Money Bomb For the Nation

Nothing for the NationI remember high school teachers complaining about our congressman, John Hostettler. They mumbled about him being a “radical conservative” and a real “hick”. While I accepted their view as fact at the time, I’ve figured out that a man’s worth can be weighed in gallons of bile spewed at him by those types. Over and over again, Hostettler did the opposite of what the media, the “experts“, and the lobbyists told him to do.

He did it again in 2003, becoming one of only six Republican representatives to vote against the invasion of Iraq. He was unceremoniously ousted in the next election cycle by a Hoosier constituency mesmerized by Fox News propaganda and Christian Zionist brainwashing. Despite having held the line on traditional conservative values and disciplined budget balancing for over a decade, Hostettler was painted as some sort of confused liberal.

During his sabbatical from Washington, he wrote a book: Nothing for the Nation: Who got what out of Iraq. The book shows how a dedicated core of wealthy and powerful lobbyists representing Jewish special interest groups hijacked the political process and plunged our country into a bloody and expensive conflict that we had nothing to gain from. While he’s not a supporter of Occidental Dissent’s White advocacy, he’s unquestionably the best hope America has of placing an outspoken critic of the Israel Lobby in office.

Hostettler’s supporters are attempting to raise a $5,000 money bomb on February 22nd for his U.S. Senate campaign in Indiana and I’m pledging to do my part to support my principles with my paycheck. He has a real chance here to oust Evan Bayh, a Democratic Senator who proudly supports both bailouts and bombs, while feigning an interest in balancing the budget.

I know that many of the people in here have given up on the political process and many of the people in here will find Hostettler’s views or his voting record problematic for one reason or another. But if you’re looking for practical ways to support politicians who defy the Jewish interests in Washington, this might be a good way for you to do that. If you do pledge to donate, be sure to tell them in the Message section of the pledge that you came from Occidental Dissent.

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  1. A worthy cause! I would donate, but I have already sent money to Lou Barletta and Ron Paul. I am overextended.

  2. I was shocked by how quickly and totally rank and file conservatives fell for the Iraq war. I know conservatives who were against the somewhat more justified first Iraq war but supported the second one because “we need to teach the Muslims a lesson.”

    Discrediting Fox News and Christian Zionism is something we must do before we can build a mass movement or have any kind of electoral success.

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