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  1. Weren’t the Pilgrims extra Jewwy? Eric P. Kaufmann has written a book about how Jewwy the Pilgrims and other pioneers were. Form his world view the Transcendentalists, Unitarians, Quakers and other Protestant denominations are more responsible than the Russian and Polish Jews that poured into the country for this communitarian fix we’re in now. Kaufmann turned Kevin MacDonald into a fish. And after he got done burying him Israel Shamir came along and kicked some more mulch on the mound by declaring America was never “White” because there has never been any sense of a general ethny among the European immigrants in our proposition nation. “John Dewey was Jewwy!” That’s going to be the mantra for the drill team of dunces I’m putting together for the next Fourth of July parade in my shetl.

  2. whodareswings it’s been suggested that John Calvin was possibly Jewish. His churches did away with the art and statues and was anti-Christmas and perhaps most interestingly legalized usury, the traditional Jewish vocation. Judafication seemed to follow the Protestant Reformation once it was outside of the Vatican’s enforced anti-semitism.

    Transcendentalists and Unitarians: Kabbalists and Freemasons (obvious Jewish influence)

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