Leonard Zeskind in DC

Leonard Zeskind, our professional monitor, was recently in the DC area and gave a talk about White Nationalism to a local anti-racist group. A few comments:

1.) Zeskind describes himself as “a life-long activist in repairing a badly torn world.” This phrase is no mistake. It is a reference to the Hebrew concept of “tikkun olam” which means “repairing the world.” It is the non-violent Jewish version of “jihad” against outsiders. In other words, Zeskind clearly sees his anti-racist activism as being closely tied to his Jewish identity. Unlike Tim Wise, I will give him honesty points for being open about this.

2.) Zeskind pointed out that White Nationalism actually has a large base for a social movement.

3.) Zeskind disputed the stereotype that White Nationalists are all tobacco chewing, lower class rednecks. In fact, the overwhelming majority of these people (who are not internet savvy) have never heard of White Nationalism.

4.) Zeskind claimed that White Nationalism lost the battles of the civil rights era. I have to dispute this characterization. The latest incarnation of White Nationalism didn’t emerge until the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. White supremacists lost the battle to defend Jim Crow. They wanted to preserve White dominance over a multiracial society. This has never been our goal.

5.) The Civil Rights Movement was led by Jews. This isn’t a “conspiracy.” It is a historical fact. Jews were prominent in organizing, financing, and leading the NAACP through those controversial years. Jews played a major role in the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and attacking Jim Crow in the federal courts. The majority of the Freedom Riders were Jews. Jews financed MLK’s SCLC and were vastly overrepresented in SNCC. This is acknowledged by mainstream historians.

Jewish social scientists popularized the notion that race doesn’t exist in anthropology and psychology. Jewish academics and journalists popularized the concept of “racism” and used it to explain racial inequality. Their research was the basis of the Brown decision.

American racialists haven’t traditionally been anti-Semitic. This only changed in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement when Jewish involvement was so obvious and undeniable that the Jewish Question became a permanent fixture on the racialist scene.

6.) WASP decline is a historical fact, not a myth. See Eric P. Kaufmann’s The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. A WASP elite controlled America until the mid-twentieth century. That elite has since been totally displaced by a multiethnic one in which Jews are vastly overrepresented. WASP decline was a precursor to the White racial decline we are now experiencing.

7.) Zeskind acknowledged that White Nationalism is a future oriented movement. We’re looking ahead to 2042 and beyond when Whites will be a degraded racial minority like their counterparts in post-apartheid South Africa.

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  1. The Jews have always used their money to buy influence. Now, I don’t fault them for this, I fault the bought/sell outs. This is how they took over New York’s City Hall. They bought (bribed) the Irish fools (when you let go of such great power there is no other label for you) who had been running the place before them. Ditto with Chicago. Probably Boston, too, to a lesser degree. They donate, they complain, they act. And, they also overwhelmingly help their own (as a former New Yorker employed by many Jews), I saw first-hand how they look out for one another. They do everything they need to do to be their own bosses. When will the rest of us learn how to do this for ourselves?

    Anyway, although there are some really good Jews out there, most of them are self-serving, egotistical inbreds who do nothing for anyone unless it serves them in the end. They are their own worst enemy, they learn nothing from history, and most of their being “scapegoated” (as they like to call it), is self-inflicted and justified.

  2. “[Southern Jim-Crow-era] White supremacists […] wanted to preserve White dominance over a multiracial society.” ( — from the log entry, item #4)

    No. They would have shed no tears had the Negroes all quit the South for the North, or for Africa or anywhere else. In fact they encouraged their departure: remember the “reverse freedom rides”? But as long as the Negroes were among them, and in such numbers, they were saddled with a situation they had to deal with the only way that made life livable for them, namely Segregation. The North had it too, but the de facto version. Israel, the country so beloved of all these Jews who rammed integration down the rest of our throats, practices both de facto and de jure segregation. To the hilt. But don’t expect any denunciations thereof from Abe Foxman or Morris Disease.

  3. Israel, the country so beloved of all these Jews who rammed integration down the rest of our throats, practices both de facto and de jure segregation. To the hilt.

    Segregation of Jews and non-Jews, that is. To the hilt.

  4. “We’re looking ahead to 2042 and beyond when Whites will be a degraded racial minority like their counterparts in post-apartheid South Africa.”

    Here is the central problem of white nationalism — most white Americans live in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods, census tracts, and municipalities. They send their kids to white schools. In many qualitative ways their lives are worse off than those of their parents or grandparents, but on a purely material level, they’re generally just as good and often a lot better. Their minimal interactions with non-whites occcur almost exclusively on white territory, and these are usually unremarkable, and seldom worse than slightly annoying experiences. Their interactions with Jews are even more minimal and unobjectionable. To the extent they have the opportunity to get angry at the world order, it has to do with ridiculous news and obnoxious cultural developments that they see on TV or read about online.

    One thing they do have experience with is paying taxes and not getting much in return. Hence, the popularity of contemporary Republican swill.

    I see in the long-term a possible breakdown along the lines that white nationalists predict, but this is way, way off. The biggest thing pushing whites into multiracial territory is globalization forcing kids to move as young adults from rural areas to big metro areas. But even in the metro areas, they move to their own neighborhoods, own schools, for the most part. Few white people have had the misfortune of being stuck working with a whole bunch of non-white coworkers, or living in a mixed neighborhood. Will it be this tolerable in 2042? Not at all. But I don’t see how that it will be bad enough that the radical white nationalism talked about here becomes a mass movement. It is much more likely that there will be a CONSERVATIVE revolt before them, leading to an end to immigration and affirmative action. Which will in turn reduce white anger considerably. Or there could even be a scenario were breaking up the country starts to make sense to both liberal-multiracialists and white conservatives. One thing no one ever talks about how blacks and Hispanics are unlikely to ever have more than a handful of members in the Senate, regardless of what the overall demographic mix of the country is. And amazingly that is the one part of the Constitution that CANNOT be conventionally amended , that is, each state must have two senators, no more or less. Only an agreement by EVERY state would allow changing that so California or Texas gets 10 or 12 Senators, and the small white states get only one.

    THAT is the one provision I see keeping whites in power at the federal level, that conceivably could lead to liberals/Jews/minorities/globalists tolerating the idea of letting the “reactionary” states leave the USA.

  5. 2.) Zeskind pointed out that White Nationalism actually has a large base for a social movement.

    Yep, it sure does. And this is what keeps Zeskind and his tribe lying awake at night. 😉

  6. White Advocate: “I see in the long-term a possible breakdown along the lines that white nationalists predict, but this is way, way off.”

    We’ll see. You make some legitimate points, but it seems like what you write is more applicable to 1989, or even 1999. Things have changed A LOT in just the last decade or so. The demographic tidal wave proceeds apace, the economic contraction proceeds apace, the cultural breakdown proceeds apace. I’m not sure that a resolution to this is “way, way off.” Maybe, but I rather doubt it.

    I don’t think most whites are nearly as comfortable as you seem to think. A lot are…but a lot aren’t. It only takes a small percentage to create real turmoil. What strikes me most is that the government is losing legitimacy amongst lots of normal, “respectable” types. Even many of the ones that are quite comfortable, not to mention the ones that aren’t.

    I’ve seen anger directed at government, and of course disgust. I remember well the early nineties and the anti-Clinton fervor. But this is different, not just in degree but in kind. More and more people simply have no respect or trust in our government at all. Again, it’s not just anger, it’s a crisis of legitimacy. For a seemingly growing number of people, it just doesn’t feel like “our” country anymore.

    Combine that decreasing level of legitimacy with the numerous curve balls that are coming our way, curve balls that the Kwa almost certainly will not be able to handle properly, and I seriously doubt that we’re going to have to wait forty or fifty years for this thing to play out. But again, we’ll see.

  7. “It is much more likely that there will be a CONSERVATIVE revolt before them, leading to an end to immigration and affirmative action.”

    The problem with this is that, given the rapidly changing demographics in play, the leftists will push back. Big time. Back in the early nineties, we had the year of the Angry White Male (not man, just “male”). We could still have that again…but the leftists and non-whites would push back. Hard. Much, much harder than they did back in the nineties. They are feeling their oats, they can see their rising strength every time they walk out their front door. And they have elected Obama, something they will never forget. They aren’t going to roll over, that’s for sure. And the, er *cough*, Jews who lead them are as entrenched as ever.

    That may be when things get interesting. One thing you can always count on: conservatives will fail. Even if they manage some great success, they will figure out a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This is why White Nationalism is so important – conservatism can’t win.

  8. Trainspotter, you’re right there is a lot of anger. What I don’t see much of is anger of a racial nature, the kind of stuff that readers of AmRen and VDare and this blog get riled up over. But who knows. Maybe there is some subconscious resistence to deplacement going on. Even though the anti-immigration activists insist, even to themselves, that they are just against “illegal” immigration and “lawbreakers,” perhaps in fact there is an underlying reaction to losing power and having their communities turned over to an alien culture that breeds lots of trouble.

    And of course it true that liberals will push back. My impression though is they know not to push too hard, and this is testament to the fact that they are afraid of how whites act when they are angry and not complacent. I was kind of amazed this summer at how quickly not just Obama but the liberal media backed down from giving whitey a “teaching moment” during the Skip Gates affair. For the most part everyone backed off as quickly as possible from demonizing the cop, except for a few ultra liberal and black columnists here and there.

  9. Advocate, you’re right that the Skip Gates thing was interesting. The leftists did back off. I think the reason that they did so was because their fundamental interests were not being threatened. They did a cost/benefit analysis and decided that it wasn’t worth it. The cop was basically a lib, Obama clearly had his foot firmly in mouth, and it was best to let the whole thing run its course and blow over. A beer or two and done, no need to dwell. Had the cop been a Southerner, I suspect the treatment would have been different. But he wasn’t.

    If the conservatives tried to do anything real, anything substantive – like truly clamp down on immigration – well, I don’t think that the left and non-whites will be quite so pliable. They see the country as theirs for the taking. They have a sense of place, a sense of ownership. I’m convinced that they can feel it, just as we increasingly feel our impending dispossession.

    And you are right that the resistance to Obama has not taken on an explicitly white character yet. But it is a case of implicit whiteness, and it could become explicit over time. I realize that lots of people are severely brainwashed, but more and more have to notice that it is only whites who show up at the protests. The lines of conflict are slowly but surely forming in more and more minds. Sure, many will still fall all over themselves if a token negro shows up, but that’s got to be wearing a little thin these days. And with the media screaming that the white people showing up at these protests are “racists,” well, some of them may start believing it themselves.

  10. “They aren’t going to roll over, that’s for sure.”

    Agreed. The idea that leftists and non-whites are simply going to hand over power peacefully as part of a democratic process, is naive. The Marxists see their power as permanent. They are seeking permanent hegemony. That is why any White action must have as its goal a power grab, a coup, a revolution–with all the force and violence such an objective implies. As I’ve said before, the future is open-ended and unpredictable and who knows what opportunities will present themselves to us in coming years. We must be ready to seize them. Stay alert.

  11. The only “power” the left has is that which has been given by whites.
    The glue that bonds the system together is white cooperation.

  12. HW,

    Methinks you’re splitting hairs on point (4). Although what you have written is technically correct it is still the case that [American] White Nationalism is the direct descendant of the same White supremacist mindset that lost the battles of the 60s/70s.

  13. Another professional monitor, Abe Foxman, inteviewed by Haaretz:

    In general today, one of the long-term challenges for the American Jewish community is evident in demographic forecasts that predict that in two or three decades, certain minority groups are expected to become a majority in the United States. A recent ADL poll showed that 12 percent of Americans hold anti-Semitic views – but among African-Americans, the figure is 28 percent, and among foreign-born Hispanics it is 35 percent.

    “If 20 years from now the largest caucus in Congress is Hispanic, they will have a great deal to say about where foreign aid goes,” says Foxman. “On church-state issues and all kinds of social issues – some of which impact directly on the Jewish community and some indirectly – they will have a great influence. We are working on it now, so as they become the majority force, there is a sensitivity, a relationship. It’s a major challenge.”

  14. I fail to see how WN’s lost in the civil rights era when we didn’t even show up to the fight. There really was no organized WN movement at that time and we are still in the recruiting phase of our embryonic movement. I was attracted to WN in the late 90’s by the ability of some of its leading proponents (Pierce, Linder) to skewer both the anti-white left and the raceless right. I used to be a John Birch Society supporter but their failure to address racial issues and blind support of Israel caused me to jump ship.

    The recent widespread backlash against Obama and the rest of the corrupt D.C. gang is rooted mostly in economics and I just can’t get excited until hundreds of thousands march for an end to affirmative action, deporting illegals, and at least a 10yr moratorium on legal immigration. I do feel that most of tea partiers would be receptive to a white nationalist agenda and just need a nudge in the right direction .

    The tea parties were no less than 90% white and if anything this proves that the principles we cherish aren’t shared my most non-whites. I just hope this fact wasn’t lost on people who participated in these events. When was the last time you saw a second amendment rally organized by blacks, Asians, and Muslims?

    Zeskind and his ilk seem to be willfully blind to the fact that the majority of non-Jewish white elites are seemingly indifferent to the welfare of their own people. Were this not the case then our borders would be closed and affirmative action would have ended during the 1994 so called “Republican Revolution”. Most of the white middle and lower class was on board but we were betrayed yet again by our “leaders”.

  15. So, you really think that Tikkun Olam is a Jewish jihad, but without the violence? Then you guys are bigger idiots than I thought. Tikkun Olam is the practice of doing good deeds and following G-d’s commandments (mitzvot) to heal the world, according to Jewish lore, is broken and only good deeds can heal it.

    Know I do to advance the cause of Tikkun Olam? I go to shul weekly and volunteer (with my shul) at several local charities. And I give Tzedaka too. That’s ALL it is.

    It never ceases to amaze me how you folks can read things into our tradition that we don’t see ourselves. Show the passage in the Torah, Talmud, or Kabbalah (hell, I’ll even accept the Zohar) were Tikkun Olam is defined as “Jewish jihad against outsideres, only non-violent”.

  16. Jewish “good” is different than gentile “good.” So naturally your healing the world is different from what gentiles view as healing the world. So in essence what you have is a nonstop jihad on the gentile world.

    For example, Tikkun Olam was undoubtedly a driving force behind the Jewish-led war against abortion restrictions. Did Roe make the world a better place in Jewish eyes? For the most part, sure. But for aware non-Jews, it is an open sore in the world.

    The same can be said for Jewish support of open borders and multiculturalism.

    In essence, our healed world is the opposite of your healed world. God didn’t send his only Son to die just for kicks.

  17. Hey Reb Yid.

    How about doing some Tikkun Olam – good deeds and expose the blatant anti White news/Jews coverage of violent crime in America? Vicious, hateful crimes against Whtie Americans by Blacks – these crimes are heavily censored in the Jewish dominated media (NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, 3 networks, CNN).

    My biggest beefs with the American Jewish community is Jewish domination of US media and Jewish support for virtual open borders immigration in to the US, the White West, while the same Jewish American community turns around and promotes Israel, occupied West Bank as a Jewish ethno state.

    Why can’t America build Israeli style walls to keep out 3rd world immigrant invaders?

  18. LandShark: Really? Explain these two things to me:

    How is “Jewish good” different from “Gentile good”? Keep in mind you owe most of your traditions, including organized charity and widespread social programming, to us.

    And tell me again how Roe v. Wade was Tikkun-Olam-motivated? I rather think that that decision was motivated by simple liberal sentiments, rather that “Jewish jihad”.

    Frankly, I think you need to lighten up a bit here. Though there certainly are bad Jews, not everything we Jews do is bad. And again, I hate when you folks assume you know the Jews better than we know ourselves. You don’t.

    Mr Ryan: You do realize that I can’t do a damn thing about whatever the media refuses to broadcast. The Jews are not one giant clique, where everyone knows everyone. I can do no more about this than you can, and frankly, I’ll stick to my current Tikkun Olam activities: volunteering at charities, going to shul, and doing tzedaka.

    Apparently, the reason America can’t build Israeli-style walls is because the Mexicans aren’t rabid America-haters whose G-d-given mission is to kill any American they see. But then again, I don’t live in America, so I’m in no position to judge.

    Keep in mind, I don’t hate you folks. I just want to know why you don’t like us. I can’t wrap my head around it, and anyone who studies Judiasm will find it very hard to dislike.

    Jews have done bad things, Christians have done bad things, Muslims have done bad things. It’s just you seem to pay attention to ours with more frequency.

  19. “I just want to know why you don’t like us. I can’t wrap my head around it”

    Truer words were never spoken. That’s why a “dialogue” with you people is impossible.

    We are incompatible. Let’s separate!!

  20. Are all Jews bad? No, obviously.

    It is conceivable that we could coexist with the Jewish minority. The black minority isn’t so bad either. I will grant that 1 out of 10 to maybe 2 out of 10 Jews fit this description.

    At the same time, I will argue that 3 out of 10 to 4 out of 10 Jews are activiely hostile to their host countries. The rest are moderates who will usually go along with the hostile class of Jews in the name of Jewish solidarity.

    What do we mean about a hostile class of Jews? Suppose you were to import a minority of White Nationalists into Israel. The WN minority spends its time denigrating Jews, demanding special privileges, denying that Israel is a Jewish state, hijacking institutions and using them to deconstruct Jewish identity, and lobbying for open borders to dilute Israel’s Jewish minority.

    Then the WN minority incredulously asks: why do you hate us? Why do you resent the Jews? Not all Jews are bad.

    Sure, but that doesn’t mean Israel wouldn’t have a WN problem, a hostile group of aliens who do not identify with the Jewish majority, and who are openly antagonistic to Israel’s Jewish character, and whose actions are doing great damage to its ethnic and cultural integrity, and stirring up resentment against Whites as a group.

    In such a situation, it is conceivable that some Israelis might start thinking that Israel would be better off without the White Gentile minority, and that putting up with the “good Whites” isn’t worth the cost of tolerating the anti-Semitic WN minority.

    So that’s why you are hated by anti-Semites. That’s why there are so many anti-Semites instead of, say, anti-Apacheists or anti-Eskimoists.

  21. Reb Yid,

    just go live in Israel. You got it all back in the 40s. The problem is equality. You seek it everywhere you are a minority and enforce brutal domination everywhere you are a majority. The OT is as good a record of that as any other.

  22. Israel is not their “homeland”. Israel is their staging area. (I stole that from some-one – can’t remember who – but it’s flawless)

  23. “[Southern Jim-Crow-era] White supremacists […] wanted to preserve White dominance over a multiracial society.” ( — from the log entry, item #4)

    No. They would have shed no tears had the Negroes all quit the South for the North, or for Africa or anywhere else. In fact they encouraged their departure: remember the “reverse freedom rides

    You don’t understand, the north is not our society. yankees turned negros into a problem and it seems fitting that negros go live among yankees

  24. Barb: Wow. You don’t answer my question and then you attack me. Very mature of you.

    But to rebut: It seems to me that you’re saying: “in order for us to talk like equals, you must hate yourself”. Sorry, no. If you can have your white pride, then by G-d I will have my Jewish pride.

    As to your other point, I fully agree that we are incompatible. So how ’bout you head on back to Georgia, or Idaho, or wherever it is you sprung from. Because I sure as hell ain’t leavin’.

    Mr Wallace: Tell me, how exactly is it good for the Jews if we actively try to sabotage the countries in which we live? I can’t really understand that.

    But hey, you know us better than we know ourselves, right? I’m sure you’ll be able to find a rationalization– excuse me, explanation– for your continued disapproval of us.

    Your analogy fails because all WNs hate or dislike us (with very few exceptions) and most Jews do not hate whites. Nor are we specifically hostile to you, whereas WNs want to kill every one of us. And I have yet to see proof of any institutions we have hijacked, or special privileges we have.

    Again, I don’t go along with your supposed “white-hating majority”. I don’t even know who these white-hating Jews are.

    John: Oh no! Jews wanting equality! What is the world coming to? Horrors! And hey, we’re trying in Israel. You must admit, it’s hard to coexist peacefully with a people that hate our guts.

    Metal Gear: What exactly do you mean?

    Denise: “Oy vey! Yossi, alert the ADL assasination squads! Some perceptive young lady found out the truth about Israel– it’s actually our staging area for world conquest! She must be eliminated!”

    All I can say is, it’s a good thing YOU’RE here– otherwise, who would expose these malignant Jewish conspiracies?

  25. 1.) In the aftermath of WW2, there was a class of Northern Jews who came to perceive a strong White Christian America as threatening, and a potential Naziesque threat to the Jews.

    These Jews were alienated from White Christian America and from the Anglo-American (WASP) ruling class. Driven by fear, lust for power, and self righteousness, these Jews began to proactively subvert the dominant culture of their host country.

    2.) The ideal of this class of Jews was to remake America into a more diverse, multicultural, deracinated, and cosmopolitan place; a type of America more congenial to urban secular Jews alienated from rural White Christian America.

    3.) Is it good for the Jews to sabotage their host countries? No, that would only stir up anti-Semitism. Of course, Jewish paranoia is the root of the problem which, combined with Jewish ethical and aesthetic presumptions, has driven the whole irrational process.

    It wasn’t a good idea for Jews to participate in subversive movements in Germany, Russia, and Poland either. Yet it was that radical milieu which brought about Hitler and which was transplanted into America in the early twentieth century.

    4.) Self deception is the key to the whole process. In a sense, slaveowners justified their exploitation of blacks with an elaborate ideology of paternalism.

    In much the same way, Jews are convinced that transforming the culture of America into an environment more congenial to Jews best for everyone, and are often surprised when their noble (read: self interested) intentions arouse resentment.

    5.) The analogy was between WNs and the hostile class of Jews. I subdivided Jews into three categories: the actively hostile class, the muddleheaded middle that goes along with the leadership, and the self-conscious minority.

    6.) Alex Linder is the only WN exterminationist that comes to mind. Linder is driven by his no doubt sincere belief that Jews are such a menacing threat to Whites that they must be exterminated as a group.

    7.) We can start with Hollywood and the entertainment industry, move on to investment banking, and proceed from there to humanities departments at elite universities.

    8.) Tim Wise is a Jew who hates White people.

  26. We have always has Sephardic Jews in the South. It is telling that as sensitive as Southerners are to threats to the racial caste system that this mercantile class of Jews aroused so little opposition here for three centuries.

    The Northern Jew from Germany, Poland, and Russia that came out of a background of radical Central and Eastern European leftwing politics is a very different animal.

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