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As many of you have probably heard, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed Congress and awaits the signature of President Obama. We had to drop everything and act now to stop the epidemic of anti-homosexual hate crimes … of which there were 5 anti-gay murders in 2007, out of 15,707 murders in total. Apparently, the existing laws against homicide weren’t sufficient to deal with the tidal wave of violence directed at this underrepresented class of citizens.

The Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990 requires the Justice Department to keep easily accessible statistics of crimes which “manifest prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.” I’ve posted the 2005 and 2006 numbers of black-on-white interracial rape. In 2006, 32,443 white females were raped or sexually assaulted by black males. Unfortunately, I can’t track down the 2007 and 2008 numbers, as the relevant tables which contain the data are unavailable.

Maybe this is an oversight on my part. I don’t think so. It looks like they quit publishing the data after Auster’s meme about the truth of interracial rape spread around the internet.

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  1. This is the problem with mass democracy. Who in the hell is going to stand up and say they are against making “hate crimes” illegal?

    Of course, intelligent people understand that once the state begins making distinctions among the victims of murder and other violent crimes it is my implication categorizing its citizens on a scale of human value and that, further, under the American federal system, such Federal over-reach has the effect of eroding state sovreignty and increasing the power of the Federal Govt at the expense of the more local, more responsive power.

    And, of course, intelligent people already know that the evil men who murdered this poor boy were caught almost immediately and put to death, so it is obvious that the state couldn’t possibly have done anything further to bring Shepherd’s murderers to justice.

    But, the mass of voters aren’t intelligent people. They won’t understand the above, even if we played a fantasy game and assumed a decent media that would allow a conservative party to get such a message across impartially.

    Instead, it’s “are you against hate or not?”

    It’s an outrage, but look at the bright side: anything that undermines the legitimacy of the current government is a net positive for our side.

  2. In this country, you can be anything but pro-White: gay, lesbian, transgendered, Muslim, Hindu, negro, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, etc. The government will bend over backwards to protect you from “discrimination.”

  3. This is off topic but a commenter posted a mirror site of geocities’ Integral Tradition.I can’t seem to find it.If you posted the site or saved it to your favs could you kindly repost it for me? Many thanks.

  4. The link to Integral Traditions’ mirror site?Anyone?WhitePreservationist I know you have it.Won’t you kindly provide it? Are you angry with a Yankee transpant sullying you beloved Tar Heel state?

  5. #4:Euro — are you taking about http://www.freespeechproject.com/ ?

    I think that is it.

    Nah, I don’t mind some of you refugees from Yankee-Judea coming down here as long as y’all don’t sully our culture and state with far-left race-denying politics, negro-worship, femuhnizm, and so on.

    However, I don’t like how the large number of people moving here have majorly strained the general infrastructure of NC. This state wasn’t at all built to handle as many people who currently live here, with the state roads, water system, sewer system, retail, and so on entirely unprepared to handle the huge influx of troubled Yankee souls who have flocked here in the last decade or two.

  6. “Judonia Rising” is Joaquin Martillo’s Cliff Notes on Jewish power in America which was in preparation before the Mearsheimer and Walt book, The Israel Lobby, was released. Martillo goes beyond the professors and their focus on Capital Hill in mapping the territory. His paper is posted here:
    Martillo is well read and well informed and regularly updates his investigations into Zionist influence here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eaazi/ and here:

  7. I tell people I talk with that someday soon, pedophile will be legalized and that child molesters will be a protected class, much like the gay community is today. They scoff at this proclamation, much like if you told someone back in the fifties that the gay lifestyle would be promoted as it is, I imagine.

    As this liberal moral relativism grows in acceptance, how can anything be off limits?

  8. If I recall correctly, one of the first arguments against interracial marriage was that it was a stepping-stone to gay marriage. People laughed at the idea, but today gay marriage has widespread support. Likewise, I think pedophilia may indeed gain social acceptance if social-liberalism continues to march forward.

  9. Sam Davidson: I have noticed the fringe Left has already put child molestors/rapists in a better position than “racists.” This is a solid step, as the fringe Left is now accepting pedophillia.

    Remember, a measure does NOT have to have popular support (50+% or even 25% for that matter), to get enacted as policy. Many very unpopular policies have been implemented behind the public’s back. This is why Congress is trying to pass the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill. Probably 70-80% are strongly opposed, but they can still get away with it, if they just play their cards right.

    We have truly lost our country! 🙁

  10. Mr. Wallace,

    This is not a post. Just a note on two things under your “Jews” list:

    You do have Michael Bennet listed under Jews as well as Episcopalians and you have reversed name/location of last entry under Jewish mayors.

    Thanks for all your hard work and efforts in furthering the truth and our people!

    Joanne Dee

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