Glenn Beck, Banal White Nationalist

Yesterday, I did something completely out of character. Out of curiosity, I watched the Glenn Beck show on the Fox News Channel. I had to see for myself whether there was any substance to the claim that Beck is leading a MARs type movement against the Obama administration.

Beck started off his program by telling his audience that their voices weren’t being heard in Washington. It had to be one of the very first things he said. After that, he moved on to scolding three blacks (Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, and John Conyers) and accusing them of corruption. Beck seemed to spend a lot of time emphasizing that these non-Whites were spending White taxpayer dollars. Later in the show, there was a memorable segment about the Constitution in which a dozen or so of the Founders were shown crafting the Constitution – all of whom were notably White men – followed by a cut to “Barack Hussein Obama” (with a stress on his middle name) being sworn in as President of the United States. This video was played with a voiceover of Obama saying that the Constitution was a “deeply flawed” or “fundamentally flawed” document.

The implicit message was that this Kenyan is a racial alien (perhaps a Muslim) and that Obama is subverting the Constitution established by the Founders. Beck went on to identify himself with the Founders, the Constitution, and pre-Obama America; with White America. This was unspoken, but understood. He called on members of Congress to become the ‘Refounders’. Towards the end of the show, Beck camouflaged his coded racial appeal to his White audience by comparing the Tea Parties to Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass and their struggles against oppression. This seemed calculated to give Beck enough wiggle room to deflect charges of ‘racism’ from his liberal detractors.

Unlike Auster, I’m starting to believe from what I saw of Glenn Beck that he is indeed fomenting and leading a genuine MARs movement of Banal White Nationalists. His audience definitely has a self-image of being an “exploited and dispossessed group” (outsiders not insiders). They really do feel “ignored or ridiculed” by what Beck derisively calls the “fringe media.” They’re almost exclusively White working and middle class voters. They feel threatened by Obama’s redistributionist policies. The photos circulating from the 9/12 protest reveal a definite undercurrent of racial and cultural anxiety in the demonstrators.

Judging from Beck’s antics on television, his audience has a banal (not explicit) level of racial consciousness. At least this time, the charge of ‘racism’ from the Left is not without merit. Beck’s followers certainly don’t think of themselves as ‘racists’, but they share an implicit whiteness and nurse racial resentments like White Nationalists. It is mature enough at this stage for them to conceive of elite liberals and progressives as ‘the Other’. They have a dim, unarticulated understanding that they are “losing their country” and are starting to get angry about it. A significant number of them feel betrayed by both political parties.

I plan on tuning into Beck’s show more often to see whether or not this is just a mistaken first impression. Maybe I’m reading to much into the tea leaves here. I have a very dismissive view of conservatives and seriously doubt anything will come of this, but these signs of growing radicalization are encouraging nevertheless.

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  1. I think you will be continually, pleasantly surprised by Beck.
    He was specifically crafted as a release valve for all the built up anger of all those banal white nationalists. Eventually, it will surface that he hasn’t paid taxes and has a mistress and they will destroy him and his movement.

  2. It could be just more CONservative race baiting for ratings and $$$$, always with the explicit understanding given that the way to a more perfect union is meritocratic individualism. Beck’s philo-Semitism is nauseating. After interviewing an Israeli politician he should remember to wipe his mouth, because there are people watching. And out of concern for his long-term health, I would recommend he acquire knee pads.

  3. I’ve never watched Glenn Beck, listened to his radio show, or read any of his books. I know little about the guy outside of his controversial blurbs that have become YouTube videos. In my view, he is still little more than another conservative demagogue like Rush Limbaugh.

    Beck isn’t going to lead this mass movement in any direction that is harmful to the financial portfolio of Numero Uno. Instead, he will milk these Kwans for all the money and publicity they are worth, until the movement either dissipates or radicalizes beyond his ability to control it.

  4. “Banal” does not mean “not explicit”, nor was it intended that way by the anti-White ass you adopted it from a few days ago. The word is uniformly intended and taken as a perjorative, a slur, and thus shouldn’t be adopted by us to describe ourselves any more than “hate”-labels such as “racist” or “anti-semite” should.

    A better description for the Whites participating in these protests and demonstrations is “implicit”, because that comes closer to conveying the reality of the situation, which is that our people have been compelled by hostile external forces to deny who and what we are.

    Those who care for Whites should be looking for ways to educate and direct them against the anti-White regime. In his own literally mentally unstable, for-profit, entertainment-oriented way Beck is doing that. It is to be expected that he will sell out, back down, fold under the stress, help direct support for the next war (eg. to defend poor little israel from iran), or be “outed” as DanielJ suggests. But his audience, and the wider anti-anti-White sentiment the fringe media is intent to place under him and pathologize, represents the broadest political movement (incoherent as it is) of Whites as Whites (though most themselves deny it) in our lifetimes.

    Poor conditions yes, but this is what we have to work with.

  5. I’ve read Time’s piece on Beck, it seems to make the point that Beck [i]et al. [/i] are basically all about money, exploiting Middle Class anger. What a shocker.

  6. Tanstaafl makes a good point. “Implicit” is preferable to “banal”.

    I have a very dismissive view of conservatives and seriously doubt anything will come of this, but these signs of growing radicalization are encouraging nevertheless.

    I think you’re right to be dismissive of conservatives, and I too doubt any good can come of a movement led by Fox News or any other mainstream conservatives.

    The encouraging thing about this to me comes from the fact that Fox and Limbaugh are bottom-line types ($ is their main concern). They’re starting to embrace an implicitly pro-white position because of the popular appeal it has. They’re bandwagon hoppers, and I think this demonstrates that we’re gathering steam. Perhaps more importantly, it means that people outside of WN circles have started to recognize the popular appeal a pro-white movement could have.

  7. Having a racial consciousness is meaningless without understanding. Most whites that listen to Glenn Beck are exposed to a distorted notion of reality. This is not good for Whites, mentally or spiritually. Glenn Beck functions to “blot” out truth, understanding, common sense and justice. He is in a deep conspiracy against people, and profits through it. He spreads the contagion of confusion and this is the worst of all. Intentionally deceiving others involves self deception on a grand scale. The liar, especially the moneyed liar, then looses his powers of discrimination and becomes unable to distinguish true from false. His lying thoughts are then exteriorized, and the outer becomes a fabric of lies and deception. Martin Luther King was a Communist agitator, who plagiarized a PhD Thesis and beat up at least one white woman that he hired as a whore!

    Choosing the wrong enemy is a profound political error, and chances are we may not recover from it. Cynthia McKinney is not the enemy. Blacks have been socially engineered against Whites in true Bolshevik fashion.

    “And in all eternity nothing will change,” … “so far as the attitude of the Jews toward our kings and our leaders is concerned. To destroy them is their eternal sin, and when they can’t accomplish this by force, then they will use cunning. Whenever we have a strong leadership, the Jews are obliged to keep their noses clean. Our leadership can be truly strong, however, only if it is based completely in our people; only if it concerns itself with the welfare of the least among them just as much as with that of the wealthiest of them; only if, in the firm conviction of its own worth, it bars every alien influence from the beginning; only if it is not merely national, but is also social, down to its very bones. No matter what others may say, I assert this: a time will come when all the elite nations of the world will have such a leadership; and then everyone will be astonished to see that, instead of grating on one another as has previously been the case, they will treat one another with respect and consideration. For then there will be no more whipping up of land greed, of an itching for power, of suspicion—sentiments which exist in unmixed form only in the isolated few, and not in the more trusting general populace, anyhow. There will be an end to the lying praise of an indiscriminate human brotherhood, which would be possible, if at all, only under the supposition that one had from the first excluded that eternal mischief-maker, the Jew. But had this been done, there would be no need to push the universal brotherhood idea; the various peoples would find themselves compatible of their own accord.”

    -Adolf Hitler

    Without the agitation, education and social programs that created this circumstance there would not be a problem. The problem is systematic not individualistic.

    Does anyone ever suppose that perhaps many White Americans are so confused and sick because of this atmosphere of lies? That perhaps many whites do not fear racial demise because life has been made so empty, so insincere, so miserable and so lacking in love, Idealism and truth – that death seems no worse then a life of empty Patriotism and false Nationalism?

    Collective engineers of lies exteriorize ugliness, anger, revenge and treachery. This is a contemptible atmosphere not worth fighting for. Believing lies is a unique type of vice that is deliberately inculcated to blot out truth, to cover with a mask or lead away from what people know to be true.

    This type of lying has a more damaging effect and reaches further then people might believe. The reason why this is profoundly dangerous for whites is that believing lies disorders and upsets the mental atmosphere, it perturbs thinking, and therefore it thwarts ACTION, and even upsets the order of everyday existence.

    Lies throw things out of orbit in the mental galaxies and the result is insanity. They prevent people from knowing things as they truly are. They delay and corrupt self knowledge. They hinder happiness, and appropriate action and reaction.

  8. Is Glenn Beck going to lead a true MARs uprising? At this point it is hard to say, but I think a lot of people who are dismissive of Beck are loosing sight of the picture. Regardless of the reasons or the motives behind Beck’s statements and actions, the simple fact is that he is helping to galvanize huge numbers of heretofore apathetic and unmotivated whites, and is helping to not only have whites recognize some of the issues at hand, but to voice their anger and outrage. Regardless of Beck’s real intentions behind this, I view only positives. Is this just an exploitation for monetary gain? Maybe, but I’ll take it. Lets remember, the events and statements we have seen from everyday whites over the last year or so would have been impossible to imagine occurring only a short time ago. If Beck’s intentions and motivations do not match our own, then the movement will move beyond him. I’ll take a useful idiot over nothing any day. If they do however match our own, then as the movement grows, we just may have an ally with not only a national voice, but a worldwide one. Either way, we march on. Hopefully, a year from now, we will see even more events thought impossible today. If Beck is not there, it doesn’t mean he didn’t play a part in getting the ball rolling.

  9. Great post, Prozium. I like Beck. I first started tuning in to his show re-runs on the weekend. I expected worse. Sure, he’s sort of weird, but I think he’s very useful. He’s effective. He’s among the best we’ve got at the moment. If it’s ideological purity you’re after, we’re not there yet. Progress, not perfection.

  10. ““Banal” does not mean “not explicit”, nor was it intended that way by the anti-White ass you adopted it from a few days ago. The word is uniformly intended and taken as a perjorative, a slur, and thus shouldn’t be adopt”ed by us to describe ourselves any more than “hate”-labels such as “racist” or “anti-semite” should.”

    I agree, Tans.

    FB makes a good point too.

    I think Beck is a little more independent and at least partially believes what he says. Rush on the other hand is totally partisan, he approaches things from a Republican point of view.

    I started listening to their broadcasts a few times a week in the past month since things are heating up.

    Beck seems geared towards the 20-40 aged crowd, has more sound effects and jokes, whereas Rush is for the more mature crowd.

    Rush had a guy do an impersonation of Obama on his show that was pretty dead on. I’d like to see more mockery of him and the liberals on television. Unfortunately SNL is very leftist.

    MARs are implicitly white, or culturally white, similar to HBDers. They don’t care about miscegenation as long as the non-white has middle-class values. Even that though is enough to be called a racist these days. If you are Eurocentric at all now you’re a nazi and racist.

  11. Okay, let us say Beck is getting the crowds out, but what then? How can the crowd be utilised? What would George Lincoln Rockwell be doing? Where is the organizational orator Whites need (whether they know it or not)?

    Another wasted opportunity provided by our enemies we failed to capitalize on. And this is always so. If you claim Beck is doing something to bolster White consciousness even if only for his jewish pay-masters, then failure to capitalize on it, in the end, only benefits the who? Without our leadership the crowd is just a herd in t-shirts, sunglasses and baseball caps, wandering hither and tither until it is time to plod off homeward to plonk in front of the boob-tube and receive the next influx of Bolshevik misrepresentation and misdirection from Beck.

  12. “I’ve come to realize that one of the main keys to success in the Capitalist system is simply to believe in it. In other words, if you want to beat ‘em join ‘em. When you think success is possible, you spend more time thinking about how to achieve it and less time complaining about all the systems imperfections.”

    Glenn Beck, Pg. 88 “An Inconvenient Truth”

    You see? This guy is a mouthpiece. It does not matter that the so called “capitalist system” is rife with traitors providing jobs for Communists in China, and in every possible way propping that nation up – while gutting Americans…….Jesus Christ people. This mother fucker has no problem profiteering on peoples misery created by this system, and he shamelessly admits it, and advises others to rationalize the same repulsive behavior!

  13. Beck appears to me to be ‘controlled opposition’. Marshall Stalin used much the same techniques!

    Luckily though a Regime that is so corrupt as to feel the need to go to such lengths is by its very nature weak and could collapse at any time. Indeed the Soviet Union does not exist anymore!

    Speaking in purely political science terms, True Power exists when types like Pinochet or Ahmadinejad order the ‘disappearance’ of opponents, Obama Administration is far to weak to try something of that sort. (especially with an armed populace)

    Keep preaching the White Nationalist message and eventually we shall break through! Russian Traditionalists like Alexandr Dugin were once pariahs, but now excersize some real Power, there is a role model worth emulating!!

  14. “Pinochet or Ahmadinejad…” ?

    What? There is no just comparison here. Pinochet is not alive today and he was not elected but put in by an American supported military uprising. He then proceeded to sell off all national assets. It was the protectionist/nationalists he had flown out over the pacific to drown. This was all to the great applause of American leaders including Pat Buchanan, who just adore liberal economies, as long as they are else where.

  15. Despite his Zionism, Auster is far more radical (and explicit) in his pro-white stance than Glenn Beck. He even supports the BNP.

  16. I just want to say I agree with Tanstaafl and Texan about the use of the word ‘banal’. Thanks for confirming that it has a negative connotation in English too. I remember learning at The Phora, by way of the numerous posted excerpts of Foucoult, Heidegger and others, the importance of discourse to the political process.

  17. Some words from his boss:

    “Finally, Australia will be strong only if it is open to immigration. Thank goodness we are beyond where we were a few decades ago. After World War Two, we opened our doors to Southern Europe and other non-Anglo populations. And after the Vietnam war we began welcoming our neighbours in the region. In a relatively short period of time, we have buried ‘White Australia’, and in its place have raised a modern, diverse society.”

    If he weren’t controlled opposition, he wouldn’t have a platform. Not on Fox or any MSM outlet.

  18. I don’t deny that Beck and other conservatives play on white racial feelings, but I do deny that any good will come of it. Remember, Beck will ultimately tell his followers to vote GOP and be color-blind.

    Prozium, you may be a little young to remember this, but we went through the nearly the exact same thing in the early 90’s after Clinton was elected with Rush Limbaugh and the “Republican revolution” 1994 elections. Racial tension in America was as high or higher then, in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riot, much higher black crime rates than we have now and the quasi-racial “militia movement.” Back then, conservatives still talked a lot about affirmative action and welfare and there were more elements in GOP who were hostile to immigration and who made “coded appeals” to race. Ultimately, none of that mattered.

    Also, Beck sets off my con-artist detector BIG TIME. He reminds me of a televangelist.

  19. “In a relatively short period of time, we have buried ‘White Australia’, and in its place have raised a modern, diverse society.” – Rupert Murdoch

    Self destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7…

  20. “In a relatively short period of time, we have buried ‘White Australia’, and in its place have raised a modern, diverse society.” – Rupert Murdoch

    His mentality reminds me of HBDers. Completely narcissistic wankers that think assimilating Asians is good for their country, and want a submissive Asian wife to do their bidding.

  21. His mentality reminds me of HBDers.

    I.e. The Undiscovered Jew?

    Completely narcissistic wankers that think assimilating Asians is good for their country,

    The Asian “cogelite” bullshit is just that – bullshit. If Asians are such geniuses, then why is it that (for example) 96% of total human technological advances have come from Aryans? Why did Aryans invent science which the Asians hadn’t a clue about until we informed them of it? Why are they still behind us in living conditions despite having homogeneous societies whereas we have to contend with multicultism and still thrive? And so on, and so forth.

    Narcissistic wankers is right. Not to mention retards.

    and want a submissive Asian wife to do their bidding.

    Murdoch has that already. Go figure.

  22. “Back then, conservatives still talked a lot about affirmative action and welfare and there were more elements in GOP who were hostile to immigration and who made “coded appeals” to race.”

    Yeap, back then David Duke was still a Republican and Jesse Helms was still around as well.

    Ditch conservatism, there is nothing left to conserve anyways, and go full-bore White Nationalist!!

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