Midwestern Homeland

Hoosier NationSome folks in the movement have embraced the goal of establishing a Northwestern Homeland. The area is large, fertile, and remains overwhelmingly White. Hunter Wallace thinks that a Southern Homeland is the best hope. The area’s Whites have the strongest racial identity and secession is a part of their folk memory. Both of these visions pale in comparison to the one White racialist movement that came within a hairs breadth of obtaining true sovereignty and independence. Unfortunately, this flickering light of hope went out on June 8, 1978.

Personally, my money is on the Midwest in general and Indiana in particular. In fact, I believe this so strongly that I wrote a book about it: Hoosier Nation ($8.00+S&H). If you don’t want a glossy signed copy of my excellent book, you can read it for free at the site. In it, I explain how our oft-overlooked history, our unique heritage, and our current demographic situation make Indiana the best place to light this fire. Some of you may remember that the last serious awakening of White American identity occurred here. If you guys would give us one more chance, we promise not to blow it this time.

Ultimately, I don’t believe any region is entirely out of the question and no region is a sure shot. The actual residents of the Pacific Northwest are so removed from what’s actually happening to their country that they have trouble understanding why anybody would struggle to get away from all the fun people appear to be having on their satellite television channels – The Johnson Paradox. As for the South, these are people who are a bit too comfortable with their plight. They even dress up in costumes on the weekend to relive their devastating defeat.

Just sayin’…

But, in all seriousness, the Southern Midwest was largely settled by yeomen farmers, White refugees of the Southern plantation economy. They didn’t bring much with them when they came, but they did bring a familiarity with Blacks and a hatred of hypocritical White elites. We have non-Whites, but they’re limited to densely populated urban ghettos. They’re not integrated into the land and the communities as “folk” in the same way they are in the South.

I’m not psychic, so I have no idea what our future beholds. I would rather not resort to secession. I would rather we as a whole country recapture the will to embrace our White American heritage and determine our destiny. If we can rekindle that, we might not have to resort to these kinds of desperate compromises. We surround them; we just need to awaken. Nothing is possible without that awakening and everything is possible with it.

Maybe we can have ourselves an American Homeland.

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  1. Like Hunter’s, great article. I sense your real sadness that the Mormons sold out to empire, I can empathize, my people did too.

    The Ohio River Valley Republic?

    So far OD’s comments have spoken out for every region of the country save the southwest – I assume we’re abandoning that to Aztlan?

    Take this with a bit of humor – Your wiki link to the second klan has a great poster of the guy clubbing something labeled “Rome” – America’s second original sin, after importing all the black slaves, was letting in all the Papists in the late 1800s. Wherever there are Papists, Talmudists aren’t far behind.

  2. I am back in the Midwest – big city Chicago but we are in the Midwest. My family is Midwestern – Michigan, Ohio, Illinois.

    Yeah, lots of White folks in the Midwest.

    We have one great advantage over other areas in regards to considering an all white ethno state.

    Most Midwestern Whites are boring – really, really boring.

    Non Whites don’t like to move to, live in boring places – NWs like to be where the action is, excitement, night life.

    Think there is much excitement, night life in Nebraska, small town Indiana?


  3. [A]utonomously [Z]oned [T]erritory of [L]atinos, [A]sians, and [N]atives

    I’m sure the A3P folks and the BANA bunch would make a case.

    The Catholic Church’s relationship with the Jewish people is more complex than you’re letting on. America’s Masonic and Protestant founding elites weren’t exactly tupperware tight on the JQ.

  4. The Southwest is the second most likely location of a White ethnostate. I’m not familar with the region. That’s why I haven’t written about it. We have a ton of people in Arizona and California.

  5. Jack Ryan @ #1

    Shoot me an email, we’re in Chicago as well. As Hunter says its good for like minded folk to meet up.

    Hunter: though I am originally from the Midwest and am back there again I spent a couple of years working as a chef on guest ranches throughout the Southwest. This actually predated my overt racial awakening but I heard plenty of blunt racial talk out there in Utah and Arizona. I’m surprised how little we seem to hear from out there, it seemed like a seething cauldron when I was out there.

  6. A few initial speculations RE Aztlan:

    Mestizos are smarter than blacks, but left to their own devices they are almost as politically inert as blacks. Mestizos enjoy political power as pawns of Jews and white liberals to gain advantage over the white racial core of the country. The Aztlan ideology is useful for that purpose, but I am very skeptical that it would ever be allowed to go anywhere. I do not foresee a day when the US will grant an Aztlan independence.

    But if the Washington regime collapsed, could something like Aztlan form? That is very unlikely. First of all, sovereignty would naturally devolve to existing states, and the states with large mestizo populations are quite diverse. The mestizos would face different political alliances, different political systems, and rivals who are far more wealthy and intelligent and thus more likely to determine the direction of their states. Thus the chances of mestizos gaining the political power necessary to cobble together multiple states into a new sovereign power seem very, very small.

    But let’s just hypothesize that, miracle of miracles, Aztlan would be poofed into existence. How long would it last? It would be a economic shit-hole whose newly independent citizens would be fleeing to find work in the white controlled parts of the continent. It would be a banana republic, where force and corruption rather than law would rule. We have plenty of other countries like that in the Western Hemisphere.

    But, unlike other such nations, Aztlan would contain millions of whites with substantial amounts of wealth and firepower. Once the US government would no longer be restraining them, there would be an Algeria-like civil war, and I think that in states like Texas and Arizona, the Mexican tumbleweeds would rapidly be forced South of the Rio Grande.

    All bets are off in Southern California because the area’s million plus Jews would be a wild card, playing the Mexicans and blacks off one another, as well the whites, Orientals, Iranians, South Asians, Armenians, and other high-IQ groups. But the idea that an army of low IQ nannies and leaf blowers is going to end up running the place is laughable.

    New Mexico contains three nations that have arrived at a modus vivendi: “Anglos,” Amerindians, and non-Mestizo Hispanics. It is a great state, and the people there seem happy with its uniqueness. I doubt that they would consent to being ruled by mestizo day laborers.

  7. The Man,
    Naptown’s not too far from you and we have an active project in Gary that you might be interested in. I’m Wikitopian at gmail if you would like to network.

  8. To THE MAN,

    I am new here. How do you send e-mail to others? I posted on your name and was taken to a web site, not an e-mail address.


  9. @ 1 SSSS

    That’s why this discussion is pure escapism, and a waste of time.

    Although, geopolitics are a key, and geopolitics are not taught anymore.

    First the Roman Catholics, then the talmudists…LOL. Or first the Roman Catholics, then the Mexicans!

  10. Jack,

    Just leave a comment at the site (its my site) and fill out the commenting form and I’ll have your address, then I’ll send you an email in return. This is actually a good way as our addresses aren’t broadcast this way. I already had one other response so hopefully we can all get together and share a meal soon!

  11. Greg Johnson: Agreed on your analysis of Mexicans/Hispanics in general. I spent twenty years working with them in kitchens and your impressions are spot on but you are forgetting one thing…the drug cartels, the actual government of Mexico!

    My concern is they might decide that it was somehow more profitable for them to run the Southwest, let’s not forget that they have been found to have straight up war making material in this country including IED’s and heavy ordinance. I wonder how many ex-SAS blokes that drug money could hire?

    Illegal immigration was our beat on our old blog for the last six years. The Mexican drug cartels have been conducting low intensity warfore on the border for about a decade and they’ve been inching their control inwards for the five years or so via corruption, demographics and violence.

  12. If we have all these different possible homelands, why can’t we just take back the whole country or most of it? Most minorities are concentrated within a couple of hundred miles from the Southern border, a compact area in the Mid-Atlantic area and of course, the black belt in the South. That’s such a small percentage of territory for us to talk about secession.

  13. Kudos to Bart and The Man. We don’t want this or that white Bantustan. We want OUR country back – all of it – from the Jews and their ethnic group-entitlement gangs who stole it from us. That, of course, will take a new Civil War: race against race, probably intra-race fighting as well (whites have quite a bit of rectification to do within our own tribe), and states and regions vs. DC center. Furtunately, the ZOG is on its last financial legs, and when the dollar goes (shortly after Zion forces Barky to hit Iran, and the oil spigot goes off) that’ll be about it for our Jewish masters. They will, of course, declare martial law (coming early to mid-2012), attempt gun confiscation, and that’s when our uprising will begin. What a great time to be alive.

  14. The midwest is full of nice white folks. Unfortunately, they have no red in their blood. The Jews describe them as “flyover” for good reason.

    The instinct has to be there. It isn’t there in “flyover country”.

  15. I think you’re wrong Alfred, I think you’ll find that those “nice” people are very slow to anger but they’ll get the job done when roused. I would remind you that the last major surge of the KKK was in Indiana.

    How about we don’t run other White people down? Is that too much to ask? I believe that Whites in every part of this nation will rise up in their uniquely White way and throw off the chains of their oppressors. My question to you Al is imply this: how does your statement move the ball down the field in any way shape or form?

    Followed by why would you try to discourage your people Al? Do you want them to lose?

  16. The Man,
    I would say that a little bit of competitive ribbing can have a motivating effect. He’s going to feel like a real ass when the flyover is the white hot center of the White Restoration!

  17. It isn’t there in “flyover country”.

    I can’t speak for all Midwesterners but here in Minnesota, rural whites are generally racialist. Good stock, too: Anglo, German, Scandinavian, Irish. The biggest problem, if there is one, is that you have Republicanism and Christian Zionism to contend with.

  18. Matt: point well taken. I don’t mean to be dour but I don’t like to see my people run down either!

    Kasimir: What I find though is if you scratch just a little deeper they’re almost all racial realists, they just don’t admit it casually.

  19. I’m with all those who say we shouldn’t be putting all our hopes into just one area. There are proud, racially aware whites all over America. I just got back from my local cigar lounge here in Upsate NY and the two average working class white guys I was talking to were talking about how we need the revolution that is coming and they are locked and loaded and ready. One them was a veteran of Iraq and he asked us if we had read The Turner Diaries. He also said he and other soldiers he knows would never turn their guns on the American people. I promted none of this, they just started talking about it.

    We can’t write off our people anywhere in this country because the Jew run media says certain sections of the country are “Liberal” and others “Conservative”, we are everywhere. The idea that 200 million Whites can’t take this country back is nonsense defeatism. Remember our people conquered this whole continent starting at just two settlements: Jamestown and Plymouth Rock. Abandoning our birthright to confine ourselves to a small section of it is nothing more than “White Flight” on a mass scale.

  20. “Upsate NY and the two average working class white guys I was talking to were talking about how we need the revolution that is coming and they are locked and loaded and ready. One them was a veteran of Iraq and he asked us if we had read The Turner Diaries. He also said he and other soldiers he knows would never turn their guns on the American people. I promted none of this, they just started talking about it.”

    Many of those upstate New Yorkers out-redneck the rednecks. And they don’t mince words. Gotta love ’em.

  21. I’m new to the White Nationalist movement and wanted to ask a question. Is the core of White Nationalism now dedicated to the secession of of White territory or territories vs taking back the country as a whole?

  22. “Is the core of White Nationalism now dedicated to the secession of of White territory or territories vs taking back the country as a whole?”

    This is one of the big questions with our proto-movement.

    It seems clear to me that since Wimot Robertson published his Ethno-state book (covering the ‘mainstreamer’ wing) and Aryan Nations went big into the Northwest Imperative that the Ethno-state Ideal has been making massive gains.

  23. (sorry for double post)

    The only real drawback I see to a Mid-western Ethno-state is that it would be land-locked!

    Do you guys see all the shipping going through the Great Lakes as being viable? What if the Zionist Occupied Government closed down the lakes and rivers? They might blow up the shipping like they took out the U.S.S. Liberty!!!!

  24. “I’m new to the White Nationalist movement and wanted to ask a question. Is the core of White Nationalism now dedicated to the secession of of White territory or territories vs taking back the country as a whole?”

    No one will be able to give a definitive answer to this question because “White Nationalism” is completely disorganized. It can barely even agree on a designation for itself.

  25. Area or areas, fenced. The fence could be called a property line, or a border. It would act as a filter to keep out biological trash. Inside could be sub-divided.

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