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I’m officially joining the so-called White Money Movement. I’ve spent the last week here in Virginia learning how utterly amateur the White Nationalist movement in America is compared to our closest ideological competitors. These people understand an inescapable truth of political reality: without money, you can’t do anything, end of story.

You can’t fund full time professional activists. You can’t attract professional writers and editors. You can’t bankroll political campaigns. You can’t hold public events that build community solidarity and attract media attention. In so many words, nothing gets done. Money is the mother’s milk of politics. Politics is how we put our ideas into action. This site is about as political as they come.

There are two things the average person fears more than death: public speaking and fundraising. Opinion polls have literally shown that many people would rather die than ask others for money. They would rather be in the casket at their own funeral than alive and delivering the eulogy. Personally, I have always been one of those types, but I have since learned more about how our political system operates and now realize that (no matter what Jim Giles says) fundraising is an inescapable aspect of it.

At a minimum, I think this website should be self supporting. The WordPress software is free. The hosting and the URL cost about $100 dollars a year. That’s peanuts. I have always paid it out of my own pocket. Looking ahead, I would like to pay a clerk a small sum to update the WordPress software, take weekly database backups, moderate comments, get us into search engines, and firmly establish OD on YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. We need a graphics designer and a webmaster to install a frontpage for original articles and a separate news section. I also want to create a tip jar for the writers to encourage them to raise the tone of their posts.

I don’t have a PayPal account right now. It should be up some time this week though. If you like what we are doing here and can financially contribute, feel free to help us out from time to time. If you are unable to do so, write content or advertise us on other sites. We are trying to build an institution here like LewRockwell.com, DailyKos, or Takimag. With a reliable revenue stream, White Nationalism will become competitive with libertarianism and kosher conservatism. This site will spawn imitators and a virtuous cycle of discourse poisoning will ensue. We might even show up on the SPLC radar screen.

Want to do something? Here’s your chance.

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  1. Yes you talked about taking this site to the next step about 6 months ago. Only way it is going to happen is if you accept donations.

  2. Get a post office box, or a mail box at one of those UPS stores or similar, and I will send you a few dollars.

    Pay Pal has a bad reputation, you will be much better of with a mailing address.

  3. I’ll send you an Andrew Jackson any time I can, once I have a place to send it to.
    I’ve been saying the same thing about the money thing, which is why we need to be entrepreneurs.
    We definitely need full time activists who are able to make a living at it. There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as the activist has something approaching the poise, polemic skill and command of the facts of Jared Taylor.
    Whatever any problem has with Jared Taylor, he is the gold standard of how to debate in public. If you plan to be a full time public activist, watch all Jared Taylor video material, and even transcribe and memorize his excellent answers to the stock questions and accusations thrown his way. I have a favorite Taylorism:
    “We have a right to be us, and only we can be us.”

  4. One of the big problems is that many WN give their money to libertarians, conservatives and others outside the movement.

  5. Before you start thinking about receiving money, you should think of setting up some sort of non-profit organization to manage the funds, and shield them from taxation. Your non-profit could specialize in securing a future for white minority children. Check out some census data on children 18 and under and you will find some very scary numbers. If fourteen words really means anything, the future rests on our children and those not yet born.

    I will be making it a mission for the rest of my life to secure a future for my children and my grand children. As I see it, I will sacrifice my retirement for them if necessary. I will die old and on my feet in a factory before I will willingly leave them behind in a cesspool of anti-white bigotry. SACRIFICE! Massive sacrifice will be necessary to reverse the tide. If you are personally not willing to sacrifice all the comforts of your existence, ie your cell phone, your cable tv, your porn, your booze, your drugs, your “bling”, you will lose. It is that simple.

  6. Euro,

    Kievsky has some good ideas about building a local economy and withdrawing from the system. Unfortunately, WNs are geographically dispersed all across the country. Whenever possible, we should network with our own people and keep our capital flowing within the community.

  7. Kievsky,

    I’ve located far superior resources (in terms of education) than anything available within the WN movement. The broadening of my knowledge base in this area will become manifest here over the next few months. I’m chomping at the bit to implement new ideas and strategies to grow this website. OD is about to take off like a bottle rocket.

  8. The Amazon reading list/book review is a good idea. As far as money goes, I believe people are apprehensive over the fact that they’re aren’t getting any tangible results from their donations, large and small. Ron Paul’s funding outstripped virtually everyone in the Republican party presidential campaign yet in the end he simply threw in the towel while still sitting on wads of cash.

    WN finds itself in the proverbial catch .22; nothing significant can be achieved without a sizable war chest of money, yet most of us aren’t willing to underwrite efforts of any organizations or individuals until we see results……which requires money. We’ve been betrayed by so many for so long that you can’t blame hardworking whites for hanging on to their money rather than blow it on the next phony great white hope.

  9. @ 17 Dithers
    Hunter’s been around under his various pen names for awhile now. Sending him a few dollars can’t hurt anything.

    If you can’t afford a few dollars, you need to get a job, or ask your mother for a bigger allowance. LOL.

    Some of you guys are making too much out of sending Hunter a little walking around money.

    Hunter, when you get your mailing address post it—and make the appeal.

  10. An approach you might want to take is coming up with specific projects and estimating the amount of money it will cost to fund each. I.e., instead of saying “send us money!”, you can say “send us x dollars and we will use the money to fund project y”.

  11. “If you are unable to do so, write content or advertise us on other sites.”

    I hate to show my ignorance, but where would I submit content for this site?

  12. It seems like you’re cargo culting the mainstream. White Nationalism is not liberalism, libertarianism, or kosher conservatism. When Daily Kos started, it was symbiotic with the media. Many of their featured bloggers are professional journalists or other professional liberals. Same thing with kosher conservatism, and, to a lesser extent, libertarianism. Compare WNs who are silenced of demonized. Getting money is not going to change that. You can have all the meetings you want, they will be ignored or misrepresented (even the half-million Democrats who protested in DC in 2004 didn’t get much attention). Paying somebody to do your measly amount of sysadmin work which you should be able to do in 15 minutes/week is not going to change that. Having an army of grassroots activists who bypass the media filter (like the libertarians already have, at least online) might.

    I was an early DKos reader. He was just an amateur blogger in the early days, but he was getting over a hundred thousand hits a month and doing five figure moneybombs for candidates like Howard Dean before he made it more professional. So I would say that it’s an overstatement that you can’t get anything done without money. Kos didn’t go full time until 2004, when he was already a top blogger with some real influence. He got there by having lots of readers, which he got by being a good writer who filled a niche (sane, optimistic, non-venomous, non-white Democrat), and by posting frequently.

    Most of the things you want to pay for are better done by volunteers. Kos gets Google juice because it has a lot of readers who link to it, not because they hired SEOs. You’re not selling penis enlargement – your users are your SEOs. Moderation is also done for free by community members at sites that get a lot more traffic than this one (including the enormous Slashdot).

    There are a few things money would help with – allowing writers to quit their jobs and write full time, like Steve Sailer, or funding a radio show (preferably with a real radio station so you’re not just preaching to the choir), or getting a TV show, but I’m pretty sure those are all well beyond your fundraising capacity and will be for some time. Adding features to this website like diaries that would make it more of a community would be helpful, and may require hiring somebody if you can’t do it and you can’t find a volunteer.

    You’d probably be better off focusing on content and getting a substantial community like Daily Kos had 7 years ago. You’re trying to walk before you can crawl.

  13. There’s something to what coldequation says. You’d be better off spending your energy recruiting better writers and more readers to this site than in fundraising.

  14. Cold Equation,

    You’re partially right about the cargo cult analogy. We can’t simply emulate what they’re doing because our situation is fundamentally different. However, fundraising and financial sustainability are still vital. Hunter only had this epiphany a couple days ago, so the specific ideas he has about the money at this time will hopefully mature as he takes more time to consider it.

  15. I would definitely contribute a few sheckles a month. But, like AW has mentioned above, you should put together a 501c3 prior to collecting donations. VDARE does this with their VDARE Foundation. If you are going legit, might as well make it legit and give your donors a nice tax write off. Even if you operate as an open advocacy group 501c4 like the NRA (which provides no tax right off to donors), registering with Uncle Shlomo would be wise for two reasons: it makes your efforts appear more legitimate and it covers your posterior in terms of taxes.

  16. coldequation,

    1.) I have a full time job now. I’m also going back to school. In other words, I will have dramatically less time to devote to OD than I have had over the last eight months.

    2.) I’ve been around this scene for eight years now. Unfortunately, this latest incarnation of OD has only been around for a few months. I can speak from experience that I am not the best at routine maintenance based tasked. I just don’t have that personality type.

    Losing the database to an anti-fascist hacker is an intolerable scenario. It is also a conceivable one. I’ve had these people attack and take down my sites in the past. I didn’t have the technical knowledge to restore the lost material. That is still largely the case today.

    A clerk could help out in countless ways. Case in point: we desperately need someone to moderate the comments and maintain a high level of discussion. In between everything else I do, I often don’t have the time to follow everything that gets posted here.

    3.) The conservatives, libertarians, and progressives all have the financial resources to attract professional writers. A market exists for that sort of thing. White Nationalism has nothing like that. Creating a market for WN discourse is a worthwhile goal. It will encourage the emergence of competitors who can put out a better product than we are producing here.

    4.) The internet is no substitute for real life political activism. Online relationships are notoriously fragile. Regional meetups are a good idea. I found my own flagging enthusiasm for the cause was renewed after meeting a lot of my online acquaintances in the flesh back in October.

    5.) I’m entirely in favor of real world grassroots activism. I have no doubt that all of you would be shocked if you knew what I have been up to these past two weeks. We’re headed in that direction here.

    6.) I never said that we couldn’t do more without money. I set a goal back in October to turn OD into a multicontributor website. We now have half a dozen writers here and more who will be joining us in the near future.

    I know various individuals who work in conservative and libertarian journalism. They will be the first to tell you that writers produce higher quality material when they have a financial incentive to do so.

    7.) OD is growing entirely by backlinks and word of mouth advertising. We’re not getting most of our readers through search engines. That has to change. Again, we return to my lack of expertise in various areas and limited time.

    8.) I’ve considered doing radio. It is definitely a more powerful medium. The catch is that doing podcasts is much more corrosive of your anonymity than writing blog comments under pseudonyms. Most people don’t want to lose their real world jobs for fifteen minutes of fame on Radio Free Mississippi. If we had professional activists (which we don’t), they could devote themselves to doing that sort of thing without having to worry about putting food on their table.

    9.) I have no expertise in photoshop or web design. I clearly need someone to overhaul the website into something like Takimag, FrontPorchRepublic, or Lew Rockwell.com.

  17. Reader,

    Here’s a few specific projects:

    1.) We need to renew the vBulletin license. I believe that costs around $85.

    2.) We need to renew the URL and hosting for a year. I think that is around $90.

    3.) I’m not sure how much a professional redesign of this site would cost. I will have to get back to you on that.

    4.) We’re going to look into Facebook advertising and direct mail at some point down the road. I’m learning more about the subject as I write this. When that time comes, I will post specifics.

  18. @ Tommy Watson,
    You mischaracterized my post entirely and your not as funny as you probably look. May I suggest reading comprehension classes at your local community college. Maybe your black boyfriend can spot you some of his drug money for the class.

    Anyone who asks for for HW to post his mailing address is suspicious or just plain stupid. Hunter, I’d keep on eye on “Tom Watson”.

  19. “If we had professional activists (which we don’t), they could devote themselves to doing that sort of thing without having to worry about putting food on their table.”

    This is really a key point.

    We need people who can publicly speak for us. We should support them with a good middle to upper middle class income at least. We will have to keep supporting them until we achieve victory because their chance of getting a job will be zilch.

    For radio, it would be a good idea to support/link up with VOR. They have everything already setup to do radio. They have some good talent over there now which could also be expanded.

  20. Millirone,

    I’m aware of an emerging professional WN activist group. Alas, I can’t post specifics for security reasons, but these people will be working full time to advance our cause over the next few months.

  21. I’m in the “Movement” for over 30 years and have observed the following.

    1. There are a lot of cheap bastards in the Movement.

    2. Some (=cheap bastards) say that it is good for the soul to do everything for free. The problem with that is that it isn’t as efficient compared to a professional organisation, that is why some paid staff is needed. Money is ammo and you need lots of it.

    3. Accountability: you need a structure with some control. Why? To avoid tricks à la David Duke.

  22. @ 28 Dithers

    I must have hit home. LOL. Btw, Tell your mother I said, hello!

    The guy’s asking for a little donation, a gift, some walking around money, and you guys want him to set up a non-profit corporation that would prohibit him from taking part in candidate advocacy.

    I don’t think any of you are going to be writing out any big checks.

    Now if a few of you wanted to contribute $10,000 or more dollars each, I’m sure Hunter could make arrangements for you to do it. Naturally, the money would have to be up front.

    You can get a PO Box, or a mailbox at a commercial mailing center—they are inexpensive. Then make your appeal.

  23. @ post # 32

    I think the point of setting up some sort or organization with “some” legal legitimacy will give the appearance to potential donors that Mr. Wallace is not just some fly by night schyster. He sounds like he wants to take BIG steps to advance his cause. He may be overstepping, or he may not be. If he is capable of attaining the level of success he desires, then he will need more of a structure behind him other than a couple of moderators on his site. Not to mention the legal protections some sort of organization could offer in the event he is ever sued, or has charges filled against him, or someone else within his organization goes nuts and does something stupid. Think ACORN, were they prohibited from candidate advocacy?

  24. @ 34 Another Wallace

    If you get a $10,000 dollar contribution or two, and you can get the money up front, then you might want to talk to a Virginia lawyer.

    Otherwise, all Hunter is asking for is Christmas & birthday gifts, walking around money. LOL.

    I don’t think Hunter is interested in having employees—you can contract the services you need.

    Me, I’m not interested in Facebook or mugshots, or getting my face on the post office wall. LOL.

  25. AW,

    I’m learning how to run a professional political organization. That’s why I relocated to Virginia. We have plenty of ideas. We don’t have the political technology (the know how) to implement them.

  26. I am enthusiastic about the possibilities about which you speak and glad to hear that you’re doing well in your new endeavour.

    I am going to make a concerted effort to begin writing here more frequently, in order to do my (very small) part in things. Wiki and Kievsky have been pounding away lately, making sure we always have fresh content. Thank you, gentlemen.

    It would definitely be helpful to get another moderator to clean up the comments section. Far too often, the excellent comments here are lost amidst a morass of idiocy and vitriol. OD should not be another place where the best are drowned out by the mass. I try to keep things tidy when I can, but I just don’t have the time or inclination to read every comment posted here. I believe Hunter is in much the same position, and we are both temperamentally unsuited to the task. We are both inclined to allow free and open discussion, and there are some nefarious personalities here who take advantage of that trait.

  27. @35Another Wallace
    Don’t know what he has in mind (he should go step by step) but it is extremely important that some kind of structure is in place. Sure, trust is good, but control is better. Even if he is just looking to pay for the basic costs and a little extra, he should not be hesitant to ask it. He should remove the “forum” link (a forum is a den for hobbyists) and replace it it with “why you should support”. He can get some inspiration from the Kevin MD project.

    He should avoid the typical american “fanclub structure” à la David Duke and many others. Network, interact and learn together with others (VOR, TOQ, TOO, etc…).

    In general, read books and get information on sales and (political) (internet) marketing. The truth alone will get you nowhere, society doesn’t work that way.

    How did Sam Francis survive when he was sacked? How much does a talented liberal journalist makes? Francis was pretty much reduced to being a beggar, and pro white writers and activists get pennies. Not even enough to buy a tent. VDARE is an exception.

    Don’t underestimate the power of money, the power of the “chosen ones” is largery based on their ability to raise big bucks.

  28. Lowlands:”the power of the “chosen ones” is largery based on their ability to raise big bucks.”

    And also the fact that they completely control America’s monetary printing-presses via the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. They don’t merely “raise big bucks,” they just print them up out of thin air as they need them.

    It is easy for the Judeoplutocracy to raise money, gain adequate funding for their pet projects, and so on when they control virtually the entire money supply, the major banks, the stock market, and so on.

    Every nation which the Judeoplutocracy has controlled economically has eventually experienced economic decline and eventual collapse due to deep Jewish monetary corruption and economic terrorism — thus it will be no different in the USA.

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