The guilty flee where none pursueth is gone.

Well, they shut down our Amren conference, but now Miss Cleo is out of business.  So sad.

I took down my posts about Miss Cleo to be a gentleman.  However, I am ready for whatever the Imm wants to throw at me.


  1. “…but now Miss Cleo is out of business. So sad.”

    Actually, SO HAPPY 😀

    *Always hit WHORES where it hurts the most —


  2. “…but now Miss Cleo is out of business. So sad.”

    I hope the two lying criminals Jeff and Karen (‘THE IMP’ and ‘THE BLIMP’) Imm go broke (and get sued) for all the gratuitous, EVIL SLANDERING they both regularly engaged in against innocent people.

    Both for stalking — and terrorizing — Jared Taylor and the AmRen conference


    …for the FRAUD perpetrated in that HOAX of a ‘psychic ‘business’ that they both misrepresented to their ‘clients’!!!

    ‘Vengence is Mine, I will REPAY’ — sayeth THE LORD!

  3. SSSS,

    Thanks for the props, but that wasn’t me on the initial outing.

    I was the guy who called attention to the likelihood of “Jeff” really being a woman rather than a man… especially so due to that *bird’s nest* ‘he’ calls a ‘hairstyle’ (and it looks like the birds left a little somethin’ behind as well – if ya get my drift).

    Imagine that SSSS, this androgynous little ‘nancy-boy’, with all the money he and the ‘wife’ raked in scamming and defrauding people (before the site was shut-down :)), never got a ‘R.E.A.L H.A.I.R.C.U.T’.

  4. Kievsky, “I took down my posts about Miss Cleo to be a gentleman.”

    Well, it takes two to tango. When it comes to gentlemanly behavior the other side has given its thoughts on that matter with Inglorious Basterds.
    Which is to say, there is not such thing so far as they are concerned.

  5. What does being a gentleman have to do with outing a fraud? Nothing wrong with that. You also removed everyone’s comments along with your post, so it’s not just about you. I think removing posts unless there’s a real threat shouldn’t happen. Did he threaten or intimidate you with the phone call?

  6. Sorry about anyone’s whose comments got deleted. It was a strategic move to show good will in walking away. If he contacts me again I will file a complaint to the police.

  7. It is regrettable that some good comments were lost, but Kievsky has apologised for this and we should move on. They could have just as easily been lost in our comment filter, which is sometimes very buggy and eats comments arbitrarily. It’s not a bad idea to retain substantive comments in case they need to be re-posted.

    I think Kievsky is being unfairly criticised here by people who don’t know the details of his personal life and are therefore not in a position to assess the matter objectively.

    It is not my place to discuss details of Kievsky’s personal life, but he has good reason for comporting himself with extraordinary tact and prudence. Many here are not aware of his long record of activism and the fact that his family have suffered for our Cause. For example, his daughter was forced out of school on account of his pro-White activism:

    Expulsion by Andrei Kievsky

    He has repeatedly stood up in public, under his own name, in order to champion our Cause:

    Be a Kievsky!

    He has demonstrated that he is willing to confront organised Jewry, on their own turf:

    Kievsky Bells the Katz

    He is also imbued with physical courage, and has continued his activities despite being physically attacked by a feral Jew wielding a baseball bat:

    Lunatic Zionist Attacks NA Members with a Baseball Bat in Hamilton, Mass.

    Kievsky is a good man and a tremendous asset to our Cause. He deserves our support and it is in that spirit of solidarity that I posted my own entry on Mr. Imm earlier. We will not be intimidated, and we will not back down.

    “If one of us becomes tired,
    The other watches for him
    If one of us has doubts,
    The other laughs reassuringly
    If one of us should fall,
    The other takes the place of two:
    For Wotan gives every warrior a comrade.”

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