned example along with all of the Jewish people/families and so on that have been busted recently that these international plutocratic Jewish ‘mafiaesque’ criminal networks have existed for many long centuries, likely ever since Jews became primarily a diasporic group of wandering parasites. There will never be true peace and prosperity in the world until these criminal scum are taken down and brought to justice.

  2. “–I forgot what commenter is was that suggested it was “assisted suicide” instead of either murder or plain suicide, but that seems like the best explanation I’ve read on this topic thus far.–”

    Thanks WP, that would be me, in my first post in this thread. 🙂

  3. “–I’ve also been trying to alert many pro-White activists/White nationalists too about how the British/English/UK ‘royal family’ and aristocracy/ruling class has been infiltrated by lots of Jewish blood in the last few centuries – as such they cannot be trusted at all. They are clearly hostile the interests of the White natives of the UK and indeed Whites everywhere – in the USA, Germany (of course), and so on.–”

    “David Cameron has disdain for the chumps”
    – Old Atlantic Lighthouse, June 8, 2009
    “David Cameron is the typical conservative in the UK and the US. He is for himself. Anyone who gets in the way he hates. He betrays those who support him, except for wealthy business people. He has disdain and contempt for those who voted for him.

    “This is the same as John McCain and the despicable Lindsey Graham. The despicable David Cameron is the worst of the toffs. He doesn’t have loyalty for whites or British stock in any bone of his body. He considers that racism and bigotry.

    “David Cameron thinks the people who lose their jobs to immigration are losers, whiners and complainers. He thinks they are the dregs of the earth. He doesn’t want to hear it. Those who say it, he hates.” […]


    “Team Cameron’s Big Jewish Backers”
    – The Jewish Chronicle, 13 October 2006

    “Prominent members of the Jewish community are playing a major role in financing David Cameron’s bid for power, a JC investigation can reveal.

    “The biggest Jewish donor to the party while Mr Cameron has been leader is gaming magnate Lord Steinberg, who has donated £530,000, plus a loan of £250,000. Hedge-fund owner Stanley Fink has donated £103,000, even though he was a declared supporter of Mr Cameron’s leadership rival, Liam Fox. A further £250,000 has been loaned by philanthropist Dame Vivien Duffield.” […]


    They are even asserting that not only is Cameron a part-jew, but the childish, ridiculous claim that he may be “directly descended from Moses” (or, at least a cousin, LOL) –

    “David Cameron ‘could be a direct descendant of Moses’” – Times Online

    *Jews have very overactive, disgustingly narcissistic imaginations indeed. 🙁

  4. Your question about the Civil Rights act is a non sequitur to my post. What point did I make that is contradicted by it? You didn’t address anything I actually said. Why don’t respond to my points instead of asking me irrelevant questions?

    You are deceiving yourself by blaming all of America’s problems on Northern whites.

  5. Amatai Etzioni’s given name is Warner Falk. He’s a friend of Rahm Emmanual’s father, Benjamin Emmanuel, whose given name is Benjamin Auerbach. Etzioni/Falk and Emmanuel/Auerbach were Zionist terrorists. Etzioni was in the Palmach and Emmanuel was in the Irgun. They indiscriminately terrorized and murdered Palestinians and stole their land. Rahm Emmanuel’s brother Eziekial has been appointed by Obama to two health care posts in the administration. He is a self-admitted Communitarian.

    Jews change their names for the same reason burglars wear masks. Etzioni is the guru of Communitarianism. Communitarianism is the dialectical Talmudic law based synthesis of communism and capitalism that radical Leftist Obama and his administration have studied and adopted. American case law (protection of the rights of the individual) is slowly and systematically being replaced by Communitarian law (emphasis on the greater good of the community over individuals). The Jewish owned mainstream media is not talking about this because if Communitarianism can be identified it can be examined and if it’s examined it could be proven to be racist and Judeo-supremicist. Communism/Socialism is secular Judiasm. Same for Communitarianism which has been tailored to fit the American democratic capitalist global mandate. Look around you. There’s now a Jew or a minority person at every choke point in the ever expanding govt bureaucracy and throughout the cultural sphere.

    Christianity draws a line of distinction. The Cross forces the Jew to identify himself. They hate Christ even more than they hate Hitler – ask yourself why. Unfortunately, there has been no significant Christian resistance to Communitarianism because of the Marxist co-option of the Catholic Church at Vatican II and the Protestant evangelical support of Zionism. It would behoove us to convert to Judiasm at this time in America’s history, but since it’s a raced based matriarchal cult of self-worshipping warriors we would not welcomed.

    “Sorry, Charlie.”

    Amitai Etzioni’s Vita – General Biography

    Core-member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Summer Institute 1962
    Federation of American Scientists 1963-1969
    National Board, Americans for Democratic Action 1963-1968
    Foreign Policy Commission, Americans for Democratic Action 1964-1969
    Fellow, American Sociological Association 1964-
    Member, Committee on International Order 1963-1969
    Chairman, Committee on International Order 1968-1969
    Member, Committee on Nominations and Elections 1966-1967
    Member, Committee on Professional Ethics 1967-1968
    Member, Committee on the Regulation of Research (American Sociological Association) 1983-1986
    Member, Commission on Sociology and Society 1984
    Member, Executive Committee of the Eastern Sociological Society 1969-1971
    Fellow, Hudson Institute 1964-1969
    Sponsor, The Atlantic Council of the United States 1964-1979 Board Member, Canadian Peace Research Institute 1964-1969
    Member, Advisory Committee for the National Study on Student Unrest (Amercian Council on Education) 1968-1970
    Founding Member, Research Advisory Group of the World Order Models Project. Yale University Law School (World Law Fund) 1969-1971
    Member, Commission on Urban Affairs, American Jewish Congress 1969-1971
    Member, Science Information Council, National Science Foundation 1969-1974
    Member, Administrative Board, Research Institute on Communist Affairs, Columbia University 1970-1974
    Member, Social Problems Research Review Committee, National Institute of Mental Health 1970-1972
    Member, Board of Open Channel 1971-1974
    Member, Sociological Research Association 1972-
    Member, Committee on Public Understanding of Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 1972-1974
    Member, Research Committee on Sociotechnics of the International Sociological Association 1972-1973
    Member, Governing Council, American Jewish Congress 1973-1975
    Member, Advisory Panel, Population Society 1973-1975
    Member, International Society for Research on Aggression 1973-1975
    Member, Hudson Basin Project 1973-1974
    Member, Council on Foreign Relations 1976-1988
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    Member, Research Advisory Committee of Resources for the Future 1976-1980
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    Public Health Service on Health Science Administration
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    Elected Office:

    Member, Council, American Sociological Association 1983-1985
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    The Great American Family Award, sponsored by The White H

  6. Appreciate the research, whodareswings, but did you have to clog the thread with the resume on the jew ‘etzioni/falk’?

  7. Yes, I just couldn’t pass it up because its the most self-important, self-congratulatory, political, religious and academic resume I’ve ever seen. Also, you can get a sense of how things are done and by whom at the pinnacles of power and capital by noting who this man for all seasons has worked for and associated with. He’s the Karl Marx of the 21st century and you heard it here first. The point was to make you feel tiny Mr. Truth.

  8. Amitai Etzioni is a typical Jewish race-replacement advocate: “race-replacement for thee, goy, but not for me, whaddayou crazy??? Of COURSE not for me!!! Just you! Just you! Just the goys! The Jews stay the race they were.”

  9. “The point was to make you feel tiny Mr. Truth.”

    Speak for yourself, my friend. 🙁
    Khazars certainly need no help bragging and boasting.

    First of all, many on the racially-aware Right are familiar with falk/etzioni and his brand of zio-nazi ‘communitarianism’. especially since much of the president’s policies (rahm israel emanuel, of course) revolve around this bizzare, 21st century version of Marxist Socialism, with much of the policies being clearly laid out in his playbook, The Plan –

    “The Plan: Big Ideas for America”

    #I guess it is no coincidence that the president’s father emanuel/auerberg was a close confidant of etzioni/falk.

  10. “…Also, you can get a sense of how things are done and by whom at the pinnacles of power and capital by noting who this man for all seasons has worked for and associated with. …”

    Ah, how I can just imagine the typical CONservative fools who would rationalize all this away by pretending this is all ‘part of being a “free” country’, that a foreign-born, dual-national jew gets these kinds of connections based on “merit” (LMFAO)!

  11. BTW, whodareswings, you didn’t source where you got the jew’s “resume” from.

    Could you please provide a source/link, for I wish to post it elsewhere without taking up too much threadspace. Thanks.

  12. The Etzioni resume is archived here on the George Washington U. server along with other pertinent info on him:

    Are you aware of The Anti-Communitarian League? It’s a mother and daughter team originally from Seattle who moved into a tent in the Alaska wilderness after unearthing a network of Communitarian “visioners”, enablers and fellow travelers in the course of attending neighborhood development meetings. The language being introduced at these meetings by change agents confused them. So they started looking for a source and discovered Communitarianism. They’ve done yoeman’s service tracking it’s permutations at the local, state, national and international levels : http://nord.twu.net/acl/

    I’ve been around WN websites for awhile and haven’t seen much on
    Etzioni until now. Suddenly it’s becoming fashionable to present policy as “Communitarian.” The most insidious thing about this is the subversion of American constitutional and case law being discussed in the universities and then implemented by either fiat or local initiatives written up in corkscrew lawyerese. It started with big endowments for Jewish Studies at the Ivy league universities and is morphing into Jewish law schools within law schools. Harvard has two of these departments. http://www.law.harvard.edu/programs/Gruss/stone.html
    Being aware of Communitarianism is one thing and fighting it is another. I’m at a total loss where to begin. How are we ever going to prevail in a nation that worships Black athletes and Jewish lawyers?

  13. Excellent research, whodareswings!!!

    “–I’ve been around WN websites for awhile and haven’t seen much on Etzioni until now. Suddenly it’s becoming fashionable to present policy as “Communitarian.” The most insidious thing about this is the subversion of American constitutional and case law being discussed in the universities and then implemented by either fiat or local initiatives written up in corkscrew lawyerese. It started with big endowments for Jewish Studies at the Ivy league universities and is morphing into Jewish law schools within law schools.–”

    (Oh boy, I get a kosher smell of the Noahide laws outgassing from this already!)

    Keep warning others on this insidious danger to Our way of life.

    “–How are we ever going to prevail in a nation that worships Black athletes and Jewish lawyers?–”

    LMFAO 🙂

  14. “–I’ve also been trying to alert many pro-White activists/White nationalists too about how the British/English/UK ‘royal family’ and aristocracy/ruling class has been infiltrated by lots of Jewish blood in the last few centuries – as such they cannot be trusted at all. They are clearly hostile the interests of the White natives of the UK and indeed Whites everywhere – in the USA, Germany (of course), and so on.–”

    White Preservationist,

    Another example of a scumbag “British” jew –

    “David Miliband: There are circumstances in which terrorism can be justifiable” | Mail Online

    […] “Mr Miliband was speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives programme, in which he chose to pay tribute to the South African anti-apartheid activist Joe Slovo – a friend of Mr Miliband’s father, the academic Ralph Miliband.

    “Mr Slovo, who shared Miliband senior’s belief in Marxist ideology, was one of the leaders of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), the armed military wing of the ANC.”


    “Mr Miliband, who appeared on the programme with Mr Slovo’s daughter Gillian, described fondly how, as an 18-year-old, he opened the door to Mr Slovo, who had turned up unannounced at the Miliband family home to discuss politics with his parents.”


    “Umkhonto we Sizwe was formed in alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP), which Mr Slovo led for six years from 1984. The SACP backed the Soviet invasions of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan, and was regarded as the most Stalinist branch of the communist party outside the Soviet Union.”



    […] “Born in London, David Miliband is the elder son of Polish-born Marion Kozak and the late Belgian-born Marxist intellectual Ralph Miliband, also a Polish Jew.

    “Both paternal grandparents lived in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw. His paternal grandfather, Samuel, a trained leather worker, left Poland immediately after World War One, settling in Brussels by 1920[3]. […]

    “Great Britain” indeed! Absolutely RIDDLED with masonic/marxist jews!

  15. Die Stem:
    Almost all the Anglo’s, along with the Jews, are very content with the “New South Africa”.

    Oi. Don’t include this Anglo (-x-Belgo/Prussian) in the above. And let us not forget the mess of a legacy that “non-Anglo’s” F.W de Klerk, Roelf Meyer and Co. left behind for us. In South Africa today there are both English and Afrikaners whose heads are still stuck in the mud; and both English and Afrikaners who are solidly pro-white.

    “Also Very Discontent”

  16. In support of Kulak’s post #65: a quick comparison of Prince Charles and Lord Jacob Rothschild’s mugshots will verify your point in the affirmative with no question of a doubt. And yes, riddled no, infested, they are.

  17. “–And yes, riddled no, infested, they are.–”

    You are 100% PERCENT ACCURATE on this one, Marwinsing!

    Just as in “Anglo”-South Africa, no doubt. Right from the very beginning, as soon as the ‘Redcoats’ arrived and not long after the first concentration camps opened in Suid Afrika did the caravans of jewish commerce indeed follow the British takeover

    …particularly with their role as attack dog for securing the mineral wealth and resources for the Rothschilds and their confederates, such as the Oppenheimers.

    I wonder how well known, even in your forsaken country, is the significant role the Rothschild’s and other Jewish financial families/firms played in the expansion of the “British” empire in the 19th and early 20th century


    Why do you think Rhodesia was called Rhodesia?”

    Who do you think Cecil Rhodes was financed by!?!

    “—In October 1871, Rhodes left the colony for the diamond fields of Kimberley. Financed by N M Rothschild & Sons, Rhodes achieved a virtual monopoly in the diamond mining industry, Rothschild also profiting on the yield from the future exploitation.—”



    “–Among the most ardent supporters of Cecil Rhodes’ “Cape to Cairo all-British Route” were Jews like Alfred Beit and, later, the Weil family at Mafeking. Jews lived with Lobengula about 1865, and D. F. Kisch, later of Pretoria, was his chief adviser from 1868 to 1873, and immediately after his fall in 1893 Jewish congregations were established in Buluwayo and even as far north as Salisbury.–”






    *How sadly hypocritical when you think about it: The “British” 😉 “do the crime”–whilst the Afrikaners have to “do the time” 🙁 !

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