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  1. An anti-Semite is a person “who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews.”

    Says who? What the hell is a “semite” that I should be “anti”?

    I don’t want to appear disingenuous.

    Neither do I. That’s why I don’t want to play word games with “anti-semite” and the like. If someone calls themselves a Jew, then we can discuss Jew this and Jew that. Otherwise, “Jew” and “semite” are irrelevant to me. From the DNA crowd, I’m always happy to learn.

    charge can’t be successfully dodged

    Sure, why use ridiculous words like “anti-semite” or “anti-” whatever. Stick to our own words, and out own definitions. Jews and libs make up all sorts of words all the time, I can’t be bothered to pay attention. If a Jew wants to say some Jew thing, let him.

    Discourse poisoning

    Can’t argue with that. “Anti-semite” has become mostly a joke now anyway, at least among the well-read internet set, right or left.

  2. Like I said in a recent comment over on the Elie Weasel thread, this is a good idea Hunter.

    Speaking of side projects, would you possibly be willing to host a comprehensive White Nationalist bibliography and/or master reference list of books, articles, etc on these topics? — an archive of key texts related to White Nationalism, pro-White activism, pro-Western history, racialism/race-realism, HBD, etc?

    This project would be in the same vein as your excellent series of ‘American Racial History Timelines’ listed on the right sidebar here.

    I would be willing to do much of the grunt work and basic data-entry if you do not have time to do so — most of all though we need to get White Nationalist writers, bloggers, and web-keepers from across the internet to collaborate with us on this project in order to make it easier and quicker for all involved. Over time this would certainly evolve in to a top-notch and highly useful White Nationalist resource, just as your racial history timelines have.

    The following is what I suggested a couple days ago about this:

    + A bunch of people from different pro-White and White Nationalist websites, blogs, forums, and so forth need to collaborate on one central website to build a comprehensive bibliography or master/centralized reference list of pro-Western, pro-White, and White Nationalist books and articles, especially ones that have proven most pivotal to our own pro-White racial, social, and political awakening — this would be helpful to those who are new to White Nationalist discourse and want to engage in some research of their own. This bibliography would include the various mainstays or classics such as books by well-known American racialists like Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, Theodore Bilbo, E. S. Cox, David Duke, Yockey, and of course many others in Europe and elsewhere in the White world, and it would also include many more lesser-known but still useful and important books and key articles by more obscure authors. Whenever possible each entry should link to an online version of the book or article if it is available. It would be constantly updated and amended to include new material. This is an supremely important long-term project that we ought to get started on immediately. First we need to identify the website which would most reliably host such a huge collaboratively-built list for years to come, or else we should start an entirely new website similar to the Free Speech Project (which is a stand-alone list of key texts organized by general subject). We could also possibly include a definitive list of pro-White, White Nationalist, race realist, racialist, and ‘HBD’ websites. – http://whitesurvival.wordpress.com/2009/12/09/im-still-around-plus-a-list-of-future-topics-i-will-hopefully-write-about-here/

    If you would be willing to host this bibliography here, let me know here, via email, on my blog, or through AIM (Pseudothyrum2012).

  3. I find it fascinating how leftist hippies complain about right-wing thugs but celebrate left-wing thugs.

    Metafilter is a very left-wing site, and it linked to the following celebration of left-wing thuggery. Right-wingers sucker-punching politicians is a crime – left-wingers sucker-punching politicians is celebrated.


    Upon his ring retirement in 1929, after twenty years a fighter, the gambling, generous Kid Lewis was not well off, in spite of estimates that his ring earnings in the United States alone exceeded a half a million dollars. In 1931 Ted Lewis was introduced to Sir Oswald Mosley, thought my some a man destined to be British Prime Minister. At the time Mosley headed the” New Party’, a proponent of increased government spending, protectionism and a strong anti-Communist stand. In the midst of world-wide Depression for many Mosley appeared the answer. He hired Ted Kid Lewis for 60 pounds a week to be the physical youth training instructor for the New Party. Within a few months Lewis’ role had evolved into heading up Mosley’s bodyguards, known as the “Biff Boys” , a group of East End toughs, recruited by Lewis.

    By 1932, Mosley’s seemingly populist policies had taken an ugly turn. After visiting with Mussolini, Mosley returned to England and disbanded the” New Party” and formed the “National Union of Fascists.” As rumors of Mosley’s anti-Semitic positions grew Ted Kid Lewis paid one final visit on Mosley’s headquarters, accompanied by his young son Morton. In Morton Lewis’ words,

    “…when we arrived there were two big men, clad not in the black shirts of Mosley’s New Party, but in the brown shirts of the Nazi party. TK momentarily froze…he mounted the stairs to Mosely’s office, and without knocking, opened the door.”

    “…Mosley was seated…with two of his henchmen in brown shirts standing at his elbows…The two men gave TK the traditional raised arm salute. ‘Is it true you’re anti-Semitic? And I want the truth this time. Are you anti-Jewish?'”

    “Mosley almost smiled at TK’s naivety. ‘Yes’. Then he rose from his chair and told TK in measured tones …his full plans and began to explain there aims.”

    “TK’s face was dead white. Boxing fans who had seen him fight would have intrepreted the danger signs. …Mosley kept on talking and then eyed TK as if to guage the effect of his words on TK.”

    “Until then TK had not moved. Then, like lightning, he struck with an open hand across Mosely’s face, sending him and his chair crashing against the wall. The two brown-shirted men came round the desk and grappled with TK. He ducked under the man’s arms and shot a short right hand to his jaw, sending him to the floor, out to the world. ”

    …TK hit him (the second man) with a left hook and dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. …TK took my hand and we walked down the stairs past the two guards at the front door. About twenty yards up the street, TK told me to wait a minute. …he walked back to the entrance, mounted the steps and postitioned himself between the two guards. He eyed them for two or three seconds, and then, like lightning, swung a left hook at one, spun around with a right hook to the other, and calmly stepped over both me, He walked down the steps and joined me, grinning from ear to ear.”

    As for Junghans’ comment, JRBooks is indeed a fascinating site. I don’t know that the two sites need to collaborate; they might be better off simply linking to each other. That way, they wouldn’t need to coordinate actions. Self-publishing sometimes goes faster as a one-man job than a two-man job.

  4. Hunter — since you haven’t responded here about possibly hosting a White Nationalist bibliography alongside your American racial history timelines, I suppose you aren’t interested in doing it?

    Junghans — that website you link has a lot of good material, many books we could link to, but it is not extensive or well-organized enough. It is also overly preoccupied with German National Socialism, and I’m not a ‘Nazi’ so collaborating with him is a no-go.

  5. I have nothing in particular right now, but I could start working on compiling the list whenever.

    First we would need to set up an organizational structure of the bibliography, with various headings like “General White Nationalist Books,” “Race and Physiology,” “White Racial Politics,” “Race and Intelligence,” “White Racial History,” “The Jewish Problem,” and so on.

    Also, we should agree on a standard entry procedure, as in:
    + Last Name, First Name. Title of book (with embedded link)

    + Grant, Madison. The Passing of the Great Race. (categorized under ‘White Racial History’ or whatever)

    I don’t think we need to include year of publication, publisher info, ISBN number, and so on for each entry in the bibliography. All we really need to include is the first and last name of the author(s) along with the title plus a link to book — preferably a link to where it can be read online, but if not just a link to Amazon or wherever else.

    But as I said above, first we need to agree upon and set up a general organizational/categorical structure of the bibliography.

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