Tribal Chieftains

Hat tip: Karen de Coster.

In the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan laments the recent passing of a number of elderly Beltway scribes, whom she describes as the “tribal chieftains” of the media. These “Elders” are/were the “oldest and wisest.” They “set the standards” and “handed down the lore.” Unlike the “ranters” who are poisoning our national discourse, Cronkite, Safire, Novak, Kristol had the virtue of knowing “where the line was” and had a “sense of responsibility” towards the country. What hokum.

This is a glowing obituary for a group of men that never wrote so much as a jot in defense of America’s White majority. The media elite is cosmopolitan, multicultural, anti-tribalist. They identify with immigrants, not natives; their fellow transnational elites abroad, not the rednecks out in flyover country; with non-Whites and non-Westerners, not the White West. The most elementary function of any “tribal chieftain,” or “leader” of any sort, is to look out for the well being of his tribe. In this sense, the media elite has spectacularly failed.

The real “tribal chieftains” are relentlessly tarred and feathered as racists, bigots, nativists and xenophobes in the mainstream media. White racial consciousness is verboten. Except in the negative sense, no one is allowed to speak on behalf of Whites as a race. Whites aren’t allowed to think of themselves as a team with material interests that conflict with other groups. The only “lore” we are permitted to possess is a racial guilt complex over the various crimes of our ancestors.

I won’t be joining Peggy Noonan in mourning the passing of the NYC-DC cocktail party circuit. From a White Nationalist perspective, it is maybe a gain, certainly not a loss.

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  1. These “Elders” are/were the “oldest and wisest.” They “set the standards” and “handed down the lore.”

    Does Peggy say if they met at midnight in a graveyard?

  2. Hopefully the ‘old media’ (mostly Jewish) dies along with them!

    All the old rags have lower and lower readership.

    The internet is paving the way for White Nationalists to get our various messages (necessity of ethno-centrism, necessity of ethno-state, danger of Jews….) out to our fellow co-ethnics!!! It is a small step, but the Great Task that lies ahead must start somewhere!

  3. Unlike Noonan, I prefer to place her ‘sense of responsibility’ type “Elders” underneath a pedestal.

  4. Tribal chieftains maybe, but which tribe. Three of the four listed here are of the white-hating Semitic tribe. Cronkite being the career-seeking shabbos goy.

    They like to pretend the media is impartial, unbiased, and isn’t overwhelmingly Jewish in character, but we see more evidence to the contrary right here.

  5. In a world where respect and honor are juxtaposed, to be disrespected by these jackals is a great honor.

  6. What Noonan would never even allow herself to contemplate, is that she doesn’t long for these individual men but for the time and country they lived in. It was a white, European, majoritarian nation with a communal past and a shared promise of a future. Blind to the ethnic nature of that society, these chieftains of hers made common cause with forces bent on destroying it. This “greatest generation” sold out that which made them great and now bequeath to future Americans a much lesser nation.

  7. May God keep Phyllis Schlafly from writing such contemptible drivel that there might remian one person on the Earth with a vagina that is worth reading.

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