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Majority Rights is now deleting abusive comments. We have the same problem here and would be wise to follow their example. I’ve received a lot of negative feedback about this problem. Admittedly, I have allowed it to spiral out of control. I’m usually busy and don’t read the comment threads thoroughly. In the future, I will try to be more attentive to the pissing contests that go on here.

Note: I’m not referring to substantive criticism or ideological disagreement. Just try to be civil and respectful to other commentators.

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  1. Hey….as long as you don’t have Apollonian on your blog…’ve got no problems and count yourself lucky that you only have Jr. pricks to worry about every now and then.

  2. @ Mark ~ I was banned at GoV for…wait for it…opposing non-white immigration into Europe and expressing support for nationalist parties (quelle horreur!!). Every time it was Fjordman (and a colleague of his whose name escapes me) who called for my banishment. Cowards. As I’ve said before, my righteous hatred is not necessarily reserved for the negroes, mestizos, or Asians that infect our country. Even the Jews have not become an obsession. No, it is reserved for our fellow Whites, who ostensibly should be on-side, who cling to their self-serving, moralistic, aspirational conservatism. What game do these people think they’re playing?

  3. Yawn. I appreciate NN’s contributions here, as well as uh’s, even if I don’t agree with them all the time. I don’t see them as being on the wrong side of things here.

    Yes, HW, please start exercising some power over comments. Its sorely needed. We don’t need to turn into VNNF.

  4. I’ve deleted the pissing contest between NN and Admiral. Keep the threads civil and productive. If another commentator baits you, flag the comment. Don’t respond and escalate the exchange.

  5. I think you will be making a mistake to censor away comments that are unruly, hypercritical, rude&crude&lewd, and amusing as all get out.

    You see, every little whigger thinking itzself as the smartest critter hatched under the sun just got to comment about how it is so smart and another whigger with the same notions is the dumbest critter too dumb to drool correctly. We’s living in a wonderfool whirrrrld of whiggers & whiggerdumb, and in a circus of a bowel Movement there is no such thang as too many clowns.

    I think as long as the comments are not spam that you should let them lie as they are because your ability to handle such things are how you are measured as a Resistance effective. As I have pointed out time after time, there is no hierarchy in the Resistance, but rather a network of nodes, many of which are antithetical to each other, but which rely upon communications flowing through the nodes. You shouldn’t be the turd that plugs the toilet, making it overflow.

    And, as a matter of fact, I like Appollonian. Don’t agree with what he says most of the time, but sometimes even the most unruly swine finds a truffle.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. Personally, I hate censorship. I’ve received such a flood of complaints though that I am convinced the nasty exchanges in the comments are harming the site. This blog has a better shot of reaching a wider audience without the incessant flame wars.

  7. “14Hunter Wallace

    I’ve deleted the pissing contest between NN and Admiral. Keep the threads civil and productive. If another commentator baits you, flag the comment. Don’t respond and escalate the exchange.”

    It doesn’t make any sense to remove or edit posts that were a response to a personal attack and leave the personal attack.

  8. Well, if you want to avoid pissing contests and personal attacks, you’re going to have to eliminate people provoking each other that serves no purpose other than to cause mischief. You can start with Admiral’s comment from 3. Frankly you can remove all of his comments and mine on this thread up to this point since they were a response to his initial provocation.

  9. Well, if you hate censorsheep, then it is best to not even bother practicing something you claim to not want to do.

    Also, the flame-wars and personal pan piss-fights are usually far more interesting and fun than what is posted in the first place. As in “I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

    The bowel Movement is pretty dysgenic. Why not simply let it be seen for what it is, warts and all?

    And, those who are censored won’t thank you for it. Those who ‘win’ and get to call the shots as to what censorship benefits them will not respect you either.

    So I’d simply let the kiddies fight and flame.

    Perhaps you could jewlag some comments like you did when you ran phorafags/feebs. Call it ‘whigger Cat-fight Night.’

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  10. Say Pastor, I respect your unique talent for language, but find it ironic, given your strong disdain for your all things whigger, that your comments are the only ones here that require any whigger-to-English translation.

    Just sayin.

  11. There never is any need for any ‘whigger-to-English’ translators or translation. Reason: Ninety percent of the [bowel] Movement is whigger. And those who mounted a ‘Great Jihad’ against our internal whigger knows full well that whiggerdumb is something which can only be eradicated by ruthless self-scrutiny as well as external ruthlessness.

    So, for now, I leave it up to you to determine whether or not you have cum ‘Up From whiggerdumb.’

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  12. People who repeatedly get involved in BS should be perma-banned. When an online persona ITSELF becomes a matter of discussion, it’s disruptive to serious discussion.

  13. I like Martin Lindstedt. We started out as adversaries, but his colorful and amusing style grew on me over time. He is definitely one of the most unique characters I have encountered in cyberspace.

  14. The CI guys tend to be real characters. Pastor Bob’s broadcasts on the old Hal Tuner network were always funny. They do tend to repeat themselves too much though, the material gets worn out.

  15. A shame about Mangan’s, on the other hand if he kept an exported copy of the blog handy he can just set it up at a new address. But really it is hard to see why his blog would be removed. He practically walked on eggshells to avoid the JQ and other things. Too bad, his blog had a lot of good stuff on it.

  16. I think he got crushed for promoting discussion of the HIV causes AIDS HOAX.

    I was rather tired of his sucking up to the you-know-who’s anyhow.

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