JH Kunstler calls Tea Party people cornpone Nazis

In the CF nation entry for February 8, 2010, JH Kunstler becomes unhinged in calling the conservative Tea Party people “cornpone Nazis.”

When Mr. Kunstler calls someone a “Nazi” it implies, “potential mass murderer.”  He may be right that a lot of them are delusional or unintelligent, but they sure aren’t cold-blooded killers.

I think the great effort of making his radio play had an effect on his temperament.  We expect artists to be a bit unhinged, and Kunstler is a writer, painter and fiddler.

In a most providential coincidence, the movie Hashmatsa came out and illustrates the very paranoia Kunstler expresses in calling Tea Party people “Nazis.”  As Norman Finkelstein points out in Hashmatsa, “everybody calls everybody else a Nazi” (in Israel).  It’s a reflex for them.  Being as many of their ancestors come from Germany, they are culturally closer to Nazi Germany than us hapless Americans, so it’s not wholly inaccurate for Israelis to call each other “Nazis.”  But applying the term to Americans, even to the tiny number that march around in World War II period dress (and the television camera always finds these ones), is patently ridiculous.

“Nazi” is very particular to Germany, and its unfair to characterize Americans this way.  It hurts one’s ability to understand Americans and our particular predicament in 2010.

I wrote to Jim and asked him to watch Hashmatsa, and see how paranoia about “the Gentiles” actually foments anti-semitism, and the world is actually not very anti-semitic.

Hashmatsa made me realize how very unproductive it is to give Abe Foxman any raison d ‘etre.  And the fact is, we can work on our legitimate conflict of interest with Jews in ways that do not generate any fodder for the ADL.  The Revolution will not be Televised, nor will it be picked up on Foxman’s radar.


  1. And the fact is, we can work on our legitimate conflict of interest with Jews in ways that do not generate any fodder for the ADL.

    Make the existing game obsolete and be the one writing the rules for the new one.

    If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
    The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.
    Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.
    – Sun Tzu, the Art of War

  2. My take on being called a “Nazi” is to just realize that this is a very normal part of the game. Kunstler has probably been called a Nazi by his friends, it seems to be just another term thrown around in Jewish circles, almost as common as the “F” word. Its probably similar to my brothers and I calling each other “dorks”. For the WN, this should be a silly word that has no sting, its a used-up term. There is no need to get defensive about it, and when being called such, your reaction should be the equivalent of being called “jerk” or “doofus”. You dont apologize or get upset, you just chuckle, roll your eyes and calmly continue what you are doing.

    There is also no need to get embarrassed about the silly rascals that dress up in Nazi uniforms. Why arent they entitled to do so, whats the harm? They are generally law abiding, and have the right to protest and have parades that are due to citizens of a free country. Jews certainly are not embarrassed about their people who wear big fur hats with long forelocks and sport bottle-bottom glasses, calling for the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. If there is one virtue that Jews have, its that they stand up for each other, support their own kind through thick and thin, and refuse to give an inch to their enemies. WNs need to develop a similar immunity from being shamed.

  3. The movie Hashmatsa (Defamation) is of immense value in helping us understand “the game.” I urge anyone to watch it several times.

    Question: Where have Whites taken our eyes off the ball?

    Answer: In the realm of the brain as a tool and a weapon — science and technology (including psychology/sociology/anthropology) as a way of life, and not just as a way to sell your labor for a high price to Pfizer or General Dynamics. Science — it ain’t just for nerds any more.

    Our brains are our inheritance. It is what we can use to save ourselves. And Abe Foxman can’t do a damned thing about it. He can’t even use it for his “incidences of anti-semitism” reports.

    Hashmatsa showed me that Abe Foxman’s game is dying a natural death. Did you see the average age of the “ADL mission?” Those people are a joke. They had a young whippersnapper over at their Boston ADL office, Andrew Tarsy, and he was forced to resign because he refused to deny the Armenian genocide.

    The absolute worst thing we could do is harm a hair on a Jewish head. The worst thing we could do is help Abe Foxman snatch legitimacy from the jaws of obsolescence and ridiculousness. Let the ADL and the Holocaust industry die a natural death.

    We have a legitimate conflict of interest with Jews which can be settled without violence. There’s more of us than them. There’s more Whites on the planet with IQ’s over 130, than there are Jews at all. That is enough of an advantage to defeat the big O.J., without anyone on either side getting a scratch or a bump.

  4. “I wrote to Jim and asked him to watch Hashmatsa, and see how paranoia about “the Gentiles” actually foments anti-semitism, and the world is actually not very anti-semitic.”

    It appears that all the Semitic cousins (Jews, Arabs, and what not) operate similarly as minorities in host countries, and that is to create a shield against out-marriage and related phenomena.

    Thus it doesn’t matter whether there are any Nazis or neo-Nazis around, the claim that there is has a powerful effect on retaining some measure of tribe by whichever Semitic sub-group makes the charge.

    That we find it shaming to us on occasion, as well as silencing, may not be the primary purpose of calling outsiders names & labels that dismay, irritate, and slander. We need to flip the usual perception (that the name-calling is about us), and consider that it may simply be a contemporary mantra calling lost lambs home to the great Semitic barn in the sky.


    As evidence that the words “Nazi” and “neo-Nazi” are highly charged for Semites, remember that Frank Collin, the leader of the proposed march in Skokie, was the son of Max Simon Collin who had changed his last name from Cohen.

  5. It’s kind of sad how he utterly discredited himself. I can’t help but like JH Kunstler. He himself criticizes the “unserious.”

    But by the Jewish definition of “Nazi,” he’s calling the Tea Party people a bunch of cold blooded killers. Or were the Nazis not cold-blooded killers? Which is it?

    It was a very dumb move, but the thing to understand about JHK is he’s more the temperamental artist and less the disciplined intellectual who carefully measures his public statements.

    The Jewish idea of anti-semitism looks more and more like a collective mental illness that can get dangerous (i.e. the Iraq war). Again, watch Hashmatsa. That movie gave us the decryption key to decode Crazy Abe Foxman and his geriatric mission of paranoid Holocaust memorializers.

    So the strategy going forward is to accumulate our power, while NOT feeding the Jewish anti-semitism delusion. Of course we have to talk about Jewry, and talk about our legitimate conflict of interest with Jewry, but this is NOT equivalent to wanting to hurt anybody.

    What’s an anti-semite? How about a definition? OK, so an anti-semite is someone who would want to hurt/kill Jews just for being Jewish. By that definition, I hope none of us are anti-semites. I certainly am not out to hurt anybody, much less Jews.

    A person who recognizes a legitimate conflict of interest with Jews, is not an anti-semite. Talking about this legitimate conflict of interest is not hateful or anti-semitic, and it’s truly a matter of life or death.

    We need more political and economic clout. Simple as that. No, we won’t use this increased clout to “build gas chambers.” That’s pure fantasy of crazy people. We might pass tort reform and financial regulation that encourages productive labor and discourages financial shenanigans; we might end the manufacture of plastics and the production of “throwaway junk;” we will certainly relocalize agriculture so it has a positive EROEI; we may very well stop subsidizing human reproduction by people who won’t be able to give their kids a good upbringing. Some of these laws might be perceived as bad for some Jews, but killing people is not in the plan.

    Of course this is all fantasy about “when we have more clout.” but it’s good to know what we want, because otherwise we might get clout and not know what to do with it. And it’s good to tell others why we are in politics, and what we think a healthier society will look like.

    The Holocaust is the past. The Nazis are the past. Abe Foxman is fighting the last war (LOL). It worked for a while, but now he’s been decrypted by Yoav Shamir.

    The new war is the Mind-Weapon war, and we have the second biggest army in the world, so long as we can get it organized. The Chinese have the biggest Mind-Weapon army, but ours is more creative and not necessarily the enemy of the Chinese.

  6. “Nazi is very particular to Germany, and its unfair to characterize Americans this way. It hurts one’s ability to understand Americans and our particular predicament in 2010.
    “I wrote to Jim and asked him to watch Hashmatsa, and see how paranoia about “the Gentiles” actually foments anti-semitism, and the world is actually not very anti-semitic.”

    I’m surprised that you are naive enough to think that the Godless/inward looking actually care. How very “White” of you to alert him that he offends your sense of “fair play.”

    Honestly, you make a cogent argument to let bygones be, and to move forward, and then whine about his (entirely predictable) behavior. Please reconcile this for us and extend your argument such that we understand the difference between taking “the high road,” as opposed to a thoughtful strategy for advancing the dialog. I’d prefer Kunstler roll in his hair-shirt, privately.


  7. What can I say? Kunstler has always been a hardcore anti-white leftist for all his rural green romanticism. The problem I have with the so-called “tea party movement” is that it is the same sort of populist movement which has been tried time and again by American whites to no useful purpose. We need a revolution, not a democratic reform movement.

    Over time I’ve come to realize that the pro-white movement really is a conservative one. To that extent the Linder approach is the correct one, polarization and alienation of those unwilling to go the full way (altho I still think Linder is a gov’t asset). The problem is, considering the obstacles which face our people, conservatism will not suffice.

  8. Hashmatsa is the decryption key to the whole Jewish paranoia delusion.

    The thing to understand is that we are dealing with a collective mental illness, a collective delusion, cultivated and carefully maintained by Organized Jewry.

    We need to treat it as such, and not feed it. At the same time, we have to talk about “our legitimate conflict of interest” and work towards a healthier balance of ethnic clout. That’s all.

    I do believe the world is in bad shape because Organized Jewry has too much power, and organized Whites don’t have enough. I think Whites would do things like end the production of plastic and end the throwaway society, thus we would stop adding to the Pacific Garbage Patch.

    Conservative/liberal is all 1.0 politics. That was back when we still had a nation state. Now America is nothing but a brand with a government apparatus. Now we have a new fight, on the level of culture and intellect.

  9. Kievsky, I certainly agree that it is sad how Kunstler is discrediting himself. I like the guy too.

    The reality is that the Tea Party people have legitimate grievances. Many, many legitimate grievances.

    The Tea Partiers are, by and large, people who have simply played by the rules. Yet they look around and see lots of other people not playing by the rules. Or worse, they look around and see that the “rules” are rigged, optimized for exploitation by certain groups. One of the groups that has grown fattest on the exploitation and rip offs is, of course, the Jewish elite. Unsurprisingly, this goes unmentioned by Kunstler. And frankly, it seems to go unmentioned by the Tea Partiers. They aren’t even honing in on the Jews, but Kunstler naturally assumes that they are. If only he were right.

    He’d rather blame the guy who is barely getting by, and quite frankly has reached the point where he NEEDS Walmart just to make ends meet. Oh, the unmitigated evil of that guy! Let’s focus on him! (for what it’s worth, I tend to agree with Kunstler’s critique of the big boxes. However, I recognize that this country has actively pursued policies that have made huge numbers of people genuinely in need of Walmart. It’s a damn shame and a vicious cycle, and it’s true that the Tea Partiers don’t have the breadth of understanding to break the vicious cycle. But neither does anybody else in the mainstream!)

    For Kunstler to promote a Punch and Judy show in this way is just a damn shame. He knows better, but would prefer to play to the anti-white prejudices of part of his audience and reinforce his “progressive” credentials. These days, progressive just means anti-white.

    The truth is that the nation is FUBARed to the extreme. The elites, not the Tea Partiers, made and enforced the decisions that have wrecked the country. The elites pursued integration, resulting in the decline of our educational system and the effective destruction of the urban walkable communities that Kunstler claims to favor. Through their control of education and media, the elites undermined the traditional values that used to make community life pleasant. Normal people respond by withdrawing from the civic sphere, retreating to their home entertainment centers. Don’t blame the victim, blame the perp.

    The elites pursued the policy of deindustrialization that destroyed the prospects of having a normal, productive life for a huge swath of the population (then dump on them because they are now dependent on Walmart). The elites pursued a policy of massive Third World immigration that is in the process of undermining what is left of our civic cohesion and forces the Average Joe to compete not only with Chinese labor on the other side of the planet, but with Third World labor in his own town. Squeeze him from both ends…then blame him. Perfect.

    I also love his implication that Whites are “pushing people around.” Huh? Who exactly are we pushing around? Last time I checked, every person of Third World descent is entitled – from the moment they cross the border – to a host of affirmative action programs that disadvantage and discriminate against Whites. These affirmative action bennies are no joke either. They are huge.

    So yeah, let’s blame the Tea Partiers. Who gives a shit about the truth?

    The real problem with the Tea Partiers is that they aren’t radical enough. Not nearly radical enough. Hopefully that will change in time, and I think it may, but the reality is these people still just want to play by the rules. Newsflash: it ain’t gonna work. Unlike the White Nationalists, the Tea Partiers have failed to understand that the rules are controlled by people who hate us, that the game is hopelessly rigged and unreformable, and that the traditional means of redress will no longer work. If the Tea Partiers are to be blamed for anything, that would be it.

  10. The rats have been steering this ship for our entire adult lives, have crashed it squarely into an iceberg, and are now jumping from the ship. But before they go, they’re turning around to stick their tongues out at the working class suckers who are stuck on the ship.


  11. Trainspotter: “Squeeze him from both ends…then blame him. ”

    We have to be careful not to trap ourselves into the role of victim from some point forward. Each day behind us, we were a bigger majority and this happened on our watch. I too can site many “cheap shots” levied against us in the 20th century from various special interests. No doubt there has been serial duping. But take a good look at your tattooed Princess with the clit-stud and her boyfriend with the eight-ball nostrils: We were slow, self-indulgent, and believed the enemies’ propaganda – while everyone else in the world knew it was a lie. Appropriately, they are not about to feel sorry for us. We played by the rules and got burnt, when everyone knew that the rules were fixed.

    I hope we have more to our spirit that to play the grievance card (regardless of it being a loser’s hand). I wholeheartedly support the Tea Partiers, as long as they remain on an independent, and positive footing. I hope to God they don’t become co-opted. I don’t care if only 10% (my guess) “get it.” They are awaking from a wealth and spiritual languor. This is the first step. It was mine also. They will become “aware” in the next 2-10 years. We are right on schedule. Thank God, Obama beat McCain.


  12. Mike,
    I pretty much agree with your post. My point was not that the Tea Partiers, or Whites in general, are blameless. Far from it. Clearly there is plenty of blame to go around. Ultimately, our survival as a people is our responsibility, and for quite some time now we have not been living up to that responsibility. That blot on our honor is there, no question about it.

    But Kunstler does not seem to care a whit about White survival. He is engaging in a garden variety version of blame the victim – the White victim. Clearly, the elites have a lot more influence and room to manuever than the Average Joe who is just getting by, wondering if he’s going to be able to make rent or pay his mortgage next week. The elites have been the driving force behind the policies that have destroyed our country.

    The fact that the general public did not resist more strongly may be disappointing to us, but we must not lose sight of the driving force. Clearly, those in power bear more responsibility than those who dig ditches or flip burgers. The people trusted (foolishly) our elites, and now we must pay the price for that misplaced trust. But to me there is no contest in relative culpability between the evil doer as opposed to the person who foolishly trusted. Neither are blameless, but that blame is not evenly distributed.

    Kunstler, normally insightful, seems to be engaging in a pathetic Punch and Judy show (blame the redneck for our problems – utterly absurd), and needs to be called on it. Again, it’s absurd.

    As to playing the victim card, that’s just part of the deal. It’s not the whole deal, but if we don’t have grievances then there will be no fundamental challenge to the current order. See the Declaration of Independence, in many ways merely a list of grievances. But it was more than that, attempting to promote a postive vision as well. We must also do this. We must articulate a positive vision of where we want to go, and why, but we must also never lose sight of our grievances. Rather, we must proclaim them loudly and proudly as a means of undermining system legitimacy.

  13. I assume this Kunstler character is related to the late William Kunstler?

    Wikipedia reports on William Kunstler:

    “….An American self-described ‘radical lawyer’ and civil rights activist, known for his controversial clients. Kunstler was a board member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the co-founder of the Law Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the ‘leading gathering place for radical lawyers in the country.’

    Kunstler’s successful defense of the ‘Chicago Seven’ made him the most famous and controversial lawyer in the United States. Kunstler is also well-known for his frequent defense of members of the Catonsville Nine, Black Panther Party, Weather Underground Organization, the Attica Prison rioters, and the American Indian Movement. …Kunstler refused to defend right-wing groups like the Minutemen, on the grounds that: ‘I only defend those whose goals I share. I’m not a lawyer for hire. I only defend those I love.’….”

    Seems like this Kunstler IS related to the late ‘radical lawyer’ (who should have been disbarred).

    If he is Kunstler The Younger, he probably is a red diaper baby, raised in communist summer camps, virulently anti-White, defending destroyers of American laws and culture, always hypocritically seeking out ‘The Great White Bigot’ while the soviets get a pass.


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