The Yeast People

Tanstaafl has been writing lately about James Howard Kunstler’s contempt for ordinary white people. In his latest post, Kunstler takes his rhetoric to a new extreme: he compares the “democratic masses” (suburban whites) to yeast. The Sage of Saratoga Springs would never use similar language to describe blacks, Hispanics, or Jews.

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  1. Jews have often used “leaven” to indicate evil and corruption, according to this page:

    Jesus, of course, was fond of turning Jewish traditions on their heads, as one of the commenters on that page says. So it can be argued that Jesus did not see leaven (i.e. yeast) as bad.

    Kunstler sounds as though he is thoroughly under the power of the Yah of the Old Testament.

    “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all through the dough.” Indeed, and that is just one of the many wonderful passages in the Gospel of Matthew.

    Sadly, this passage from Kunstler has distracted me so much that I will now go and read the Gospels instead of Kunstler. Whether this is my loss can be judged by the onlookers.

  2. His contempt for mainstream America is similar to what you see from VNNtards, except he’s a much better writer. If he were pro-white you’d call him a genius.

  3. Hunter and others — I have a new post up about reforming and revitalizing White American communities which I think is pretty good; see — — hope you don’t mind me plugging my blog a bit here Hunter.

    And over on Tan’s blog in his post recent about Kunstler, I was the one who left the comments under the name ‘Pseudothyrum’ – I don’t know why, sometimes I just use different pen-names aside from ‘White Preservationist.’

  4. That’s disappointing, WP. I generally enjoy your writing, but I found your comment that Kunstler is one of the “good Jews” based partly on his having blue eyes and light hair to be quite silly.

  5. Kunstler sounds disturbingly similar to some of the other pro-“white” voices I hear in that he’s extremely contemptuous of certain low-class, low-IQ Whites.

    I understand the appeal of this trash talking, because I was once one of these high-falutin look-down-my-nose at White trash Whites myself. When I woke up and decided to move to Appalachia I heard all sorts of disparaging remarks from White friends about what I was supposed to find there. It turns out that the people I’ve met face-to-face are among the highest quality people I’ve ever met.

    I will live and die with these people and for these people. We have our bad eggs, but it ain’t nothing compared to the non-White shitheads flooding into the US right now.

  6. Why get worked up about this? It is merely another demonic Jew, doing as demonic Jews do. He is no different than Frank Rich or Paul Krugman or Robert Reich with regard to his excessive and obsessive anti-white rhetoric, except that he may be smarter than those guys. It doesn’t offend me when Jews speak contemptuously about whites, it just further confirms that they are the demons-made-flesh which I’ve always suspected them to be.

  7. Texan:”I found your comment that Kunstler is one of the “good Jews” based partly on his having blue eyes and light hair to be quite silly.”

    I know what you mean, and let me explain. Some Jews are much better and more assimilated than others, we all know that. It’s not all about his more European physiognomy, but also his general outlook.

    Kunstler displays many traits more befitting of an European/Aryan as opposed to a Jew: he left NYC and its environs to live in a more sustainable small town quite a long ways from large cities; he believes in traditional American small-town or rural life; he has called for more sustainable living patterns for years; and he much prefers traditional European-American architecture as opposed to the cosmopolitan/modernist (i.e., Jewish) monstrosities that began to predominate in America post-WWII; he is also a decentralist and an agrarianist, calling for the relocalization of food production and for local agriculture to again become “the center of economic life”; in a WashPo op-ed he wrote – “We’ll have to grow our food closer to home, in a manner that will require more human attention. In fact, agriculture needs to return to the center of economic life. We’ll have to restore local economic networks — the very networks that the big-box stores systematically destroyed — made of fine-grained layers of wholesalers, middlemen and retailers. We’ll also have to occupy the landscape differently, in traditional towns, villages and small cities. Our giant metroplexes are not going to make it, and the successful places will be ones that encourage local farming.” – — all of those statements are profoundly un-Jewish, as international plutocratic Jewry is very communistic (centralist-oriented) and wants the exact opposite of all that.

    All of the above points about his outlook, combined with his more European physiognomy, leads me to believe that he doesn’t have very much actual Jewish/Semitic ancestry. It’s possible that Kunstler might be one of the Jews whose European/Aryan family in the not too distant past was subject to Jewish gene-theft (check out the recent post on my website for that explanation).

    Aside from his scathingly critical pen along with his general negativism and absurd elitism (he is not wealthy nor particularly influential in any way, so why is he an elitist?), Kunstler seems to me to be more European/Aryan rather than Jewish.

  8. Also, similar to Kunstler, do some web searches and look at the deeds and physiognomy of people like former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and the new U.S. Senator from Colorado Michael Bennet.

    These people identify themselves as Jews (or partial Jews), but if you examine their deeds and look at their personal physiognomy you will notice that they are actually Europeans/Aryans with just a little bit of recent Jewish admixture. I very well might be wrong, but I think it’s likely that their European/Aryan families were, in the recent past, targeted by Jews for gene-theft as I’ve written about.

  9. kasimir:”It doesn’t offend me when Jews speak contemptuously about whites, it just further confirms that they are the demons-made-flesh which I’ve always suspected them to be.”

    Uh oh — out comes the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ argument…quick everybody, duck!

  10. “out comes the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ argument…”

    Well of course, we are mixed with leaven, how could we resist mentioning the S. of S.?

    Kunstler:A very close friend of mine calls them “the yeast people.”

    Well, of course, that very close friend is leavened with the leaven of the Pharisees…

  11. Tan:”When I woke up and decided to move to Appalachia…”

    If you don’t mind me asking, whereabouts in Appalachia do you now live? I fully understand if you don’t want to reveal the exact town, but what about the state or general area?

    If it’s in or around the northwestern NC area, you might be interested in checking out the following plan to build a new sustainable ‘eco-village’ in the NC foothills: — it’s near Jonesville, NC (not up in the high mountains but the foothills in the Yadkin River valley); strategically located, if you need to you can easily drive up in to the higher mountains or away from them toward medium-sized NC cities like Winston-Salem, Charlotte, along with smaller cities like Boone, Mount Airy, Asheville, etc. Also, the Atlantic Ocean isn’t all too far away either.

    I’ve always loved the Appalachian Mountains. If I could afford it I would really like to have a small mountain cabin there. Since we lived only about 2.5 hours away, I’ve been going up there with my family since I was a kid. I have fond childhood memories of hiking in mountain forests and playing around in very cool and clear mountain streams on summer days. One of my brothers currently lives up in Appalachia for college and I like visiting him whenever I can as long as it isn’t sleeting/snowing, 15 degrees, and with a biting wind chill — I’m not a fan of overly cold weather as I’ve been spoiled by the generally temperate climate of NC’s Piedmont where I’ve lived my whole life, though of course I also don’t like the extreme summer heat-waves we get here sometimes.

  12. If you get beyond his anti-White rhetoric and Peak Oil obsession, Kunstler has a lot of good ideas. He’s a gifted writer. I used to follow him regularly until he went over-the-top with his rants against “Cornpone Nazism” and predictions of terrorism in the Hamptons.

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