Radio Free Virginia: St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, I know the outro is fucked up. We did two takes of this. The second was a huge improvement over the first. I am hosting Radio Free Virginia at OD until I can get my account issues sorted out with my hosting company. Eventually, OD readers will be able to subscribe to the RFV podcast and download new material to your iPods. I should have everything fixed (including the previous two broadcasts) and ready to go by the middle of next week. Enjoy!

 St. Patrick's Day

RFV – St. Patrick’s Day – Hunter Wallace and Pip Pockets discuss St. Patrick’s Day and current events.

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  1. Do we need many resources like “Radio Free Virginia”? Google “American Naifs Bringing Ruin to Other Lands”. Was Tim McVeigh a patsy? Was McVeigh blackmailed into a covert operation because he was a rapist or child molester?
    There are no whole truths. All truths are half truths. It is trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil. – Oscar Wilde
    Is De Pretto more the brain behind nuclear energy than Einstein? Is the ZOG hiding much Hispanic, black, white, and Asian gang activity? Google “soccer ball face stitched” … a Mexican drug gang skinned a man’s face and stitched it onto a soccer ball. Is most drug gang crime never reported?
    Look at … “Anchor Baby Power” … did a Jew make up that slogan for our Mexican friends? Are Jews deeply involved in the illegal drug trade as well porn and loan-sharking? If not, is it because they upscaled to more lucrative activities?

  2. But, Elwood, surely James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey were not patsies — I wouldn’t want to fight the feds.

  3. Yes, CC, fighting the feds might be beyond our pay grade in terms of manhood. Let’s consider some possibilities while the feds still allow it. Are Jews the masters of illusion who invented Hollywood?
    Let us consider the possibility that a number of “experts dismissed the possibility of McVeigh’s bomb producing such structural damage.” Was Tim McVeigh a mentally disturbed right winger who built a bomb and murdered a bunch of kids?
    Was McVeigh a patsy who followed the false flag orders? Why wouldn’t Tim McVeigh blow the whistle on the false flag criminals?
    Suppose that the feds had incontrovertible evidence that McVeigh raped a 12-year old white girl. Did the feds scare the hell out of McVeigh by threatening to have incarcerated white racists cut McVeigh’s balls off and rape him in the ass 10,000 times? Did Tim McVeigh simply choose the lesser of the 2 evils?

  4. Thank you for the encouragement, Roderick. Do all of us, white racists, white non-racists, brown people, and black people, need to think about Tim McVeigh and Jews in America? In Oklahoma City, were white, brown, and black people killed — including little kids? Cowardly Creep says it’s too scary to look into what feds and Jews might be doing — and he’s probably braver than I am.
    Are Jews geniuses at mathematics, theoretical physics, financial manipulation, and DECEPTION? Who is behind the make-believe of Hollywood? Who is behind the make-believe of false flag operations?
    The gangstas in the hood know the game is rigged. Do all of us know the game is rigged? Do you know what it means when a man does a woman doggy style and gives her a grave digger? Has Lady Liberty in America gotten a grave digger from the ZOG?
    Who let the Jews out? For centuries the Roman Catholic Church and dynastic royal families ruled Europe. The powers-that-be confined Jews to ghettoes. The Jews were merchants, money lenders, and pawn brokers. The Jews exploited the Christians, and the Christians sometimes robbed and murdered the Jews. There was a balance of power favoring the Christians.
    But now there is a balance of power favoring the Jews! How is it possible? In the USA the Jews are 2% of the population but Jews are about 30% of the elite universities and control perhaps 40% of the leverage in the American economy! Jews are smart!
    The Jews were freed from their ghettoes and they put the financial bite on gullible Christians just like hungry dogs freed from their kennels might put the bite on innocent rabbits. The French revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte freed the Jews from their ghettoes. From being money lenders and pawn brokers, the Jews became international bankers and socialistic agitators. Bankers use money to buy political power. Socialists use political power to get money. Jews go both long and short the market depending upon the statistical trends. Jews made money from World Wars I and II, from political revolutions, from social chaos, and from every other type of statistical trend. The best financial manipulators love the most exciting and chaotic events.
    Are Jews evil? Are you evil? Do you want to do your fair share of the work and get your fair share of the reward? Wouldn’t you rather do 0% of the work and get 100% of the reward? Do the Jews merely do precisely what you would do if you were smarter than the Jews?

  5. Apparently my posts over at the American Renassaince are not being allowed to go throw…I take this as a banning because of my anti-asian LEGAL IMMIGRANT posts here and over at Occidental Observer. I take this as more evidence of Jared Taylor’s asianphilia.

    I would like to debate Jared Taylor here or over at Occidental Observer about the relevance of pushing the Murray-Hernstien stuff-I am agnostic on the issue(I don’t care) to what should be the fundamental issue of NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN race-replacement at the hands of post-1965 asians,muslims,hispanics and africans.

    My suspicion is that jewamongyou is the commentcontrol czar over at AmRen…maybe I am wrong about this.

  6. Elwood, are you saying that Jews are not evil? Are you saying the Jews and the Irish are racially equivalent?

  7. Crazy Creep, you are crazy and creepy but that is your nature. You have said in the past that all Jews should be sent back to Germany in the year 1939 Anno Domini via time machines. You have said that Jesus Christ was a blond Nordic sent by the true God to liberate Aryans and all other peoples from Jewish rule. Crazy Creep, I believe we are not on the same page. I say Jews are mixtures of virtues and evils, and so are the Irish, but with different statistical distributions of virtues and evils. The Jews are a threat to white people because of their culture, their high IQs, and their genetic propensities.

  8. Elwood, Crazy Creep and I both want to know if you think the Jews and the Irish are evil to precisely the same degree.

  9. CC, two Irishmen in a bar might get into a fist fight in a bar, but two Jews are more likely to be members of the bar, arguing against each other. The Jew uses words, tricks, and clever schemes. If a typical Irishman has an IQ, then the typical Jew has an IQ of 115. Well, what of it? Let the Irishman have his beer and green shamrock and let the Jew have his law degree and East Hampton mansion. But wait a New York minute!
    The socialistic Democrat party recruits Jewish allies by open immigration, welfare payments, and government jobs. The capitalist Republican party recruits financial allies to Zionism by bribing white managers and by giving white capitalists cheap labor through open immigration. The Democrat party brings in non-whites and transfers money from whites to non-whites! The Republican party uses well-paid white race traitors to stab impoverished white people in the back!
    Jews aren’t evil — they merely fuck over white people except for white race traitors! But wait a New York minute! Aren’t the white race traitors destroying the future for their white children? Hell no, Mr. Cowardly Creep, those race traitors will have non-white descendants amid hordes of cheap labor flunkies — except that eventually the whole Zionist Ponzi scheme will end up worse than India is now! In a hundred years, the Hindus won’t want to immigrate into the USA because it will be worse than India!

  10. Denise, do remember the time that Crazy Creep, Cowardly Creep, you and I were talking about joining the Republican Party? You said that it’s a hundred years too late to join the Republican Party, and Crazy Creep said, “Not if the time machine I’m building in my parents’ basement works.” Crazy Creep graduated from Clemson with a degree with a degree in computer science, but he works as a waiter. Cowardly Creep then said, “I think that Bill Gates should let in more Hindu computer programmers. That should motivate Crazy Creep to work faster.” Didn’t we all get a good laugh out of that one?

  11. Jupiter, the replacement of WHITE AMERICAN NATIVE-BORN CHRISTIANS by hispanic, asian, black, mulatto, muslim immigrants and their offspring is only one of our problems. The difference between what we think the Jews are doing and what the Jews are really doing is the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning bolt. WE MUST FIRST FIGURE OUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED:
    (1) USS Liberty incident
    (2) Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing
    (3) 9/11 attack
    (4) events leading up to Pearl Harbor
    (5) JFK assassination
    (6) what % of the porn industry the Jews control
    (7) what % of the US economy the Jews control
    (8) what % of the world economy the Jews control.
    If the avg IQ of whites is 100, the avg IQ of East Asians is 107, and the avg IQ of American Jews is 115, then our problems may go far beyond non-white immigration and the destruction of the USA. The Jews might mongrelize 50% of the white race and destroy the other 50% by various tricks and economic initiatives, but they might then exploit the bejeezuz out of the mongrelized people. If Jews are genetically mentally superior to us in terms of mathematics and theoretical physics, then we have BIG, BIG, BIG problems! We need a high quality Zionism 101 film documentary and an “Introduction to Predatory Zionism for Dummies.”

  12. Elwood

    Please stay away from the conspiray theory stuff. Who cares about the JFK assasination? Millions of hours wasted on the JFK assasination stuff. JFK was a war criminal and a race-replacement enthusaist. I hope JFK is burning in Hell.

    The USS Liberty is a very serious matter. There is 100 percent certainty about which ethnic group murdered over 60 American teenagers…one American Jew was on board and he is not the least bit happy that his fellow service men were murdered by the Israeli JEWS.

    Stay away from the conspiracy stuff. Alex Jones is a race-replacement enthusaists. Paul Craig Roberts is becomming one..and a retard also…

    Just a reminder, my comments are no longer allowd to be posted on American Renassaince. No doubt it is the asianphilia of you -know -who that prevents my posts from going through.

  13. Elwood, if the mainstream media say something is crackpot, then even if it is true it might as well be crackpot. What good is “Zionism 101”? You’ll either be ignored or fall victim to your own cowardice.

  14. CC, I think you need an “Aha” moment — if the ship is sinking, you shall be forced to deal with the situation no matter how cowardly or courageous you are. Whether you are cowardly or brave, don’t you need to know the truth about the crisis? The crisis shall find you in the lifeboat, in the brig, or somewhere else. If you know the truth, then aren’t you likely to be better off in the crisis?
    I carefully watched the man stealthily and cautiously but the longer I gazed at the strange countenance and examined it feature by feature, the more the question shaped itself in my brain: Is this a German?
    – Adolf Hitler
    Did Hitler have an “Aha” moment that sent him into anti-Zionist overdrive? According to Hobbes, life is the war of all against all. In love and war, there are many important questions:
    Can I trust this person? Do I care what happens to this person? Does this person trust me and care what happens to me? What is the purpose of this love? What is the purpose of this war? What does my philosophy of life suggest about love and war? What are the implications of love and war for my political and economic goals? What are the ten most important questions that I can ask about love and war?
    Hitler might have had character flaws and made mistakes, but was he correct about not trusting Jews? Does it make far more sense to base nationhood upon racial and ethnic purity than upon geographic circumstance and political gamesmanship?

  15. Jupiter, you’re around on blogs like TOO attacking “911 truthers” right?

    In the interest of inter-movement harmony I won’t tell you where you can stick your speech code.

  16. I think the Irish Roman Catholics and the Puerto Ricans have a lot in common—-both are Roman Catholics, come from little islands, and support each other politically.

    Don’t forget that Puerto Ricans, and Mexicans & other Latinos are almost 99.9% Roman Catholics.

    The interesting thing about Puerto Ricans is that they have a high percent of negro admixture. Two very light skinned Puerto Ricans who could pass for White can have a Black child. The Puerto Ricans consider having a black child which they call a “negorito” to be good luck!

  17. Mr. Roderick Spode – you were right all along. And those shorts look simply smashing, with your manly, well-devloped legs…..

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