Against Libertarianism

This is the eighth installment in this series.

Lately, I have spoken to a number of budding racialists about their background, and I was surprised to discover the sheer number of them who came out of the libertarian movement. Personally, I have never been a libertarian and have been suspicious about the extremes of liberty since my college days. My own intellectual background is in communitarianism. It is the source of my deep skepticism about liberal political theory. For a number of years, I used the term “racial communitarian” to describe my views. This remains the essence of my philosophical outlook and often shines through in my posts about White Nationalism.

These conversations have convinced me of the necessity of going after libertarianism. The libertarians are diverting a lot of bright, young people into their movement with their false radicalism and populist, outsider style rhetoric. When you look at the American ideological scene, libertarianism has succeeded in positioning itself as the major challenger to the reigning progressive/conservative mainstream.  In my previous post, I pointed to the success of the libertarians in rallying huge numbers of paleoconservatives and White Nationalists behind the Ron Paul movement.

So far, the most popular post I have done on this blog is Stuff Libertarians Hate about the decimation of North America’s indigenous wildlife at the hands of market hunters and private property owners. I have received more positive feedback about those two posts than anything else I have written. It resonated with a lot of my readers because of their background in libertarianism. The myth that a free market is better than state control at virtually every conceivable task has to be shattered.

Looking ahead, I am preparing for an extended, critical engagement with libertarianism over the course of the next year. In 2007, I had a long exchange with Lila Rajiva of Counterpunch about these issues in the first incarnation of Occidental Dissent. I’m planning to write a review of Tyler Cowen’s In Praise of Commercial Culture as part of this series. Further down the road, I will pen an essay on Libertarianism and Racial Nationalism for the TOQ Online essay contest.

In theory, a handful of libertarians could prove useful to us. In my next post, I will have a few comments on using cryptos and moles to undermine rival political movements from within.

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  1. NN:”Convert the military, and you will have a formation with prospects, however dim.”

    Yes, excellent point. In fact, I recommend that all currently unemployed and/or marginally-employed American pro-White activists/White nationalists join the military or the police forces for at least a short 2 years stint in order to pick up some basic combat skills. There has already been quite a bit of that going on since at least the early years of the Bush2 Admin., actually.

    However, once in, do not start immediately trying to spread some basic pro-White views within those institutions; rather, wait at least a few months after basic training, and then very carefully identify potential pro-White sympathizers within the military or police forces — after doing that, seek to start out slowly introducing them to some non-radical pro-White/White nationalist ideas. But make sure to avoid the Neo-Nutzi junk entirely — keep it as professional, rational, and ‘high brow’ as possible. Do not involve any upper-level military officers or police captains in your recruiting efforts, but rather just your other fellow entry-level soldiers or police officers.

  2. “Libertarianism isn’t a threat to the status quo. The libertarians only want a purer, more extreme version of liberalism than the one we have now.”


    Stop lying.

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