Jewish Warmongers

Here’s another reason to love our Jewish friends:

A majority of American Jews support military action against Iran to prevent the Teheran regime from obtaining nuclear weapons, a new study claims.

Asked if they would support American military action, 56% of American Jews said they would, while just 36% opposed it, according to the American Jewish Committee’s 2009 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion.

An even greater number support Israeli military action against the Iranian nuclear program, with 66% in favor and just 28% against.

Yes, I know: the crazed Dispensationalists are just as bad, if not worse. I don’t care for them either.

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  1. It’s just yet more proof that internationally-organized Jewry is a menace to political and economic stability worldwide; here’s more:

    “It is, therefore, in the American interest to break with past policy and actively seek the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Not by invasion, which this administration would not contemplate and could not execute, but through every instrument of U.S. power, soft more than hard.” –

    The citizens of the modern USA have become nothing more than cannon fodder for the Jewish plutocracy to use in their international schemes.

  2. Despicable. White Christian men and women populating the peasant armies for the use of Jew war-lords. This is an unbearable situation, and must change. It will change. I pray for the day when we strike out against Jewish/Israeli (and Muslim) strongholds here in the US, by any means, God willing.

  3. Yet another Jewish company (similar to Agriprocessors) owned by the Jew Dov Charney was recently busted for using thousands of illegal immigrants as cheap laborers – – “Dov Charney, the company’s chief executive, has campaigned, in T-shirt logos and eye-catching advertisements, to “legalize L.A.,” by granting legal status to illegal immigrants, a policy President Obama supports.”

  4. Thx for that one, WP. I plan on doing a post about the charming Mr. Chaney soon. The newspapers here in California (even the “conservative” ones) are all full of outrage about the horrors of 1,800 illegal alien criminal invaders being tossed out of work “in the middle of a recession.” LOL! Apparently it’s especially cruel to throw out the job thieves “in a time of record unemployment.” What about all the Americans who could be doing those jobs?

  5. “Anyone have any good figures on the % of Americans as a whole who support either the US or Israel attacking Iran?” ( — Robert Lindsay)

    Anyone have any good figures on the % of Americans as a whole who would support the U.S. attacking Iran if the Jews didn’t control all our mass media?

  6. Prozium, the Dispensationalists are worse. The Jew worship that fully bloomed under Dispensationalism has now infected almost every denomination.

    If it were not for Dispensationalism there would be no worshiping of the Jew as God’s chosen people. Until the sensationalism and novel ideas of Dispensationalism popped up, the Church was considered “God’s Elect” and the Jews were as Jesus stated: “the offspring of Satan.” As a matter of fact, the Jews were counted as the enemies of the Christ and of the God, unless they repented of their sins and believed in Jesus just like the Gentiles. The real Jews of old where the Jews who accepted Christ and possessed the circumcised heart no the damaged little brother.

    But in the world of “Planet of the Apes” all has been turned upside down. Now the Jews are the elect and the church is an afterthought.. even though Jewish history claims they were chosen a few thousand years ago, Paul said the church was chosen before the foundations of the world. In other words, the Church of the Christ predates and is the ultimate purpose of God, not the sick Jew. The Jews says the law is their life and their end, Paul said the law was temporary until the Christ fulfilled the law in his perfect life and sacrifice. The Jews claim to be the end of all history and the ultimate purpose of God, whereas God refers to them in their own writings as the most wicked and stiff necked of all peoples AND that they were merely tools to display the eternal grace and perfection of God through the Christ for all the ages to come through the rejection of the Jews and the establishing of the “Church/Bride” of Christ. etc etc.

    Again, who sold out the poor Christian? White Ruling Elite of the Christian churches. The sheep merely followed for fear of being ignorant of these new doctrines and being excluded or cut of from the church for a lack of faith in the “newly” revealed truths.

    Pre-millennial Dispensationalism is the monster head of a multi-billion dollar enterprise to fleece, deceive, manipulate the sheep of God AND support those wretched Christ hating Jews.

    And we see again that due to a misunderstanding and neglect of those wicked and rebellious people the world again suffers and suffers and suffers.

    Isn’t it ironic that the Jewish Scriptures are the ONLY religion in existence where the God of those writers actually hates and considers his followers to be the most base and wicked people on the earth??

    If preachers would just read to the congregations what the bible says about the Jews, in a few months their would be no support for Israel or the Jew.

    Sherwood Smith

  7. “I plan on doing a post about the charming Mr. Chaney soon.”

    Chaney obviously consciously serves as an enabler of Jewish interests in the service of his own petty – by contrast – interests to the detriment of the most fundamental interest his people have – that is in survival. Cheney is therefore a race traitor. MacDonald has already covered that in his “Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement”:

  8. War mongering, illegal invasion bombing and burning alive children who have no way to defend themselves is moral justification enough for Succession and separation from this perverse slaughter that never seems to end, – that is if anyone really had any higher morals or ethics to build a separate state on.

    Is America Hooked on War?
    By Tom Engelhardt

    “The question is: What kind of country do we actually live in when the so-called U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) lists 16 intelligence services ranging from Air Force Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency to the National Reconnaissance Office and the National Security Agency? What could “intelligence” mean once spread over 16 sizeable, bureaucratic, often competing outfits with a cumulative 2009 budget estimated at more than $55 billion (a startling percentage of which is controlled by the Pentagon)? What exactly is so intelligent about all that? And why does no one think it even mildly strange or in any way out of the ordinary?
    What does it mean when the most military-obsessed administration in our history, which, year after year, submitted ever more bloated Pentagon budgets to Congress, is succeeded by one headed by a president who ran, at least partially, on an antiwar platform, and who has now submitted an even larger Pentagon budget? What does this tell you about Washington and about the viability of non-militarized alternatives to the path George W. Bush took? What does it mean when the new administration, surveying nearly eight years and two wars’ worth of disasters, decides to expand the U.S. Armed Forces rather than shrink the U.S. global mission?
    What kind of a world do we inhabit when, with an official unemployment rate of 9.7% and an underemployment rate of 16.8%, the American taxpayer is financing the building of a three-story, exceedingly permanent-looking $17 million troop barracks at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan? This, in turn, is part of a taxpayer-funded $220 million upgrade of the base that includes new “water treatment plants, headquarters buildings, fuel farms, and power generating plants.” And what about the U.S. air base built at Balad, north of Baghdad, that now has 15 bus routes, two fire stations, two water treatment plants, two sewage treatment plants, two power plants, a water bottling plant, and the requisite set of fast-food outlets, PXes, and so on, as well as air traffic levels sometimes compared to those at Chicago’s O’Hare International?”


    Most of these high government officials are invested privately in the defense industry. Recently, in Australia mining environmental regulations were lifted to support the “defense” industry. This war industry is raping the entire planet and slaughtering humanity, and it is all done for private profit. War profiteering has been made totally normal. Hallelujah, how Jewish.

  9. The only Jew left in the Republican party is Eric Cantor. Of course he is in the leadership, Minority Whip. The Republican party has Jews, Blacks, and Indians in the leadership, because all the Whites are being blackmailed and bribed. I hope the Republicans don’t win Congress in the next election.

  10. White Non-Conservative:”The only Jew left in the Republican party is Eric Cantor.”

    Nope. There are always some cryptos that can be unearthed…Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for one, though there are likely many more: Ros-Lehtinen is “the most senior Republican woman in the United States Congress, and is the first Republican woman elected to the House of Representatives from Florida. Ros-Lehtinen’s maternal grandparents were Sephardic Jews from Turkey who had been active in Cuba’s Jewish community. Her mother later converted to Catholicism. However, Project Vote Smart lists Ros-Lehtinen as an Episcopalian.” –

    Also don’t forget about the huge number of Jewish neocons (GWB’s admin. was chock full of them), as well as all the big Jewish money that constantly flows in to the Republican Party…it’s a very large percentage of their overall funds on a yearly basis.

    In the Senate, Arlen Specter recently switched parties, and Lieberman has become an Israel First neocon through and through. Norm Coleman (R) was recently voted out, but he was replaced by another Jew (Franken [D]). The crypto part-Jew George Allen (R) lost his bid for re-election back in 2007.

    Check it, and add more as needed:

  11. Jews only support war if they believe it will result in a tangible benefit to their group interests. They become peaceniks when they see no gain to the Jewish community.

    We should be declaring war on Mexico. Consider; The Mexican government encourages their citizens to illegally cross the border and impose their language and culture on the hapless Americans who have the misfortune of standing in their path (like folks in California and the Southwest). And if this wasn’t enough they demand that Mexican expatriates and illegals act in the best interests of Mexico which many, in fact, do!

    This is colonialism and an act of war. But since mass immigration is weakening the host nation (America) and it’s white population don’t expect the Jewish war hawks of the mass media to be braying for war with Mexico. Oh no, they’re advocates of peace, love and rapprochement when it comes to dealing with enemies of the white race in stark contrast to their dealings with Muslims in the middle East.

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