Avatar and Anti-Racism

“Hernan and Andrew” have a review of Avatar over at Racism Review. They draw valid comparisons between Avatar and Dances With Wolves and The Last Samurai. In all three of these movies,a white hero who leads people of another color in a struggle of liberation presents whites a pleasing images of themselves as saviors rather than oppressors.” “Hernan and Andrew” describe Avatar as “another fantasy solution to white guilt in which the white hero crosses over and pretends to be black or native American.”

It is important to observe here that “Hernan and Andrew” are opposed to the White race traitor who leads the Pandorans to victory. In their racial narrative, Whites are evil by definition, non-Whites are inherently good. Whites cannot be absolved of their racial guilt by their actions. There is nothing a White person can do to overcome the moral stain of being born with pale skin. Going native, marrying a non-White, joining the tribe, taking up arms against White oppressors … none of this is sufficient.

I find this highly refreshing. I’m pleased to see anti-racists finally laying the anti-White card on the table. White people need to realize that anti-racists hate them for who they are, not for what they do.

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  1. It’s good to see you guys sorting it out. As ‘Notuswind’ mentions, there are indeed natural laws that are at work, and more that will come into play. One of them is a Racial Gresham’s Law, a law of racial dynamics that is always at work. Specious White race denial is an ugly temporary fixation/delusion, that will be demolished by the Darwinian law of the jungle.

  2. “There have always been people who bitterly protested the mistreatment of the Indians.” —Mark

    The real issue is how the Indians treated themselves before the European conquests. In my latest YouTube video I say that Amerindians were extremely cruel and barbarous against their own children.

    I have a question to the commenters of this blogsite: How come so few of us are speaking out in YouTube? In fact: every time I watch a pro-WN video in YouTube I can only listen the speaker’s voice. No face appears.

    As you can see in the linked video, English is not my native language. Why aren’t more natives speaking out about WN in the tube? I’ve just read in Hunter Wallace’s most recent entry that “the election of a black president and an economic depression hasn’t produced any tangible benefit for our movement, sad as it is to say”. Isn’t it high time to go forward, at least in the modest form of homemade videos? Yes: the owners of YouTube are hostile to our cause. But isn’t it worth trying?

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