Diversity, Car Culture, Urban Areas

The second installment in this series. I want to deal with the bad first, the good second.

The second topic on my list: America’s car culture, suburban sprawl, and its unlivable, unwalkable metropolitan areas with only limited car service and info options, one of the them being justcarchecks.co.uk. This has nothing to do with our meeting of old forum comrades, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but rather its choice of location. When not discussing White Nationalism with my confederates, I spent the rest of my downtime cruising around the city with a friend, taking in its amenities, observing its abominations. In particular, we were determined to sample the local nightlife.

The horrendous traffic jams (and the inevitable delays) were the cause of a great deal of stress and anxiety. I’ve never seen such an ant heap of people motoring around before. In my more unsettled moments, I found my thoughts turning to James Howard Kunstler, his tirades against the personal automobile, and the whole sick culture of sprawl and development that has grown up around it. This gray, anomic, paved over paradise can be aptly described as one huge desolate, smog covered, “big-ass parking lot” whose main attraction are overpriced ethnic restaurants staffed by seething hordes of “people of color.”

I had at least four negative encounters with the local fauna. In the first incident, I was accosted by a homeless negro bum at a gas station who was holding up a quaint cardboard sign that read, “Need work. Please help.” After a few tense minutes, in which I lied about my lack of ready cash, I was able to get away from this inebriated gentleman who reeked of Doritos and urine. As it happens, this was in an upscale, ritzy part of town. It was a warning of what was to come.

In the second (and most memorable) encounter, I took the wrong exit in trying to find the local bars and ended up somewhere in the ghetto. The friend I was travelling with insisted on stopping at a convenience store off the ramp to purchase a pack of cigarettes. While smoking outside the car, he was approached by no less than three dysgenic exemplars of diversity, all of whom insisted that he give them a cigarette. This culminated in a cracked out negro prostitute lifting up her shirt outside our window, fondling her breast, and telling my friend, “Dontcha like my curves, why dontchya take me up around da corna?” At which point, I floored it out of there, left the furious ghetto denizens in the dust, and got back on the interstate.

In spite of all this, which was a source of some amusement, we remained set on checking out the urban nightlife scene. I used Google Maps to navigate to the local strip of bars and clubs. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered upon our arrival that shady looking negroes were out in force. Thugs were everywhere milling about up and down the parking lots, streets, and side streets. Another friend of mine had already had his laptop liberated from his car by one of these characters. There was also the revolting spectacle of interracial couples in sight, which along with the spectre of theft (or worse), spoiled our desire to patronize any of the degenerate integrated establishments on offer.

So we proceeded back to our hotel room. I stress that this was a nice, expensive hotel, a considerable distance away from anything resembling the hood, but much to our surprise we found our hotel surrounded by police cars when we got back. Some type of bust or arrest (for what I don’t know) was in progress. Presumably, our hotel was being used for an illegal purpose, or was the site of a crime; maybe a break-in/assault in the parking lot. This last encounter with diversity didn’t affect us personally, but it contributed to our wariness and strain of being in the proximity of Homo africanus.

What a relief it was to cross the Alabama border: clean air, blue skies, rolling hills, sunshine, warm weather, open fields, trees, green grass, light traffic, no crackheads, plenty of space. We spent yesterday evening in repose at a barbeque on a local plantation. It was a White environment. The organic symbols of a mighty White culture were everywhere on display. The irreducible whiteness of the locale carried over into the casual conversations.

If I ever decide to host a meeting of this growing community, as I would like to do at some point in the future, I will pick a central meeting place far away from the intersection of urban diversity and the corporate maw. I want to do something more natural. There are resorts that cater to these events and we would be wise to choose from one of those. In my opinion, a more scenic environment (mountains, forests, lakes, streams, or beaches) is worth the extra transportation costs.

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  1. Sounds like you may have visited a fine negro-infested city north of the Mason-Dixon line. The spectacles that you witnessed are all too common to us Northerners who live in or near medium to large urban areas. In some of your posts you’ve spoken favorably of blacks you’re acquainted with but it seems to me Southern blacks are passive and act more civil than their Northern cousins.

    Regardless of your location you quickly learned these weren’t the S. Alabama darkies you’re used to. This is why some WN’s living in the north have such a venomous hatred of blacks. There’s just so many that represent the extreme stereotypes of blacks as violent, drug addled, militant and otherwise shiftless.

    As you mentioned I would think a more scenic and natural setting would put meeting attendees in a better frame of mind to discuss ways and means of creating a viable ethnostate. At least you got to see what ALL of America will become if we fail.

  2. I’m bound by an oath of silence. Although I won’t name anyone specific, I can tell you that I met some old friends I know from running an online forum for half a decade. I also met a few others who browse Occidental Dissent on a regular basis. Great people, all.

  3. Prozium,

    Honestly, I can’t go anywhere near our urban environs without feeling spiritually and physically ill. The combination of mindless sprawl and a degraded humanity usually produces in me some combination of dark humor and misanthropic ranting. Truly, a writhing mass of cursed humanity is the future that the Left (and/or Satan) is preparing for us.

    Your suggestion about picking a more scenic environment that still has the organic symbols of our White culture is the right idea. Hopefully the people that you’re meeting with will take your advice.

  4. Welcome back.

    “…this inebriated gentleman who reeked of Doritos and urine.”

    LOL!! Superb imagery. Damn, I wish I’d written that.

  5. The modern urban setting is soul destroying. I usually get depressed any time I have to spend any length of time in a major city with some of the reasons cited by Prozium. I dream of repatriating most non-whites then starting a massive reforestation project after taking a wrecking ball to their ghettos and barrios.

  6. Prozium, I’m curious if you had anything to defend yourself with? I hope you don’t go into the ghetto unprepared.

    Overpopulation and population density I blame more than the automobile. We simply have too many people (and the wrong kind) and it’s getting worse.

  7. Suburban sprawl and white flight are the same thing. The suburbs must be located far enough away from any black or hispanic areas to be inaccessable to the carless and outside the range of public transportation. No retailer within 50 miles of a diverse city welcomes the extension of a public transit line or bus route.

    Blacks have not only made the cities uninhabitable, they’ve made any sort of mass transit unbearable. The car culture lamented by environmentalists is in large part a huge defense mechanism against integration.

    Between sprawl, wrecking public transportation and causing overpopulation non-whites are more hazardous to the environment than toxic waste.

  8. I was trying to guess what city Prozium had visited by his description, Dithers. Then I realized: Damn, that sounds like EVERY Kwan metro area.

    Prozium: Going by your travelogue above, I’m glad you–err–had a good time. 🙂

  9. “In my opinion, a more scenic environment (mountains, forests, lakes, streams, or beaches”

    Darkies hate camping. How about the Big Horns in Wyoming?

  10. What the hell does one have to do to get on the list? Cuz..I want in. I’m itching for some action, dammit.

    yes, I know I sound impatient. No, I’m not an agent. Yes, I am ready for a fight and want some damn comrades. I’m tired of being alone.

  11. One thing the Roissyites seem to agree on is that white-woman/black-man couples usually involve lower-class women – the higher class a woman, the less likely she is to look outside her race. Basically the diversity brainwashing is effective only at shifting the marginal cases, not in instituting a complete reordering of priorities.

    I also rather suspect that the inability of many young men to actually BE men – because they’ve never been taught, because they have no role models, and because this society actively opposes masculinity – makes the higher-class black men seem comparatively more attractive.

  12. Rollory: “Basically the diversity brainwashing is effective only at shifting the marginal cases, not in instituting a complete reordering of priorities.”

    This is probably true. Unfortunately, given enough time, rolling up the margins results in genocide. Or at best a Brazil type situation – sort of genocide lite.

    Enough of those marginal white women who breed with Rufus the Rastafarian, or Akbar the engineering student, will produce hybrids that will become more acceptable to the next tier of women, the next group of “marginals” – the sort that would never have bedded down with Rufus, but might with his half black son. And so it goes, as the margin gets consistently pushed in the direction of white genocide. Today’s solid becomes tomorrow’s marginal.

    The anti-whites only have to win once: if they don’t get a particular white woman to mix, they go for her white daughter. If they can’t get the white daughter, they have another shot at her daughter, and so on. All they have to do is win once – and that particular white line is extinguished forever. They have shot after shot at young, immature, irresponsible females.

    I’m sure I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know. The point is: we’ve got to turn this thing around, and do it soon. We are like the frog being boiled slowly but surely. We damn better learn to jump.

    I truly hope this happens within the next ten years, fifteen tops. Frankly, it should happen sooner than that. Putting my prognosticator’s hat on, I suspect that conditions just a few years down the road will be about as good as we are likely to get.

  13. Trainspotter, I don’t dispute any of that. The point though is that it isn’t irreversible. If the brainwashers can shift the line, it can be shifted back. It depends on men, though – on men being actual men, on being men worth following, that women will WANT to follow. Right now, given the habitual underlying despondency I see in a lot of the single white guys, it makes sense that they aren’t emotionally attractive to women.

    Appeals to logic and reason won’t work with most women. You have to hook them emotionally, preferably positively – the brainwashers already have the negative side covered with fear of being racist.

  14. Rollory, I agree with everything that you wrote.

    The anti-whites have managed a double whammy against us: make white women afraid of being “racist,” while simultaneously gelding white males thus making them far less attractive.

    And yet we can take some comfort that, despite this unprecedented propaganda campaign against our people and our right to exist, relatively few white women engage in miscegenation. Credit where it is due.

    As we’ve discussed, the propaganda campaign works at the margins. Still, given sufficient time, it will prove fatal. We must turn this thing around. We can and we will.

  15. @OldRight “Suburban sprawl and white flight are the same thing.”

    Somewhere in the Kevin MacDonald blogosphere there was an article about just how much the urban land that whites gave up during “white flight” was actually worth. You are looking at billions of dollars worth of urban land near city centers that was sold cheap by whites in the 60s/70s and 80s.

    If you look up Catherine Austin Fitts, an economist, she did a study of how blacks were run out of their Los Angeles neighborhood because of the crack epidemic – and the people who bought their houses and city/urban land just happened to be the same people involved in the Iran-Contra crack epidemic of the 1980s. She put this together from publicly accessible government data.

    This is ethnic cleansing of Whites, it’s not a coincidence and it’s not an accident, it’s a business.

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