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  1. What a bunch of clowns. Don’t underestimate the power of entertainment though. You’re going to have to master NLP to compete with that.

    I got a little practice at NLP last weekend. I was talking to a woman at the pizza joint, and asked her what her ideal vacation was. I wasn’t trying to pick her up, just practicing.

    The pizza joint woman went into a dreamy mode, and then I asked her what she would do if she was in a place where no one knew her, and no one was judging her or had any expectations, and she could open herself up to new experiences. She visibly relaxed and her pupils dilated, and she started talking about “umbrella drinks.” I asked her what color is the umbrella, what color is the drink, is there condensation on the glass, what is the shape of the glass. As she described her umbrella drink, and the sand between her toes, and the ocean waves, and I said, “Whoosh, whoosh, hear the ocean, you’re there, you’re in a different place now, a nice place.”

    We mostly go around attempting to “teach people.” This is a mistake. Put them in a dream state, then implant OUR dreams of a clean, well functioning country that runs like it used to run, back in the good old days.

    Definitely study Speed Seduction by Ross Jeffries. He got it from Richard Bandler, who developed it for the CIA. This stuff works. Even that scumbag Louis Theroux did a BBC special on Ross Jeffries, and learned how to pick up girls despite being an effete, self righteous Marxist creep.

  2. A bluegrass band singing about bitches, hos, 40-ounces and “bussing a cap in someone’s ass” would be no less ridiculous but somewhat easier to listen to.

    Bravo Kievsky. Pace and lead them away from the bluff. The teach others to do the same.

  3. Meet them at their model of the world. I’m no good at NLP but one thing I did: there were awhile back some poster in streetcar waiting shelters all over town with pictures of handsome Negro and nerdy-looking white men. I hung some fliers nearby expressing concern about and asking for donations for the enormous AIDS problem in Africa.

  4. Kievsky,

    Could you post the link to that book. Ross Jeffries has several books on amazon but none with that exact title. This would also be a good way to make revenue for OD by using an affiliate link.

  5. This is the best rap parody I’ve seen: Alanis Moressette covering The Black Eye’d Pea’s “My Hump”… just a fabulous deconstruction of the song, a singing lesson for Fergie, a savage parody of rap videos.

  6. You know what liberals and white nationalists share in
    common? Both groups have the sense not to
    be wiggers, unlike conservatives.

  7. That is incredibly stupid, but do not underestimate the power of a good beat (& please keep in mind that a beat is nothing but the difference between two frequencies; it is not intrinsically reflective of the musician’s ethnic character). Tom Sunic and Elizabeth Whitcombe discuss this very subject:

  8. I don’t know why you guys are so offended by a parody, it’s funny, and it got your attention so it worked.

    Hey, it’s an improvement over traditional rap, they’re all white and the lyrics are better.

    When whites do rap you can judge it more objectively for the degenerate nonsense it is.

    Jimmy Fallon did one of the best parodies ever.

  9. A big part of “speed seduction” is positive emotional association, which is no big secret, that’s why women like extroverted types. Getting people to buy his tapes and attend his seminars is more of a seduction than getting a woman.

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