Moving Forward

This is the fourth installment in this series. It is a “practical proposal.”

I have said this several times before, and Trainspotter anticipated this post, but I think we need to take a real hard look at Lew and the Mises Institute, not for what they are saying, but for the success they have had in getting their message across. The White Nationalist movement doesn’t have anything resembling the LRC Blog or Daily Kos. These websites were able to raise a ton of money for the Howard Dean (2004) and Ron Paul (2008) campaigns. They were also able to carve out a niche in the Democratic and Republican parties for progressive and libertarian discourse.

It would be nothing short of a miracle if White Nationalists had something like that. In 2009, given our rapid demographic decline, it is a tragedy that a force such as this hasn’t emerged on our end of the political spectrum. Instead, the public face of White Nationalism is the godforsaken Satanist-infested National Socialist Movement. We are less organized than we were ten years ago when William Pierce was running the National Alliance. I’m also one of the handful of people (Tanstaafl, silver, and Alex Kurtagic) who write about White Nationalism in the blogosphere on a semi-regular basis. That has got to change.

I’ve been pushing for this for years: we either need 1.) a web-ring of semi-regular pro-White blogs to discourse poison the MSM or 2.) a daily multiple contributor site like the LRC Blog with snarky, topical, rapidfire commentary on the multiculturalist scene. Young people these days don’t have the attention span to wait long periods of time for new content. Thinking bigger, it would be even better if we had a frontpage where original articles and relevant links could be posted like those at Lew I think this would make a huge difference in attracting the sort of people we need into the movement.

I just don’t have the time to dredge through the major vBulletin forums looking for the gems of insight that are posted there. The signal-to-noise ratio is too great. I’ve outgrown that stage of my ideological development. We will return to this topic in a few days.

This is where “the vanguard” mentioned in the previous post comes into the picture. These people need to raise their voice and start speaking out. You’re smart enough, educated enough to do so. What’s more, there are smart, educated people out there who would like to hear from you, but who are watching us in silence (hint: let’s draw them out). 

You can either do this here, start your own blog (which I will link to), or contribute to another site. Before I took the last blog down, we had great multiple contributors like Matamoros and Hajo Flettner. There is no reason why we can’t do something like that again. It could snowball into something huge if given enough time.

In the meantime, I will continue to post daily or semi-regularly as I have been doing since June. I will be on the lookout for the type of people who need a platform of their own. In my next post, I will offer a few thoughts on why I am convinced regular meetups in real life are indispensible to building our movement.

Note: This post of mine is based on the assumption that the preservation of Western civilization has a larger natural constituency than “seven year old heroin dealers being able to buy tanks with their profits from prostitution.”

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  1. You are making a difference with this blog Prozium. Keep up the good work. It is easy for those of us on the sidelines to criticize you or tell you how to do things better, while you are on the front lines clearing the way for us.

    The low cost and high visibility of internet blogging is a great asset to white nationalism. However, this strength is also a liability because everything we write is open to scrutiny by our opponents. Sometimes I wonder if fantasyists – I hope I spelled your term correctly – like Covington have the right idea. Maybe we should be writing screenplays instead of essays.

  2. “The signal-to-noise ratio is too great.” – Prozium

    This is the problem with blogs too. I’m actually against letting anti trolls post on our sites because they’re so disruptive. Too often the discourse gets poisoned or the original points of threads become lost thanks to the argument. People respond over and over to the same commie nonsense about “race doesn’t exist…” or “whites deserve punishment for their history…”, etc. Anti trolls make blogs unreadable, much as non-whites make cities unlivable.

    VNN, MR, many blogs on blogger and wordpress, etc have suffered from a too-open policy. Antis who can debate in good faith should be allowed to stay, but ones who obviously come to cause trouble and distract ought to be instantly banned. If I start a blog that will be my policy. The “freedom of speech” argument gets taken too far and forums/blogs just degenerate into sewers as a result.

    Just my opinion.

  3. In short: Leftists have been very good at messing with our progress online as well as in the real world and we ought to respond actively, not with some passive “freedom of speech” insanity which ensures the decline of the blog/forum’s quality. Discourse is healthy but the leftist/antifas just want to poison the well.

  4. “I will offer a few thoughts on why I am convinced regular meetups in real life are indispensible to building our movement.”

    Good. Look forward to it. The WN web is beginning to sound like an echo chamber. The movement can support only so many aspiring gurus and philosopher-kings.

    The apparatus is as follows…

    Ideology (Identity) >> Politics (Unity) >> Action

    I think there are signs of a slow movement from Ideology to Politics. About time!

  5. In what sense doesn’t Vdare play that role? Sure, it’s only anti-immigration, but if immigration is terminated the arguments it has developed could cross seamlessly into pro-white activism. I have no way to know for sure but my suspicion is that if the immigration battle were won a lot of quality activists — smart guys, professionals — presently engaged in behind-the-scenes anti-immigration maneuvering would come out of the woodwork as fully-fledged pro-whites/separatists.

  6. Fortunately, we don’t have any of those. The closest thing we ever had to an “anti” was The Monitor, a paleocon, and he shared some of our racial views.

  7. The Monitor methinks has his hands full monitoring a whole crop of tea partying Whites on the verge of putting “diversity”, “racism”, and “anti-semitism” together and realizing that it equals White genocide.

  8. I see you have let the cat out of the bag. 🙂

    Late last week I met Prozium and a few other pro-Whites I have until now known only online. I’m neither a leader nor a joiner, and have for a variety of other reasons so far been disinclined to engage openly. I’m having a change of heart lately and like Prozium I am becoming more interested in activity and collaboration offline.

    Yes, Tanstaafl and Robert Campbell were at our gathering. I enjoyed meeting both of these fine gentlemen and look forward to doing so again.

  9. Tanstaaffl, just read your essay “Of Whites, by Whites, and for Whites.” Good stuff.

    Yes, the nature of the regime is becoming obvious to more and more people. At the same time, its ability to deliver benefits and pay people off is declining, and will inevitably decline even more in the coming years. Put another way, its ability to convince whites that they are better off with the system as opposed to without it is almost certain to decline.

    As bad as things are, I’m more optimistic than ever. The system is failing. Even if it muddles through the present crisis, a dozen more are waiting in the wings. It’s highly unlikely to survive them all.

    There is a another change afoot. With the amazing demographic transition in this country, capped off with the election of Obama, the non-whites are feeling their oats more and more. In many cases they are bragging about our impending dispossession. The mask is dropping.

    This is a good thing. Putting aside the issue of Jewish perfidy and malevolent, hate filled white leftists, for too long we have been hampered by the inherent decency and sense of fair play on the part of so many gullible (but otherwise decent) whites. These gullible whites of course saw non-whites as the underdog deserving of consideration. Now, more and more whites are realizing that they are no longer engaging in noblesse oblige, they are no longer “nice guys” dealing from a position of strength.

    Instead, they are increasingly under seige by those who do not wish them well. People who despise them simply because they exist at all, anywhere on the planet.

    In the early nineties, there was the year of the Angry White Man. Nobody really pushed back. Now? The left and non-whites will push back big time. That spells real conflict as well as a paradigm shift.

    This is a critical psychological change that will only gain momentum over time. The process still has a long ways to go, but I believe that it has begun in earnest. Interesting times.

  10. Edit: I believe it was actually called “The Year of the Angry White Male.” After all, only a black can be a “man,” as in black man. A white is either a white boy or, at best, a white male. Never a white man, always a gelding.

    How much has noblesse oblige gotten you, white man? All your noblesse oblige, and they still just call you boy. LOL!

  11. “How much has noblesse oblige gotten you, white man? All your noblesse oblige, and they still just call you boy.”

    It’s gotten them nowhere.

    Stop grovelling, White man!

  12. If one were to donate financially, or set up a WN foundation, how would one go about it? These are the questions I’m encountering, personally.

  13. A good place to start would be reading up on the Mises Institute. I’ve never been a libertarian, but I used to live across the street from it in Auburn.

  14. Thanks Prozium. What I’d like to do is establish such a foundation, from which annual tax-deductible contributions or distributions would be made to Occidental Dissent, National Policy Insititute,, etc. I’m looking into establishing a non-profit group in CA, though it might be easier in other states.

  15. “Good. Look forward to it. The WN web is beginning to sound like an echo chamber. The movement can support only so many aspiring gurus and philosopher-kings.

    The apparatus is as follows…

    Ideology (Identity) >> Politics (Unity) >> Action

    I think there are signs of a slow movement from Ideology to Politics. About time!”

    You won’t get the aspiring gurus and philosopher-kings on board by demeaning them.

    Politics will only get you so far, especially as whites move further toward minority status. 55% of whites voted for John McCain and he lost.

    If you want to remain legal, – and we all do – money is what really counts. Compare the power of AIPAC et al. to the NRA, bearing in mind that Jews only constitute about 2% of the population.

  16. bearing in mind that Jews only constitute about 2% of the population.

    1.) I and others have pointed out that the 2% figure is not accurate considering the movements of Jewish populations over time. Even with low birthrates, the amount of migration since the late 1800s makes the claim virtually impossible to believe.

    2.) 10% is probably closer to the truth, and if so, it explains much better why Jews have the influence they do.

    I’m not trying to be offensive here, just to point out that I and others find the 2-3% to be unrealistic. There are no statistics independent of official US gov’t stats or Jewish organization stats to corroborate those numbers.

  17. “I’m not trying to be offensive here, just to point out that I and others find the 2-3% to be unrealistic. There are no statistics independent of official US gov’t stats or Jewish organization stats to corroborate those numbers.”

    Your right Mark. The US govt and census DOES NOT ASK what a person’s religious affiliation is, so there is no way to really know for sure just what the actual percentage of Jews is here in America.

    Their numbers really are all based on pure speculation and ‘guesstimations’, which is largely premised on synagogue and temple membership, which is not very high considering how atheistic and secular so many Jews are.

    The Jews – The ultimate chameleons.

  18. Do you have any ideas about how to reach out to people who aren’t already part of your movement? Mises and Kos types are already all over the internet (not to mention real life), not just preaching to the choir.

  19. A Lew Rockwell style site is relatively easy to maintain and would bring in lots of traffic, provided the articles are all well written and edited, close enough to the political and cultural center, and relevant to a wide range of intellectual and practical interests. Strict adherence to an editorial policy is essential.

  20. I was thinking of first doing a multiple contributor blog. That would be easier and a good first step. It could progress from there into a frontpage with daily articles as more contributors come on board.

  21. You’re not going to get non-profit status for an overtly anti-jewish white nationalist organization.

    Whites who donate are going to just have to accept that it’s a real sacrifice with no tax benefits.

  22. I consider a reasonable figure for the number of people in this country who are of Jewish family background and who identify as Jews to be around 12 million. That’s the figure I accept. It’s a bit over twice the figure cited by Jewish organizations.

  23. Here is one that was passed to me a few weeks ago:

    One of the problems that the White Nationalist ‘blogosphere’ incurs on itself, is the lack of personality contact; there are just too many minds and sites. Without a continuous networking which, I assume is the point of much of the article, than some of these blog owners, should spend a few weeks, or ask for submissions, so that some of the minds out there can be plumbed…it is not like the opposition has not done this, as a matter of course, just to keep track.

    This may all be a ‘virtual ad hoc’ system, but there really is a tremendous synchronicity is interests out there already.

    From the sublime, to strictly lineal, fact based blogs, we have quite the resource available to us.

  24. I was thinking of first doing a multiple contributor blog.

    Give the keys to Hoffmeister or Soren and I’m going to shoot you dead, bro.

  25. Not really. You know my old handles, I know yours. I’ve always wanted to get to know you though, gay as that sounds. Have appreciated your lack of egomania over the years. A real straight-shooter. Not living too far from you at the moment, as it happens, but I have nothing to offer intellectually or personally.

    I had a few belly aching laughs with Robert Campbell this weekend about our mutual acquaintance with Hoffmeister.

    His lasting significance precisely.

  26. If I remember correctly, you were the one who wrote that piece about Big Von over at VNN Forum. As I said before, that subject came up at our meeting while we were discussing mutual acquaintances. I laughed so hard relaying the story of how Hoffmeister’s great ancestor was vonned in the Boxer Rebellion that I could barely talk.

  27. I have a few thoughts on this. I would say I’m a sympathizer of the Sam Franccis variety.

    One, a lot of us are in the real world and most exercise absolute discretion. This may change, and this is difficult, but one good piece of advice to all nationalsits is something I wish I knew when I was in school: debt and the need for an “employer” are killers to your independence, and financial independence is the key to political freedom and independence.

    Two, big tent and little tent issues are difficult. Most everyone here, Tanstafl, Prozium, etc., are educated, civilized people. So are many guys who fly the Confederate Flag and think intelligently and realistically. But as a Christian, I’ll never be fully comfortable forging common cause with a pagan. I want to preserve a known real entity: Christian America, with a white majority that provided leadership to the whole society, with a stable demographic not reengineered by massive immigration and where people were treated differently but decently without regard to who their daddy was. In other words, I’m a conservative not a revolutionary, though unlike some people I’m open to the insights of genetics and science.

    Three, we should take a page out of the left’s book: they took control of the universities, media, political parties, etc. But they began with a few single-issues with broad-based appeal: opposition to the Vietnam War, opposition to Jim Crow, etc. Immigration, affirmative action, and anti-American educational trends are such issues for broad-based appeal. I think the best strategy is a movement from the particular to the general rather than a self-conscious white nationalism which, depending on its character, could be unsavor and ineffective.

    Finally, we need to connect the dots of “bread and butter” economics issues and political issues. The housing crisis, trade with China, foreign aid, widespread economic inequality between Wall Street and the real economy, etc. all have a huge ethnic component in those who lobby for these policies and those who are hurt by them.

  28. Vercingetorix
    Covington has a number of substantial ideas in his novel The Brigade. We should let his work stand by itself and not muddy up the field that all that has come before. He did take some flights of fantasy to turn it into a “good yarn” but he’s not living high off the hog on the proceeds – I downloaded a .pdf copy for free.

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