Conservatism, The Next Generation

Hat tip: Richard Spencer.

Let me tell you about this new type of conservatism: it’s about embracing feminism, crushing racism, supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, building interfaith alliances, and waging foreign wars on behalf of Israel. This is our mission at the ADL … cough, excuse me … The Edmund Burke Institute!

At a glance, I honestly can’t tell whether or not this is a crypto operation. The cryptos may have been so successful in hijacking the right in general that conservatives now truly believe this stuff. I’ve seen comments to this effect (Hispanics have strong family values) on Free Republic before.

The Board of Governors consists of 5 Hispanics and 2 negroes. There are at least 2 Jews on the Editorial Advisory Board, 1 Hispanic, 1 Evangelical, and 1 Irishman. The founder, Grace Vuoto (Italian, I think), works for the Washington Times. The group’s president, Jeffrey Kuhner (Croatian), also works there. So much for the SPLC’s accusation that the Washington Times is a hotbed of White Nationalism.

We missed the bus on taking over the diseased conservative movement. All we can do now is chart a course beyond it.

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  1. Two can play this game. The Land and Folk nationalist types need to carve ecological conservation, or Deep Ecology out of the ostensible left and make it their own.

    They’ve mangled environmentalism with their phony green consumerism, which is just more population growth, more immigration and more land wrecking consumption, but with eco-friendly packaging on products.

    This greenism sham is a weak point that the ostensible right has thus far neglected to exploit. It’s bad for business after all. The libertarians see carbon tax and eugenics depopulation conspiracies, so they fear conservation.

    It’s a foot in the door for a huge mainstream issue and a natural component for the Land and Folk nationalists. Furthermore, most of the dedicated environmental activists appear to be White Western European people.

  2. Consider the case of LittleGreenFootballs dot com. Supposedly started as a typical football/sports blog and forum, the day after 911 the blogger became an instant convert to Kill All Muslims and War for Israel. Now it seems to have turned into Kill All Muslims, and support social liberalism and Obama in our fight against Muslims in Afghanistan. Anti-racist, pro-feminism, pro-gay, stopping hate against “undocumented immigrants” and of course at the core anti-white.

    Your typical “conservative” White just thinks this sort of rhetoric is the entry ticket to the conversation, so they happily repeat it. To their credit they generally quickly oppose any open anti-white attack.

    Free Republic was an interesting precursor, it was free range right wing until 911, then any criticism of Israel, Jews or the War on Terror was viciously attacked and immediately banned.

    If Obama is a crisis for White America, and Obama is having the affect of raising White racial consciousness, then of course these “conservatives” will be there to siphon off the energy to some diversion.

    Ronald Reagan Conservatism was *always* a globalist, ideological, multi-racial and multi-cultural pursuit, “conservatism” was going to unite the world under free market capitalism and a color-blind meritocracy. Hardly different than their so-called opposition.

  3. @Drifter has the right idea. Environmentalism has always been a White Thing. Immigration is a form of pollution.

  4. Drifter: “Two can play this game. The Land and Folk nationalist types need to carve ecological conservation, or Deep Ecology out of the ostensible left and make it their own.”

    I have a better idea: The neo-nazi party should rename itself Party for the race-replacement of White people. It would send invitations to left-wing nuts and third-world immigrants to come and have a drink at its headquarters. On their arrival, they would be captured and sent to a charter plane bound for Timbuktu.

  5. This “institute” is obviously a fifth-column operation if not a complete sham. The precepts Spencer excerpts read like some sick joke by a bunch of brain-dead leftists. But that gives me an idea: Why not start a Martin Luther King Institute? Staff it with whites and give it a White Nationalist charter. It’s time to bring King’s dream to fruition!

  6. Don’t call this “conservatisn”. At best it’s right-liberalism; it worst its leftist extremism absurdly masquarading as conservatism. Conservatism stands for traditionalism, white supremacy, aristocracy, nature conservation, opposition to useless “innovation”, and the preservation of the national character.

  7. A waste of time. Nationalists will need more than Burkean thinking to defeat our opponents. Conservatives, especially ones who kiss Yid ass, are not up to the task.

    Here is Kuhner this past June (2009), running interference for his Jew masters and peddling the well-worn “spiritual Semites” line:

    “As a Catholic traditionalist, my ultimate allegiance is not to Jerusalem (nor despite all of my love for America, to Washington), but to Rome. Still, as the late Pope John Paul II stressed, the Catholic Church’s covenant with the Jews is eternal. Both Christians and Jews are spiritual Semites; together—for all their historic tensions and animosities—they have built Western civilization. The destruction of Israel will not only be a death blow to the Jews. It will be a death blow to Christendom, fatally severing it from its Jewish roots. Only unity can save the Jews.”

  8. rick,

    That’s a good idea. At the Martin Luther King Institute, we believe racial separatism is the only way to fight the insidious discrimination that is “white privilege.”

  9. Immigration is a form of pollution.

    That is an absolutely fucking awesome t-shirt idea. “Immigration is pollution” or “human pollution” or something like that.

    Has anybody that is slamming Buke here actually read him? John Adams? Russell Kirk even?

    I think a lot of people that slam the o.g. conservatives on WN websites have never even read them. They are profound, important and would be on our side were they alive today. We can’t hold a candle to their brilliance.

  10. Yes. Burke, Donoso Cortés, Maistre, Bonald, et. al. Russell Kirk is interesting purely as an intro though, IMO, not as philosopher. I would argue, conservative thinking is inadequate to the task facing us.

  11. >Conservatives, especially ones who kiss Yid ass, are not up to the task.

    Couldn’t agree more, Admiral.

  12. Yes. Burke, Donoso Cortés, Maistre, Bonald, et. al. Russell Kirk is interesting purely as an intro though, IMO, not as philosopher. I would argue, conservative thinking is inadequate to the task facing us.

    They weren’t facing what we are. Had they been, they would have been on our side. Agree?

  13. The only ‘conservatism’ worth a damn is one based on solid racial/biological principles, i.e. ‘biological conservatism’ — we need more pro-White BIOCONS and fewer pro-multiracial/Jew-first NEOCONS.

    Modern American conservatism has sold out White Americans: too many conservative leaders have placed short-term monetary and political gain over the long-term racial well-being of their fellow Whites. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely their fault though…especially beginning in the 1960s-70s, once Jewry managed to slowly gain massively undue influence over America’s monetary system, the mainstream media, elite academia, the legal system, various governmental agencies, and so on, most American conservatives had no choice but to begin acquiescing to various Jewish demands/threats or else they wouldn’t have been able to gain the necessary funding and media publicity needed for federal and/or statewide election.

    Drifter:”The Land and Folk nationalist types need to carve ecological conservation, or Deep Ecology out of the ostensible left and make it their own.”

    That is exactly what some of us on this website are doing. I agree with the above commenters that the American Right has for far too long neglected environmentalism/ecology in favor of a supposed ‘pro business’ or ‘anything for a buck!’ platform — that clearly needs to change. The ridiculous proclamations of the people who are in favor of endless amounts of mass non-White immigration (on the Right and the Left) can easily be refuted with pro-environmental/pro-sustainability arguments.

  14. Realistically, conservatives support alot of the first-phase goals of White Nationalism. They support immigration reform, defeating (non-white) crime, and defeating the special interest groups entrenched in Washington. They also tend to be against the current (Jewish) financial regime such as the IRS. Objectively, conservatives would agree on these issues. But, these are all secondary to the ultimate goal of providing Whites with their own land and government, free from foreign interference.

    Conservatives will only be of use if we get them to openly acknowledge the importance of race. If that happens the rest of our political program will fall into place very easily.

  15. I’ve stated this here a few times before, but I may as well state it again: in the ‘hierarchy of nation-state,’ the biological as well as sociological realities of race/ethnicity must always trump various political concerns, religious views, social issues, economics, and so on.

    No serious nation-state can exist, nor will it ever thrive, without a stable racial/ethnic basis. All nations or empires which are not based on a realistic and rock-solid racial/ethnic view of history will eventually degenerate in to a semi-anarchic cesspool of squabbling racial/ethnic groups competing for political power or money or cultural influence rather than cooperating for the common racial and national good. Other nations or peoples who are more racially homogeneous easily sense this weakness and backpedaling in regards to immutable racial/ethnic realities and they will then move in to take advantage of the weakened state of the nation, i.e. in the USA we have unknown millions of parasitic Mestizos moving in to leech off our welfare, or various Asiatic groups like Chinese, Koreans, or Indians who also come in here by the millions and snap up prime business and educational opportunities as we American Whites fight endlessly amongst ourselves over inanities like “conservative vs. liberal” or “capitalism vs. socialism” while in the background, slowly but surely, our White racial territory here on the North American continent is under mass-invasion by non-White racial aliens. Even now, according to the latest stats, something like 40% of the children in American K-12 schools are non-White.

    In the past 1-2 generations, as American Whites have increasingly fractured along various political/economic/social/religious lines, we have almost completely neglected to work together to protect and secure the most important thing of all…our permanent racial survival in North America. While various factions of American Whites continue to scream at each other about taxes or abortion or other tertiary social issues, the non-White barbarians have long-since broken down the gate and are in our midst breeding like mad and attempting to claim this continent (our White continent) for the advancement of their own racial/ethnic group(s).

    I am willing to work with any and every political party, social group, religious denomination, and/or economic plan if they too have a non-negotiable racial view of history, society, and politics, and as long as they are fervently pro-White and Jew-skeptical as well.

  16. Recently it was brought to my attention that this blog has been resuscitated and that Prozium expressed an interest in having regular contributors cover matters of interest to Occidentals in America. It was also brought to my attention that it wrong for me to dismiss complain about the current state of Occidental advocacy and discourse while never presenting an alternative. Certainly it is easier to concern myself solely with my own folk and write only in Zyryan but what is easiest my in this instance not be the correct course to take.

    I am currently considering resuming my writing in English within the confines of this site but I am concerned that the positive comments made in defence of paleo-conservative groups like the CofC and AmRen are indicative of a less then fertile clime for my systemic critiques of the current order. I hope I can have Prozium discuss the matter with me in private as I don’t wish to intrude if my perspective is unwanted. I look forward to a response.

  17. Hajo Liaucius,

    I am interested in reading about your people and your perspective.

    I personally don’t mind rational constructive criticism about paleos or any group. What makes CoCC and AmRen valuable to me is not their conservativism, it’s that they are explicitly pro-white.

  18. The inherent contentiousness of white sites and forums should warn us off authoritarianism. Half of us would have the other half shot. Rinse and repeat.

    Vanguardism/Platonism is utopianism, and that’s a manifestation of the underlying psychosis of all liberalisms. Our current Marxist leaders believe they are just such an anointed vanguard. Enough said.

    The Founders had the right idea – constitution, not ideology – and like the Oath Keepers (a pretty amazing and welcome new development, frankly) WN should adopt them as its Founders. However, what they understood implicitly now needs to be made explicit. The Constitution needs to be strengthened, preservation of the white majority addressed openly, the body politic purged of the anti-American liberalism that is destroying it.

  19. Rick: “The inherent contentiousness of white sites and forums should warn us off authoritarianism. Half of us would have the other half shot.”

    I agree with you, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.
    It will be satisfying to shoot a few people anyway.
    I definitely feel like shooting a few people.

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