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  1. Geez. I wonder if at some point we’ll see his name in the papers. 😉

    His behavior vindicates those who have criticized the vanguardists.

  2. Most of his broadcast this morning was given over to discussing his time in prison and the unfairness of being charged with assault and disturbing the peace. I was unaware of this.

  3. I thought he was a good guy at first. I liked his Southern accent and the whole persona he was putting out of a Southern gentlemen and everyday guy. The fact that he had run for office a few times gave him some credibility. He was getting some really good guests on.

    It is probably better this happened now rather then later before anymore trust was given.

  4. I think that both Linder and Giles have pretty much self-destructed. Good riddance to both of them.

    I think that HW’s analogy to the Black Panthers is perfect.

    As for Linder’s income: It is a good question. There is transparency with VDARE and AMREN because their IRS 990 forms are a matter of public record. Not so with VNN.

    I know that Linder receives cash donations. Does he report these? I doubt it. But the IRS is skilled at ferreting out that sort of unreported income, and if they do (or did in the past) they would have leverage on Linder. And time somebody in the movement does things that are illegal, the government gains leverage on them that they can use to blackmail them.

    My feeling is that Linder probably started out in earnest. But as his character flaws and bad decisions began to destroy him back in 2003-2004, he was backed into a financial corner and also, in all likelihood, hauled in on some tax or other illegality . . . and they turned him.

    He perfectly fits the profile of someone who can be turned: arrogant, narcissistic, sociopathic. He is the kind of guy who thinks that he can use the Feds, and his “the movement, c’est moi” attitude, his aggressive, reckless hatefulness, and his general “hater and kook first, white nationalist second” attitude makes him a perfect person to spread chaos and division in the genuine movement.

    An alternative theory: Linder get’s backed into a financial corner and when he is desperate, a new donor shows up with a fresh infusion of cash. This donor/handler then steers Linder toward criminal offenses, to gain leverage on him (“Don’t report this income Alex, or I’ll get in trouble for giving it to you.”) He also steers him toward targets that ZOG wants destroyed. If Linder becomes uncooperative, the mask can come off and open extortion can bring him back into line. Otherwise, the mask stays on and Linder remains in the dark about who is operating him and why.

  5. One cannot write promotional material about the mass killing of Jews and not suffer physical harm at some point – particularly not in the post-Holocuat era. The fact that Linder has been doing it for about a decade without a visit form the JDL or the Betar tells me that he works for them. The JDL and the Betar operate in France with the tacit support of the government and can even use its government buildings, something that no other non-governmental organizations can do:

    The Linder apologists who show up here are the psychological dregs and bottom feeders of W.N.’s. They’re our massive ball and chain. Of course, the only good thing about them is that in real life they’re just lonely, damaged, scrawny individuals who don’t engage in any other behavior or activism beyond writing widely unread posts on boards nobody visits. They’re inconsequential and irrelevant. Should a White person stumble upon their writings, he or she will undoubtedly think that White Nationalists are unstable, genocidal losers and fantasists.

    As to Linder living on donations, that’s for the birds! How many people donate to him? He keeps criticizing Peter Brimelow, but at least with him we know exactly what the gets and what he does with donations: where the money goes. Why would anyone send money to Linder? He has no product and offers nothing.

    Alex Linder = Richard Warman.

  6. All pro-White groups and people who don’t toe Linder’s exterminationist line on the Jews automatically come for some incredible abuse because, in his words, “they downplay the role of Jews.” Hence, his unhinged treatment of EVERYONE on the White Nationalist scene. Look at all the hideous name-calling of Brimelow, Buchanan, Taylor, etc., etc., etc.

    This guy is such a wackjob. Nobody out there does more to discredit White Nationalism than Linder.

  7. danielj

    (Linder is a fed. I’m pretty sure of it. Everything points in that direction. If it quacks like a duck…)

    I think he is a fed and a Jew. I’ll pay for the test.

    That’s brilliant and hilarious.

    We can add Levantine phenotype to that list. He claims he’s “German.” Right, and Ignatiev is “Russian.”

  8. He perfectly fits the profile of someone who can be turned: arrogant, narcissistic, sociopathic. He is the kind of guy who thinks that he can use the Feds

    Right, the same type of people he has surrounded himself with in the past, like Bill White and Hal Turner. There’s definitely a pattern here.

  9. I don’t usually comment on how other men look, but Linder looks like a typical Levantine. Black hair, negroid facial features, large lips, swarthy skin. He’s a repulsive individual, inside and outside.

  10. Giles is talking about his dislike of pseudonyms and it sounds as if he’d love to “out” you, HW…I tell you what.

    Giles claims anyone associated with OD is more interested in defending homosexuality than in advancing White interests.

    Giles is a prick.

  11. Mr Dithers quoted Soviet Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg (144), but he didn’t include that part which would be of special interest to HW:
    “Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.”

    Can you here that HW: NOT ONE AMONG THE LIVING, NOT ONE AMONG THE UNBORN BUT IS EVIL! That includes the elders and the 7 year old girls, hell, that includes even the unborn. It is sad, but evidently the Jews are to rape America not once but twice, as they did with both Germany and Russia, before people can grasp firmly who the Jews are and what they are capable of.

  12. Almost 2 hours of him rambling and ranting… don’t know if I can take it.

    You’d think he would realize that coughing, clearing his throat and yelling in the mic wouldn’t be appropriate, yet he constantly does it.

    He starts off claiming Hunter doesn’t care about the Christian and Newsom murders and is more concerned about defending homosexuality. Come on Giles, that’s low and absolutely wrong.

    I think we all here care about their families and would happily avenge their rape/torture/murder if it were legal. Things like that would rightfully be handled by the Klan in the old days.

  13. Listen to the mp3, starting around 01:30. It goes on for several minutes. Good Lord, he’s a nutcase! Giles is a deranged prick.

  14. This bullshit is unbelievable. I think black-on-white crime is enough of a problem to justify white separatism. I think the Knoxville case justifies throwing out the bums in power. I think it brings the MSM into disrepute. I’ve said that Jews should be excluded from a White ethnostate.

    I don’t believe random negro violence … justifies genocide. A negro raping a nine year old girl … it doesn’t justify shooting and murdering Jewish children with a submachine gun. It doesn’t justify lynching a random black person in another state.

    Jim Giles has morphed into James von Brunn.

  15. Hunter is a radical compared to the mainstream. But to Linder and Giles, apparently if you don’t scream in the mic on radio interviews and advocate genocide you’re a weak conservative.

  16. Mark,

    Listen to the whole broadcast. You have to catch the end. This guy is insane. He is sitting behind a microphone in his Klan sheets. I bet he has a cross burning out in his front yard.

  17. H.W., I’m listening to his show now and I enjoy it tremendously. “FUCK YOU ALL, FUCK YOU ALL, FUCK ALL!”

    Occidental Dissent is for homosexuals.

  18. I think we all agree with his outrage, but he’s just going about it in an unproductive manner. Like Linder, Giles can’t control his emotions and so lashes out at the closest person, his allies.

  19. Good follow up, Ivan. I hastily put together post 144 because I had to leave. Of course, we can’t forget the genocidal Morgenthau plan authored by Jew Henry Morgenthau that was halted by General Patton.

    The whole point of including this information is to prove to the flat earth white nationalists that throughout history some Jews have advocated the extermination of non-Jews and/or have gleefully participated in the mass murder of non-Jews. What happened in the past can happen again.

    For the record I am not an advocate of exterminating any race and the recent call to arms by Giles falls on deaf ears. But you cannot condemn and wax indignant about the Nazis and Alex Linder then remain silent over the crimes of the racial egalitarian and extreme left embodied in communism and the Jews who perpetrated horrible crimes under that regime. You simply cannot operate that way and expect to be taken seriously.

  20. You should delete and ban mental defectives, disrupters, trolls who advocate violence and genocide, or just illegalities. A good place to start would be Ivan, Mr. Dithers, jimbo. They have VNNForum, a place that caters to their garbage.

  21. That’s good Fred. Don’t debate like a man, you have to scream like a little girl and demand certain people be disallowed from posting because you have no argument.

    Since you struggle with reading comprehension, I challenge you to prove any advocacy of illegality on my part. For starters reread the last paragraph of my last post 10 times.

  22. You’re another sociopath who justifies the killing of Jews because of what some W.W. II Jewish Bolshevik allegedly said 6 decades ago.

  23. One thing is, Giles really views whites as his extended family; and jews and non-whites factor way, way less (our’n vs their’n). This is the essence of what it means to be “pro-white.” I’m still working on feeling this fellowship with whites.

    So he has this rage that the North, and jewish (and WHITE) activists turned his country brown, and all the problems that come with it.

    Do you have this rage? OR are you too effeminate?

    Where is the rage??? This is Giles’ conundrum.

  24. “For the record I am not an advocate of exterminating any race and the recent call to arms by Giles falls on deaf ears.”

    Fred you have a problem and have yet to prove where I encouraged the genocide of Jews. Seek help or go find refuge with your ADL compatriots.

  25. “For the record I am not an advocate of exterminating any race and the recent call to arms by Giles falls on deaf ears.”

    Friedrich you have a problem and have yet to prove where I encouraged the genocide of Jews. Seek help or go find refuge with your ADL compatriots.

  26. To recap:
    The idea is to create a white breeder organization – a “super-society” if you will – as a necessary preliminary step before launching into creating an actual white nation or ethnostate.

    The organization would explicitly define who is “white” and who isn’t. The members of the group, call them “Whitists”, elect representatives to make this determination (i.e. who gets admitted into the group and who gets expelled from the group).

    The two basic rules are as follows:
    1. Admission: Only persons with no descendants may petition to be admitted into the group. The earliest age at which someone can petition to join is 18. The offspring of two members is automatically a member at birth.

    2. Expulsion: A member is expelled from the group if he is shown to be guilty of having a descendant who is not a member of the group.

    What this means is that members must limit their procreation activities to other members of the group. In this sense the group defines a race, the “White Race.”

    And to ensure Whitists are singularly loyal to the White Race, they cannot have any non-Whitist descendants.

    The White Race should ultimately encompass all white people who feel it is important that their descendants stay white.

    The beauty of this plan is that it doesn’t depend upon creating a white ethnostate right off the bat, with all the attendant difficulties. At some later time, perhaps, the White Race can establish states, or take over the world, or whatever.

    Note that I hope the nations of Europe ultimately will become strict ethnostates, so this mainly applies to non-Europeans.

  27. Mr. Dithers, why do you constantly harp on what one Jew said during W.W. II? His people weren’t exactly treated with kid gloves during that conflict. I don’t need to “seek help”, I’m the normal one on around here. You’re the sociopath droning about Jews in every post. You’re one of those primitive anti-Semites Nietzsche wanted to see shot.

  28. Giles has said before that the only reason he’s pro-white is because of non-white crime. Based on that I don’t think he has a real sense of racialism or extended kinship.

  29. Jim’s interview with Hunter was atrocious. Hunter, when Jim wandered off to get a cup of coffee right after calling you, that would have been the best time to vent your spleen against the exterminationists and “homophobes.” And, if I were you, when, just as you started to answer a question from Jim and he interrupted to take a crank call from Pastor “Mad Dog” Lindstadt, that’s when I’d have told Jim, “Excuse me, Mr. Giles, I need to go take a dump. I’ll leave you to deal with “Mad Dog” and his profound curiosity with Linder and why he gave JOG William Weiss’s IP address.” You could have just hung up. I was hoping you would.

    Giles mentioned during the interview that he had talked to me the previous evening. That’s true, and our conversation was pleasant. I was surprised by how Jim treated you, Hunter, but what I came away with was the obviously wide gulf between Linder’s approach and your own, with Jim’s siding mostly with Rambo Linder.

    @ #103 Faustus advises Hunter:
    “I was highly impressed with your delivery…not much time to speak, to be sure, but for your age, you did fine.

    “Careful, lad, the War exists on both sides of the aisle; Giles represents a segment of the WN’st community, you are beginning to represent another, a balance which, at best, is hard to reconcile.”

    Wise counsel, Mr. Faustus. The balance that was struck best among various “WN” factions was the National Alliance that Dr. Pierce and followers built. In pre-Gliebe days the Alliance was respected for its sober, hard line, grounded in reality with an uncompromising biological world view. I can’t think of any legitimate pro-White group from those days that weren’t on good terms with our Alliance. Although NA certainly had a “spiritual” aspect that was anything but Xian, it had Xian members. We excluded queers, prisoners (w/rare exceptions) and folks with non-White ancestry, even those with non-White dependents, but we did not exclude Xians. We made it clear to them, however, in five pages of their Membership Handbook that Xianity is an alien creed with Jewish origins , ideologically opposed to that of the Alliance. Xian Alliance members learned to keep their nominal Yahwehism to themselves if they didn’t want to find themselves isolated from other members.

    What was one of the first things Gliebe did on ascending to NA Chairman? He removed those five pages explaining the Alliance position on Xianity as an opposed ideology. It was all downhill from there because he had unilaterally removed the one thing that set Pierce’s followers apart from the rest of the “Movement.” (The exception, Klassen’s Church of the Creator, which had been, with similarity, hijacked by Matt Hale, turned into some sort of Skinhead gang, and soon taken down). Pierce’s carefully chosen vanguard — from those attracted to him who AGREED with is policies — left Gliebe, soon enough, on principle, as they should. Imagine his thoughtless dismissing of decades of Dr. Pierce’s careful, revolutionary-minded vanguard-building like that for expedient big tent “broader outreach.” Pffft! I’m not sure whose best at driving serious people away from the hard line in disgust, Linder or Gliebe?

    That careful “balance” between true radical vanguard and mainstream White populism/conservatism — that’s what we’ll strike again.

  30. Giles said he might be done with interviews. I’d say he should do at least one more, have the Lindstedt vs Linder debate and end his radio career with that one. Go out with a bang.

  31. Ivan, you think it’s rational and productive to threaten and intimidate your allies and friends?

    It’s unfortunate that my comment to which you are replying has been deleted (Here is my original comment: Jim simply speaks common sense in his rebel rant and there is no doubt in my mind that he is genuine in everything he said there. He is a rebel and he scares the shit out of both the Jews and the Hunter Wallaces. That’s what is needed badly. Good job, Jim).

    No, Mark, I don’t think it’s rational and productive to threaten and intimidate your allies and friends. Could you point me please to anything that HW or you or FB said in this thread that could be even remotely interpreted as friendliness to Jim and Alex or treats them as allies.

  32. “Mr. Dithers, why do you constantly harp on what one Jew said during W.W. II?”

    For the same reason that you incessantly harp on what one WN (Linder) said the other day about killing Jews to discredit anyone who isn’t a pro-Jewish lunatic. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  33. I now am taking the position that it should be assumed that he is a fed. In the case that he proves me wrong, I’ll apologize, which is very “fair” considering that I have every motive just to lie for self-interest.

    I think speculation along these lines is a waste of time. The question should be, “does he act like an agent provocateur,” not “can we go through his trash and find the pay stubs?”

    In other words, we should have a well-defined template of an agent provocateur, and if someone fits it, he’s an agent provocateur. Whether the man in question is a useful idiot or a paid provocateur is largely irrelevant.

    This kind of thinking would’ve served Hale well. Provocateurs can weasel around whether or not they cash the wrong guy’s checks. What they cannot weasel around is their behavior (which is, by definition, provocative). “His heart is in the right place” is the vulnerability he exploits.

  34. No, Mr. Dithers, what a dead Jew might had said during W.W. II is completely irrelevant to Linder’s current genocidal ambitions. Because a Jew said something doesn’t justify Linder’s universalist genocidal objectives. It’s a stupid straw man. Linder claims to be a White Nationalist spokesman of some sort. We must, in turn, unequivocally say that he doesn’t speak for us. On the contrary, we condemn the this pathetic, ugly, repulsive, criminal, morally damaged sociopath with all our might and strength.

  35. J. Giles, apparently needing to compensate for groveling at Wise’s feet, makes it clear he is one badass southern white Rambo Osama Hussien with the night goggles and the bowie knife covered with non-faggot sweat heading for the mutha of all non-homo battles.

    That was pretty funny, particularly the last part.

    TabuLa Raza, thanks for the Birdman links.

    H.W. sounds like he thinks Whites would just be able to separate from the jew, that once we have a White enclave, everything will be solved. NO. Jews will either A) declare war on it and physically attack it through their owned U.S. military B) infiltrate it and bring with them the rest of their nonwhite friends.. jews and niggers are parasites. you don’t just peacefully segregate from a parasite and think everything is fixed.. you destroy it and its eggs/spawn.

    HW, Do you even understand that nothing will change through voting? You think the jews will say “ok.. they had more votes this time, we should give the country back to those loveable little goyim”.. No.. They hate us. They fucking want us dead. They will do everything they can to eradicate our people and keep us out of power. You don’t act respectable and curious to people who want you dead & who’s policies ARE actually killing us– which is genocide. You fight fire with fire. Political power is taken with force- not with voting and especially not with essays on the internet.

    I recognize the possibility that you are correct. Return the favor by recognizing the possibility that I am correct. You do your thing, I’ll do mine.

    Just to be clear, the universe doesn’t revolve around you. Neither does the ethnopatriotic universe.

    That’s what irks me most about some WNs – they seem to think they have to convince me of their particular flavor of ethnopatriotism. Why? To them it’s all black and white, the road forward is clear. What are they waiting for? They should get out there and get some non-faggot sweat on their blades. The mother of all non-homo battles is waiting. Talking to us seems like shirking.

    I don’t like his harping on “extermination” – it’s ridiculous and, as Hunter pointed out on Jim Gile’s show, simply immoral.

    Worse, it’s bad for white people.

    He is a rebel and he scares the shit out of both the Jews

    I love this sort of statement. It’s just so cosmically wrong. No, rants and threats of violence don’t scare “the Jews.”

  36. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    Arthur Schopenhauer
    German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

    No one thought Hal Turner was a fed either until the very end. Some over at VNN still don’t believe it. They had too much of their ego invested in believing in him.

    You should at the very least consider the evidence and be wary of Linder.

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