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Church of Satan
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David Frum’s website “Frum Forum” claims that it is “dedicated to the modernization and renewal of the Republican party and the conservative movement.” In his infamous article “Unpatriotic Conservatives,” David Frum made it clear that some voices should be shunned within the conservative movement, namely, the coalition of paleocons, nationalists, and libertarians opposed to Iraq War. His words: “In a time of danger, they have turned their backs on their country. Now we turn our backs on them.”

In the last seven years, David Frum has continued to attack voices to his right (Sarah Palin, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul) while embracing left-of-center moderates who reject traditional values. Apparently, Frum’s antipathy toward the Alt Right is matched only by his tolerance of fellow boat people washing up on conservative shores from the Left, many of whom entertain views that most conservatives would find abhorrent.

Lately, David Frum has been publishing Alex Knepper, a flamboyant homosexual atheist and undergraduate at American University. Alex Knepper is a supporter of abortion, gay marriage, drug legalization, euthanasia, eugenics, legalization of prostitution, racial profiling, and the repeal of anti-discrimination laws. He describes himself as an opponent of school prayer and the Ten Commandments.

Alex Knepper is an enthusiastic supporter of LaVeyan Satanism. He came to Occidental Dissent and proudly announced that he bashes Christians and owns most of the books the Church of Satan has published. On Facebook, Alex Knepper is a member of groups like “Fuck Christianity” and “Fuck the Pope”. He gives shout outs to Satan and uses Beelzebub as his profile picture. Alex Knepper is also friends with Michael Steele, GOP Chairman, to whom he is sexually attracted.

Apparently, this is what David Frum has in mind when he speaks of “renewing” the conservative movement. Homosexual Satanists now have a seat at the table in mainstream conservative discourse, but those who support the preservation of America as a European nation are considered “fringe” and “beyond the pale.” The term “conservative” has become so utterly devoid of substantial content that it ought to be abandoned in favor of a new label.

That sinking ship should be left to the David Frums and Alex Kneppers of the world.

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  1. I said no one can tell the fucking truth about race, or jews. You did not address my post at all. One of the reasons I put that post out was to see what kind of shit-eating responses it would generate.

  2. I said no one can tell the fucking truth about race, or jews. You did not address my post at all. One of the reasons I put that post out was to see what kind of shit-eating responses it would generate.

    Well, as the Left used to say, silence is consent.

  3. “not the kind that gets wasted in echo chambers online or in debates with homosexual libertard satanists.”

    You do realize that the Republican Party is controlled by homosexual libertard satanists, right?

    Showing the people who visit this site that the Republican Party is controlled by people utterly incapable of defending themselves in open debate is an highly valuable activity.

  4. “I said no one can tell the fucking truth about race, or jews.”

    You are either a disingenuous provocateur or a moron. On the one hand, you seem to imply that Rand heroically wished to warn us both of the dysgenic underman and of the predatory Jew but tragically was disallowed from so doing. And yet, on the other hand, propounded a philosophy which tends to radical, hyper-individualism, the absolute opposite of what would obviously be needed in combating the genetic degeneration of Man; a collective response to that problem which impacts us collectively being obviously needed. In addition to Rand filling out her inner circle with Jews, denouncing collectivism for the goyim, whilst supporting Zionism. Occam’s Razor informs us she was merely another strand of the Jewish Culture of Critique.

    “Shit-eating” response?! LOL! Go fuck yourself you little worm.

    “I am no “j.” I am a WN.”

    No, you’re definitely a Jew.

  5. No, you’re definitely a Jew.

    Definitely not.

    You’re the first person that comes to mind when one thinks about possible covert ZOG psyops agents in the WN blogosphere. You’re up there with Alex Linder.

    BTW, I noticed you mocking Richard Spencer and saying that he has a lisp, which he doesn’t, in this recent thread:

    So, when will you be taking down Alt Right’s comment feature like you destroyed Taki Mag’s commenting? Are you going to wait a bit, so nobody gets too suspicious?

  6. Don’t get me started on the CoS!

    Their Grand Poobah, Gilmore, will tell you the CoS leaves its politics “at the door” and that each member should make whatever political decisions he or she needs for their individual good. This is, of course, just so much BS. The real reason Gilmore wants to keep the politics on the QT is because he wants to keep the those membership dollars coming in. He knows that if the CoS takes an actual political stance that it runs the risk of alienating whatever side of the political coin it comes out against. Meaning if appears too far to the Right the Lefties won’t be so much inclined to shell out that $200 membership fee, and vice-versa.

    Make no mistake though, the CoS is very much a Zionist organization through and through, as a quick read through the CoS section of Lords of the Left-Hand Path will clearly illustrate. That said, LaVey was a Jew. So it was only natural that his organization should promote, either overtly or cryptically, a Jewish/Zionist agenda. Former LaVey booster, Michael Aquino, figured this out the hard way and resigned from the CoS in disgust back in 1975. That LaVey also held the principles/aims put forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Marxism in high esteem should come as no surprise to anyone then as well.

    I’ve never heard of this Alex Knepper guy, but his stances sound all very much in line with those of the CoS.

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