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I’m finally settled in here in my new home in Charlottesville, Virginia. I still don’t have my own internet connection, but I seem to be able to leech off my neighbor’s wireless for now. I moved to this area in the middle of Snowpacolypse which CNN has been covering for several days now. The weather is still throwing a monkey wrench into getting my cable and internet set up. I should have everything sorted out by the middle of next week.

First impressions: Virginia has a lot of jobs, friendly people, and attractive women. There is a lot more opportunity here than in the Deep South. I already have some new friends and have been enjoying the local restaurants. Ultimately, I plan to return home to Alabama at some point, but my wanderings will probably keep me in this state for the next few years.

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  1. Wow, close to my stomping grounds. I had speculated on where in Virginia you might be moving, and while C’ville was definitely on the short list, Richmond or NoVa seemed more likely. I’ll definitely be interested in your observations about the place, and Virginia in general.

  2. Good luck, Hunter. I am a former resident of Centreville (Fairfax) & Warrenton (Fauquier) and Virginia is a beautiful place to call home. Overall, it is a very conservative state with a few bastions of liberalism, mostly in the northern region. We all know college towns, wherever they may be, tend to be liberal as well. Enjoy those beautiful views and the upcoming Spring renewal. Maybe you can convince some of those students to open their eyes!

  3. Speaking of Alabama, I wonder if there was a racial issue with the university shooting there yesterday. The dead are the chairman of her department, who is Indian, and two other faculty members who are both black or part black. All three were tenured. I looked up the published papers of the suspect and of the three who were shot. Based on their publication records, I’d say the suspect may well have deserved tenure every bit as much as the two blacks and possibly as much as the Indian. Maybe a feeling (possibly justified) that she was being cheated because she was white is what pushed her over the edge.

  4. Ms. Bishop doesn’t look quite White, judging from the TV footage, but I, too, did notice the ethnicity of the slain professors. Her comments when she was led away (“I didn’t do anything”), would suggest that it is more a mental issue than anything else.

  5. In all probability she is a White liberal who cracked when she realized was denied tenure because she is white. At this point, it’s the most reasonable explanation, and it’s the one I’m going with until I see something better. Two Negro biologists just happen to get tenure on the same faculty through merit? Give me a fuckin’ break.

  6. Charlottesville has a big population of obvious illegal aliens.
    Another place that has changed for the worse over the years…

  7. I will be in between Charlottesville and DC for work and school. OD readers in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland should get in touch with me via email. I might host a meet up somewhere down the road.

  8. Welcome to Virginia, Hunter. Your comment about there being more opportunity up north goes to the crux of what I feel is the biggest problem facing whites in America: anemic economic opportunity in the parts of America that remain culturally homogeneous and spiritually healthy. People are constantly having to move to multicultural, multiracial cesspools in order to make a living. Up side is that many people (well, at least some people, people like me) will become racially conscious for the first time in this new environment. Down side is, well, everything else.

    I think the paleocons have the best solution for this: lower taxes, fewer government regulatory burdens, less immigration, along with a shift towards tariffs as a source of government revenue, in order to discourage offshore outsourcing.

  9. Crypto, enough of your buffoonish commentary, please. Even now, at this late hour, you recommend “less” immigration (as opposed to no immigration) as the “best” solution.

    Try completing the following sentence and I think you’ll understand why your opinions are routinely held in so little regard: “People should pay serious attention to my comments because_________”

  10. Good points, Crypto. I’ll take issue with one, however: the idea that the paleocons have a solution. One problem that we face in a racially mixed society is that the non-whites (along with everyone else) will move toward any economic hotspot. The area starts out white, becomes an economic draw, and then is inevitably swamped with non-whites. It then reaches the point where it becomes untenable for normal whites to live in the place, and the whites flee. The area becomes a dead or dying husk, full of glaring and resentful non-whites, essentially a no go zone for our kind. The cycle is obvious, we’ve seen this happen again and again.

    Detroit, the “Paris of the Midwest,” was at one time a beautiful white city. But, due to its very economic success, the blacks poured in and, of course, the results are plain to see. This has happened to countless cities and towns across the country. In fact, it has happened to pretty much every large city, at least to a significant degree. It’s even happening in Utah!

    When I was a kid, I used to think in terms of cities turning non-white. Now it is perhaps more accurate to view it as happening to entire states. See California, Florida, and numerous other states that were not so long ago wonderful lands of white opportunity. Soon enough, we’ll think of it in regional terms (I guess with the Southwest we already are), as huge swaths of land go non-white. These great tranches of formerly white territory have one thing in common: at one time they were regions of exceptional white opportunity. California dreaming and what not.

    Lowering taxes and other policies that tend to create economic hotspots will, therefore, avail us of nothing – except turning formerly white areas into multiracial cesspools.

    Obviously, lowering immigration would help a lot, but the paleocons hardly have a monopoly on that particular position. Ultimately the paleocons offer us nothing except a slightly slower death, and I do mean slightly. No thanks. The real solution is the all white ethnostate. Nothing else will do.

  11. Though I’m taking a beating for suggesting Rosario Dawson is kind of hot here…


    I really have to agree with Trainspotter, after covering illegal immigration for more than five years it became pretty evident to me that the problem had become something that was no longer fixable via the ballot box and that it was accelerating beyond anyone’s wildest nightmare. As he notes California and the entire Southwest is indeed exhibit #1!

    I guess the real question is: how do we get there from here?

  12. Silver, you Jeweler you, even Tancredo accepts the idea of having some legal immigration.

    Trainspotter, all-white ethnostate would have its own advantages and disadvantages but the key point is that if you really insist on it being all-white, then it will need to be really SMALL, geographically and population-wise. And thus not a solution for the overwhelming majority of whites. It would likely engage in very little trade with any other countries, have very little access to capital. To the extent you WOULD be able to forcibly evict Jews and anti-racialist whites, they would be passionately dedicated to your destruction from the outside. It would also have to be almost entirely rural. How are you going to remove every last black, Hispanic, Jew, anti-racialist white and mixed race person from places like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Seattle, Kansas City, Omaha, Denver? Sorry, but we’re talking millions of non-whites with the passionate conviction that they have citizenship rights. And its hard to believe they wouldn’t discover the 2nd Amendment prior to downfall of the USA, the declaration of the new white state and their receipt of their eviction notice. No…your state would be rural, and small.

    As to your point about non-whites moving toward “economic hotspots” you are correct. My point however is that we used to have a more spread out economy with fewer hotspots, or at least the areas that weren’t hotspots were more economically viable. Factories and businesses were spread throughout the nation – especially in the midwest. And it sustained a real white American culture, generation after generation. It sustained what we love.

    Detroit itself of course was destroyed. You can thank Henry Ford for that. But as long as there was still industry — in the seventies for instance — whites in the Detroit metro area and in eastern Michigan still had a stake there. They moved out of the city and got on with their lives in the suburbs. And it was still a pretty good life. Things worked, more or less, until the industries started leaving, mostly in the eighties and nineties and this last decade.

  13. C’Ville has a liberal bent, and a growing homo community. UVA is a big draw for immigrants and northern Liberals. Fortunately Va is still a pretty conservative state, outside of the Tidewater region, and NOVA. Quantico seems to be the “new” northern border. Stay away from Va Beach during “ANY” festival unless it is specifically pro-white, the Bay offers far better fishing and relaxation opportunities, and Sandbridge is a much better “beach” option. I highly recommend touring the historic sites in Richmond, it will really revive your spirit of Liberty and Freedom when the mass of scum starts to get you down. I hope you enjoy your time here. My offer still stands, if you need anything, please email me.

  14. Crypto, you are making a whole host of assumptions and treating them as inevitable. I disagree that they are inevitable. History is replete with examples of massive population transfers. Massive population transfers have been, if anything, “normal”: see Iraq, the Balkans, India, Prussia…that’s just naming a few, the tip of the iceberg. There have been many, many more, and this in just the last few generations.

    If history is any guide, there will be plenty of such population transfers in the future. In fact, some are underway even as we speak. Our job is to make sure that whites survive the process and come out on the other side with our nations intact. Your assertion that the white ethnostate must be “small” is unwarranted. Possibly it will be, but I rather doubt it. In fact, I am inclined to believe that in order for it to survive it must be large. Very large. And ALL of our ancestral homelands in Europe must be reclaimed. Yes, every jot and tittle.

    I suspect that you are not ignorant concerning the history of massive population transfers that have been going on throughout history. Perhaps you have simply fallen for the idea that such transfers can never benefit whites?

    But really, neither of us has a crystal ball. What we are facing in the here and now is the question of which direction to take. You are promoting a set of assumptions (which, per above, I reject) that make the white ethnostate appear undesirable, or at least not a very good solution. Instead, you are promoting the paleocon view. My position is that such is nothing short of poison.

    The paleocon “solution” would only forestall our death by a very short time, if that. Further, since they don’t have a radical or revolutionary bone in their body, their “solution” will never be implemented. Of course, one could reasonably argue that the odds in favor of the WN solution being implemented are long. They are. But long odds are better than zero odds, and zero is what the paleocons offer us.

    Also, on another subject, there will always be economic hotspots. And now, with the massive non-white demographics in this country, any hotspot will be flooded in time, with or without a favorable change in immigration law. It is way too late for the paleocon “solution.” That ship sailed long ago. It’s just whistling past the graveyard.

  15. In many places you can still see the Confederate columns marching down the Valley Pike. All you have do is go there and look.

    As far as immigration, when people start to scream in politicians ears, and I think that’s pretty close, it will end. Nothing a politician remembers like a scream in the ear. LOL.

  16. Trainspotter, I will say that the breakup of the USA through secession IS in the realm of the possibility, and that such an outcome could lead to a better situation for whites in new sovereign entities in which we would have an greater majority than we do now. But, yes, I do believe the age of large scale population transfer is over. The previous examples you could cite took place in war-torn, impoverished conditions, and they involved property-less peasants living in a relatively small geographic area. In India/Pakistan, for instance, it was only a small area that had the population transfers. Half of Pakistan’s land mass is Baluchistan, largely unpopulated, historically connected not to India but to Afghanistan. And modern India of course remains multinational, with the largest Muslim population in the world (or a close second to Indonesia). Then look at Israel, which supposedly has the world in its pocket: why do you think it has no choice but tolerate the presence of 4 million Jew-hating Arabs west of the Jordan River?

    In America, what makes the idea of forced transfer so unlikely is the fact that so many non-whites and “undesirable” whites own property in the part of the country you want for your ethnostate. You really think Ted Turner is gonna agree to the expropriation all a the land he owns in Nebraska and Wyoming? And you don’t think he would be inclined to oppose, and take steps to undermine, a new white ethnostate in his midst? You don’t think it wouldn’t make a whole lot more sense for the newly independent whites under the scenario of the USA breaking up to ACCOMODATE the non-whites and the liberal whites, rather than evict them?

    It’s just such a ridiculous idea on so many levels. And its unnecessary. Our problems are primarily cultural and spiritual. Address them, and there is no reason why whites, with all of the advantages that we have a people vis-a-vis nonwhites, cannot survive and thrive in a multiracial America, as until very recently and for several centuries we’ve managed to do. You disparage the paleocon perspective, but imagine if they had some power? Imagine if Sarah Palin, instead of being a clueless Fox News conservative, channeling Pat Buchanan, WITH THE SAME LEVEL OF SUPPORT SHE HAS NOW?

  17. How are you going to remove every last black, Hispanic, Jew, anti-racialist white and mixed race person from places like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Seattle, Kansas City, Omaha, Denver?

    Why in the world would they have to be removed? Just draw the boundaries around them. Sheesh.

  18. Crypto,
    I believe that there CAN’T be the sort of amicable and adult resolution you envision because the involved parties are perilously lacking in an accurate understanding of their relative strengths and weaknesses. The Jewish oligarchs are awash in money and influence, which they mistake for wealth and power. They mistake White American patience for submission and they mistake their strategic allegiances with minorities for actual support.

    If I were King of the White Americans, I would be glad to strike some sort of deal with the Jewish oligarchs where they respect our right to exist and determine our destiny in exchange for our fair, patient, and amicable treatment of the non-White enclaves. But they’ll never come to me to offer such a deal, because they’re so swollen with arrogance and confidence that they believe themselves to be the true and invincible kings of the world.

    I wish that something along the lines of what you’re envisioning were possible, but by the time their bluff is called, the White American people won’t have any patience or spirit of compromise left. I, like you, would prefer a civilized and peaceful resolution. I’m just not seeing it. I would like to know how you actually envision our opponents agreeing to some sort of acceptable way forward.

  19. Wiki,

    As I said, I can imagine a scenario in which the USA breaks up, allowing the creation of virtually, or implicity white states or a state. So that’s one outcome, maybe not likely, but possible. I don’t see how it would or could be explicitely “racial” — the people in the states most likely to secede mostly haven’t been exposed to enough non-whites to have developed much animus against them. They simply want to be left alone and necessity of removing the small number of non-whites (proportionately speaking) in their midst wouldn’t occur to them. Thank goodness, from my point of view. As I argue above, it would be a fool’s errand.

    I disagree that the Jewish oligarchs see white Americans as being totally submissive…they are hyperaware, I think, that they don’t always get their way. I don’t know how you are reading the politics of 2009 and 2010, but I think there is much truth to the observation that white America is pushing back, asserting itself. And the powers that be ARE taking notice. And they have no choice but to negotiate. The problem as I see it is that they don’t have to negotiate about really important things because for the most part white America is asserting itself in ways that are not going to help us in the long run. To a great extent, we’ve tossed our eggs in the basket of the Republican Party, in a party controlled by deracinated bankers and other plutocrats, along with Christian Zionists and their Jewish gurus. There is absolutely no telling how things would play out if the Tea Party crowd found the ideas of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul to be more compelling than the ideas of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Unfortunately, they don’t. And the slow, frustrating work of persuading them otherwise is the only way forward that seems realistic to me.

  20. Found this over at Original Dissent:

    The American Dream:

    All the Latrino’s going back home with a Jew in the trunk. 🙂

  21. Crypto,
    I hope that the work of awakening White Americans then peacefully negotiating a way for them to determine their destiny as a people is as easy as you say it is.

  22. Crypto, you assert that the age of large scale population transfer is over. There is no basis whatsoever for this assertion. These transfers have been going on throughout history, including in very recent years. There is no reason to believe that they are going to stop. In fact, there is a very basic reason to assume that we will have more of the same: people tend to flee from areas that are unpleasant, untenable, and/or just plain dangerous. It’s human nature, which is why we see this all the time. It ain’t gonna stop. Why on earth would it?

    For example, why would prosperous Asians stay in an America that had become full of conflict, with a newly assertive white tribe? Why would they? They wouldn’t. Instead, they would either abandon the continent en masse, or at the very least they would cluster in a handful of enclaves. They have the resources to do it, and homelands that are mostly in good shape. Same goes for other groups, to varying degrees. Many, perhaps most non-whites in this country are only here because of the change in the immigration laws in 1965. They still have contacts to their homelands. Even for those that don’t, such as most blacks, they aren’t likely to hang out in Crackerville when safe and welcoming enclaves are available. Why stay in cracker infested Kentucky when multiracial New York beckons? I can also see hispanics abandoning the country en masse if we entered a real period of conflict and crisis with a newly assertive white tribe. Or, failing that, they would surely flock to a handful of enclaves.

    In short, Crypto, if we assert ourselves, people will sort themselves out fairly quickly. History shows this time and time again.

    I don’t understand why it is so hard to understand that, just as whites flee unfavorable circumstances, so does everybody else. But there seems to be this fatalist meme that says, “If a white lives on a patch of land, he may be displaced. His tenure is temporary. But if a non-white lives on a patch of land, it is forever. He will always be there, at least until the sun burns out. Maybe longer.”

    Sorry, it just ain’t true. I’m also amazed how anybody can look at a demographic map of the United States and conclude that WE should get some tiny sliver of territory just north of Burnt Crotch Idaho. The reality is that our opponents are the ones concentrated in a relative handful of small enclaves (BosWash corridor being the main one, the real heart and soul of the beast). The opposition tends to view the vast American landmass as “flyover country,” which they hate and despise. And yet, according to you, we would have to cede almost all of it to them right from the get go, and instead congregate around a few chicken coops just outside of Boise. Sorry, it just doesn’t add up.

  23. Crypto, I agree with a fair amount of what you write in post 25. But here is the problem: we can’t sneak our way out of this mess. Whites have been trying to do that for at least the last 40 years, and the result is disaster after disaster. Unless we are explicitly racial, we will continue to lose. For once you deny or downplay the importance of race, the liberal view (crazy though it may be), begins to make a lot of sense. The thinking becomes: well, the non-whites are HERE, they aren’t going anywhere, so we must accomodate them. Of course it’s reasonable to integrate the schools, I mean, we’ve got to be one nation, right? And since 90 percent of the world’s population is non-white, it only makes sense that 90 percent of our immigrants are non-white too? And miscegenation? Well, we’re all Americans, right? Race doesn’t matter! (from that point, destruction is inevitable)

    Point is, we’ve got to be explicitly racial, or liberalism makes perfect sense. You can’t accept liberal premises without getting liberal conclusions. The so called conservatives in this country could never figure that one out, which is why they have lost the country on every level that matters. Temporary political victories change nothing. “Conservatives” have been winning elective office for decades, but the country heads inexorably into the shitter. It doesn’t make a whit of difference, so long as the “race doesn’t matter” meme dominates, liberalism will make sense and triumph.

    “You don’t think it wouldn’t make a whole lot more sense for the newly independent whites under the scenario of the USA breaking up to ACCOMODATE the non-whites and the liberal whites, rather than evicting them?”

    Why on earth should they be accomodated? How does that benefit us? I mean, sure, if they approached us now and peacefully agreed to foster the conditions that would guarantee the survival of whites as a people, then of course. But that, quite obviously, is not going to happen.

    Instead, there is going to be conflict. Given the inevitability of that conflict, you would suggest that whites risk danger, injury and even extinction, but when we win we should still coddle the non-whites and liberals in our midst? Leave a fifth column in our ranks that will inevitably assert itself when the time is ripe? Why on earth would that be a good thing?

  24. Crypto, you assert that the age of large scale population transfer is over. There is no basis whatsoever for this assertion.

    In fact, it’s absolutely laughable. How many millions of Mexicans transferred themselves to the US in the last 30 years?

  25. Crypto, you assert that the age of large scale population transfer is over. There is no basis whatsoever for this assertion. These transfers have been going on throughout history, including in very recent years.

    More than a million Whites were removed from Detroit in the last 40 years without a penny of compensation.

  26. Tillman,

    In fact, it’s absolutely laughable. How many millions of Mexicans transferred themselves to the US in the last 30 years?

    That was voluntary. We’re talking about involuntary transfers.

    Your next example (Detroit) is better. But that too was a combination of push-pull: to a large extent pushed by negro hostility and general filth but also pulled by the draw of racial tranquility and greater marks of prosperity.


    You just keeping coming up with great hits, man. Gotta love these:

    even Tancredo accepts the idea of having some legal immigration.

    Wow, even Tancredo, Hitler reincarnate to be sure, accepts some legal immigration. Well that settles it then.

    That means a swiss cheese state, Ben, with many many holes.

    In other words, simply making official (and somewhat permanent — which admittedly sounds like “a little bit pregnant,” but bear with me) what is now de facto. So if you’re prepared to accept de facto Swiss cheese, then, presuming you’re actually a racialist, why would you have a problem with official Swiss cheese? If one wants to keep the country intact, then it would simply require describing the Swiss cheese state as a consisting of a “traditional White American” core and official “mixed zones” (consisting of all races, including whites, in which freedom of association [housing, employment, schooling] is afforded to all).

    And ultimately, to put it terms that risk upsetting some of this blog’s readers, beggars can’t be choosers. Now, violent conflict would swiftly do away with having to beg, but (widespread) violent conflict seems to me unlikely, not least because there is so much uncertainty in “WN” — how the hell do you fight for a cause which you suspect wishes to eventually do you in, too? But there are range of solutions (real solutions, not paleoconnery) that I believe would satisfy the vast majority of WNs/racialists or WN/racialist sympathizers (leaving them with vastly more territory than, say, Harry Covington’s “NW Republic”), meaning that if one of them is implemented militants’ agitation would fall on deaf ears — then again, there would be all of eternity left to decide that, so who knows, but there are never any guarantees in life, so we have to go with what we have reason to believe is the best way forward.

  27. “That was voluntary. We’re talking about involuntary transfers.”

    Sure, the Mexicans “voluntarily” moved from less favorable circumstances to more favorable circumstances. If, on the other hand, our white lands become less favorable than living in Mexico, they would (voluntarily?) move away.

    Whether one characterizes that as voluntary or involuntary is a little beside the point. Depending on the circumstances, it’s probably going to be a little of both. Another way of putting it: if millions can come, then millions can leave. This is obviously true, voluntary or not.

    These population movements will continue, of that there is no question. The only question is whether we can create the conditions in which these transfers will be favorable to whites, as opposed to leading to our marginalization and extinction. What is important is dropping this ridiculous notion that “Wherever a non-white squats, that territory is his always and forever…but of course white territorial claims are tenuous and fleeting.” That’s the first step: freeing ourselves from absurd notions.

  28. Just curious, is anybody else having trouble with the copy and paste function? For some reason, just on this blog, I can’t paste into the comments box. I can copy and paste on a separate word document, just not in the comments box. This problem has only manifested itself recently, never had any troubles before.

    Moving on. Silver, addressing your comment about sympathizers who might fear that the movement will eventually “do them in.” I presume by this that you mean sympathizers of questionable ancestry.

    This is an important and broad topic, but I’ll just make a few points. First, there is this silly meme that we’ve all heard some variant of before: “Hey, he doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, he’s not even Aryan!” That sort of ridiculous nonsense. The purpose is to try to convince the average white that he “doesn’t make the cut,” and therefore is better off in a multiracial cesspool. This is obviously and laughably ridiculous, but it is a common meme out in the broader culture. The goal is to convince us that we are all mutts, and therefore have no interest in the preservation of our people. It’s psychological warfare, plain and simple.

    So, on the one hand we have this nonsense meme out there. On the other hand, the racial line obviously has to be drawn somewhere. Otherwise, there is no point in the white nationalist endeavor. Wherever one draws the line there are going to be some near misses: people that are close to the line, but on the wrong side. So what of these people who genuinely have extra-European blood, but sympathize with our cause? What of the people who genuinely don’t make the cut?

    I won’t attempt to fully address that question here, but I’ll say this: I’ve never known a white nationalist that would advocate harsh treatment of someone who fought for the cause, but turned out to have some non-white admixture. Again, I think this is a psych war meme designed to undermine us. Unfortunately, it is effective. I believe that his concerns in this area have, for example, unduly influenced Crypto’s views.

    The truth is that, if we win back our white territory, nobody is going to launch a witch hunt and try to harm supporters who are unfortunate enough to have tainted blood. It just ain’t gonna happen. There are a lot of things about the future that are uncertain, but I have absolutely no doubts about this particular point. Again, it just ain’t gonna happen. And keep in mind…drum roll please…I’m something of a purist myself.

    The most extreme thing that I could see happening is viewing such tainted admixture as an unfortunate genetic tragedy, much akin to some other heritable condition. Perhaps such people would be encouraged (financially) to adopt children as opposed to creating yet another generation of mixed offspring. Hell, perhaps reproductive technology will allow us to get rid of the non-white genes, just as it allows us to eliminate other undesirable traits. If that happens, they won’t even have to adopt. Who knows?

    But no genuine supporter of the white ethnostate is going to be evicted from his home, or harmed in any way. No way. Rather, such people would be viewed as heroes who fought the good fight, but simply have a heritable condition that is best not passed on to the next generation. They would be honored. And that’s if us purists get our way! If we don’t, then there are no issues whatsoever, so no worries.

    Now, you might consider even the above harsh (for what it’s worth, I think it is reasonable), but there is no way that supporters of the WN cause are going to be punished or harmed in any way over something like this, even if they genuinely don’t cut the mustard. Again, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’m absolutely convinced on this point. The comments of a few trolls don’t change any of this.

  29. To add to Trainspotter’s comment…

    Anyone who is concerned they don’t “make the cut” should read this. “People of color” don’t want your sorry, neurotic White ass. They define themselves as not being what is supposedly such an inscrutable mystery.

  30. I grew up in C’ville, though I’m in NoVA now. Despite it’s ~20% black population and growing illegal immigrant problem, it’s still quite a nice place, much better in many ways than NoVA imho. Enjoy your time there, and email me if you do a VA area meetup.

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