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  1. I remember debating some dipshit on a minor faileocon blog whose stunning clarity of perception could be summed up in his contention that David Duke is qualitatively no different than members of the Manson Family. No doubt, in his mind, Duke is a “psychopath” for whom life’s greatest pleasure is performing taxidermy on hitchhikers that Duke has lured to their deaths.

    And in that spirit, I’m still waiting (with baited breath) for the “check list” to be permanently posted. No doubt, we could all benefit greatly by at last being provided with that indispensable tool in finding out just ‘who is who’ and ‘what is what’. The interest is there, there ‘is a market for it’, so what’s the hold up?

    Suggested tags:

    ‘True Crime Meets WN: A Marriage Made In Hell’

    ‘Truth Is More Fucked Up Than Fiction’

  2. A shame, because Hal was a talented spokesman. He was obviously in it for the money. I recall him saying very early on, in a half-joking manner, that he’d sell out for the right price, and so he did.

  3. The VNN crowd promotes extermination of Jews et al. Can they carry out such threats? The 7 regular VNNForum posters who make them, I mean. What’s the point of making them if they cannot do carry them out? What’s the point of getting upset if you don’t approve of their threats? Enquiring minds want to know…

  4. Re: Alex Linder. It’s hard to respect a man who calls his posters and supporters morons and idiots. Perhaps he is looking in a mirror when he says that. Furthermore, his site is utterly sickening with the constant amenning from Rounder, Varg and his other lickspittles.

    As for “Chain” Cobb, only a real kook would go to a country that could care less about White Nationalism and buy a concrete box with no windows. Then, broke and out of funds, get booted out of the country, go to Finland and get deported to Canada. Some really sharp leadership you’re showing there, Chain.

    Finally, I’ve often suspected that half of the posters on VNN are AL’s own sockpuppets.

    Talk about a motley crew!

  5. I just realized something. I’m frequently smeared as an extremist (in real life) but I can use this whole situation to pump my reps. To look more mainstream. To increase sympathy from normal people. DB, the anti-racist advocate is better than DB the crazy racist and fanatical secularist. I might as well spew against racialism just to raise my standing on the corporate ladder.

    Thanks for helping me gain acceptance from normal people by smearing me.

  6. I did it on a real name blog. Those who google me will see me claiming to work for the ADL and SPLC, even though it’s bullshit, on a business blog.

    Hopefully I’ll be employed now with my better image. Thanks a lot podblank!

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