Some Changes

I have switched from “Prozium” to “Hunter Wallace.”  I also changed the site avatar from Father Knows Best from Equilibrium to Domenico Piola’s Daedalus and Icarus. Clean out your cache and reload the site and it should appear. In my mind, this change has several advantages over the old set up:

1.) It sounds more mature. Hopefully, I will be taken a little more seriously.
2.) The Father Knows Best avatar was creepy and people often erroneously assumed that I was the guy in the photo.
3.) It quickly became clear over the weekend that everyone hasn’t seen Equilibrium. Hence, lots of people were unable to grasp the meaning of the avatar or username.
4.) The “Prozium” username and the Father Knows Best avatar were in an aesthetic clash with the School of Athens banner.
5.) The Daedalus and Icarus avatar suggests that we are in the process of creating something here. It is more appropriate for a multiple contributor site and works better with the banner.

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  1. Actually, I didn’t quite understand why you choose Prozium and Father Knows Best. From what you told me of the movie, the first was a drug used to enslave people, and the second was the mouthpiece for system propaganda. Perhaps you meant it tongue in cheek. I would have chosen an anti-HIV drug and a picture of a healthy T cell. Sounds like you’ve had an exciting and stimulating week. I wish you much success with this new project. However, do you really think that Daedalus and Icarus is an appropriate myth to represent this? Who’s supposed to be Icarus?

  2. I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to keep my present pseudonym or change it to Sir Isaac Newton von Clausewitz.

  3. Rusty,

    What do you propose we do? You’re always hammering away at the need for concrete, practical proposals. Unfortunately, the reality of our situation is that we are 1.) geographically scattered and 2.) the vast majority of us don’t even know people in their area who share their views.

    The only solution to this is local, state, and regional meetings in real life and networking offline behind the scenes. This is the indispensible precursor to the formation of any viable organization. After twenty years of White Nationalism, we don’t we even have that. Instead, we have the National Socialist Movement representing us in public. For godsake, we don’t even have so much as a formidable web presence like the libertarians who have Reason and Lew Rockwell.

  4. Dasein,

    I never got around to doing the review. In short, the theme of a society of conformist deracinated slaves controlled by drugs and television resonated with me. I thought to myself: that is exactly like reality. So I called attention to it by choosing the username and avatar.

    The “Father Knows Best” avatar was meant to remind you that our various “monitors” are always watching over us and trying to control what we say. I thought it would be funny to put that up there. I was hoping that the SPLC monitor would catch a glimpse of his/her reflection in the mirror. If these people had their way, all of us would be on Prozium.

  5. Just my luck, I will be viewing ‘Equilibrium’ this weekend, for the first time. Please, no spoilers!

  6. It is relatively easy to create a LewRockwell news and comment type site containing professionally written articles from you guys. You can write as well or better than anybody there and are as knowledgeable as Taylor, MacDonald, Taki, Sailor, Brimelow, etc. You could even run their articles.

    A more ambitious project would be something laid out like the big news sites (not as ugly, of course), with a history section, sports, weather, homeschooling section, links to cultural events, advice about hunting, guns, cars, whatever.

    The target market would be the racially-aware White who is intellectually well above sites like SF but still wants a daily or weekly reader. He needs a lifeline, something he could plug into and depend on for news, opinion, knowledge, money, entertainment, self-improvement. He needs to feel like he belongs somewhere, that an organized, intelligent group is speaking for him. All of his old institutions are gone; he does not want philosophy, he just wants support.

    Other ideas that need to be endorsed and organized, and which GW made some half-hearted attempts at doing on MR, include :
    * A homeschooling curriculum which includes your favorite history and cultural volumes. This has been done very poorly by several conservative, patriotard, and homeschooling groups. We could do it better., with more organization and more polish.

    * Language programs, which could start out as simple as a word or phrase of the day. The Tribe does this all over the place. Zum Beispiel, check out Deutsche-Welle’s German language programs. They create free language and history courses, filled with Marxist vectoring, and give them away just to maintain their control on our young peoples’ minds.

    * The site could include professionally done educational, history, commentary, etc. videos from YouTube.

    * A collection place of articles and the most recent immigration data

    * Real interviews with important people in the news, in education, historians, etc.

    The missing ingredient is the endorsement from the WN intellectual leaders and the organization efforts they could lead. These projects are not complicated nor costly but are time intensive and need to be coordinated.

    None of the material need be that controversial — a gentle push in the right direction is all that is required. If done with the right editorial guidelines and marketing smarts, it could even bring in a few bucks from real-world advertisers.

    It’s the seeming lack of awareness about the day-to-day situation and growing despair of the average awakened Euro that needs to be addressed. But as yet there seems to be little awareness on any WN site that the real world actually exists, that there are thousands of awaked Whites who are might be ready to help with projects such as this. You, HW, are part of something. You have your small circle and the respect of many readers. Mid-level Joes do not, regular Joes certainly do not. What’s the best they have? LewRockwell, Fox News,, and InfoWars. Seriously.

    It is discouraging that none of the intellectual set is interested in helping to organize or “give the blessing” to any second-tier operations such as these. Philosophical discussion is fine, but there is a small and rapidly growing army at your disposal. They are not being directed into anything constructive and they’re getting killed out here, literally.

    Look at what Frederick Braun did, with his large posting of historical material on his site. Good effort, but he needed help — better organization, better presentation. Who has been interested in making such an effort in a more professional format in order to reach a larger audience? (crickets)

    Who among you WN bloggers have actually had anything at all published? Articles, books of any kind to establish your credentials? Who is even aware that they need to? (again, crickets) Yet the complaining and the blogging goes on and on and on.

    ALL of our regular institutions have been corrupted and destroyed. The field is wide open for reconstruction of *everything.* Several people have been saying we need action for years, yet there is still no leadership from the best and brightest in the WN community toward these things. Is it lack of discipline? Lack of commitment? I honestly can’t figure it out.

  7. 1.) White Nationalism doesn’t have anything like the LRC Blog or Daily Kos. I suppose Stormfront could be compared to Free Republic. In any case, I see my future role as moving into and developing this niche. That’s what I intend to focus on.

    2.) We don’t have anything like Taki’s Magazine; an explicitly pro-White webzine of daily articles from semi-regular columnists. At some point, TOQ Online/Occidental Observer could evolve into this. I would like to see that happen. I’ve contributed a lot of stuff there and would be more than happy to write the occasional article from time to time.

    3.) There is nothing wrong with your suggestion of a multicontent website. Unfortunately, I am not Hercules. My talents are limited. I know nothing about homeschooling and lesser still about being a webmaster. All I can say is that I hope talented people show up as this site grows. I’m amenable to doing what I can to help out worthy projects.

    4.) I don’t think making a case to the WN leaders will be a problem. First, we have to do something though to attract their attention.

    5.) VDARE is good on immigration.

  8. Greetings everyone. I’ve been away a little while, but I’m still trying to read most everything posted and stay caught up on all the regular blogs, though it’s difficult to find enough time to sufficiently comment on all the posts found all over the pro-White blogosphere. A rather simple aggregative website which collects the daily or weekly best of the reputable pro-White internet/blogosphere would indeed be very helpful as Prozium has suggested. TOQO is doing a decent job at this, but that publication/website is more about depth than breadth (which is of course preferable), but for those of us trying to keep abreast of all the good daily thinking and writing going on it can be difficult and too time consuming to keep track of it all. Who is willing to build an aggregator website that tracks the best of the best of the pro-White/White nationalist blogosphere?

    I’m very impressed by your recent output here Prozium — I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite a long while now. Please keep up the great work in furthering the pro-White cause.

    A few random thoughts/suggestions:

    + Being geographically scattered is a weak point, yes, but also a strength as well…a modern example: notice how the very scattered inhabitants and combatants of very decentralized Afghanistan (who are mostly non-urban villagers/small-towners/medium-sized towners) cannot be easily subdued, taken over, or conquered by the invading Judeo-American-Anglo forces in a country with a population thinly spread over an area about the size of Texas; in fact, fully conquering them entirely is a downright impossibility with such a widely scattered and generally non-urban population. Compare this to Iraq where at least 1/4-1/3% of Iraqis live in the main capital city Baghdad and thus once that city was taken over the entire country is as well (kind of like with France…if you can take the French nerve-center of Paris, the rest of the country falters easily after that). Decentralization and avoidance of overurbanism is a major strength of White Americans (a trait shared with our fellow Whites in Russia and Eastern Europe), one of the only advantages we still have, and it should be cultivated and encouraged as much as possible just as the Founding Fathers preferred – in this respect suburbanization has been somewhat good for White Americans, though now those trends are somewhat reversing as more and more non-White immigrants and a lot of younger American Whites continue flocking to cities for the steady paycheck, the bars/booze, the purdy flashing neon lights, the multiracial ‘vibrancy,’ the general excitement and anxiety of being in very crowded dense environments, and other Jew-induced urban distractions which led to White dispossession.

    We must constantly use the relative decentralization of the USA to our advantage, and also resist the urge of international-urban Jewry to herd us all in to vast cities (Spengler’s decadent ‘Megalopolii’) via the influence of their poisonous mass-media wherein rootless cosmopolitan skyscraper Jews are the undisputed masters of the ‘goyim’ consumerist slaves who then become entirely deracinated from the blood and soil and bounty of the land and are forced in to living in various Jew-approved dense housing units (forcibly urbanized) and in to working almost entirely as underlings for their Jewish bosses (e.g., very similar to what happened in the JEWSSR). Of course not all American cities are like that, not at all, but in the USA and other Jew-dominated nations a great many of them indeed are (especially on the coasts of course).

    Yes, scatteredness and the geographic vastness of the USA poses a problem in terms of on the ground organization, so perhaps one or more pro-White ‘thinker’s colonies’ located in (various and multiple) strategic areas of the USA could be a feasible option for the more bold and outspoken pro-White activists, kind of like informal pro-White think-tank colonies wherein the pro-White thinkers, writers, and activists live within a general area or neighborhood, city block, or even an apartment complex devoid of Jewish landlords?

    I’ve also been thinking recently that a specific area (whether a general region, or a U.S. state, or a single city) ought to be a main gathering place for American pro-White activists to congregate if they feel the compulsion to do so. Every movement needs a strong geographic focal point, specifically a single region or city closely tied to White America, White American identity, the pro-White/pro-Western cause and so on. Possibly like a specific area or neighborhood of Washington DC where the beast could be confronted head-on? Or places with major historical importance to many White America like Charleston, SC or Richmond, VA or another famous Southern city? Or a stretch of counties in other states? Or maybe a centrally located Midwestern town, or city, or region where pro-White activists could congregate from all over the USA and work more closely? Or maybe pro-Whites could sweep in to Detroit and clean that place up again and renew confidence in the capabilities of American Whites? We gain absolutely nothing from running away from it all like cowards and settling in various cabins in remote Idaho and so forth. Just some rather far-out ideas, but very important issues certainly worth thinking about.

    + In terms of organization and networking, why not start up a pro-White networking website (invitation only/screened applicants/etc) similar to Facebook or MySpace where pro-White activists living close to each other could get in touch? It wouldn’t take too much startup capital (hint to the pro-White financial types here) — such a pro-White networking website might be called ‘Whitebook’ or ‘Whiteface’ (ha) or something like that…local/statewide/regional pro-White social networking, economics, White dating/marriage, religion, politics, writing, thinking, art, music, the works. Would have to be very-very careful about membership and website security and such though, watch out for anti-White FED and/or JEW infilTRAITORS.

    + The new website changes are good. Instead of Daedalus/Icarus, I’ve always personally pegged you more as a Prometheus type, or even a Faustian type (minus all the junk about the pact with ‘the Devil,’ etc), more the always striving and knowledge-seeking Faust of Marlowe and especially Goethe. However, Icarus displays many similar qualities to Faust. The re-exploration and reviving of ancient Western mythology is good, especially since quite a large percentage of modern-day Occidentals all over and White Americans (especially younger demographics) have increasingly tenuous ties to Judaeo-Christianity.

    This comment was entirely too long — apologies for the excessive length…time to end it now. Talk to y’all again soon.

  9. Fredrick Braun’s Civic Platform site was one of the best, but he seems to have had a change of attitude and is now promoting the study of the example of Jewish solidarity and the inclusion of like minded Jews in his vision of a WN agenda. When I asked why he pulled his site I received an email telling me he felt it it had become too anti-Semitic and was attracting to many anti-Semites. It sounded to me like he closed it down as a rebuke to the unsavory traffic he felt he was was attracting and as a purge of his own conscience.

  10. White Preservationist,

    Welcome back, we missed you as well.

    I was also away for a while also, and look foward to keeping up with the blog and with our ‘blogfather’ Prozium, err, Hunter Wallace!

    This site is an absolute gem to the pro-White cause, as are so many of its contributors, such as WP, Fred, Tan the man, Admiral, Trainspotter, F. Braun, Mark I, … and many others.

    This blog is going to be the ground zero of European/European-American activism.

  11. I like the name Prozium, and the reference was fully understood.

    It has more resonance with the young and pop culture. I like the idea of doing your own thing instead of having to conform.

    However, if you think it will be more effective to change to something that is perceived as more mature or understandable, I’m not sure that it will be, then it’s worth it.

    The movie speaks to a lot of our modern issues. We live in a dystopia. Racism/discrimination (emotion in the movie) is seen as a sin and the cause of conflict. Political correctness is used to control the people rather than a drug (Prozium). The cult of personality is Obama.

  12. HW,
    I’m glad to learn a little bit of your plans. I would love to help, as I’m sure many others will, also. As to your 3), I don’t expect you to do the things I’ve thrown out above. My point is that there are many possibilities yet too little qualified leadership and coordination. In the beginning, you are the idea man, the editor, floor sweeper and bottle-washer. But as you gather volunteers, you work less on the mundane and more on the intellectual stuff.

    People will contribute if you ask. Set up a section for “projects” and a person to review and coordinate the submittals. TOQ, I believe, tried this one time, but did followed through and reply to submittals or queries.

    As to posting articles, if the site is set up properly, each new article could be posted in a few minutes after it has been edited and approved. For your trusted contributors, they could be given permission to contribute to their section(s) without first going through an editor.

    Have you determined your specific target audience yet, your goals, policies and guidelines?

  13. This site has really taken off in terms of interest. The extra effort Hunter Wallace has put into it has made the difference, but also we’ve developed a great commentariat. One of the things that really helps around here is that we aren’t plagued with the kind of animosity that you see elsewhere. We do have our disagreements and even the occasional flame war but it is kept to a minimum and the quality of posting remains high. The “intellectual dregs”, as someone called them (can’t remember who), don’t really frequent this site.

    PS Thanks Kulaks Never Learn for the compliment. You’ve contributed some very informative posts yourself. I hope we all stick around.

  14. When I asked why he pulled his site I received an email telling me he felt it it had become too anti-Semitic and was attracting to many anti-Semites. – whodareswings

    I recall him saying at MR that he felt like he was saying the same thing over and over again and that the site was too time-consuming to maintain. I don’t recall him saying anything about anti-Semites being the rationale for closing the site. But perhaps that was another reason.

    In any case I am skeptical that we can work with Jews. Although there are racialist sects of Judaism they tend to be pushed to the margins as we are in our societies. Furthermore, any alliance with Jews which preserves the present dominance of Jews over Whites is not acceptable to me.

  15. In terms of the physical design of an aggregative type of pro-White webzine, a good model is Taki’s.

    Others I’ve come across recently include a few [White] male rights aggregates, namely The Spearhead – – and Misandry Review (sort of) – – also check out the following WordPress theme for a similar type of look – – and Reason Radio’s main page – – even VDARE, but of course much more up-to-date instead of all 1998-looking like VDARE still is.

    Notice the physical layout of those sites: multiple daily and/or recent important articles/blogposts are all right there on the front page, only the introductory excerpts are there instead of entire articles, more like a newspaper or glossy magazine than a standard single column blog. People would still keep their separate blogs/webspace of course, but more collaboration is always good.

    Also, a lot more snazzy visuals would appeal to some people who would be drawn in by more vivid colors and interesting pictures instead of being repelled and intimidated by huge and sometimes daunting blocks of pure text. Maybe some of the commenters here are skilled in computer graphic arts and would like to even create and contribute new pro-White art, pictures, and images? Prozium’s recent posts on “North American Whites as endangered species” (great stuff!) is a prime example of that.

    That type of aggregate design is exactly what is needed, and I think it can even be set to update automatically with the selected or affiliated blogs.

  16. I suppose I’m indifferent to the blog changes. It’s totally Hunter’s prerogative. I’m much more interested in the content which has been excellent thus far.

  17. I am usually just a reader – who accidentally woke up last year – I like the name prozium, because when it comes to survival, you need to keep the emotion out of the equation. Y ou also need to attract the youth – “Red Dawn” – young and old understand the concept of that movie. Icarus will not grab the youth! And shoppers would like a kosher tax free product list.

  18. @Rusty great idea of a White news portal website that is relatively mainstream (and I would strong suggest keeping it free of Republican partisanship and Libertarian or Conservative fundamentalism). The Jewish Media is at its weakest moment in modern history right now with the internet; this is a winnable battle. A homeschooling/private school angle that is not exclusively Christian fundamentalist has *unlimited* potential, and would solve the “women problem” of WN.

    It will however, require full time paid staff which means funding and advertising.

    @White Preservationist “a main gathering place for American pro-White activists to congregate if they feel the compulsion to do so.”

    I reiterate my suggestion that Whites make full use of the Constitutional Freedom of Religion and start or join a network (or non-network) of Churches. Unitarian Universalists are mostly far-left atheists but are accepted everywhere because they are a church, and communities understand churches. It’s no problem becoming a legal non-profit, buying property, etc. It’s easy to run a church elementary school and provide a better education than the local public school.

    Churches also has the built in benefit of keeping Jews from even wanting to join. Jews and vampires have the same reaction to crosses.

  19. 12Rusty:

    Very well done.

    The ‘conservatives’ of the past 30+ years, tenured, and in some cases, quite wealthy, have ALWAYS failed, with but few exceptions, to facilitate the second and third-tier actions of the folk; the list is long, and quite lettered.

    Your points, listed above, were dynamic, and quite pragmatic…I know that most of your points are doable…thanks for your presentation.

  20. Thanks, White Non-Conservative. Agree, it should be as big a tent as possible without getting off-message (whatever direction, policies, etc., the publishers decide upon). As to the JQ, I don’t doubt we could use occassional writings from Auster, Sailer, et al., but there would have to be limits to how far the camel’s nose is allowed in.

    However, “It will however, require full time paid staff which means funding and advertising.” may be true in the long run, it is not necessarily true for the first months, and maybe not even for the first couple or three years. Reliable volunteers can be found for a worthy project under good leadership. I have seen it myself: many hours of hard work put into homeschooling, church, baseball, scouting, and a few other orgs I have been involved in, all for the love of it. I don’t believe Lew pays much for his articles and I’ll bet Jones and Rense started out paying their help with the occassional pizza and soda pop.

  21. Oops, tut mir leid, “Frederich.”

    HW, I can do the homeschooling and language-related work, if you decide to do any of that. I already do it every day as a hobby.

    Ich bin bereit, los!

  22. I don’t understand the Church thing, comment #26. That’s the second comment here in which WN-C had put forth that idea, I’ve read both, and still don’t get it. In any case, the Kinists already exist. Aren’t they our kind of Church?

  23. @Rusty The pro-white blogosphere provides top-notch content for free, there’s no doubt about that. I support the idea of strong editorial control, but no idea about financing or non-financing for the writing/content side.

    I do know the technical side, and I have in fact created and built a handful of websites exactly like you are proposing, and I moonlight running some small business websites. There are real fixed costs and volunteer labor in this area is unreliable.

    Running such a site would be my ideal dream job, unfortunately, I wouldn’t dare put my name on such a thing because I’d be immediately fired from my job at the height of my career and perhaps peak of my earning potential. I have a family and responsibilities, I simply could not take the risk. I know this is a problem that has been discussed in these circles before.

    If there was a strong financial basis for such a venture, enough to provide a steady middle class paycheck to three or four staffers, there’s no limit to what could be accomplished. And to fully realize your idea (with the videos, Whitebook, etc.) it would take 3 full time people.

  24. @Fred Scrooby

    I had never heard of the “kinists” so I looked them up. Seems like a nice idea, if there were millions of people going to Kinist meetings ever week it would be great.

    But the White people in America are overwhelmingly “Christian” – religious or cultural – and that has the side of history. Half the people who go to Christian churches aren’t really religious for the most part, it’s the community that matters. There is also a very good organizing model that at least half the Protestant churches use, congregationalism, which is basically federalism.

    The Southern Baptist Convention uses this model, and to this day it’s nearly the Establishment of the south.

    No one needs to get hung up on theology or ideology, our community just needs to have strong churches that support White families and especially White children, and no Jews. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, we already have the model.

  25. in fact, fully conquering them entirely is a downright impossibility with such a widely scattered and generally non-urban population

    Gutter ball. They could very easily be conquered; the will to do it is lacking, or is inhibited by political conscience. Have you ever seen how troops behave in “combat situations” (Taliban potshots in their direction)? Thirty, forty dipshits cursing at each other and trying to figure out if those shadows deep inside the tree-line are the enemy. No special forces; no creativity, no brutality; no will; no allowance for will by the administration or the public narrative. You don’t really believe that a few-hundred irregular enemy combatants are holding down the Coalition forces?

    I mean, all honor to those combatants. But they exist thanks to the lack of will from our side. Carpet-bombing would solve the matter in a week. But, that’s real war. “We” are fighting for “hearts & minds”.

  26. Excellent updates, Prozium—er, I mean Hunter. I prefer the new Classical images. Not entirely sure about the meaning behind the reference to Icarus though. His fate, I hope, is one I’m sure you’ll do your best to avoid. 😉

  27. Well, yes, you are right, a full-blown BBC/Fox type site, would be too hard to get volunteers to man correctly for any length of time. But I still think the simple Lew Rockwell site could easily be handled by a couple-three relatively smart volunteers.

    If the site is not an “up-to-the-minute” daily, then all submissions and technical support work could be done through alias or snail mail.

    On the other hand, if the site is middle of the road with only a slight push in the WN direction (no one has made that decision yet; there could be two or more sites), then secrecy would be of minimal concern to most contributors. If the content appeared similar enough to Savage, Limbaugh, or Rockwell, Baldwin, etc., then many contributors would actually be proud to have their names displayed publicly.

    I think Scrooby’s right: Kinists are “in” but no infighting — big tent theory (VDare, Rockwell). But it’s all in the direction and policies decided upon by the publishers, idinit? That’s what we have been waiting for, and why I myself have moved ahead on my own efforts in an undisciplined fashion: lack of good direction.

  28. A viable homeschooling curriculum would be a huge step in the right direction. Homeschooling is spreading like wildfire as parents grow weary (and wary) of the public indoctrination camps posing as institutions of learning. My wife and I have started the process of researching this option, (we have two young children) and as the above poster alluded to, much of what we’ve found is heavily laden in Christian dogma. Nothing against any Christians here, it’s just not our cup of tea.

    I’d be willing to do whatever I could to help in this worthy endeavor. Hell, this is the best plan of attack I’ve seen come out of this rotten movement in quite some time.

  29. I think we’re overlooking the crucial difference between the WN blog-roll and the jüdische Weltpresse: they are bred for that stuff. One could very safely call it their particular evolutionary niche — “ecological” if we take our surroundings in late capitalist society as a comparable “biosphere”. We aren’t them, so it’s no wonder we can’t do what they do, nor is that our (or Fade’s) fault. They are specialized, we are not. I don’t believe we’re seeing the beginnings of specialization among our own kind; relatively goy-guided media always lack the slick, familiar “objective” tone of Jew-media (cf. CNN / FOX-N) and BBC, lest we forget that the All-Seeing Eye, with its scrupulously “objective” (i.e. liberal-imperialistic) gaze, is a British contribution to the refinements of state control. Besides, the state of affairs in which the Jews and the British media set became specialized is not the same as the present state; just as we don’t see anymore intermediate species between ape and man.

    Great ideas from Rusty — but just because they are ideas, they cannot be made reality, or no time soon.

  30. Western New Yorker,

    Do a lot of searching on Google Books, which gives us access to all kinds of books from the Old World. Primers of Classical Latin? In abundance. Interlinear translations of Homer and Xenophon? ancient geography, history of language, racial classification, etc., etc.? All there for you. My advice: Get a good laser printer and have a blast.

  31. Uh, I’m already doing all the things I suggested above myself. I have a large amount of language and schooling info I have collected over the years, just awaiting a chance to be freshened up and put on display again. Others have large collections of philosophical, historical, and practical articles parked on their computers waiting for another chance.

    I and people such as White Non-Conservative, above, have web templates ready or almost ready to go, especially for a minimalist LewRockwell type site.

    No shortage of good web programmers on the blogosphere.

    And a shortage of men with a well-developed sense of layout, color, and picture appropriateness? Good God, Man, we’re Europeans! No one does aesthetics better.

    And most of us already write quite a bit. We could do even better if we had to meet deadlines and professional guidelines.

    Uh, don’t be such a stick. The whole thing is very doable; I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

  32. Western New Yorker, post your email to and I will send you some of what I have been have for alternative schooling and a classical curriculum. I’m still working on all of it and would welcome help. (The biggest thing that gets me going is demand. No demand: less motivation. If I know think someone might actually be using my work and wants me to expand and improve it, then that provides me more motivation.)

  33. In today’s news…JEWS STILL HATE FREE SPEECH:

    “Jewish group seeks to bar Irving” (October 13, 2009)

    NEW YORK (JTA) — A Jewish group asked authorities in Jackson, Miss., not to host Holocaust denier David Irving.

    The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants on Tuesday asked Mayor Harvey Johnson to bar the controversial British historian from speaking at town hall on Oct. 21.

    “We are shocked and dismayed that a convicted purveyor of hatred could be given such a public platform,” Elan Steinberg, vice president of the Jewish group, wrote in a letter to Johnson.

    White separatists including lawyer Richard Barret, the founder of the Nationalist movement, invited Irving to Jackson as part of a book signing tour, according to the Jackson Free Press.

    Irving has publicly denied the existence of gas chambers at the Nazi death camp Auschwitz.

    In 2004, during a visit to Austria, Irving was arrested and tried by authorities for Holocaust denial. An Austrian judge found him guilty and sentenced Irving to three years in prison. He was released after 11 months and barred from ever returning to Austria. –

  34. I have a large amount of language and schooling info I have collected over the years, just awaiting a chance to be freshened up and put on display again.

    So do I. So does this fat pasty chick doing freelance translations from three dialects of Chinese down the hall from me. My point was simply that the operative factor is not your talent or hers, but the caste scaffolding (essential and historical) which can put it to coherent use. We can’t fake or bullshit our way into an approximation of what they do. Yes, we lack the discipline — but because we lack the race.

    Good God, Man, we’re Europeans! No one does aesthetics better.

    Well, maybe you put your finger on something: many if not most of us are Americans. I suspect you are too. I know you mean that we are essentially European, but it’s precisely that we are not from this or that clique or caste or class trained in professional media, and the professional expression of the message which is bound up with that style of media, that I’m getting at. Maybe, just maybe, creating a political movement isn’t as easy as copy-pasting from the Judenpresse or Christian home-schoolers. Maybe our lack of attractive presentations stems from something deeper than “lack of displine” or internal bickering; maybe it’s part of the nature of our situation and cannot be corrected. Just because it seems within reach doesn’t make it truly within reach or “real”.

    I and people such as White Non-Conservative, above, have web templates ready or almost ready to go, especially for a minimalist LewRockwell type site.

    Well, I can’t argue that a LR-type site is doable. You seem to pare down your expectations the further down in the thread one reads. Anyway, you’re clearly a smart dude, and I would look forward to seeing your project.

    And most of us already write quite a bit. We could do even better if we had to meet deadlines and professional guidelines.

    But there you have the question of caste / class: we are not the deadline-setting, guideline-meeting type. We can’t improvise or pretend to a journalistic culture with real-world or even virtual influence. We do have our own culture, but it isn’t that kind, and we can’t expect it to behave in the same way. Occidental Observer is pretty close — but I can’t hang with the sociologizing of MacDonald and esp. Kurtagic; I want an end to the Eye, a break from its ceaseless interpreting, hussling, hyperlinking and “vectoring”, not the same Eye with a WN contact-lens.

    But, that’s me.

  35. @Rusty and the website idea

    I agree with you, and just think just 3-4 middle class guys could probably run the technical side of something as good as the BBC.

    The writing on this blog is top notch, but the format of the commenting is terrible, and I’m guessing this is google, a Jewish company who has given the ADL literal censorship over many of their websites (including youtube). That’s why an independent online presence would be great.

    To set up a (serious) lewrockwell dot com type site, you are looking at $100 a month to start, and if very successful perhaps max 1k a month in fixed bandwidth/hosting/registration costs. For your three volunteer guys idea, you could get something as good as digg dot com, using various free/open source software.

    You also need at least one person traceable to a bank account to pay the vendors and register various things. Anything even mildly critical of Jews is problematic for a lot of people.

    In fact, check out the digg dot com type site, imagine it moderated by a few people. You can have a homepage full of links and titles/summaries to the various WN blogs, the latest KMac article, and also have moderated discussion from the general web. (Both anonymous/non-registered submissions PLUS moderation is key). If it works, grow it organically from there. That could be done in 6 months tops.

    @Western New Yorker 100% agree with the homeschooling angle, and I would include church schools and neighborhood secular private schools.

    @uh agree about google books, plus we need to get as much of that info independent of that damned octopus , Google Incorporated, the most evil company on the planet.

    As for the church idea, Whites that go to church are fertile and have larger families, are less liberal, and for all the bellyaching about Christianity and immigration, the typical Protestant church in the US is the Whitest social institution left in America. Even the most liberal ones have to go out of their way to get non-Whites to join. Think about that for a second. A boring Protestant church in the US with traditional music and family values is avoided like the plague by Jews and Blacks, Jews out of hatred and Blacks because they have their own Protestant churches. Latinos are Cathoics. See how easy that was? Wouldn’t KM say these churches are “implicitly white”?

    @uh, you almost had me with the caste/professional thing, but you lost me with the rest. I know for a fact that White people can create anything Jews can, and better. I also know that lots of White people have no problem meeting deadlines. The only thing White people lack in competition with Jews is the hatred and lack of human decency and charity. When we can have a Jew-free culture, that’s not a problem.

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