American Renaissance Conference back on, leftists can’t tell right from left

The American Renaissance Conference is back on!

Thanks to a courageous hotel owner willing to stand up to the terroristic death threats from the far left, the American Renaissance Conference will go on as scheduled, in downtown Washington D.C.

Meanwhile, the ‘terrorists for tolerance’ at the “One People’s Project” have been caught completely off guard and baffled, to the extent of literally being unable to tell right from left:


  1. Ya know, I just took a look at that site for the first time, and it’s like a self-parody. If anything, it’s the Communist version of Hollywood Nazis. What’s with the Alpaca Hunting thing? Is that some code for white people?

    Over at TOQ Joe Owens wrote a bunch of really interesting stuff about the antifas in England in the 1970s. I never realized how serious and well-financed these people are.

  2. Alpacas come in a variety of colors so that doesn’t make any sense.

    “This is the hotel that is stepping up for Jared Taylor & Co, and to that end it puts itself in the crosshairs” sounds like a violent threat. The local police should be notified.

  3. @ #1

    Kennedy knew how dedicated and financed they are. In his so called “Secret Society” speech he describes, in almost perfect detail, what this country has been fighting against for decades. Infiltration, assimilation, perversion, revision. That is how they operate. That is how we end up with the Boy Scouts allowing sodomite troop leaders. They are relentless, ruthless, unaccountable, perverted psychopaths bent on destruction at any cost. We are the target and will need multinational cooperation to win, or at least survive. It will take more than just an awakening here in the States, Europe and Russia will have to be our allies. Fortunately groups like the BNP are starting to emerge. But it will be a long climb.

  4. Another Wallace – I am not usually known for my brevity – but I think your post boils down to 4 letters:

    “J” “E” “W”, and “S”

    “Jews” is a 4 letter word!

  5. In the UK, the anti-fascist movement has split into Zionist and anti-Zionist factions. The first having more money and media influence and the latter have more members and grass-roots support. I guess in America they are still all in the Zionist faction.


    Don’t lose the moment! Antis are the very best youtube bait. See “Xaviera Ocelot” or either of the Knoxville anti chicks.

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