Hitler Admirers

Guy White recently coined the term “Hitler-admirers” to describe White Nationalists who aren’t Neo-Nazis, but who don’t agree with the total demonization of Nazi Germany. I’ve been included in this unusual category. He posted about this the day I moved from Alabama to Virginia. An epic snowstorm buried Virginia around that time and I never got around to responding.

I don’t like the term. It is not descriptive of my views. Unlike most White Nationalists, I am genuinely not interested in the Third Reich or European nationalist movements. I rarely write about European issues on Occidental Dissent. This blog has always been focused on the United States. In fact, the original subtitle was “Racial and Cultural Preservation in North America.”

My favorite racial regime of the twentieth century is the Jim Crow South. I have over a hundred books about the subject on my bookshelf and all sorts of Jim Crow memorabilia. My second and third choices would be the Belgian Congo and Apartheid South Africa which I have written about in the past. If I was forced to pick my “favorite racial regime of all time,” I would easily choose the Confederacy, which was based on the “cornerstone” of racial inequality, or the White Republic which lasted from 1789 to 1865. In January and February, I wrote several book reviews about the subject.

I admire Adolf Hitler in the sense that I acknowledge he had a few good points. He was a talented and charismatic public speaker. Hitler was a conservationist. He was an artist, a supporter of eugenics, a German patriot, put Germans back to work, proscribed degenerate art, and funded cancer research. Nazi Germany was renowned for its technological marvels like the V2 rocket program. Hitler annexed German minorities in neighboring countries to the Fatherland and removed Jews from all positions of influence and power. He withdrew from the League of Nations, repudiated Versailles, and restored German national confidence.

I can also say positive things about Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and Winston Churchill. Lincoln spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to deport blacks from the United States. In his famous debate with Stephen Douglas, he repudiated social equality. Lincoln signed the Homestead Act. The Morrill Land Grant Colleges Act led to the foundation of my alma mater. Lincoln’s ideas about industrial development were more progressive than those of his Southern counterparts.

FDR was a gifted politician. He can be credited for the TVA, SEC, FDIC, Social Security, and Glass-Steagall. His “Good Neighbor Policy” was a vast improvement in American foreign relations with Latin America. Like Hitler, Churchill was a talented writer, artist, and public speaker. He opposed non-White immigration to Britain. Churchill was a diehard imperialist who opposed the independence of India. I enjoyed his History of the English Speaking Peoples which I have in my library.

Does this make me a Lincoln-admirer, FDR-admirer, or Churchill-admirer? Perhaps. I don’t consider any of these terms useful or valid categories though. I have profound differences with Hitler, Lincoln, FDR, and Churchill on foreign policy. Few historical figures are entirely good or bad. I don’t have much respect for people who think in this binary way.

Most of them are idiots.

Update: The discussion continues on Guy White’s blog.

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  1. I like Silver. His posts are …..eerr…..”vivid”.

    Had he been a Wog, I would be actually rather disappointed. I’d still like his stuff – but I like White. If he’s Greek + Serb – it’s a weird mix – but it’s OK by me.

    Especially trhe Serbian part. America owes Serbs, if they owe any Nation.

  2. I’ve had to go to training classes, all week, for my job. (Urrgghhh. Annoying. The presentations are too sloooooooooooow…..every-one asks…………QUESTIONS!!! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! AAAGGHHH! If they would just let me read, on my own, I could do the entire course in a day……)

    Anyhoo – I chatted today, with a fellow I have known, for some time. We were joking about the economy, and outta the blue, he began telling me that he’s been reading up on Nazi Germany. (He’s into politics, and history).

    Now – they kinda sorta know about my politics, and beliefs, at work. OMG. White Paranioa, the Classic WN Disease, kicked in. “Is he trying to set me up?” etc….as this topic is The Biggest Taboo Ever in the History of the World.

    I let him talk. He starts telling me about all the wonderful things they invented, and how they were “…the best-run country in the history”. I mentioned that any woman who has had her life saved, due to breast cancer screenings, owes Dear Adolf a great big kiss.

    Well – we went through the torture of the class material – but continued the chat, between segments. I asked him if ever heard about “Revisionism” (by this time the White Paranoia abated). He said “No”.

    He’s gonna learn more than the course material, later today.

    I need to learn how to computer thingies. How do I put a little Devil face, on these posts?

    Anyway – Hitler said his spirit will rise from the grave, and be vindicated. Perhaps the earth is stirring…

  3. Reading through the thread….Joanne Dee – thanks for the offer.

    Let’s not jump the gun, and jinx anything. However – I’ll remember your kindness.

    NN -Arrghhh!

  4. I like Silver. His posts are …..eerr…..”vivid”. — Denise

    Our friend Silver had a great piece today over at Accidental Dissent, his blog, with him deftly deconstructing the dissimulating bunk of ‘Takuan Saiyo’ of the ‘Gates of Vienna’ gang –

    …These “Aryan Supremacists” you deride, at bottom, just want to be able to preserve their racial existence in what they, rightly or wrongly, justly or unjustly, regard as their homelands. That’s the heart of the matter. Yes, “western civilization” and all the rest of it, too, but society is a racial construct so all of that — the “civilization,” the architecture, the literature, the simple, everyday “ways or being” etc — springs forth rather naturally simply from their being — or at least they can be expected to once their minds are cleared of the “anti-discrimination” and “all-sex-all-the-time” anti-culture culture. (Conversely, a racial “shift” away from what the founding stock of those countries is also shifts the culture away from what culturists like you wish to preserve, so there’s something in it for you to think about too.) All very “nazi,” I suppose. And yet how many interactions with those decidedly, drastically different “others” will it take before we consider the thesis confirmed? (Or the alternative thesis, that “diversity,” whatever the hell it is, sure as hell ain’t a “strength.”)


    Good stuff, Silver.

  5. BTW, Denise, I hope you will have the spunky response to my little jest that I would expect of you, based on the persona you project here.

    If not, I apologize – with the explanation that I cannot be broken of the habit of testing people for their response to provocation. I learn a great deal, very quickly, about such as “Antonio” and “The Admiral” and “Trainspotter” and “OldRight” and “Captainchaos” and “Wikitopian” (Mr. Parrott, who likes crackers), and others.

    It’s the dominance hierarchy thing, well-developed in yours truly.

    And you have my high regard, despite my familiarity.


  6. NN!!!!


    Don’t tell me. You are a gentleman!

    I tought your post was funny, actually. I have had an insanely busy week. By the time I read that post – I was actually too sleepy to properly respond.

    I thought your post was rather witty, and playful. Truth to tell. Not offended at all.

  7. @ Denise

    I have had an insanely busy week

    March 15th: Corporate Tax Time.

    [The guys over at Majority Rights have had a little giggle at my expense, today, over a classic malapropism committed by y-t amidst one of my bleary-eyed attempts to proof-read what I’d written on the screen. (The Greater Judean War-Criminal regime will not keep me from my rounds of the Resistance Cells, no matter my fatigue).]

    And I am very glad to hear that I have not offended – that you were receptive in the spirit that I anticipated.

    (I take it, then, that you do not resent being given Sonderbehandlung as a lady/woman/female – since I haven’t the least concern about appropriately offending, otherwise.)

    NN, Chauvinist Pig and Associate Hitlerite

  8. I thought your post was rather witty, and playful. Truth to tell. Not offended at all.

    I thought so as well, NN. 🙂

  9. I just wanted to add another dimension to the whole supposed ‘anti-Slavism’ charge/libel of not only the Third Reich, but of Germany and the German People in general.

    As the article I posted from Dr. Tomislav Sunic so truthfully pointed out, a good portion of the German Volk is indeed descendants of Slavs, and they are as loyal and as integral to the German nation as are their Teutonic bruders.

    And the Slavic influence is not exclusive to the eastern half of Germany, but in the German west as well, since a fair number of Germans from the agricultural east in the late 19th and early 20th century settled in the industrialized west looking for work were indeed of Slavic-German heritage , especially in the Ruhr (ever hear of the Ruhrpolen?).

    I think that many racialist authors have written that many Germans, on average, are a Nordic-Alpine mix. This was also partially due to the Slavs and Baltic peoples settling within Germany due to drastic population losses, particularly after disastrous Thirty Years War.

    And these people are completely German! German culture did a really good job of assimilating various European peoples: Evidence the magnificent Königreich Preußen — The Kingdom of Prussia — where many of its original inhabitants were of ethnic Slavic and Baltic descent.

    Historically, since the der Deutsche Ost (the German East) was very rural, it was further in need of additional people to help settle and develop it. Frederick encouraged Europeans from many lands to come and help build the state during the Deutsche Ostsiedlung (March to the East).

    “It means that it was possible for an agricultural state of few millions of inhabitants, on a small territory, without a fleet or direct maritime commerce, and with comparatively little manufacturing industry, to maintain, in some respects, the position of a great European power. Truly amazing.”

    “The army was magnificent. Frederick had devised Europe’s first-ever battle-scale maneuvers in 1743, which gave his generals invaluable peacetime experience in directing large scale bodies of troops.” (Duffy – “Instrument of War” Vol I p 117)

    Thanks to Der Große König – Friedrich der Große [Frederick the Great], the former principality of Markgrafschaft Brandenburg — Margraviate of Brandenburg — became Brandenburg-Prussia and was turned into a major European and world power, one that has had enormous impact on the world we live in today, such as with the public school system and a myriad of social programs designed to help those in times of need, such as health and unemployment insurance; and a pension and welfare system for workers and their families, especially so in the Deutsches Kaiserreich — the Second German Reich.


    Even northern Italians came and settled in Berlin, with a distinguished soldier by the name of Georg Leo Graf von Caprivi de Caprera de Montecuccoli (there is a name for you) becoming the second Deutscher Reichskanzler (Chancellor) of the recently united German Reich following Otto von Bismarck.


    So much for German/Prussian “intolerance”!

    “The German people, as the synthesis of all European races and residing in the place where North and West meet South and East in Europe, are in many ways the most accomplished of all Indo-European peoples. Rising from the ashes of WWII, they have built the strongest, most productive economy in Europe. …” – Tom Sunic – The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part IV

    So true, Dr. Sunic, so true. Regardless of an individual German’s particular ethnic ancestries, they all possessed (and still possess) the “heart, merit and soul” of the White European and the Anglo-Teutonic people.

    Blüh’ im Glanze dieses Glückes,
    Blühe, deutsches Vaterland

  10. Amidst coming global catastrophe, mid-century, whatever is left of the military will inevitably assume command of the situation – for good or ill. Satan is on his way to collect his due for WWII, after a century of party-time for the conniving and back-stabbing Anglo-Americans. Indeed, the ghost of Hua Guofeng whispers to us his cautionary tale, from the shadows around us into which we do not see. (NeoNietzsche)


    The bill will come due for America’s past indiscretions, probably in the lifetime of most people here. Also, he’s absolutely right that, at this juncture, democratic populism is useless. When your enemy has command of all the institutions, money, media, and force, it’s impossible to counteract them with democratic action. The elites could quickly diffuse that, one way or another. (Kasimir Petrenko)


    The Oligarchs who were purged were the most egregious cases, i.e., he [Putin] probably had to do that to look good. (Kasimir Petrenko)

    Precisely. The hard Marxist lesson as to the Oligarchic Evils of Capitalism had been well-laid-on the bared backs of the Russian people. It was time to cleanse the regime of the cruel slave-masters and their exploitative “form-of-government”. And time to cut the people down from the imported Western whipping post – once again to heal a long-suffering people, pro tempore, in a crypto-anarchist Communist ward sporting the facade of a statist Socialist hospital. (NeoNietzsche)


    While the US military is busy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon, in Iran – Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Cuba and other Latin American countries are forming powerful alliances, as occurred in Cancun, Mexico, this past week.

    This, in addition to powerful alliances with Islam and Russia, by Latin America, spells very bad news for the USA indeed. (Kievsky)


    What will happen in the coming years is anyone’s guess but even if war is “unthinkable” now, Europe’s half-century long divorce from reality will likely come to a violent end and sooner than most people surmise. (Mark I.)


    Power struggle behind revival of Maoism

    By Willy Lam

    As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership tries to convince United States President Barack Obama and other world leaders that China is eagerly integrating itself with the global marketplace, the ultra-conservative norms and worldview of Chairman Mao Zedong are making a big comeback in public life….


    There is no politics to yank us out, no matter if we slave in Kwa or Albion or the graveyard of Germany or that mighty hope Russia, with its whores and orphans and junkies. Politics in a democratic plutocracy don’t mean dick. Lowly heilôtai back in the day had more than us – at least they could acknowledge the degree of their bondage. A gaggle of frustrated men writing in a language that tribes in Nigeria are taught, on a medium that can be accessed by fourth graders, is not going to change the world or their own situation, no matter how many books they’ve read or historical insights gained. (Curious Vojtech)


    The Earth is crying out for a threshing and it’s coming, much bigger than any normal intervention has ever been prior. While the Jews have all the slackjawed yokels fixing their gaze on the menacing spectre of towelheads charging on their goats to destroy the West … meanwhile Russia and China are 180 degrees opposite preparing to relieve all these gawping jackasses of their pathetic lives in a single day. So by all means keep worrying about Abdul the Falafel cook over there where my finger is pointing. (Bill Baxter)


    In her Russia–Lost in Transition: the Yeltsin and Putin Legacies, by Liliia Fedorovna Shevtsova, she reports a 2006 poll showing that 71% of Russians “regretted” the dissolution of the USSR. And she characterizes the present “Russian” state as a “pseudo-democracy,” engaged in a game of “Let’s Pretend” that this autocracy is something other than it is.


    And one should adduce here, in evidence, credulity at the clumsy and transparent street theater of the “coup” against Gorbachev, the “heroism” of Yeltsin atop the AFV, and the “assault” on the parliament building, as symptomatic of a pathetic and universal lack of any sense of politico-economic logic in the deluded West, combined with a craven desire to find ideological vindication in the events, however vague the basis thereof. – NeoNietzsche

    Whenever I hear this sort of claptrap, I respond: “Russia is run by the same elite which ran it in Communist days. Aside from some differences in political and economic structure, the ideology and methodology of the regime is exactly the same.” Russia never ceased being Communist, perhaps even more importantly one must realize that “capitalism” and “communism” in their global manifestations are two sides of the same coin.

    No, silly goyim, Communism is not dead. Your brains are, however. (Ragnar de Lodbrock)


    [Thus] the example of the current “Russian” and Red Chinese regimes, that are doing as militant regimes do in making use of the weapons, now in governmental and economic organization, of the imperialist militarists whom they have discovered they can destroy by no other means.

    But goyim will insist that “Communism” has been universally discredited and abandoned, in the magnificently stupid misunderstanding of the culture thereof – one in which they are veritably swimming – as merely a system or form of government that may “collapse” or be “overthrown”. (NeoNietzsche)


    Essentially, the general flavor of the anarchist milieu is one that expresses the same set of primary values as Marxists, social democrats and left-liberal Democratic Party activists, with the added qualification of “by the way, we’re also against the state as well.”


  11. I love this thread.

    Yeah, this is a good one. OD has grown by leaps and bounds. HW should be very pleased with how well it’s turned out, this site has the best discussion now of any racialist site.

  12. I recommend pp. 580-82 of Irving’s, “Hitler’s War,” which proves my point.

    “Rosenberg– supported by Ribbentrop, Zeitzler, and Goebbels – wanted to win the subject peoples’ support in the ?ght against Stalin, and he complained that Koch’s brutal methods and pasha lifestyle were incompatible with this.

    Koch’s harsh duty was to squeeze every ton of grain and
    every slave labourer he could out of the region. The idea of harnessing
    Russians voluntarily to the war against Stalin was a chimera, said Hitler.
    When Ribbentrop identi?ed himself with General Vlasov’s idea for a
    Russian army of liberation, Hitler rapped his knuckles. ‘There will be no
    such political operations. They will only result in our people fraternising
    with the Russians.’”

  13. …Like I said, I am going to stand by my Northern European brothers till the bitter end.

    Since I am no ’sunshine patriot’, and since adversity shows us what we are truly made of — I am actually honored to be living during a time in America where I will be given the opportunity to prove and demonstrate my love and devotion to this great nation, …


    Proverbs 17:17

    A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. 🙂

  14. Oops, for whatever reason, ‘Z”s comment I intended to quote was cut-off mid-paragraph. Here is the entirety:

    …Like I said, I am going to stand by my Northern European brothers till the bitter end.

    Since I am no ’sunshine patriot’, and since adversity shows us what we are truly made of — I am actually honored to be living during a time in America where I will be given the opportunity to prove and demonstrate my love and devotion to this great nation, and its Founding Stock people, who have been nothing but good to me and my family.

  15. When Ribbentrop identi?ed himself with General Vlasov’s idea for a
    Russian army of liberation, Hitler rapped his knuckles. ‘There will be no such political operations. They will only result in our people fraternising with the Russians.’”


    There indeed was a ‘Russian Liberation Army’ (ROA), so this must have been quoted out of context before it was in fact created, in 1944.


    As a matter of fact, there was well over a million ‘Soviet’ citizens that volunteered to serve with the Deutsches Heer (German Army) and SS, and with the Wehrmacht in general (they were referred to as Hiwi’s and Ostruppen). And many of these dudes were not only the ‘Nordish’, White ethnic Russians and Ukrainians — but many were Asiatic ones from the ‘stan’ republics as well.

  16. 146Wikitopian

    I do see how my complaint could be taken as multicult redux. I will, however, stand behind it.

    You’re sacrificing some of your race for political ambition and to appease more people, and that’s just what the conservatives do except to an absurd degree.

    White is a relative term and I still don’t know where you draw the line. Historically the definition of white in America has always been Northwestern European at the core. The standard these days has fallen so far as to include North Africans, Near Easterners including Jews, and mixed race people like mestizos.

    You’re still hung up on the straw man of nationality and a sort of dual loyalty, which I have never advocated. In my experience Mediterraneans exhibit stronger ties to their home countries and culture than Nords do. Denise creates another straw man with fratricide. My racialism is traditional Americanism.

  17. Landser 129 – “The only ‘worm’ here is YOU, Silver-stein” “you loud-mouthed jerk”

    Landser 157 – “Our friend Silver had a great piece today” “Good stuff, Silver”


  18. Sockpuppetry lol

    Kulaks Never Learn = Landser = Z = Reality Check = Kuato = Get Real = Jeff Imp is a Cowardly Hypocrite = Kronprinz Wilhelm

  19. Hey guys, there were many foreign volunteers in the German Armed Forces during WW2 — such as the Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism (Légion des Volontaires Français contre le Bolchévisme, or LVF),

    AND especially the brave French soldiers of the SS Division Charlemagne, some of the last and final defenders in Berlin of the Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery.

    33rd Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne

    The 33.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne (französische Nr.1) was officially formed on February 2nd, 1945 in West Prussia from the Waffen-Grenadier-Brigade der SS Charlemagne. In fact, the Division had been forming practically since the time the Waffen-Grenadier-Brigade it was offically formed from was itself formed. By the autumn of 1944 the Vichy government, along with the upper-hierarchy of its more prominent collaborationist organizations were being driven back into the Reich borders by the advancing western Allied Armies. These various elements were formed, along with the transitional Waffen-Grenadier-Brigade der SS Charlamagne, into the 33.SS-Division. In the autumn and winter of 1944, the newly forming elements were never more than 7,500 strong. A numerical breakdown of the members would include former Brigade members: 1,000, former LVF members: 1200, former Milice Francaise members: 2,500, former Kriegmsaine volunteers: 1,000, former NSKK and Org.Todt members: 2,000, for a grand total of around 7,340 men.

    In late 1944, these assorted composite elements were assembled for training at Lager Wildflecken, NW of Frankfurt-am-Main. At Wildflecken, the volunteers were sorted out and assigned to their respective units. As things transpired, Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment 57 was composed of mainly LVF veterans, while Waffen-Grenadier-Regiment 58 was composed of former Brigade volunteers. The disparate elements of the Milice Francaise, and others, were distributed widely among the battalions and various divisional support units. Training was cut short in February 1945 when the Division was embarked for the Eastern Front.

    On the 25th of February 1945, as the train-borne elements of the 33.Waffen-Gren.Div.der SS Charlemagne (seconded to Heeresgruppe Weichsel), pulled into the railhead at Hammerstein in Pomerania, armored spearheads of the Soviet 1st Belorussian front unexpectedly smashed into the division at its most vulnerable moment. In the rout that ensued, the outflanked Frenchmen split-up and subsequently reformed into three wandering battle-groups that met varying fates. One group, commanded by General Krukenberg, made it north to the Baltic coast where they were evacuated to Denmark and sent back to refit at Neustrelitz in Mecklenberg. Another battle-group commanded by General Puaud went into the vortex of the Soviet winter offensive, and the fate of he and his officers has never been officially determined. The third group, nearly decimated at the railhead, fought west toward the German lines, until it too reportedly perished in early March of 1945.

    At Carpin, in the wooded fastness of Mecklenberg, the remainder of the once (approx.) 7500 strong Division Charlemagne, some 1100 men, gathered to rest and reform. In early April 1945, Divisions-Inspektor SS-Brif.Dr.Krukenberg, queried his French grenadiers, releasing the shaken and disillusioned among them from their vows of allegiance. Nearly a third of the group chose to excuse themselves. The rest of the volunteers, numbering near 700 men, agreed to continue. At that time an order from SS-FHA (SS-Führungshauptamt) AmtII/Org., detailed the re-organization of the remaining French contingent. The re-establishment order indicated that reduced support units were to be formed; 1 signals platoon, 1 pionier platoon, 1 supply and workshop section each; the bulk of the remaining combat units were to make up a single 3 bataillon infanterie-regiment designated Waffen-Grenadier-Rgt. der SS Charlemagne, with two 1945 type bataillone (numbered 57. & 58.), and one heavy support bataillon which would have comprised 1 anti-tank company, 1 jagdpanzer company, and 1 light flak company – had the necessary equipment been available. The 400 men no longer willing to fight as combatants were regrouped into a Baubataillon (construction battalion) and employed in the digging of fortifications.

    During the night of April 23rd and 24th 1945, the unit recieved an urgent telegram from the Reichkanzlei in Berlin reading: “Charlemagne Div. to utilize all possible transport for immediate operations Berlin, A.H.” SS-Brif.Krukenberg quickly gathered together a Sturmbataillon (assault-battalion) composed of the currently battle-ready elements of the 57.Gren.Btl., and the 6.Kompanie of the 58.Gren.Btl. (CO Waffen-Hauptscharführer Rostaing, to which were added t he divisional Kampfschule (battle-school) element under SS-Obstf.Weber. These troops set off for Berlin in two light cars and 9 heavy trucks (Lkw.) Because of difficulties along the way, two of the trucks and the men in them never reached their destination which left between 300-330 Officers, NCO’s, and men to enter the NW suburbs of the Reichshauptstadt at Nauen, just hours before the Soviet encirclement of the city. They reached the Olympiastadion (Reichssportsfeld) in Charlottenburg where they regrouped and replenished with a cache of supplies abandoned by the Luftwaffe. Krukenberg went on by car to the Reichskanzlei for further orders. The unit then reorganized into a reduced headquarters staff under the command of Waffen-Hauptsturmführer Henri Joseph Fenet, with four rifle companies (nos. 1-4), each comprised of ca.60-70 men, as well as SS-Obstf.Weber’s Kampfschule veterans. At this point the unit moved east through the city to the district of Neukölln, (under constant Soviet bombardment), where Fenet and his men were tactically attached to the remainder of the 11.SS Frw.Panzer-Gren.Division Nordland which SS-Brif.Krukenberg, (under direct orders of Berlin Kampfkommandant Weidling), had just taken command of.

    They were engaged immediately upon their arrival. They fought brief and bloody counter-attacks at the Hasenheide,and Tempelhof airfield, (defense sub-sector C) supported, as fuel and ammuntion allowed, by the remaining Sturmgeschütze and Tiger II’s of s.SS-Pz. Abt.503 (assimilated into SS-Pz.Rgt.11 Hermann von Salza; withdrawing back across the Landwehr canal, and fighting through the district of Kreuzberg into the city center. Here at the U-Bahn station of STADTMITTE, just yards from Hitler’s FHQ Reichskanzlei bunker, Dr. Krukenberg set up a last divisional command post for the Nordland Division inside a ruined trolley car lit by candles. For the determined Frenchmen, whose skill at destroying Red Army tanks in the ruined boulevards of the city-center reportedly went unmatched, rearguard fighting continued unabated along the Leipzigerstrasse, in and around the Luftfahrtsministerium, and into the Potsdamerplatz platz, until the general order of surrender announced by General Weidling on May 2nd, 1945, when some 30 surviving Frenchmen reportedly went into Soviet captivity near the Potsdamer station.


  20. A fantastic memoir of Belgian/Walloonian SS General Leon Degrelle, on how he and his comrades from the war were treated by the hypocritical post-war ‘democratic’ society. (So much of what he says about the political Right and Left is just as applicable today as when he wrote this article.)

    Leon Degrelle’s

    My Revolutionary Life

    Chapter One:

    Muzzling the Vanquished

    By Gen. Leon Degrelle

    For those of us who escaped in 1945 from the Eastern Front’s final hell, torn up by wounds, overcome by sorrows, devoured by pain, what rights do we still have? We are dead men. Dead men with legs, arms, and breath—but dead.

    To pronounce a word of truth in public or write a dozen lines without lies after having fought pistol in hand against the Soviet machine—above all, to have been a leader called “fascist”—this is immediately seen by the “democrats” as a “provocation.”

    For a criminal with normal rights, it is always possible to explain away and justify oneself. Has he killed his father? His mother? Bankers? Neighbors? Has he since then gone back to a life of crime? Then newspapers of the world press will open their columns to his “memoirs”; they will publish the tale of his crimes under bombastic headlines, decorated with a thousand gaudy and gory details. It matters not whether the subject is an infamous cut-throat or one of his ten eager imitators.

    A clinical description in America of the most vulgar murderer went through multiple print runs and made millions of dollars—a bestseller for its obsessively nitpicking analyst, Truman Capote.1

    Other killers at large such as the late “Bonnie and Clyde” are apotheosized in films and even dictate new fashions in upper-crust malls.

    As for those condemned for political reasons, now that depends. It is the color of their political banner that determines their justification or execration.

    A campesino, a country bumpkin who became the leader of a band in the extreme-leftist Frente Popular in 1930s Spain, one whose scruples never prevented him from machine-gunning patriotic Nacionalistas, has been able—in the very same Spain where he murdered his compatriots—to explain freely and at length, in hundreds of thousands of copies of the highest circulation newspaper in Madrid, all his bloody adventures as a Spaniard of the left.

    But we must remember—he was of the left.

    He had the right to kill and then to brag about his killing.

    In fact, on the left you have all the rights.

    Whatever have been the crimes—yes, the mass exterminations—in which every Marxist regime indulges, no one will even look askance at the individual Marxist killer. The conservative right will not because it inanely prides itself on being “open to dialogue” with sworn enemies. The left will not because it always stands by all its cherished henchmen.

    A revolutionary agitator, communist guerrilla and Castro confidant the likes of Regis Debray2 can count on sympathizing audiences everywhere. One hundred bourgeois newspapers will excitedly rush out with his newest ideas. The pope and Gen. De Gaulle rush to protect him, and plead that he not be executed in the country he tried overthrowing, one under his tiara, the other under a general’s hat.

    How can one avoid the contrast with fate of Robert Brasillach, the greatest writer France produced during the war years? Passionate about his country, to which he had dedicated his life and his work, “la Libération” of ’44 meant the poet was pitilessly eliminated (on February 6, 1945). No officer’s hat was seen in his defense, but a braided hat surely nodded the signal to the firing squad that gunned this writer down.

    The rank anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit3—born in Germany but who agitates equally in France—is barely sought by the French police. Ipso facto the police never find him, even when he is getting ready to blow the whole country sky-high.

    As much as he wanted and the way he wanted it, he was able to publish his rantings—as incendiary as they were mediocre—via capitalist publishing firms. He must have snickered as he pocketed the fat royalty checks handed him by those he would destroy.

    The Soviets established their dictatorship on the bones of 16.5 million murdered. But mentioning this martyrdom en masse in polite society is just not done. . .

    Nikita Khrushchev, commissar of the lethal Ukrainian famine, a vulgar hog-market mountebank, he of the big chickpea-mole on a peasant nose, a sweaty man, dressed like a ragbag, why shouldn’t he have clumped triumphantly around the United States, his granny on his arm, escorted by U.S. Cabinet officials and fawning billionaires, and by French “can-can” dancers and the flower of the Kennedy clan? Nikita even permitted himself to bang on the table with his sweaty shoe during a General Assembly of the United Nations without the bouncers being called.

    In the same vein, Bolshevik vice premier Alexei Kosygin bowed his august, badly cooked potato-head to receive laurel wreaths from the French. The French were still fainting like ladies over the stories of Auschwitz—but entirely amnesiac about some thousands of Polish officers at Katyn. These officers had merely served in 1940 in the army of a French ally; they were merely the elite of Polish society—and the USSR shot them down like dogs.

    Stalin himself, the most monstrous killer of the 20th century, an implacable tyrant, massacring dementedly for decades his people, his colleagues, his officers, and his family members, he had to be the one to receive a glistening sword of gold from the most conservative of monarchs, the king of England. His Majesty the King had no concept of how macabre was his gift choice for such a criminal.

    But if we, the surviving fascists of World War II, have the extreme impertinence to open our mouths for just one instant, then in the very next instant thousands of “true democrats” begin frantically shrieking and baying—petrifying our own friends, who fervently implore us to “watch what you say!”

    Watch what we say about what?

    Is the Soviet cause now so venerable?

    For 44 years [as of 1989, when this was written—Ed.] the world has been a spectator afforded numerous chances to realize the depths of Bolshevik evil. The world saw the tragedies of East Germany in 1953 and of Hungary in 1956, both crushed under Soviet tanks to expiate the crime of a reawakening taste for liberty. In 1968 the “world community” witnessed how Czechoslovakia was ground underfoot and muzzled like an animal by hundreds of thousands of communist invaders. That nation had fallen victim to an appalling naiveté: dreaming it could wriggle unnoticed out of the galley-slave’s neck irons that Moscow had forced over its head.

    This world could not plead ignorance to the sighs of the many peoples oppressed by the USSR from the Gulf of Finland to the shores of the Black Sea. These agonies demonstrate clearly what horror not one but both halves of Europe would have suffered had Stalin been able to hurl his tanks past Berlin and all the way to the docks of Brittany and the Rock of Gibraltar.

    From the hell that was Stalingrad in November 1942 to the hell that was Berlin in April 1945, 900 days of horror and dread would pass. It was an ever more desperate struggle with an ever more horrible suffering, and its cost was the young lives of thousands who had resolved, of their own free will, that someone must go to the front.

    Someone must volunteer to be crushed, ground literally into the mud by Red tanks, sacrificing all to contain or to slow the Red army despite the terrifying odds, to halt a flood that surged from the Volga River and was racing toward Western Europe.

    In 1940 just a week elapsed between the time the German Wehrmacht erupted over the French frontier near Sedan and the time it reached victoriously the English Channel.

    What would have happened if the European fighters on the German Eastern Front—among whom were 400,000 non-German volunteers from 28 countries—had retreated as frantically as the Belgians and French? And if they had not offered, inch by inch, through three long years of brutal combat, a veritably superhuman resistance to the tide of Bolshevism? I will tell you: All of Europe would have been swamped without possibility of rescue by the end of the year 1943 or the beginning of 1944, before Gen. Dwight Eisenhower had ever run a tank over his first apple tree in Normandy.

    Forty-four years have now elapsed. All the European countries the Soviets conquered—Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria —have remained under their pitiless domination.

    The smallest uprising occurs in East Berlin, Budapest or Prague, and the motorized brass knuckles arrive. Russian tanks blast down the dreamers at point blank range.

    Starting in July 1945, the Western Allies, having bet so imprudently on “cooperation” with Stalin, began ever so slowly to be disenchanted.

    The first sign was when Churchill muttered to Truman under his breath at Pots dam—as they were leaving a meeting with Stalin, the real victor of World War II—“We stuck the wrong pig.”

    What pathetic and tardy regrets: “We stuck the wrong pig!”

    Yes, Winston, for your previously “good pig” now bestrode like a giant dragon both Europe and Asia, fire-breathing his glee, the dragon’s tail at Vladivostok and the snout 120 miles from the borders of France.

    The snout is still there, 44 years later, more menacing than ever, to the point that in our time no one dares even to address it except by bowing and scraping first.

    The day after the 1968 crushing of Prague, the Johnsons, the De Gaulles and the Chancellor Kiesingers of this base world restricted themselves to mere protests, platitudes and timid regrets.

    Meanwhile, half of Europe suffocated under the huge paunch of the Pig.

    Does all this not suffice to justify our combat against Bolshevism?

    Is it just—is it decent—that those who foresaw the danger clearly—those who from 1941-45 blocked the gory path of Soviet tanks by hurling in sacrifice all their youth, the tender ties to their families, their young energies, and their desires—that they are treated as pariahs unto the day of their death and even beyond the grave?

    Yes, pariahs whose lips are nailed together from the moment they try to explain to those who hound them “we too were just like you. . . .”

    For before we volunteered, we too had happy lives, houses with comforts, children who cherished us, and things we owned that made life easier. . . .

    We too were once young, with bodies vibrant with energy, bodies that desired pleasure, that smelled the fresh air and the fragrances of spring, and grasped for life with a triumphant eagerness. . . .

    And we too were passionate about our work. We young men reached for our ideals. . . .

    But then we were called away by our conscience to discard our 20 years, our 30 years of normal life, and all our dreams faded. We marched far away into nightmarish suffering, into incessant anguish, into the dread of eternal cold invading one by one all our body parts. We entered a world where wounds ripped our flesh, and unending combat—so often hand-to-hand—snapped our bones, left and right. It was a time of horrific hallucinations; how terrible when you realize they are reality!

    Did you, “Mr. So Quick to Condemn,” see our comrades in death agony? Did you hear the red hiccup of gore going up their throats? Did you see our blood streaming in glue-like mud or spreading dark violet across the snows?

    We returned haggard from the land of killing—more alive than dead, but no, less than alive.

    Forty-four years later, we remember our parents dead in prison and our parents murdered as well as our arrival in distant exile at the end of our rope. The “democracies,” irascible and vicious, have ever since continued to pursue us with inextinguishable hate.

    There was a time, such as after the 1625 Battle of Breda in the Netherlands (it can still be appreciated in Diego Velazquez’s masterful painting in the Prado Museum of Madrid)4 when the victor offered his embrace, his commiseration and his affection to the vanquished.

    A human gesture! Because to be defeated— what suffering is there in that alone—and to see the collapse of one’s plans and one’s efforts; to stand with clenched fists facing a future that has vanished forever, and to see the empty carcass of the Reich breathing its last—a pain that finds no adequate words!

    What punishment for us, had we been guilty!

    What suffering we received, but we had dreamt only of the triumph of purity!

    In less ferocious times, the victor would reach out fraternally toward the vanquished foe, understanding the immense and secret pain that is felt by him who, though his life had been spared, had lost all that gave that life meaning.

    What value has life for a painter whose eyes have been put out, or for a sculptor whose arms have been ripped from their sockets?

    What does life yet offer a political leader whom the Fates have smashed, who had borne faithfully his burning idealism, who had possessed the willpower and energy to translate visions into realities and to venture to change life itself for his people?

    Never again will he realize his goals; never again will he create.

    For him, the core has died.

    You ask: During the tragedy of World War II, what was our core? How were the “fascisms” born that have been the center of our lives? How did they thrive? Why did they founder?

    After 44 years, what justice should we accord them?


  21. “White is a relative term and I still don’t know where you draw the line. Historically the definition of white in America has always been Northwestern European at the core.”

    When were Southern Europeans ever called Non-White?

    I’m not sure what you mean by “at the core”, seems like confusing semantics to me.

  22. Now the definition of American, which at that time automatically excluded Non-Whites, once was widely understood to center on and/or consist of Northwestern European derived stock and culture.

    That’s a different issue that whether they were considered White or not.

    You are reminding me of that crazy Harvard Professor who said the Irish weren’t considered White, just because they were at first considered distinct from Americans.


    Brown’s B-17 was perhaps the most heavily damaged bomber to return from combat. It survived because of an enemy’s act of chivalry.

    …Still partially dazed, Lieutenant Brown began a slow climb with only one engine at full power. With three seriously injured aboard, he rejected bailing out or a crash landing. The alternative was a thin chance of reaching the UK. While nursing the battered bomber toward England, Brown looked out the right window and saw a Bf-109 flying on his wing. The pilot waved, then flew across the B-17’s nose and motioned Brown to land in Germany, which the aircraft commander refused to do. After escorting them for several miles out over the North Sea, the Luftwaffe pilot saluted, rolled over, and disappeared. Why had he not shot them down? The answer did not emerge for many years.


    The image of his strange encounter with the Bf-109 remained firmly embedded in Charlie Brown’s memory. In 1986, he began a search for the anonymous pilot. Finally, in 1990, former Oberleutnant Franz Stigler, now living in Canada, responded to a notice published in a newsletter for German fighter pilots. By comparing time, place, and aircraft markings, it was determined that Stigler was the chivalrous pilot who had allowed Brown’s crew to live. Not surprisingly, Brown and Stigler have become close friends.


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