Jewish Power: Campaign Contributions

Guy White is screaming across the blogosphere this morning that the poor, pitiful, misunderstood Jews are the victims of a vicious anti-Semitic blood libel: that Jews “donate 60% of the money” in each American election cycle. This is the “jewel” in the anti-Semitic crown. He tells us that “the claim is as preposterous as their charge that Adolf Hitler forced Aryan women to sexually serve Jewish men in concentration camps.” It reminds him of “claims that Auschwitz had a pool.”

To hear him tell it, his critics are all “Nazis” who believe in a “Jewish Conspiracy.” We’re issuing “naked conclusions backed by no evidence.” We “have no facts.” We are “stuck issuing assertions with nothing to back themselves up.” We’re an incestuous little circle of anti-Semites who only read each other. We never bother to investigate anything “not written on a Nazi blog.” Fortunately, the world has “statistic nerds” like Guy White around to vanquish all of our evil, anti-Semitic lies.

Before examining the substance of his claims, here are a few points that should give the gallery reason to pause:

1.) Guy White is a habitual liar. A few days ago, he made the fabulous claim that I became an anti-Semite after I was rejected from law school; that in my case jealousy of successful Jews was the “cause of hate.” He made every bit of this up. He spun it all out of his own imagination. After I responded to this slander, he made a hasty retreat: deleted the comment and rewrote one of his posts, but left intact the discredited charge.

Earlier this summer, he attributed to me all sorts of positions that I have never held. In that one post, he made over a dozen straw man arguments. It was a warning that he doesn’t know how to reason properly.

2.) Guy White botched the facts in his last post. On a hunch, he claimed that Episcopalians are one of the most liberal groups around. In fact, unlike the Jews, Episcopalians in Congress lean to the right, not the left. The vast majority of Jews in Congress are not “backbenchers.” Eric Cantor, a Jew, is the Minority Whip in the House of Representatives. In 2006 and 2008, Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel ran the DSCC and DCCC respectively. This refuted his claim that Jews are excluded from leadership positions in both parties. He also claimed that successful politicians are all Ivy Leaguers, top lawyers, or wealthy businessmen. As I have shown, he was wrong about that too and much else.

3.) The American Jewish community has powerful, established institutions dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism like the Anti-Defamation League. There is a whole slew of Jewish scholars who fight Holocaust Revisionism. There are even more Jewish anti-anti-Semitic bloggers.

Let’s take Guy White’s argument seriously: if the 60% of political donations figure really is the “jewel” in the anti-Semitic crown, then why hasn’t the ADL or some intrepid Jewish scholar already refuted the claim? I can’t find anything about the matter at the ADL website. Similarly, a Google search turns up nothing. This should raise a few eyebrows.

The 60% Figure

Q: What is the 60% figure?

A: The 60% figure is the Jewish share of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party.

Q: Where does this figure come from?

A: It comes from multiple mainstream sources. This includes a number of Jewish sources.

Jewish Power in America: Myth and Reality by Henry L. Feingold

“The role of campaign contributions given by Jews deserves special mention. Over 60 percent of the campaign funds collected by the Democratic Party and a respectable percentage of Republican campaign funds stem from Jewish sources.” (Feingold, 4)

The Jerusalem Post

“IN THIS CONTEXT, the support of American Jewry is enormously important. Obama would presumably seek to avoid alienating his Jewish constituency, 80 percent of whom voted for him and also contributed more than 50% of Democrat campaign funding.”

Jewish Power by J.J. Goldberg

Jews account for 20% of campaign contributions to the Republican Party. (Goldberg, 277)

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

“Indeed, the Washington Post once estimated that Democratic presidential candidates “depend on Jewish supporters to supply as much as 60 percent of the money raised from private sources.” Other estimates are lower, but contributions from Jewish Americans form a substantial share – between 20 and 50 percent – of the contributions made to the Democratic Party and its presidential candidates.”

The Washington Post

“In states such as Florida and New York, Jewish voters are a large enough percentage of voters to play a crucial role in election outcomes. In presidential elections, Democratic candidates depend on Jewish supporters to supply as much as 60 percent of the money raised from private sources. Any significant reduction in the financial support will weaken Democratic candidates and the Democratic Party organizations.”

The Washington Post

“Jews provided at least half the money donated to the DNC in the 1998 and 2000 election cycles.”

In sum, Jews account for 50% to 60% of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party; about 20% to 35% of campaign contributions to the Republican Party. These numbers can be found in J.J. Goldberg’s Jewish Power, Henry L. Feingold’s Jewish Power in America, Benjamin Ginsberg’s The Fatal Embrace, and many other sources, which I will retrieve shortly, but lack direct access to at the moment. They are repeated across the political spectrum in the mainstream press by Jewish and Gentile scholars alike. No one disputes them … except Guy White.

Fuzzy Math

Guy White has confused campaign contributions, the source of the famous 60% figure, with the total amount of money spent per election cycle. He saw the screaming headline “U.S. Election Will Cost 5.3 Billion” and jumped to the conclusion that all this money was raised by the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Their FEC filings tell a different story. From January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008, the two major parties combined “raised nearly $1.6 billion” and “spent more than $1.5 billion” … not the estimated 5.3 billion. The Republicans raised $792.9 million; the Democrats raised $763.3 million.

If the Jews “donate 60% of the money,” that means their share of Democratic contributions is 457.9 million, not 3.18 billion; their share of Republican contributions 158.5 million or 277.5 million, depending on whether the 20% or 35% figure is accurate.

According to Guy White, there are 5.3 million Jews in America. For the Democrats, that rounds out to $86 per American Jew. For the Republicans, $29 or $52 per American Jew. The median Jewish household income (the highest in America) is $54,000 per year. Now, does that sound even remotely plausible: every Jew spending around $115 per election cycle?

If half the money came from 99% of average Jews and the other half from the top 1%, the average Jew would have to donate $43 dollars to the Democrats and $15 or $25 to the Republicans in every election cycle. That’s $172 for the Democrats; $60 to $100 for the Republicans per household. $232 to $272 combined per Jewish household.

In 2008, individuals could contribute as much as $28,500 to a national party committee, while political action committees (PACs) could contribute up to $15,000.

If wealthy Jews are responsible for .4% to .85% of political donations, as Guy White says, that amounts to $6 to $12.75 million dollars per election cycle. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, his own source, George Soros alone spent $23.5 million dollars in the 2004 election cycle trying to defeat Bush; twice as much as all wealthy Jews combined are supposed to contribute.

Laughable. Absurd.

The Pro-Israel Lobby

Zionism is one Jewish cause among others. Supporting Israel is actually far down the list of concerns of the average Jewish voter. The typical American Jew is far more concerned with domestic issues.

1.) In the 2008 election cycle, there were 13.8 million in contributions from pro-Israel PACs and individuals.  This is up from $7.7 million in 1990.

2.) If wealthy Jews are responsible for .4% to .85% of political donations, this alone is enough to account for all of their spending, which is obviously absurd.

3.) Let’s compare pro-Israel spending to other ideological causes:

– In 2008, $1,813,083 was spent on “gay and lesbian rights”

– In 2008, $57,919 was spent on gun control.

– In 2008, $2,397,743 was spent on gun rights.

– In 2008, $5,608,473 was spent on the environment.

– In 2008, $1,358,153 was spent by pro-life groups

– In 2008, $3,252,829 was spent by pro-choice groups.

– In 2008, $7,723,141 was spent on “human rights”; this includes the “gay and lesbian rights” cause.

– In 2008, $3,931,547 was spent by groups trying to influence foreign and defense policy.

– In 2008, $19,930,824 (a bit more) was spent on “women’s issues.”

4.) Clearly, it pays for Senators and Congressmen to be on the right side of the Israel/Palestine issue. There is no countervailing force opposing the Israel Lobby.

5.) In Jewish Power, J.J. Goldberg cited a study done in 1990 that found a significant positive correlation between the voting record of Senators and campaign contributions from Jewish donors.

6.) Lawyers/Law Firms contributed $233,499,989 in the 2008 election cycle. According to Guy White, Jews are 30% to 50% of elite lawyers, but are responsible for $6 to $12.75 million in campaign contributions at maximum.

7.) Jews spend the vast majority of their money on domestic issues. Internal polling consistently shows that Israel isn’t the number one concern of American Jewry.


Jews account for 60% of campaign contributions to the Democratic Party; 20% to 35% of contributions to the Republican Party. These figures come from respectable mainstream sources (including Jewish scholars), not from the paranoid imagination of anti-Semites. I have demonstrated they are entirely plausible.

Jewish political influence is exaggerated far out of proportion to their actual numbers by their considerable wealth. The ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the American Jewish Committee and so on don’t even bother to deny this. Why is that? Because it is true.

Guy White is suffering from a personal hangup. Whatever it is, possibly a Jewish spouse, relative, or friend, it drives him to mendacity on the Jewish Question. This latest post (his worst yet) exposes him as an unreliable dissimulator.

Update: Re: DNC and RNC Chairs.

G.W. writes: “In their gut, the AS realize that the total absence of Jews in the highest positions of political power (President, Vice President, House Speaker, Majority/Minority Leaders in the House and Senate, RNC and DNC chairs.”

Ed Rendell (Jew) used to be the DNC Chairman. Ken Mehlman (Jew) used to be the RNC Chairman. Guy White: wrong on the facts, again.

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  1. Well the Democrats don’t support Israel so that kindov ruins your theory about Jews operating in cohesion.

    I shook hands with Ed Rendell btw. He’s technically not Jewish because his dad is a Jew, not his Mom.

    Never mind the previous comment that I put in the mod queue.

  2. The Democrats are only slightly less pro-Israel than the Republicans. It is like the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Since Obama became president, there hasn’t been any fundamental change in U.S. policy towards Israel.

  3. $13.8 million is sufficient to tilt Congress in a pro-Israel direction. Why spend more than that? Unlike the “gun rights” or “pro-life” groups, who spend far less, the pro-Israel constituency faces no real opposition.

  4. Hunter,

    Not only do the Jews contribute a lot of money, they are very effective with that money.

    They don’t merely support a cause by writing a check. They send money and then become intimately involved with the person or organization to influence decisions and actions. They ONLY support a person or organization that they can control in a meaningful way.

    We should learn from this.

    Sherwood Smith

  5. “It is one of the wort-kept secrets in Jewish politics that campaign contribution is a major key to Jewish power. Strikingly, almost none involved in the process – donors, fundraisers, candidates, monitors – are willing to talk about it on the record.” – Goldberg, Jewish Power, p. 266

    Goldberg is evidently a Jewish Nazi.

  6. “The typical American Jew is far more concerned with domestic issues….Jews spend the vast majority of their money on domestic issues. Internal polling consistently shows that Israel isn’t the number one concern of American Jewry.”

    Good point. Mainstream conservative and neo-con media are overwhelmingly concerned with foreign policy issues, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the impending campaign against Iran. Just watch FOX news. For neo-con Israel-Firsters, this diversion is for Israel’s benefit. For respectable conservatives, however, who know they have been emasculated at home, this is a chance to prove their machismo on foreign battlefields and let off some aggression.

  7. “… that in my case jealousy of successful Jews was the “cause of hate. …”

    Gee, it seems like the only person(s) who are *jealous* of ‘jews’ is Goy White and his band of sycophantic little philo-semites –

    “As Sunic points out, in both Europe and America, White attitudes towards Jews have come to be defined in modern times by mendacity and intellectual servility. Faced with a political, academic, and media establishment — the current masters of discourse — configured around a colossal concentration of Jewish power, Whites have not only trained themselves to avoid Jewish wrath by keeping any critical opinions about Jews to themselves, but they have also learnt to curry Jewish favor by flaunting their admiration for Jewish superiority and achievement, by piously demonstrating their conformity to Semitically-correct cognitive structures, and by loudly championing Jewish causes — even when these run directly counter to White interests. Sunic correctly suggests that, in as much as this fuels Jewish hubris, such an unhealthy relationship approaches a limit where it exists one crisis away from detonating into violent anti-Semitism.”


    All this fits you to a “T”, ‘Goy White’, you little whiny bitch.

  8. Guy is kooky in exactly the same way Auster is.

    Rather than simply making his argument, laying out his facts and numbers, he’s constantly shadow-boxing with and reading the minds of “the anti-semites” – a group he obviously considers monolithic and subhuman, and hates very intensely. Like Auster, he never gets anywhere near as unhinged when discussing anti-Whites.

  9. ” Well the Democrats don’t support Israel so that kindov ruins your theory about Jews operating in cohesion.”

    Laugh out loud! How could you type that in with a straight face?

    Remember a few years ago when Nancy Pill-osi went before the Big Jews at AIPAC and stated that “The United States will stand with Israel now and forever. Now and forever”?!?!?

    Notice the usage of the term ‘forever’, hmm I guess that means Jews are morally perfect beings that are incapable of launching moral outrages in the future even…

    Then there is this:

    Youtube – Barack Obama at AIPAC:

    PS don’t forget that David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are Zionist Jews (heck it is even rumored that Emanuel served in the IDF in the early 1990s!)

  10. In his post on congressional staffers, Guy White says the average Jewish SAT score is 1.43 standard deviations above the mean. How did he get this? He got the mean SAT score for Jews in 2001 and converted it using a table valid only for SAT scores before the 1995 recentering. Guy White then used this to calculate that Jews comprise 40% of those scoring in the top 1% on the SAT.

    Steve Sailer just had a post which said that in 1990 the average SAT score for Jews was 1030. Using Guy White’s IQ conversion site, this is 0.56 standard deviations above the mean.

    Regarding those with IQs in the top 1%, assume there are 200 million whites and 6 million Jews in the United States. Assume the distributions of white and Jewish IQ are normal, the white mean is 100, and both distributions have a standard deviation of 15. The threshold for an IQ in the top 1% is approximately 135. I have seen estimates for the mean IQ of American Jews range from 107 to 115. If the mean Jewish IQ is 115, 21.8% of those with an IQ over 135 are Jews. If the mean Jewish IQ is 110, 12.7% of those with an IQ over 135 are Jews. If the mean Jewish IQ is 107, 8.6% of those with an IQ over 135 are Jews.

  11. The ‘Goy’ politicians are bought for literal peanuts by organized and unorganized Jewry, and the pay off is huge: control of the money system (the Federal Reserve), control of the political system/scam, largess for Israel by the billions, etc., ad nauseum. But never fear, the patriotards are still permitted to innocently wave flags, and hide behind them, while their nation is looted and wrecked.


    I know it’s off topic, but this article is unbelievable. There is “widespread concern” that “only” 13 percent of Princeton students are Jews. Rabbi Julie Roth says “I would love 20 percent” and says “there is a lot more work to be done.” She met with the Dean of Admission and “devised a ‘multi-year and multi-pronged’ recruitment strategy” to increase the number of Jews at Princeton.

    What group is the most underrepresented at elite universities? Non-Jewish whites. See Old Atlantic Lighthouse on the Slicer Coalition.

  13. There is “widespread concern” that “only” 13 percent of Princeton students are Jews.

    Hmm, it sounds to me like there is a massive program of ethnic/religious discrimination going on at Princeton in favor of Jews and against non-Jews. This must be the case, since Jews are only 2% of the U.S. population. What other conclusion could be reached?

  14. I guarantee you that this clown “Guy White” is either partially Jewish or has a Jewish wife/girlfriend.

    Ask him about this and see what he says. 😉

  15. Guy white should be regarded as an infiltrator of some kind. His efforts to defend Jews go beyond naive philo-Semitism.

  16. “Well the Democrats don’t support Israel so that kindov ruins your theory about Jews operating in cohesion.”

    They don’t? Please name the Democrat big wigs who’ve called for an end to financial and military aid to Israel. Show us where the DNC has issued anti-Israel diatribes and are formulating a national policy inimical to Israel’s interests? Pelosi, Reid and others routinely pay obeisance to Israel at AIPAC dog and pony shows.

    You’ve learned some bad habits from Guy Blight. Namely, making unsupported claims.

  17. Don’t forget that Sen. Harry Reid’s wife is ethnically Jewish, and that Rep. Nancy Pelosi is widely regarded as being a Marrano.

  18. Good point about the Jew-drenched Ivies, Z.O.G. Whites are the only group that goes underrepresented, and is supposed to be too deficient to merit population-parity numbers. Even blacks and Hispanics are presumed to deserve representative or near representative numbers.

    No one raises an eyebrow over the gross over-concentration of Jews and Asians at elite schools. If whites excel in some area and NAMs are crowded out, it’s default “oppression” and “white skin privilege.” When Jews and Asians crowd out whites, the default is “Oh, they just work harder.”

    Whites are the only group that can be squeezed out to sub-population representation, while every other group demands population parity. (Except Jews, who are allowed obscene over-representation and who form groups and organizations to FURTHER leverage their economic privilege with ethnic nepotism and networking.)

    Whites had better learn to Jewjitsu the liberal system at every opportunity. If Jews are 2% of the population, they should have 2% of the slots at the Ivies. Ditto for Asians. We need to call the bluffs of the JewLibs, and use even dishonest means–especially if we can grab more power for ourselves and weaken the liberal system at the same time.

    Ultimately, we can’t afford to be so goyische (nice, fair, honest, etc.) about the struggle for power in our own societies. Ultimately, this is about money, power, and pussy, and we’ll be out of the game entirely if we’re too Aryan (“noble”) to get dirty. We need to get in touch with our inner Jew, and harness his tactless aggression and shameless disregard for consistency in order to further pro-white ends.

    I hate to sound like Tony Montana, but this is about money, power, and pussy–in that teleological order.

  19. Z.O.G. do you have any links to your assertion that Pelosi is a crypto-Jew?

    I am just sort of curious, believe me I think it is entirely possible, especially given the existence of types like Madeline Albright and Wesley Clark who ‘just happened’ to find out they were Jewish. (Yeah right, they knew it all along and were busy going about the Zionist Occupied Governments work the whole time!)

  20. My views have evolved considerably, not to the wn position and not to the ‘Jews have no influence’ position.’

    I think it’s fair to say that an ethnocentric group of politically active Jews are rigging the finance system, controlling money and credit and using it to influence both sides.

    For this to happen, the majority of Jews don’t have to be actively on board.

    The Jewish question makes more sense when you frame it in a greater critique of finance capitalism and politically motivated Jews as opposed to portraying it as being a ‘democratic centralist ethnocohesion.’

    When you use Hitler or Kevin Macdonald (not to compare the two) as the starting point, it obscures things, because everyone knows Zionism is a political ideology as is Jewish liberalism, not a confirmation of predestination based on non-religious factors.

  21. Regarding the Democrats and Republicans on Israel, it’s pretty clear that Republicans are fanatically pro-Israel except for the Paul supporters. Democrats appease the Israel lobby but without the same enthusiasm.

    Polls shows that at the rank-in-file level, there’s a difference. In short, white gentile christians who vote Republican are more pro-Israel than Democrats. The leaders however get Jewish donations.

  22. Jews contribute because they have the money to contribute; worse, than just being poor, is the fact that the people with the money -control everything. M.A. Bauer could have said give me control of the money and eighteen million Jews to distribute it to and I will rule the world.
    And so it goes. Those who have the money can and do rule the world. The Family Rothschild and eighteen million Jews rule the world.

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