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  1. There is a massive snowstorm hitting Virginia tomorrow, so travel safely.

    I was planning to be down there myself for this weekend, but we may receive up to two feet of snow here in the NE.

    Best of luck!

  2. They aren’t forecasting anything for New England. I looked at the radar this morning and saw the huge system and no snow forecast for lil’ Rhody…

  3. Wow, this came out of the blue.

    I hope your move goes well Hunter — make sure to drive safe because the conditions are going to be very icy up that way; the northern half of Virginia is slated to get around 2+ FEET of snow over the next day or so, which could be some kind of record…it’s very strange to get that much snowfall in The South. It’s not going to be the greatest day to move furniture and boxes in to a new place — y’all be careful not to slip!

    If you don’t mind me asking — are you moving there for additional college, or a job, or what? Are you moving to the DC Megalopolis, or elsewhere in VA?

  4. Fourty years ago Virginia was really nice, even today off the main roads it isn’t bad.

    Speaking of roads, be careful, traffic violations for Virginia residents are very costly. And as far as I know radar detectors are illegal in Virginia.

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